To All Light Beings: The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings & The Annual Pleiades (Light Information) Download

When I was in my teens i’d say from about (15-16) years of age, I started this period of my life by constantly of all thing’s (Growing My Hair Out – Then Dying It Black/Blue) now I know what your wondering. What a strange way to begin off an article about The Pleiadian Beings? However i’ll get to the point i’m trying to make in this article really quickly, and you’ll understand that my period from (15-16) as a teenager growing his hair out and dying it black/blue is one part of the puzzle that does lead to another part of the puzzle. That is how we understand universal connections, we look at everything, then we understand that one thing ultimately leads to another and we end up learning more about ourselves because of it. We grasp the one aspect of ourselves, then connect it to all the other aspects. Until we realize we are multidimensional beings, with many aspects to us.

So what does that period of my being (15-16) years of age have to do with The Pleiadians? What’s the connection? who are these fascinating beings? What are the pieces of the puzzles?

Countless Past Lives in Egypt

I can recall (2) past lives where I was an incarnated being in Egypt. Both the past lives were before C.E (Common Era) and the circumstances of both those lives, are playing out rather similarly in the life that i’m currently living. Both of them I had family problems, in both lifetimes I struggled to empower myself as woman, in both lives I lost my husband/partner(Which by the way who was what many consider would be a twinflame) and he was. So it’s no coincidence that I’ve lost him in this lifetime as well, so these aspects from a long time ago are playing out once again in this lifetime. (We all play out the same patterns in every life, we also are living every single past live in this present incarnation we are in).This is one of the pieces of the puzzle that I was speaking about, which adds to the whole picture. When I was (15-16) while not knowing what was happening, and why, I started re-living those moments from my past lives simultaneously at the same time as being real/alive in this current incarnation. Many people have gone on for years, about how we had past lives, but how they’re in the past and they no longer have any significance or effect on us. This is truly a lower 3D way of looking at thing’s (As I’ve had many situations be brought up in this lifetime, that happened from different past incarnations for me to re-deal with, with the same very beings in different bodies playing out different scenarios that are similar.) So those who believe we aren’t everything simultaneously happening all at the same time within ourselves, you can’t tell me/you/and everyone else that the past does not have some kind of importance or meaning. It does, and it is what shapes us, it’s made us who we are now. This is the second piece of the puzzle, which is that we are all living our past lives simultaneously.

So now is where the connections really start to begin, to unfold, start to meet up, and do it’s connecting. When I began growing my hair out, and dying it the same color, exactly identical to how the Ancient Egyptians beings lived back then. It made perfect sense to me, and deep within, I knew that during that period around 2005-2006 I was re-living a past life simultaneously in this life. Just like I did eons ago as an Egyptian girl in both those lifetimes.

More Connections ~ The Egyptian/Pleiadian Connection

The connections continue because I can clearly remember being born around the time of the Age of Taurus, and the Age of Leo. Now what I do remember about living in Ancient Egypt is that life was massively different, thing’s were much more highly evolved back then. The way of life is staggeringly different than it is living in the now, with all the lower, dark, and disempowerment spread all over the world.

In the Ancient times of Egypt, and of the world, everything was higher, everything was evolved, and everything was light. The gifts that we possessed were like nothing ever witnessed, we could create anything we wanted by sheer imagination and will to create. We created our own weather, we could heal, we could heal the earth, all of the plants, and all of creation. We were in tune with ourselves, we were in tune with divinity, and we were in tune with the universe. We were open, we were open with the many star beings, the many light beings, the many beings scattered through out the universe. We even had our own technology that was higher than the negative technology that we have now, all of these (computers, Wifi, internet, Televisions, radios, phones, cars, tablets) these technologies were/are and forever will be lower than the kind of advanced instruments of light we created long ago. These instruments of dark – disempower us, make us weak, sponge off of our energy templates, and turn us into controlled robots who can’t think for ourselves.

In ancient Egyptian times we were empowered beings, we were conscious beings, and we were light beings. And we knew that, we owned that! The Technology we had was not physical, it had no physical form, it was divinely thought out, then created from the light we had within. We had the option of staying in physical form/turning to light form without the need for death/pain. So we had the option of manifesting what we needed both in light form, or physical form, however there was no need for anything to be created in physical form because we knew it was lower. Most of the ancient beings in Egypt used light technology, the light technology we had was like transparent light instrument’s. They were clear, brilliant, sparkled like diamonds under the sun, and we could see with such clarity every single inch of light that shown back at us. We created Astral ships, hand holograms which would look like a light screen coming up from the hand where we could see our universe, all planets, communicate with friends from other star systems. It was like a universal Phone, a light phone if you will.  We had huge Light screens, that shown transparently, but that you could be shown certain information, from any and every angle 3d 4d 5d any dimensional form or angle could be shown/seen. Light information, Light codes, Number codes, can be taken and shown.

Everything that we created came from our Third eye, what we thought could be turned into light, and created from the palms of our hands. That was creation, that was divinity, that was light.

Life was simple, easy, no one was competing with one another, we had countless opportunities for universal exploration, in fact ancient Egypt was a huge pit stop for beings of all kinds. They would come down, park the astral ships, stay for a while, and we would communicate with these beings. Many beings came from the 8D Orion, 5D Pleiades, the other planets we knew, even beings from the sun came to Earth/Gaia. We have always had these connections with these star beings, light beings, and back in ancient Egypt we were more than aware of them, they would travel here and we would travel there to them. We were all connected, in many multidimensional ways, until we weren’t and ever since then many beings from these star systems/planets have incarnated into 3D physicality in order to bring us back to our sovereignty.


2016: The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings Download

During the last few days I’ve become aware of the fact that we were going to be receiving another yearly Light download of information from The 5D Pleiadian Beings  between May 16-20. This is a yearly event, where the light beings from the Pleiades are downloading more higher divine knowledge of how it used to be all those eons ago. They are trying very hard to get humanity back to a place of peace, love, light, creation, remembrance, as we evolve out and move away from these lower/dark ways of 3D way of being and existing.

The third and last connection (final piece of the puzzle) is that I was born on May 17th – So i’m well aware that this is the last piece of the puzzle for me that completes the grand bigger picture for me. The Pleiades star cluster is in the constellation of Taurus, the constellation i was born under. These beings were doing their yearly download, while I was being born into Physicality. Which explains my connection to that star system, and the 8D Orion star system. So the period of unexplained events when I was (15-16) was really a connection to the many Egyptian past lives I lived, while remembering certain Star Beings, who are now currently downloading us all with this important knowledge. Important knowledge that we are ready to receive now, that will be known by many, that will speak about certain events that will take place in the near future.

Isn’t life just completely random at times, yet at the same time, don’t the thing’s we do, ways we act, ways we choose to be just seem so completely connected. Now that’s what I call being multidimensional, and living multidimensional existences.



copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock , 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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