Ascension Symptom(s): Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms

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Ascension Flu Symptoms 

On Saturday afternoon (May 7th) in the afternoon I got hit intensely and badly with what I’ve been aware of for a long time as a usual AS (Ascension Symptom) of the AP (Ascension Process). For many Light-Workers this may be absolutely OLD news, while I’m sure for many others this may be the first time that your even hearing about this Ascension Flu. This may be all completely NEW to the system, for those certain Light-Workers who just started understanding and becoming very aware of themselves. Those who have been on the process of their own evolutionary Ascension Process for years now will understand what it means to get hit with Ascension Flu. For those who have been recently activated this article might be more in alignment with where your at within the physical process. If your not sure or even understand what I’ll be talking about in this article yet try your best to understand it and know that grasping higher information is never an automatic thing that you’ll pick up on right away. It’ll take you some time to understand about the Ascension Process and the Ascension Symptoms. So give yourself the time to understand what has happened to you and what will happen to you via the process your body will experience as you go through the Ascension Flu & symptoms.

What Is Ascension Flu Symptoms

I’ve gone through many (Phases – Cycles) of this Ascension Flu symptom since my own awakening and since I started my own alchemical Ascension Process back in March 2014. They started out very intensely for me and as time moved on it slowly let up for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t have periods from time to time just like on (May 7th) where they become so intense begin to bother me on a physical level once again. That is what happened this past Saturday ( I got hit) by all the pains. The worst part of it is I was out in public while I got hit with these intense symptoms, I was walking through Canadian Tire when the Ascension Flu symptoms started to hit. It completely changes you, it turns you into this throbbing walking mess. On top of being a throbbing mess, your surrounded by about 150 people walking around in a small area. So your having to feel and be near people while experiencing all of these pains at times. its not an easy job for any Light being.

What is Ascension Flu? and why do Light-Workers activated by the physical Ascension process feel them? Ascension Flu are symptoms we feel when we are embodying higher light energy and frequencies. Why do we experience this? Because we are activated to do this work. We have always been hit with the flu – our entire life its just the flu means more than just having a runny nose and or feeling sick. We are getting hit with light energy and this energy is raising our frequency to match higher dimensions in our universe. Here are some of the usual Ascension Flu Symptoms that I feel, you might also already be feeling them too. However, you might not be aware of what these physical pains are called and within the Ascension community it’s important to know just what is happening. I’ll start off with the physical body symptoms you are likely to feel, then the mental/emotional symptoms you might feel and lastly I’ll end the article by explaining the psychic symptoms of the Ascension Flu. All of these symptoms from each category have all been more or less what I have personally experienced myself.

Physical Body Symptoms

  • Intense headaches which come on because the brain is being re-wired to understand higher information, and merge both sides of the brain to form a complete whole one.
  • Crown Chakra (Downloads Of Higher Light Energy) which can cause you to experience increased pressure on the top of your head right in the center.
  • Headaches that can feel like migraines, cluster headaches, head pressures in different parts of the head (front -Back).
  • Tingling sensations on the scalp, side(s) of the face both (left -right), down the neck, underneath or around the eyes causing (twitching), in the legs, in the arms, the shoulders, and whole body tingling.
  • Intense pricks/stabbing like sensations that last for a few seconds on different parts of the body. Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Face, Eyes, Near the top of the head.
  • Feeling Intense cold and experiencing chills up and down the body as the energy of light closes your chakras.
  • Feeling exhaustion come over you with the inability to feel like you have much energy, not being able to move much, go any where.
  • Feeling Intense Aches & Pains all over you body, inside your body, your bones and joints, even your muscles.
  • Intense Ear pain and ear ringing that is loud and lasts for days even weeks after the Ascension Flu symptoms have progressed on.
  • Feeling frequent bouts of Nausea that hits from out of no where, the same goes for diarrhea as we begin the process of releasing past life/out dated life and ego tendencies as well as pains.
  • Needing much more time to (Sleep) and (Nap) and just relax while your going through these intense transitions of frequency.

