Collective Path Paving In 2016: Being A Universal Light Embodier & Paving The Way For Humanity.

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I have been an awakened being for only a few years, and before then I was already going through the Ascension Process, I was already evolving. Within the last few years my world has been turned upside down, I have been attacked (Psychically & Physically) by words and through psychic attacks by negative beings. Some of which I haven’t personally disclosed on here yet, for the fact that it’s not something I feel I should be open about. I have released thing’s within me, I have changed thing’s about me, when I couldn’t the universe and life did that for me. Whether I liked it or not. I have lost many thing’s, lost myself but always found the new within me. I have been dragged through the proverbial shit, and made it through. I have integrated the light, been the light, sniffed out the darkness, and always did everything i could to try and localize that darkness through pressuring it to leave through just shining my light. So the years between 2013- until 2016 have been most enlightening, however it has been the most darkest and painful of my life. No doubt – it has been hard for many light-workers reading this very article. smiley-sad025

However thing’s in the last few years have changed to such an extent where, so much higher information is/has been revealed to the world. So what I/you/we suffered through is now coming to fruition, as I/you and many aware beings are now being led to be the teacher(s). This is an important topic I feel i both need to write about and one that needs to be written about today.”

Being a Light-Worker is a hard job to have. We grid, we understand higher information, we know about negative/dark energy, we understand that not everything is all that it seems down here in 3 Dimensional physicality, that in most cases your neighbour could be one of them and you know who i’m referring to. Reptilians – demons – etheric astral beings – evil beings who take form only to enter your life and do everything they can to ruin it. So being a Light-Worker is a stressful job/mission we have agreed to come down here to do, but those who have come down here contracted not to go through the Ascension Process. These beings aren’t contracted to {Know – Hear – Understand – Speak about} such topics about what is really going on down here. It’s too much to handle, many would die of insanity alone, so I’ve always made it part of my mission to NEVER flat out “Tell anyone anything” that they weren’t ready to consciously be aware of.

So imagine my shock and utter surprise when at work, I hear a semi aware being, openly discuss higher information about Negative E.T beings. Shocking, as the beings I work with are all unaware, some are real Negative beings, a few are emotional vampires. The semi aware being, is a Light-Worker, yet he doesn’t yet understand that he is one. I know because I sensed it, the sometimes painful thing’s I can pick up about people makes me wish that I wasn’t a psychic. As a psychic/empath I both see/feel other people experiences, it goes with the gift, so I understood that this ( Delivery man) has just been on the tip/edge of awakening for many years and soon will awaken if he eventually let’s himself. The thing that shocked me was that he was openly discussing this with (Unaware) co-workers, this is not something that I do openly unless the person needs to be dropped a crumb of information. A small crumb – very small crumb! A big reason why many Light-Workers do not flat out speak about such topics as Negative beings, who they are, what they have done, what is really going on here. It has a lot to do with self protection, let me tell you that these articles alone, get me in trouble because as soon as I publish them they’ll start/begin to try and attack me. I’ve had many negative beings, throw their negativity right at me. So openly telling someone who is (Unaware) being controlled still by these beings, it pisses them off. Which is important, however since the (Delivery man) had no idea what he is/will become, he has no idea that he will get attacked and is now on their radar.

Light-Workers despite this man (The Un-awakened Light-Worker) throwing a bomb, and opening the can of worms, this event in my work place is huge. It is what i have been protesting about, ranting on to the higher realms about, finally bringing the light to the light for those who are still living in darkness. It’s a very big deal. These sort of situations will continue to happen, where many Light-Teacher(s) will be dropping (crumbs) for those who are not aware. And they slowly will become aware of what is really going on. In the end they will have to choose on a soul level, if they can/want to awaken their crystalline seed within. Even with the bread crumbs of higher information, many may still choose to be ignorant of the real truth. Hey, it’s their free will right.

Light-Workers Who Are Becoming Spiritual Teachers In 2016

I’ve known of – heard of – read through many different Light-Workers websites, blogs, books, and read through a few of their higher information. It’s normal, perfectly fine to try and find and understand something that your not aware about that is happening to you right now. However their is a difference from reading what they write, and hearing them speaking to people in person. Just as it’s different in that way, it’s equally different too speak and be open about what we do/know to those who don’t yet comprehend it. So can you imagine how weird it is for Light-Workers who are being pushed to teach? To further be higher divine spiritual teachers? Very odd! I’ve always just written my articles, shared what I know, that has been how I have been a Light-Teacher. I’ve not spoken about, or lectured beings on higher information. I have never spoken to people in person, or especially spoken to those who don’t know shit from Adam. They wouldn’t be open enough to accept it, they wouldn’t be ready. So having had the recent experience where I’ve had to be open (About being a Light-Worker) and expose a little bit my true identity, has not been an easy transition. It feels like it went from “keep quiet – to it’s time for you to start speaking out about the truth”.

