April 2016’s Month Long Gateway: Energy Integration & A Month Long Mission Of Grid Work.

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Oh boy (Bloody April 2016) doesn’t disappoint, it hasn’t disappointed, and it’s still going, it’s still shifting, it’s still kicking my/your light filled behinds up and down the stairs. Everything that your feeling right now, is absolutely fine, yes even if your not sure who you are anymore. This latest light wave has brought with it some unexpected changes, we have all released another small piece of ourselves, and this happens each time and can feel like it’s the end of the world. Can feel like the end of your life, like nothing will ever feel the same again, and guess what that’s exactly it. It’s suppose to be that way, your suppose to change, your suppose to be/feel/think/act and understand thing’s differently than before. Light waves come and go, and so do the small pieces/aspects of you that are no longer a match. That’s evolution baby! Where nothing ever remains the same, and thing’s always change for the better, sometimes even for the worse but there is purpose behind it. So thank bloody April 2016 – for giving you/me/everyone an extra push higher than we could have ever gotten before.”

April continues on and is almost gone, and I’ve got a feeling it’ll continue to be ultra “Magnified” as we move into May 2016 because that is what I perceive at this time. It’s all about finding where you are within the brand NEW, and yes I feel like a empty shell right now as another big aspect of me has left completely. I have no idea where I am, within this NEW and i’m coming up with it as I go along. I’m even on a Light-Worker strike, because I don’t feel i’m being supported enough by my higher light being friends. So it’s all NEW, while we’re struggling to figure out where to go from here now. It’s best to just be in the moment, feel the moment, surrender to the moment, forget analyzing the moment. Just be for now, and eventually the feeling like the world is over will pass. The feeling like a part of your being has died, will pass eventually.

Like Darkness, The Light To Exits From Our Planet

It’s been an unbelievable time lately, but with a big smirk on my face, I know that this latest light wave is pushing more darkness, and negative beings up and out of here. smiley-laughing015That makes this Psychic/Empathic Light-Worker very happy, because then I won’t have to feel all the negativity, and pressure, when they attack the rest of humanity.

There is something that I do need to mention, which includes those from the light. While the incoming NEW light pushes more darkness out, those who carry light, who embody light, who are light also are leaving the planet at this time. We aren’t invincible, our pains are very real, what we go through is hard work. We single handily  “Grid The Light Down” that is intense/hard and pressurized light working. When we find ourselves dealing with anything else on top, come on! That is a lot of pressure, it’s a lot to put one self through regardless if we agreed to do this work prior to incarnating or not. It’s scary, hard, painful, difficult, draining work. Which is why a lot of us ( Light-Workers, Light Avatars, Light Beings, Empaths, Starseeds) are all choosing to leave/exit this planet right now. So while we see/hear of big name light beings in the news who have exited, understand that Prince Doris Roberts (Mother from Everybody Loves Raymond) and (Many other’s) who will exit soon. They have made the conscious choice to leave, the light-workers who “Grid The Light Down” also consciously chose to leave. It’s too much shock for the system, there is no shame/guilt/judgements if they chose to leave. So it’s not just darkness leaving at this time, tremendous light is also leaving this planet too.

The days following Prince death, I felt a huge surge of light leave our planet. The days afterwards were difficult, because I could feel and sense the amount of heart ache and sadness that was being felt by the world. He has been in the news, they (The Unaware) don’t yet know why he died, or what’s even going on. Many other people who have lost people are just as confused, sad, depressed, and feeling like a small aspect of them has died. Being an empath I have felt all of this since last week, and it has been the same ever since April began and the light integration started for me/many other Light-Workers. There is lack of understanding in the collective at this current time, and many do not know that “free will” as much as it can be annoying is what it going on with many beings. Many beings are choosing to experience going home, many do not want to be down here, many do not want to do experience anymore down here in physicality. Many (Light-Workers, Starseeds) do not want to continue doing this intense painful Light-Worker work, and in the end there is no judgements/anger/buts/or you have to continue ons. If you can’t continue you just can’t, and there is nothing wrong with that.

So its not just the dark, it’s not just the negative demons and negative E.T’s leaving, it’s real light and when they (The light) leaves understand that this place becomes a little more darker. Which is why these Light waves become so intense, because there is also a balance going on, as light leaves new light enters ready to impact the world. That’s why were here, so here is a question for you reading this article are you impacting the world with your light yet? If not what are you waiting for?

Don’t let these latest energies get you down – just surrender and let New changes Become apart of you in the now.

Love & Light

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