The Pleiades Star Realm(s): The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings & The 2016 Pleiadian Energy Download.

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The Pleiades Star Realm(s) & The Annual Energy Download

Over the last few days I’ve noticed, felt and sensed that the energy around me in my aura field has shifted and changed once again. All throughout (2016) this is how I’ve known the energies have felt different for me – because they shift and morph to a higher level of frequency. Usually when this starts to happen its because incoming light energy, light codes and higher consciousness is beginning to integrate and grid down into my energy field and into the energy field of earth. So, I knew that energy was integrating into me much like it has for the first few months this year on/off – but I didn’t quite understand why this was happening for me now in May 2016 until I realized what month we’ve been in and the date. We’re now in (May 2016) and aside from a personal connection with this month – which just so happens to be when I first entered this physical 3D earth on May 17th. I didn’t really fully acknowledge this constant TI (Telepathic Interference) that felt like it was desperately trying to let me know that something very important is currently happening for humanity within the collective right now. Then it struck me out of no where that there was a specific alignment happening for us this month with the Pleiades. The more I thought about it the more this feeling started going beyond just a personal connection. The constant “Telepathic Interferences” that I’ve experienced since last week have been little (Messages, Reminders and Telepathic Information Codes) via the 5D Pleiadian Beings and my Higher-Light Team. What were they trying to let me know? That we’re currently in the midst of a Pleiadian download and that anything that was entering my physical body and mind to elevate my consciousness is important.

The Codes, Light, Energy and  Information that I received via the TI (Telepathic Interference) that I was picking up on from the 5D Pleiadian beings of the Pleiades last week involved specific information. They let me know that between (May 16-21) there was an annual alignment with the Pleiades and the sun. This alignment made it easier for them to download newer and higher information about the AP (Ascension Process) but also about the Galactic and Universal Ascension taking place in our galaxy in our 3D planet earth realm. Humanity and many Starseeds are currently integrating this information and other higher information, codes, energies into them so that they can share what they’ve learned through the 5D Pleiadian beings.

Where Is The Pleiades? & Who Are The 5D Pleiadian Beings?


The Pleiades: is a realm much like earth is a realm which is located in the constellation of Taurus. It is the nearest star clusters closest to physical 3D earth – which is very important because very early on in earth (Gaia’s) history The Pleiadians incarnated here and injected some of their codes, blueprints and energies within the energetic field of this earth. The few difference(s) between earth (Gaia) and the Pleiades is that the Pleiades star realm(s) are functioning completely and totally within a 5D state of consciousness. Each star realm functions as a 5D higher frequency realm. The glow and light emanating from the different star realm(s) is a physical indication of the 5D energies that surrounds them individually and collectively. Earth (Gaia) also has a tint of light but not as bright as many other realms, stars and or other planets that are functioning on higher dimensional levels of frequency and energy.

The Pleiades star realm(s) are highly advanced with many structures within those realms taking on a light white and blue crystal like and transparent form. These structures shine and glow bright white and bright blue. The 5D Pleiadian race are also highly advanced beings – their knowledge, their wisdom about universes and galaxies are some of the most advanced within our own galaxy. Along with that their understanding of light and light information and how to be in harmony with light and (Source) and his universal plan is one of the most advanced as well. The technology on the Pleiades is all light technology, the ways of communication are telepathic and they’re forms of travel are higher and more advanced than ours. Their forms of education are way beyond our years by millenniums – filled with rooms made of light and light projections. They teach their young ones about the galaxy and how to be in harmony with ones self and the universe.

The 5D Pleiadian Beings themselves are thin and tall but vary in height between (6-7 ft.) many have light hair that sits short near or just past their shoulders. At times (with the beings I’ve communicated with) and its the same two beings they appear to have longer length(s) of hair. Their color appears to be lighter tones and (at least the two I’ve communicated with.) The Male wears a full white dressing that covers his entire body and The Female wears a similar white apparel. The eyes are very distinctive with a (Light blue) color that looks like two baby blue crystals sparkling. The forms and appearances vary from which ever star realm you traverse to and from. Many have blue apparel with tanned tones, some are taller and others shorter. Not much difference than most people on planet earth.

One last mention: The 5D Pleiadian Beings of The Pleiades are part of the Galactic Federation – a council which exists within our galaxy that helps all races live and exist in harmony and peace with Source.

2016’s 5D Pleiadian Light Download

Over the last few days I’ve been receiving new visions, new information and all from The 5D Pleiadian download. This is of course an annual event which happens between (May 16-21) where the light beings from the Pleiades begin to send us their information, their codes, their energies in order to help us expand and grow consciously. Many of the 5D Pleiadians are working very hard and have been for years to assist humanity and people to evolve, to grow, to ascend to a higher way of being. To get back to a place of peace, a place of love, of light, to be conscious creators and to get back to a place of remembrance. This is there message to humanity. Now, once again we are in the middle of updates, upgrades on a physical and molecular level and its because we’re being assisted by the 5D Pleiadian beings.

Some of the PAS (Physical Ascending Symptoms) that I’ve been feeing over the course of (May 2016) have been constant Third Eye Chakra Pressures and Head Pains. Since April I’ve gained more weight and have undergone tremendous molecular changes within my body. I’ve been experiencing heavy Flu symptoms which have happened because of solar activity and also now because of the Pleiadian download that we’re half way through. So, if you haven’t felt as well as you wished in (May 2016) and of course over the last few days or so – we are integrating new codes from our Galactic family which is helping us raise the frequency of light on (Gaia) earth.

16Love & Light16

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