Dark Entities: What Are Dark Entities & Why Are They Being Burned Up And Pulled Out Of 3D Physicality In 2016.

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Christ Consciousness & Moving Beyond 3D Consciousness

When I first activated my Christ consciousness starseed that was within me back in March 2014 – I opened myself up to receive, to breathe, to bask in and integrate higher Christ consciousness and light. In other words I began my physical AP (Ascension Process) back then because I was needed to do this work for myself but also to help humanity grow and evolve beyond the 3D consciousness. What happened to me and for me afterwards all throughout (2014) was a backlash of sorts because I had indeed started to move beyond the 3D consciousness. I had begun the process of being a conduit for Christ consciousness and source energies. Of course with that said there is a lot of responsibility that comes with this kind of light integration work and also danger with doing this work. I didn’t understand this danger at a conscious level but my higher self did at a subconscious level. So, when I began this work sub consciously I did a few thing’s that I knew would protect me at the time. However, it didn’t protect me completely. The subject for this article is one that I have wanted to personally write about for a long time now, but that I knew I couldn’t get into very much for a lot of specific reasons. I feel ready now because it needs to be written about now in this time because of what’s happening for us on earth in 2016 and why it’s happening.

Going back to (2014) which wasn’t an easy year for me but which helped me understand once again what was going on for me, what was happening to me and what might have been trying to stop me and this work I was starting to do. It all helped me understand and realize what I was feeling and what I was feeling was darkness and negative energy all around me. In (2014) and for all of (2014) I could feel and hear entities. I could feel and hear negative dark entities all around me and my space. In (2014) I was attacked by many of these dark entities, I was targeted by these dark entities and for much of that year I was taunted by them because I had begun the process of integrating Christ consciousness. They could feel me and tried to stop me, they could feel me moving away from their lower reality construct that they had created and built. This is what I had to deal with at the beginning of my AP (Ascension Process.) 

What Are Entities & Dark Entities?

What are entities? What are Dark entities? – Well an Entity: Is an energy form that exists as separate form. All entities exist within the same range as 3D physical earth but only exist within the astral 4D junkyard realm. They don’t have a physical form but can and do take various shapes, colors, and can feel as though they do not want to move on for some reason. A Dark Entity: is an energy that exists and one that is and has an evil energy when you feel it. These dark entities can exist to only cause humanity harm, these entities have negative agendas and ultimately just want to create a hell on earth reality. Some of these Dark entities can even influence people, possess people and walk-in to the physical body.

As a (Empath/Psychic) over the last few years it truly has been painful for me because I can feel many Dark Entities all around me a lot of the time. For much of (2014) I had to hear, feel, and be target practice for these beings. I was attacked in my dream state, I was attacked psychically, I was even attacked in a physical way multiple times as well.

Dark Entities In 2016 & Burning Up And Being Pulled Out Of 3D Physicality

Now that I’ve explained what entities and dark entities are I can now move on to the whole entire reason why I wrote this article in the first place. Because this is such important information that I’m sharing, it now can be shared with those who will come onto DLP (Divine Light Phases) who will need to know now or in the future. The whole reason why I wrote about Dark entities is because those who have existed here with us unseen, unheard and untouched by most of humanity – these dark entities have and will continue to be burned up, pulled out of their hiding places in 2016.

Earth in the last few weeks has dealt with many fires and in many ways these fires is how the earth physically gets rid of wounds, pains, negative energy and negative dark entities who have been latched onto her for so long. Its a cleanse. Recently in May 2016 I’ve felt and heard along with sensed that many more of these dark entities have been being removed one by one. The fires that are burning right now in Alberta and all around the world are more Dark entities being pushed out and burned up. These Dark entities have been here for so long now and many of them are ancient – but because earth is growing and evolving within the AP (Ascension Process.) We’ve now reached that point where we are moving fully into the 5th Dimension and embodying the 5th dimension into this 3D planet. They will not be able to live here anymore, they’re kind, they’re 3D consciousness and their lower energy can’t survive a higher, lighter, and love filled new earth. This is all part of the AP (Ascension Process) for us and the earth. As much as we all want to say (that’s such an awful thing that is happening – and it is.) for those people who are losing homes, history the AP (Ascension Process) is pushing many in the collective to let go and to grow and evolve.

This is something that I have been waiting to have happen for so long because it just got more lighter down here. If this information is too much for you to handle at this time, it’s alright, learning is learning and once you start getting the handle of how to sense these entities and understand the ways earth is healing yourself you’ll understand that a grand plan is unfolding and it is wonderful.

16Love & Light16

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