To All Light-Workers: The Ancient OLD Dark Beings & Being Burned Up And Out Of 3D Physicality

As a Light-Worker over the past few years, I have had my fair share of ideas, thoughts, and creative urges about all that I know about the evolutionary changes going on right now for humanity and our planet. All that I have/have wanted to write for the many different kinds of articles, ones I have already written, ones that I’ve yet to write. I have had much that I have wanted to say, much I have wanted to express, much I have wanted to shout out openly on top of a roof building to all of humanity. I have had plenty that i wanted to write, and emphasis the importance of such topics and subject matter on a site. A site/highly evolved place, where I can discuss a multitude of certain (Issues – Situations – Events) to many beings, who are also currently going through the Ascension Process so that they can read and become aware about these important higher subjects/topics for themselves.

caca demon

There have been many subjects/topics that I have wanted to personally write about, but that I knew i couldn’t get into very much. So for that very same reason there have been many topics/subjects that I haven’t written much about. It’s not because I don’t have the inner wisdom to speak on these certain thing’s, it’s also not because I’ve not got the knowledge or have no understanding of it. It’s because I do, that I don’t speak on them. Today however I feel the need to drop more “Light- Bread Crumbs” in hopes that many more people, can understand what is and is not going on in the reality we seem to be living in. For reasons, and these are big reasons, why I don’t speak much about my battles with, and constant run-ins with many etheric Negative beings/dark OLD ancient ones. Is because, has a lot to do with, the fact that I DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT!!! want to be on their radar/or be one of their intended targets. Do you know how many of us {Starseeds, Light-Warriors, Volunteers, Seers, Empaths, Psychics,  and or anyone embodying light} have been/are already targeted by TN (Team Negative)? All of them/us/you/me are!!! Anyone who is embodying light, and vibrating at a higher frequency, who is aware, who has done the hard inner work, who has overcome their issues has always been watched by Team Negative. I haven’t spoken about these topics/subjects much, and the many reasons why is because I know as soon as i’m writing about something spiritually evolved. They begin attacking me in anyway they can, or see fit.

TN (Team Negative) & Psychically Sensing More Of Them Leaving Physicality

I live in Southern Ontario (Canada) and it’s pretty inland from the Eastern coast of North America, so we don’t usually get many big weather disasters. However over the past few years the weather patterns have become a bit bi-polar, one day it’s hot like summer, the next it could snow. That’s how cold it get’s, that’s how much of a difference in temperature change it is from day to day over here. The weather isn’t the story here, and it’s not the point at all with what i’m trying to make either. The point i’m trying to make is that I live in a huge country, so i’m well aware of thing’s on a psychic level, when they’re happening in the area/country I live in. The weather changes are just one of these thing’s that I can sense on a psychic level, the other’s have a lot to do with when dark thing’s are going on, when (Team Negative) is pulling rank!

It’s a very common thing in my area and for me to experience from time to time, where I can sense when (Team  Negative) is up to something, because I will sense and feel all of their forceful, hateful, nasty, controlling, negative energy spread around the town that I live in. It’s like a wild-fire has swept in from out of no-where and starts to spread, from one branch to the next, burning anything and everything in it’s sites. As a (Empath/Psychic) it’s truly painful to feel  it all around me, to feel them all around me. When they sweep in, they really sweep in and spread all their dark and negative shit all over the place after I’ve spent weeks spreading my light. They begin trying to latch onto any (Lower frequency energy) it’s familiar with so they can posses these beings, places, and thing’s. They try to get rid of any light that is spread, and infect it with their darkness, and if they have lost people to awareness/consciousness because they awakened. They try to attack, possess, walk in, and torment these beings for escaping their control.

Such a phase has/is currently happening right now, and I have spent most of my days cleansing my house, shielding myself with any form of protection that I can/know of, as I wait for this phase of them moving up/out to die off so I can begin clearing the darkness out again.

smiley-laughing015I’ve been aware of and sensing a lot over the past few weeks, and what I sense is that we are now taking another evolutionary leap now that more and more of these (Team Negative) beings are now leaving this planet, and being forced out as we move further into this evolutionary Ascension shift.  In another location in the country I live in, there have been wild fires burning, like crazy, over the past few weeks. It’s located in a province called (Alberta) where it’s actually been burning many forest trees, to the extent, that many people who live in that area have evacuated. They have left their homes, possessions, and anything material that had anything valuable to them. Light-Workers what we need to understand is that none of this is fueled by, global warming, which by the way is a huge illusion. These natural events are happening now because (Gaia) is releasing all the Darkness that has been suppressed down here for ages. These people from a higher perspective are being forced to Ascend, and part of their journey involves moving to a higher place with less materialstic thing’s. They are moving out, so that Gaia can purge the darkness. Which is what is happening now.

TN (Team Negative) & Being Thrashed Out Of Their Hiding Places

This is really important for humanity and (Light-Workers) to know at this time, with where we are in this Ascension process. Some of you may not understand, heck the majority of you may not understand what i’m about to write here. However try and realize that it’s alright if you don’t yet, in time you will, as more and more Light-Teachers will begin to focus on and write on this subject.

What many are talking about in the media, especially concerning these forest fires, wild fires that are spreading they have to do with the dying OLD ways of being/existing. Many have been stating this is because of (Global Warming) however as a (Psychic/Empath) I can sense it’s more than that. It’s higher than that. The fires that are burning right now, and any wild fires that are burning now throughout the world, are (Team Negative) beings being pushed up/out from under their hiding places. These dark negative beings have been here for a very long time, and their timeline of existing here with us on Gaia is now ending. So when you see wild fires, and constant burning realize that they are now leaving. Over the last few days, I have felt, and sensed many of these beings screaming, screeching, making noise, freaking out, because they are frantically trying to find a new place to live/exist because they no longer have they’re precious old lower place to continue living in. I’m just being in my own higher space, at home, and suddenly i’ll clairaudiently hear them from across the other side of the country. This is the Ascension Process, and as much as we all want to say (That’s such an awful thing that is happening) realize that our planet is under going a massive cleanse/purge herself. So because of that, so are we, as we’re all connected to her and what she is going through at this time.

 This is something that I have been waiting to have happen, for so long, because it just got more lighter down here. If this information is too much for you to handle at this time, it’s alright, learning is learning, and once you start getting the handle of how to sense yourself you’ll understand how sensing can lead to higher information.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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