2016 Strike: The Start Of My Light-Worker Strike & No Longer Being Naive About The Ascension Process


This article that i’m about to write is actually really very bittersweet for me, as while i’m writing it and i’m sure it’ll reach many people, help many people, teach many people. I’m not thrilled that i’m having to actually write it, and i’ll explain why further down. With that said the last week or so has been overwhelming, however it’s not been what many Light-Workers were hoping that it could be. Myself included. There have been earthquakes, lots of sun energy, lots of NEW light energy, beings dying, beings who have been born into physicality, and so the universal balancing act has continued. What a rough time it has been, i’m sure no doubt for many, but excuse me while my light filled behind takes a even bigger step back and goes on strike. I’ll explain why further down

A Lesson In Being Naïve

I have been waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for something big to happen. Many Light-Workers are going on about “The Event” and how the global awakening is going to happen very soon. I have been aware of this event for some time now, up until this point I believed that it would happen. Now I don’t really give much of my time/energy to this event, supposed event. Why? I’m tired, so tired I can’t breathe, so tired of the lies, and the false dates that people seem to be giving on about such an event that will change the world. Change the world to such an extent, that all down here will become aware of themselves, their issues, what they are or are not doing. Basically all beings will see the state of their very soul, and whether or not they can live with it or not. This is the event, this is the global awakening many are referring to as “The Event“.

This past month I have reached new uncharted territory within my mission, my purpose, and the path that i’m on. The very NEW and I mean “NEW” light energies that have been pounding us all this month, has been doing exactly what it has always done. It has come down, took up house in my/your very physical being, and changed thing’s around to accommodate itself. Whatever you/me have that can no longer remain within, can not stay and must be evicted out of our bodies in order to hold the NEW light. Like usual the Light integration has taken place, as it always does, and once again i’m finding myself being aware of something new that I had issues with. Being Naïve! I became aware of the fact that what I am/was/have always been is naïve. Especially since I became a light-worker, we can’t literally change the world. We can pick one spot/point, and move in that direction, and see what does change. I however felt for some reason like I could change the world. I ignored everything, everything except my articles, what I feel/believe/think, and basically threw everything else out the window. The ego is a very strong aspect within us all, and it can make you do, think, feel stupid moronic thing’s. I’ve taken a big whiff of myself, and I hope this can be something that teaches you who are reading this to once in a while take a whiff of what your ego is making you think. I am not invincible, you are not invincible, and it’s a miracle I and you make it through these brutal light phases! I’m re-evaluating myself, and i’m no longer naïve about who I am, what I am here for, who is being used out there, and what they can do to me/you.

I’ve stopped thinking that everything is so fluffy, nice, going to be alright, because I could be here in about 50 years and still have to deal with integrating the light so I can hold it for other’s. Meanwhile they’re spiritually jerking off all over my blue suede shoes. So i’m on strike, as of 12 days ago I am on strike. My spirit guides do not speak to me much, my guardian angel looks at me clairvoyantly with a shocked expression. I hold up signs to the higher realms and light beings, clairvoyantly of course, I chant stuff like more support for Light workers. It’s all very bad-ass and hard-core and intense, but it has a reason/purpose behind it. This is what I feel I need to do, within my mission and with where i’m at, i’m seeing the whole picture and we all need some support from on high. Where the fuck is it? I’m tired of having to ask, why does it have to depend on free will/choice? Why can’t it just be given? Is that so wrong? We’re all so tired, and nudging the higher realms for some serious help, doesn’t sound like a bad thing to be doing while I go on a serious light-worker strike. Why am I doing this? It’s just where i’m at, it’s the stair-step i’m on, you might not understand it. It’s something I know deep within that I need to do. Understand that this is just where I am at, in my own process, that I am at a different level whether lower/higher consciousness. Understand that many Light-Workers have also, are also experiencing the need to strike out, and keep themselves quiet/isolated. It is okay to take a break, take time for the self, and look within to focus on changing aspects of ones self that continues to lower ones vibration. This is basically what I, and many Light-Workers are currently doing at this time. So if you’ve needed to shut the world off, out, away, do it for your own evolution and sanity. Who says you can’t? Figure yourself out, or if you just need to be in silent mode than please do.

This is the new me coming out, and it might not feel/seem like who I used to be, but it’s who I am. So let My 2016 Light-Worker strike continue, hopefully I can find the support I need from them up there. Here is to hoping there is more support for us Light-Workers down here, with more real change, and no longer having to be at the edge of some dark being/situation. Because we no longer need to be.


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3 thoughts on “2016 Strike: The Start Of My Light-Worker Strike & No Longer Being Naive About The Ascension Process

  1. briannapurejoy May 8, 2016 / 8:30 am

    o-m-g !!!
    Me, this is me thru the last half of April !!! (Or so, time is so vague).
    Literally.. on strike ! I yelled it, bad-assed it, big-mouthed it ! I am on strike, and I will no longer cooperate until we can get a real talk, and more hands-on help and support down here !

    I know this is not only about this planet, I know there is a wider impact for the whole Universe. And it’s time we get more real info about what exactly. No fluff, no pink clouds, real info.
    what’s the bigger pic here ?

    Since a couple of days, (or so) it’s getting more…hectic ? intense. Like yesterday.
    Great to meet a fellow thinker on all this ( the best my mushy brain can word right now, the creeps are harassing big time again).

    Thanks for all this 🙂
    Oh, when I was writing, looked at the time, 11.11


    • mikeymurdock May 8, 2016 / 2:09 pm


      Yep, you won’t believe the many Light-Workers who are tired, exhausted, fed up, and needing more to happen down here in 3D physicality. Many have gone on strike, other-wise you and me wouldn’t have. While there is the NEW, many are still in the old.

      The bigger picture here, is that many are fed up, and we’re all gearing up for the big event that is 9-9-9 which happens in September. It feels like stagnation right now, but in the end the light will do wonderful thing’s very soon.

      Yes, the lacking in awareness, the being used, the sheeple people, they are all acting up and being used by these people/beings.


      • briannapurejoy May 8, 2016 / 4:36 pm

        absolutely ! I see this daily too. I guess this is also why they, up there, make some of us connect.
        Besides the work that we all do, constantly, we do need to have “shoulders” to prop ourselves on at times. Besides the Etheric “shoulders” 🙂

        And also it’s always a great thing to be able to talk about our personal experiences, and compare notes. As much as each experience is highly personal, we all share a common goal, and go thru the same energetic phases.
        And, what the heck, sometimes also bitching in unison is fun and a nice relief (if done constructively, of course).

        With you on the “stagnation” period. I just felt it starting to break up on the 6th. Friday.
        When you have time, please explain the 5/9/9 portal, or direct me to one of your posts about these monthly 9 portals ! This year (a 9 year) I feel the importance of the number 9 a lot.

        Done for the day, gosh I’ve written all over the place. Apologies (well…) 😀
        Take good care of yourself ! A time to extra pampers ourselves it is (said Yoda style)

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