In Service To (Source): Divine Light Phases Now Has Copyright & Divine Light Protection.

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Divine Light Phases Is In Service To (Source) & Humanity

I already knew prior to beginning DLP (Divine Light Phases) and my writing for this site and before I even moved to WordPress from blogger that I was going to play a small role in being in service to Humanity and (Source.) This was contracted just like all my writing had been in previous lifetimes. I was contracted to begin writing about my own personal Ascension Process along with other writing projects that I’ve yet to do that’s much more into the future from now. So, I’m here and I’m doing what needs to be done by me in this timeline that I’m personally existing in with all of you. It’s a service and it’s a big service at that as I’m not only embodying source and light but I’m also writing about it. I also knew that as soon as I started typing, writing and publishing on here that I was going to receive a burst full of questions, curious on lookers, curious readers and that’s alright and I’ve been glad to help anyone who feels the need to be helped. However, I also knew that I would be met with blockages. I knew I would get messaged, emailed and by people who were going to pretend to understand me and my writing. I also knew there would be people who were going to bother me, email me and harass me because they were going to be helping prevent my and other AT (Ascension Teachers) writing. I’ve been aware of all of this and much more. Which is why I’ve decided to write this well needed article.

Lately I’ve become aware of the fact that my articles have been getting taken, used, abused and leeched off of me and DLP (Divine Light Phases) by a few people who have wanted to use my articles to start their own sites. To get views for them. To be used by them meanwhile everything I’ve written in here so far has been about my life and my experiences within the AP (Ascension Process.) Its Nothing new and like I said I knew this would happen. Fair enough its just the same old TD (Team Dark) theft like its always been. There isn’t anything that I can do about it aside from letting those of you know and you know who you are that enjoy stealing higher information and playing it off as your own that I now have copyright. I need copyright because its the only way that I can visually let people know that what I write is coming from my higher connection to (source) and that its coming from me alone.  At least with what I’m writing about on here.

Living & Breathing In 2016 And Still Dealing With Dark Forces

Because (2016) has been so exhausting so far as many of you know. It’s been one wild ride and one crash away from ending it all for me and all of us. I’ve had some of the(Craziest) situations and with some of the most (Deranged) lower conscious people who have entered my life since the end of last year take place. The egos, the inability to take responsibility, the unstable personalities, the impatience, the near car accidents alone that I’ve been in this year should tell me I should stay inside my house and keep the doors all locked. From family members to out right strangers such as (The Male Contractor) and his daughter. I’ve seen them all and experienced all sorts of crazy.

The recent situation that has gotten me frustrated has been the fact that there have been two separate people who both shared one of my article(s) and didn’t bother to ask me, check in, see if it was alright with me considering I haven’t gotten copyright up until I decided that I needed it up until a little while ago. There are obvious reasons why I don’t want other people stealing or taking from me. It’s not an ego thing as I don’t mind people sharing my stuff and I enjoy sharing my stuff as I hope that It helps other people. But, taking without notifying me and or taking to push your own agenda is not what I came on here to do and not what I signed up for. As a sensitive being I can feel the energy theft when I know it’s happening and in this case it’s happening and these two people honestly thought I wouldn’t know. Another reason why I don’t need people sharing some of my articles is because I haven’t yet been able to make some articles private. Which means there are bits and pieces I share in my life that I only want to stay on and remain on DLP. I don’t need certain aspects of my life shared all over the internet which I still need to goback when I edit and change to private setting so it’s only accessible on here and if anyone so chooses to read it then they can come on here and not external links. There are many reasons why this has frustrated me greatly and will continue to in the future. I usually let this kind of information theft go because if its important to share and I need others to read it – all the better as long as my name and a link back to its original organic higher source is provided. It’s greatly offensive to me when I see someone sharing and pretending to have written bits and pieces of my ascension symptoms, higher experiences and darker experiences. Knowing how I felt and how I handled situations. It’s identity theft and it hurts deeply in my heart.

I just want to openly tell and ask (Hunter5265 & Ivyfiowa) ” Will you two please stop stealing my articles and stop using them as your own to gain readers.” Thank you.  and while your at it. “Stop taking from my consciousness, stop stealing from my creativity, stop pretending you have vision of any kind, stop thinking that I don’t know and can sense you both and what you’ve both been up to and that your using my light/awareness to start your own website(s.)”

Now that – that’s been said. Let me just continue on here and plead. I ask that if you want to share my information please ask me. Also please share a link to my organic site and give credit to me Michael C Murdock for writing about my own life. My heavens at it being (2016) and still having to deal with this kind of theft. Thank you.

16Love & Light16

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copyright-symbol-download-pngCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Michael C Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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