To All Light-Workers: What Are The 9 (9-9) Portals Of 2016 & Why Are They Happening Now In 2016

A reader of mine brought it to my attention after i published my recent article “To Light-Workers: The 5-9-9 Portal Gateway Energies – The Latest Light-Wave Is Pushing Us To Be Our Own Concious Creator(s)” that she had no idea what the latest 5-9-9 Portal/Gateway meant, when it was happening, and why it was happening now. For those interested in reading that article I will leave a link under this paragraph. It’s understandable that for many Light-Workers, at this time, to not really understand many of the dates of portals/gateways. It’s equally understandable that for many Light-Workers to not really even know what Portals/Gateways are, as they can be very complex and difficult to understand. Not that they’re soo unbelievably complex or difficult to grasp, but for some Light-Workers especially just newly aware/awakened ones, this subject can be higher knowledge that they just don’t comprehend yet. That’s fine. When you become aware you won’t learn everything all at once, and neither will you be able to have multidimensional conversations, about multidimensional subjects.


To Light-Workers: The 5-9-9 Portal Gateway Energies – The Latest Light-Wave Is Pushing Us To Be Our Own Concious Creator(s)

The question prompted me to write about these 9 (9-9) Portals/Gateways of 2016, something that I haven’t yet done. But I have explained numerous times, over the last few months, in many of my articles, that 2016 has a very high (9) vibration connected to it. Just like 2015 had a high (8) vibration connected to it, as 2014 had a high (7) vibration connected to it through out that year for that specific period of time. So on – and on. It’s important for me to personally explain, these portals, and Light-Wave date events. It has everything to do with humanity, and the Ascension Process, and the wonderful shift that is happening now.

What Are The 9 (9-9) Portals/Gateways Of 2016?

The year 2016 is a big year, especially within the on going Ascension Process. For humanity, for our planet, for all people incarnated here in the now. We are who is going through this “Great Cleanse” and boy oh boy, is it a “Big Cleanse“. It’s been a stand-out year for me already, because of the events that are going on, not just in my life but for many around the world. Not to mention the people we have lost, the places we have left behind, the thing’s that have changed for the better/worst. This is all in part because in 2016 the evolutionary shift that we have all felt since the 2012 timeline, it has escalated to an even higher level. I mean I’ve felt so much higher now more than I did in 2012, which goes to show just how much better it has gotten down here in 3D physicality. So that let’s me know that as each year (2013, 2014, 2015 – 2016) has moved on, the evolutionary shift in this Ascension process has increased substantially.


The evolutionary shifting in 2016 that is presently taking place is the reason behind these 9 (9-9) Portals/Gateways that are taking place. It’s a game changer 2016 not everything is going to remain the same, not everyone is going to remain down here, not everyone will make it. This is a make it or break it year, and with the powerful energy of the number (9) vibration, this let’s me know that completion is the light at the end of what has been a dark tunnel. Oh to the many weary (tired) and wanting to give up in frustration Light – Workers, please realize that these Portals/Gateway openings are happening because they are pushing us to move deeper into this thing more now than ever before. Move higher, reach deeper, push through the difficulties, accept more of the divine light, and push ourselves to beyond 3D so that we’re now in 5D. Heaven on earth – Literally!  smiley-happy080We’re creating a real heaven on earth, that is why we are here, this is why these portals are now coming one by one in 2016.

The constant wave after waves of light – from these Gateway openings is helping us fulfill our intended goal/purpose, to finish whatever we need to finish. To complete whatever we need to complete, to put an end to whatever we need to be put to an end, close, finish, come to some conclusion, end certain timelines, missions, certain work, leave certain people, certain locations. We can’t bring the OLD, outdated, unaware, unevolved aspects of ourselves, into the NEW creative energies of 2017 (1) vibration. Even past life events at play, need to be put to an end, through certain events that involve all people. We are being pushed to evolve higher so that when 2017 begins we will understand that what was once can not be like it again. The darkness can no longer exist in our “Heaven On Earth“, only light can exist. When that time comes, we must be the NEW in the NEW, create as much as we can. It’s about putting everything to a complete finish!


copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


5 thoughts on “To All Light-Workers: What Are The 9 (9-9) Portals Of 2016 & Why Are They Happening Now In 2016

  1. Kim Johnson May 18, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    Thank you for once again acknowledging what I already feel to be true. My messages come thru on of all places, license plate numbers. I have been seeing them for years but it wasn’t until just before March 64th of 2016 that it all hot home. Is been seeing 369 everywhere and I thought to myself, I need to look that up. Minutes later I stopped to have a smoke before heading off to class (ironically Identity and Diversity) that a message popped up explaining about the portal opening on 3-6 2016. That just happened to be the day I was graduating from a 9 month residential treatment facility and about to start a new phase of my life as. Lightworker. Today when leaving the Library I see 999 which is a number I see daily now followed by 222, 777, 72, 69 and 97 All within a minute. No surprise that I stop to smoke and see this message about 9-9-9 and portals. This may not make sense to but a few but hang in there, it will all be clear in time.

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  2. don May 19, 2016 / 6:21 pm



  3. Will May 19, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    I will immediately grasp your rss feed as I can not find your
    email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Please allow me know so that I may subscribe.


  4. brad prince May 22, 2016 / 7:50 am

    I believe way j said but worry that the dark neg enrgies in my life are trying to push me to not make it by promoting me to b something im.not.a omission of deciect in my appearance,if only j was jugded by the heart,id b o.k .but visually and conciously are being presented as a total opposite to my TRUE self…please know im a positive person persecuted by negetive influences.futile my life seems yet hope still lives deep in my self,please know my TRUE self U all,never let ur light dim in ur life,brad prince…


  5. Casey August 20, 2016 / 12:52 pm

    Just starting to open myself up into the ascension process – I am working to understand the “if’s” and “am I” of this all (light worker., energy portal aka energy sucker for others to take., etc etc) and if perhaps I am on the correct path here…..anyways., all of this has been brought about through me due to my understand and learning astrology, in which also has opened me up to getting closer to my higher mind, chakra and perhaps (hoping) to awaken my third eye . Onto the point of this comment and perhaps also receiving a little guidance from you (or all of you) as to what might be the true “signature” (if that’s even the correct way to explain my question) to knowing if indeed there is some light worker energy here in me..?

    This particular post is interesting for me because…my date of birth: 9.9.1980 …. In which you can see that all my numbers ., no matter which way you slice and dice numerology ….
    All come to the conclusion of.. 9 ! (If you also interest yourself in astrology- I have virgo stellum with multiple stars included- over 8 hits to this – all in 7th house)

    All of which is now the accumulation of this particular year (2016) being one that has lead me further into this spirtuality outside of me- seeking truth, knowledge, understanding …… Is this coincidence? Is this not? Anyone care to indulge me with their thoughts? Thank you all – and thank you for this amazing site I luckily stumbled upon today – as currently my physical world has been metaphorically speaking, through the blender, leaving me an emotional disaster LOL 😉


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