2016’s (9) Energy Code: Constant Light Waves & Light Integrations.

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 May 2016’s (9) Energy Code & Physical Downloads

Over the Last three weeks since (May 7th) and that huge energy download I experienced in my physical body. I understood that May and into June 2016 was going to be physically demanding because of what we would be embodying into ourselves. Constant Light integrations which will be coming on and which has been coming on Light Wave after another. Light waves forerunners of the Ascension Process … because this is what we’ve been doing and will continue to do for the rest of the year and into 2017 and 2018.

This is an opportunity for me to continue being a LT (Light-Teacher) and drop some more (Light – Bread Crumbs) and higher information. At this current time frame, timeline things are getting interesting and NEW. I say this every time but it’s only because we really are feeling, being and existing within NEWER light energy and energy codes. The year (2016) is an energetically important one. Why? … because of the frequency of the (9) energies and all of it’s codes and what they’ll activate and what they’ll integrate into us individually and collectively. The (9) is an energy all on its own just as (1) (2) and (3) are energies all on its own. As for the (9) it’s energy means we have reached a finale within our cycle. While (9) has its own unique code and energy we’ve been experiencing these energies and codes entering into us, which has triggered DNA changes and molecular shifts felt by us on a physical level like never before. It’s also changed and shifted our brains and allowed us to evolve higher by absorbing higher information via the integrations process of light energy.

On (May 7th) I began feeling the usual typical symptoms of AF (Ascension Flu) – for which I mentioned on my May 12th article titled “The Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms In 2016.” For those who haven’t read it I’ll be leaving a link to this particular article at the end of this paragraph, as it’s got important information about physical symptoms that would benefit a second glance if your going through a hard time. But first. I’m bringing this up because many people still don’t realize that the physical pains that they’re feeling are actually us getting hit with, downloaded with, light waves coming from the (9) energy and all its activating consciousness codes. Many still haven’t realized that  we’re integrating Light-Waves and (9) energy code frequencies on a monthly basis.  For all of 2016 I’ve known and have written about these codes and energies and will continue until the (999) Portal Opening in September. Below is a link to my April article I wrote which was the last integration I embodied and I think it’ll help explain a lot of things for a lot of the forerunners.

The Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms In 2016

To Light-Workers: Holy Sh** April 2016 – The Latest Light Frequency Intergrations Have Been Intense & Solar Activity On The Rise

If you find yourself thinking “Oh shit, this latest wave has really hit me harder than I usually get hit” all of that is normal. I remember feeling that, thinking that, expressing that too myself as well. Do you want to know why it’s felt more painful? More Difficult? More higher? More divine? We have moved to a completely NEW Place because we have reached a higher place. We have climbed up another stair-step in this thing. So, don’t expect yourself to glide through the NEW automatically with a firm grasp and hold on it. The NEW is so NEW because it’s not yet been experienced so give yourself some serious time and in time you’ll see that you’ll completely feel at home with these energies.

It’s All About The Constant Light-Waves In 2016

Ever since the beginning of my AP (Ascension Process) in (March 2014) this Ascension Process stated getting more extreme, more hard to exist in, more dis-heartening, and more pressurized. It has been feeling like this into (2015) and now that were in (2016) this has started to magnify and it’s not just me i’m talking about. It’s  been difficult for all Light-Workers who are now doing this difficult work now down here in Physicality.

With that said let me just say this “More and More Light-Waves are the NEW way of existing in the now” and it’s something that we’re all going to have to get used to. Because it’s all on US in how we decide to handle ourselves individually. The Light can only reach us down here and embody into us but what we do with this light that’s on US! No-body else. You can’t be in this Ascension Process going through these stair-steps, experiencing the events in your life, without realizing that your embodying (Creator) in all of this. If your life is peaceful it’s because you worked hard to create a peaceful life. However, if your the type of person who has been doing none of this and your putting your stuff on others including the forerunners and (creating) negativity in your life and ours. YOU have to realize this for what it is. YOU need to take personal responsibility for this. YOU can’t blame Christ consciousness and those embodying it. YOU don’t blame other people. YOU don’t blame the higher information. It’s really time to  evolve higher and out of the lower 3D consciousness.

16Love & Light16

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