Mental/Emotional Symptoms

  • Disorientation and feeling a little bit confused is common while these symptoms show up, especially for the first few times, as you might not understand what’s going on.
  • Feeling like your right on the edge of insanity – understand that these pains can be very painful, so experiencing what many may feel like “Your losing your mind” can sometimes happen when the pain is so real. It’s a normal part of the process.
  • Crying is a big normal symptom of Ascension flu – mostly for me it happens when i’m in a lot of pain, or when something blocked is being released from my body.
  • Feeling agitated, annoyed, repulsed, aggravated, enraged, disgusted, pissed off at people vibrating at a lower frequency, or who are still existing in the 3D world.
  • Needing space, running to find personal space, running to get away from people, needing more time to be on your own. You can’t modify/integrate the NEW into you while being near those who aren’t also doing it as well.
  • Just as needing space is a physical thing, it’ also a mental thing. We who are embodying these light waves, we need space to release stuff privately via our emotions/mental. We need space away from the head games, the manipulations, the control and all the lower ways that make us roll our eyes to the back of our heads.
  • It’s not unusual to feel depressed – or even to go through moments/days where your feeling so low, then have them pick up the next day, then only to feel lower than dirt again the day after that.

Psychic Symptoms

  • Having your (Third Eye Chakra) activated through the (Frequent Light Energy Downloads).
  • Sensing energy all around you (Which can be positive – or negative) energy from multiple sources.
  • Sensing psychically Positive Light Beings (Twin-flames, Spirit guides, Higher Light friends, beings from other star systems and more) these beings radiate love to you as you embody this Ascension Process.
  • Sensing psychically Negative Dark beings (Entities, Demons, Demonic beings, Reptilians) these beings are the ones tormenting you. These beings want to see you dead, and will try anything and everything in their power to get rid of the light.
  • Sensing beings all around you, near you, but not directly in the same room with you, some can be in the same area/space as you. Those in different dimensions not so much.
  • Having clairvoyant-telepathic conversations with beings from different dimensions, star systems, sprit guides, guardian angels.
  • Clairaudiently seeing light beings (for the first time) and continuing to see them, as well seeing Dark negative beings.
  • Seeing shadows, orbs, lights across the room, dark shadows, white shadows, eyes popping in on you (These are many negative beings) !
  • Experiencing Past life recall – of moments you previously lived, as different people/beings as they are being brought up so that you can heal them.

The symptoms above are a good list full of the usual Ascension Flu symptoms that I have personally experienced and which I have experienced since my Ascension Process started in March 2014.  I do have to mention that Ascension Flu is just one symptom within the evolutionary Ascension process. Just one. There are plenty more.

It may look like a long list and feel like being a Light-Worker is an extremely painful job. It can be at first. – This article was specifically written for those who have just become activated physically and even for those who have been doing this tiring work over the last few years. I do personally know how tiring it has been but as you continue reading this understand that this is a normal aspect of the physical process of evolution.

16Love & Light16

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8 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s): Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms

  1. Kim May 12, 2016 / 2:09 pm

    Yep~ I got hit hard by whatever was coming through about a month ago. I’m glad that you mentioned the intense headaches with tingling, because that was a new symptom for me. With this particular headache, (which was like none I had ever had before), the tingling was INSIDE of my head. My entire head felt like a shaken can of soda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock May 13, 2016 / 1:14 pm


      I’ve had similar headaches, I believe the “Shaken can of soda” feeling in your head, is the brain re-wiring going on. I’ve also had tingling myself, so I understand what you’ve been going through. I hope your feeling better Kim. THIS process is never easy, once your in it, take care dear friend.


  2. Betty Klein May 30, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    Thank you for the information. I’m having a rough day of dealing with the flu and it helps to see the confirmation about what I thought I was dealing with.


    • mikeymurdock May 30, 2016 / 5:00 pm

      Betty Klein Your very welcome – Ascension Flu can be rough to deal with. Hang in there it passes.


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