Being A Light-Worker In 2016: Now Needing Copyright Here On Divine Light Phases & The Importance Of Creative Protection Against Those Who Psychically Steal It

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Because I already knew, as we’ve been getting closer to the June 20th Summer solstice now, that humanity and every Light-Worker was about to experience another shift into the NEWER and BETTER very soon. However over the past few days it’s become apparent to me, that as we move forward into this new shift into the NEW that many human beings are slowly losing their marbles. This is fine, and it doesn’t effect me in any way, and if your experiencing this to ignore them all. (Stay Light – Stay bright) – and continue on your path, journey, mission(s) and forget them. They can be (Crazy) all they want to be, but you just focus on you and do what your here to do.

Now of course with that said, there have been a lot of unbelievable amounts of crazy that I have experienced by the hands of those unbelievable (Unaware) and (Un-enlightened) beings out there in the world that I don’t speak much about. However that’s about to change in this article, because Light-Workers there is a point where keeping quiet keeps very important information from being shared and said. Keeping quiet is very counter-productive. So let me share something that has happened to me, recently, that drove me absolutely to the brink of annoyance. It really worked my last nerve free-rolleye-smileys-323 because of the fact that it’s so low down, un-light like, and actually has/does cause psychic drain. Which is something that I have been feeling lately because of it.

Divine Light Phases & Needing To Now Have A Copyright On Here

As you may notice way down below, you’ll see a Copyright has now been added onto Divine Light Phases. Now let me tell you why, but first, i want to explain that the Copyright will be staying on here always, and will be on all my article(s). I do have one request is that you follow this copyright, and have respect for me, for this place, and for my writing. A contact form has been added in a page at the top, before you re-blog, re-share, my article(s) anywhere, please message me and tell me that your going to do it. Then follow the steps of what my copyright states. 1)  Nothing must be altered, or changed. 2) You must give me full credit for my OWN writing, because it’s not yours to share. 3) You DO NOT share my articles, in order to gain views and recognition for your own Blogs/Websites. If you don’t have the vision, the creativity, and are able to tap into your own higher self, and perceive higher divine information. Then you shouldn’t be pretending you can. 4) If your going to share them, do it because you feel my article(s) deserve to be read by other Light-Workers. 5) When distributing my articles and sharing them, include the link to this website on Divine Light Phases. For authentication and verification of true source, for those who might want to find me and this site. 6) You must share the article in it’s complete and entire content, no copying and pasting bits and pieces.

Now I know this might sound like i’m being a bit over-dramatic in all of this, let me state that it’s me not being that at all, this is just how I handle thing’s when dark/crazy people decide it’s they’re given right to use, abuse, steal, take, thief off of my articles for their own personal gain. Which is exactly what has been going on, which is the reason, which is the very incident that has me feeling so very annoyed.

Being A Light-Worker In 2016 & Dealing With More Of The Crazy

Light-Workers being one of us so far in (2016) has been exhausting, as I know so many of you have felt like this year has been a shit explosion of unnecessary crazy. All my life I’ve had (Crazy) and been in many (crazy) situations, involving many unaware whack jobs, but nothing like what I have experienced in 2016. The egos, the unstable personalities, the impatience, the near car accidents alone that I’ve been in this year should tell me I should stay inside my house and keep the doors all locked. It’s been pure un -fathomable insanity at it’s greatest, and usually i’m good when it comes to turning it/them all off, detaching, not focusing or paying much mind and attention. However in 2016, it’s starting to get hard to avoid those who are really becoming unhinged at this time.

The recent situation that has gotten me really rattled up, is the fact that there have been two people who both shared one of my article(s) and didn’t bother to ask me. Now I’ve been aware that many of my readers weren’t all Light-Workers, many are very dark beings just trying to pretend they are. Because i’m (Psychic) I’ve known this fact for a very long time. They were both followers of mine on here, and when I back tracked back onto their own WordPress accounts, they had both used my article to begin their own website. free-rolleye-smileys-323

Now usually I let this kind of shit go because it doesn’t phase me, however because these two goons decided it was alright for them to share my creative writing, my consciousness, my awareness, my gift, and share what I know via my higher self about this Ascension Process I have felt a serious psychic drain. This is a very real thing, you wouldn’t think it would be, but it is, and for the last few weeks I’ve been feeling and getting nasty attacks because of it. This is something that I wanted to openly share, because this is the kind of stuff that I usually deal with in my life, just to give you an idea of it all. Usually I keep it quiet, I don’t speak about it, however today I need for these two who have been doing this to openly hear it from me. Remember Light-Workers that everything always comes up/out to be revealed to all in the Light at some point. Nothing ever hides in darkness for long.

I just want to openly tell and ask (Hunter5265 & Ivyfiowa) ” Will you two fools, please stop stealing my articles, stop using them as your own to gain readers.” Thank you! free-rolleye-smileys-323 and while your at it. “Stop taking from my consciousness, stop stealing from my creativity, stop pretending you have vision of any kind, stop thinking that I don’t know and can sense you both, what your up to, and that your using my light/awareness to start your own website(s)”.free-rolleye-smileys-323

Now that – that’s been said, let me just continue on here. It’s so important Light-Workers that we open up, talk about, share, personal experiences, because it’s informative to all.  I’ve had many such experiences with people stealing from me, creatively and psychically. When it happens I feel tired, drained of my energy, I wake up with cuts on my body, I have really messed up dreams. It happens because your very source energy and higher self is being stolen from, being tapped into, or their trying to tap into it. People are taking this energy from you, about what you know. So it’s very important that I share this article with many, because if your a writer, musician, or psychic, and you have your own creations it’s important to understand that their are many who will, and are out there stealing from you. So be aware of it, shut it down, reclaim your energy, what you know, and your creations, and make sure that you have your rights to such creations.

My heavens at it being (2016) and still having to deal with this kind of shit! It’s never ending however just do what you have always been doing. Because I sure will, we’re Light-Warriors we’re freaking tough. We just need to act like it more now than ever.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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