After the (Semi Light-Worker) finished his Light-Lesson those in class then came up to me and started asking me how I felt about it. Meanwhile the entire time they were getting educated on Reptilians and the control over consciousness, they were laughing it off and thinking the (Delivery man) was nuts. I flat out told him ( Unaware co-worker) that “I believed it completely” he walked off and thought I was nuts, while telling everyone else that I believed what (The Semi Light-Worker) was trying to teach them all along. It doesn’t matter that they’re not using their entire brain ( Their left side is telling them) this information is crazy, they’re crazy don’t believe it. The psychic control they’re under is programed to repeat the same thing, if your sprouting higher information, what the reptilians have done is communicated to unaware beings they are controlling is to consistently think “They are crazy – continue being ignorant because then I can still control you” it’s all about control, always has been always will be. With that said, this is a perfect example of what is starting to go on out there in 3D World. The 5th Dimensional NEWER and HIGHER way of being, is intercepting with many unaware beings in the OLD and DARK 3rd dimensional reality. The Light Side – is trying to (Accept & Welcome) more back into energetic harmony, and away from the dark side. Just realize that we from the light are now back in energetic harmony, we are shining brighter than ever, when these situations come on where we are teaching those who are unaware. Realize we have the upper hand now!

If your a Light-Worker  who has found him/her self having to be a teacher, understand that this is a good thing. It means you are being called to spread what you are, who you are, and open the minds of those still left in darkness. Be aware that many more of these situations of dropping crumbs, being Light-Teachers will be coming up the further we get into 2016 and 2017 through out 2018, 2019, 2020! So get out there, be the best darn Light-Teacher you can be.

Love & Light

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3 thoughts on “Collective Path Paving In 2016: Being A Universal Light Embodier & Paving The Way For Humanity.

  1. briannapurejoy May 8, 2016 / 7:21 am

    Wow, now I know why I read and replied to your comment on Denise’s site !
    And, btw, I never “look up” people, even if I do occasionally comment on a few blogs (very few).
    Somehow I felt compelled to look you up, and saw your blog.
    Thank you for putting yourself out here so honestly and openly !

    Yes, seems this year is the real beginning of “getting out of the closet” 🙂 I am also feeling this very strongly. And also have been in situations where I just had to talk. Sometimes “crumbs”, sometimes in the guise of activist talk. And, amazingly, sometimes totally openly.

    Also, I realized I have near zero “appetite” for mundane talk now. Living this battle and this process 100 percent, period.
    Oh, in case Denise is busy, and does not moderate my comment to you on her site, yes, yesterday (May 7th) was intense. Got really hit too, and by evening it was yeah… “flu-like feeling.

    Tipping imaginary hat at you, great site ! Will go on to read your other recent posts.
    Thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mikeymurdock May 8, 2016 / 1:39 pm


    Hi 🙂 Nice to see you felt the need to reply on here, I’ve been following Denise writing since my awakening. Her and Lisa renee, tbh the only two I feel/think are explaining what is happening on here very much so in this time.

    Ascension flu – what a bitch aye Brianna? Ugh!


    • briannapurejoy May 8, 2016 / 4:21 pm

      Yeah… makes one feel 1.000 years old 😀
      Btw, interestingly after commenting here, and starting to read more of your work.. kaboom, the creeps gathered. Yup, I call them the creeps most of the time. Dark Empire, Team Dark, the Negs … most of the time I don’t use such “nice” words for them. Creeps is fine :))) If needed for writing or explaining purposes, I use one of the more common terms used by Lightworkers/Warriors.

      Snarl at them… fooking YES. I read this in one of your recent pieces, and love it. Exactly, yes 🙂

      Blogs : I follow several, but some are so clearly “hacked” by the creeps, alltho written by very well intentioned folks, that I read only sometimes, and rather diagonally. Because even in quite hacked messages, they cannot but leave snippets of truth.

      One I’ll share with you, in case you may enjoy it is Laura Walker’s Oracle Report. I am not a huge fan of astrology, but she has a very different approach, and is always smack on with on-going energetics (and Archons activities or potential attempts). I recently found out she dug into the Nag Hammadi scrolls, which have also been … attracting me to look at (what is available on-line).

      Oh nice, thunder 🙂 Like it ! Weather has been and is on-going crazy, btw.

      Gosh, sorry, I do talk a lot 😀 I am happy to have found your blog, and to read your work, it is one of the very few I really resonate with. Some of the things you write about are things I talk about a lot. Swear words included. We must be from the same “tribe” 🙂

      Hugs to you, have a great sunday ! It’s …HAH… 19.19 here in Eastern Europe.
      Funny. 11.11 when I was commenting. Now 19.19. Today it’s synchronicities carnival.

      Liked by 1 person

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