April 2016’s Earth Shift: Earthquakes, Physical DNA Modifications & More Dying Of The Old 3D Lower World(s.)

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The world is a hot bed of action right now. Earth-quakes, sun energy, and while the new light energies are coming in now, it’s packing quite the punch. My body is in utter destruction, and you know what it’s perfectly normal to feel destroyed. If you’re  struggling with everything right now, don’t worry, it passes eventually! I’ve been in terrible pain, my body is/has been pulsating and aching more than usual. It doesn’t do this ever, unless earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters happen. Why do these natural disasters happen? Because of the latest wave of light energy, and this one is potent and intense. So the (Pains, Aches, Pulsating, Vibrating, Throbbing, Numbing – please just go away powerful bodily pains are here to stay. Feel them, integrate them into your being, try like hell to survive this latest phase and then move on”

I was led to an article online the other day, I didn’t even bother reading it (Because it’s more lower 3D bullshit). The title caught my eye, and it enraged me for it’s utter lower conscious stupidity, and need to be out there on the internet as the single most handily  idiotic title for a story I have ever come across in all of existence. free-rolleye-smileys-323 The title read “Could The Japan And Ecuador Earthquakes be connected?” I thought too myself really? It’s not that I think i’m better, however many Light-Workers understand just how easily it can be to get frustrated when the “sleeping masses” just haven’t gotten what we have known for so long.

Sometimes you just want to smack some of them awake! free-fighting-smileys-409

This article enraged me because in fact i’m very aware of the fact that the two earthquakes are indeed connected. The foreshock earthquake in Japan hit on April 14, then continued on to produce a powerful 7.0 main shock on the 16th, with continued aftershocks in the days after. There were (48 people) who exited, which has effected, and changed many events for every being currently incarnated down here at this time. The sun has been active and last week we had a powerful sunspot, that morphed into a heart, and which had been hurtling M flares and geomagnetic storms. So it was a big event one that can only happen when the new light energies, come down and begin spreading on our planet. The same day April 16th a 7.8 earthquake struck Ecuador ( The same day the 7.0 hit japan) and in total (646 people) exited. Which means 694 people who didn’t have to die, as this was not a contracted event, have left and changed so many timelines for the world. These are sad and heart breaking moments, when natural disasters strike.

I’ve become aware and many other Light-Workers have also become aware of the fact that when sunspots erupt, or M/X flares erupt and get blown directly to earth, that we get a ton of earthquakes. The pacific ring of fire erupts with one massive earthquake after another. Which is what happened in this case, these earthquakes are all coming from the same NEW light wave. On April 16th we had a big light wave hit earth, that it effected many people. I’ve also become aware of something else, it’s not just the light coming down into our planet now shifting thing’s. It’s what happens when that energy arrives, is what I have become aware of. This is/has been a physically intense few days for me, my body felt so numb the weekend of the 16-17 and as the week progressed I felt ultra sensitive. Pulsating body pains, energy being thrown down my crown chakra. It’s bad enough hearing about the events, hearing people speak about it, catching glimances of the event on television if you watch that kind of thing. However being an empath and feeling it all, it’s gosh damn awful. It’s brutal when it comes on, and it doesn’t stop until it’s done doing whatever it needs to do. It’s hard being an empath in this current timeline, with what’s going on in our evolution right now. Just awful and exhausting! free-sick-smileys-376

The Darkness & Ancient Dark Beings – Being Blown Out Of Their Hiding Places

This is where the fun begins, this is where i smile my butt off, because while I’ve now understood that our Source/Creator is sending us divine love. I also understand that all of those evil, dark, ancient bastards, who have been living here for oh so many years. They  are now being evicted out of our planet, because their timeline here has ended and they can’t be here anymore. free-happy-smileys-819

Deep down within our planet, the old ancient remaining ones are still here, hiding and every time we get a hit of light wave after light wave, they slowly but surely get kicked up and out of there hiding spots. Isn’t that gratifying? I think so. Earthquakes and these devastating disasters are what needs to happen, so that those old ancient ones can be literally shaken out of their hiding places. This is light/love and source/creator way of saying “You’ve over stayed your welcome – now hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more”  it’s higher divinity saying to all beings incarnated now. “We’ve got you covered“! So when you here, see, feel, these earthquakes please understand that it’s just these ancient old ones kicking, screaming, because they don’t want to leave. What do they do? They cause these events, they react to the light, they can’t stand the overwhelming love/joy. So they create events that cause panic/fear in order to gain more source energy so they can remain here. It’s currently not working, as many light-workers around the world have been helping with the evicting of these old ancient ones. If you’ve felt a bit of negativity, realize it’s just them roaming around, looking for a new place to hide. Worst case scenario they are looking for lower, unaware, people to tap into and possess and use to gain more energy.

I’ve already spotted a few running around in my house, I’ve been doing house cleansings to be rid of them, and i’ll be glad with these group of certain old dark bastards are gone for good. Keep safe and realize that, darkness can never hide in the light.

Love & Light

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