To All Light-Workers: When Your Doing Heavy (DLW – Divine Light Work) Polarity Co-Op Missions, In What Feels Like A Dream State

There are many thing’s about being a Light-Worker that I’ve noticed and for some insane reason that never get’s mentioned. It’s nobody fault, and no-one takes any blame, it’s just natural that many thing’s go un-said. So if your experiencing something that your not sure of if other Light-Workers are also going through the same very thing, well chances are they are. It’s just not being said, not being thrown out there in consciousness. However make no mistake “Whatever vile, nasty, creepy, physically painful, heart breaking) thing that is going on in your life right now. Chances are highly that many other Light-Workers are in the same situations. This is a higher divine subject/topic that I personally have wanted to bring up here on (Divine Light Phases). Not because it’s extremely bad, or that it’s extremely good, but because it’s something that isn’t being written about by many other Light-Teachers at this time in 2016.

This is me once again leaving more (Light-Bread Crumbs) for those who are newly aware/awakened Light-Workers, and for those who are already aware. How in the hell is it that only a few of us have managed to speak openly about this? By 2016! What I feel needs to be let out of the bag, are dream missions, as I put it (DLW) Polarity co-op Missions in the ether (Higher Realms).

 Dreams, Missions, Dream Missions, Assignments, Tests & All The Multidimensional Layers That Come With It

I’ve had dreams many times, and we all do. However there is more to dreaming, and if you tell that to any of the unaware “Sleepers” of the world who are living in this (3 Dimensional) world reality.  Well they’d tell you that you’re crazy. So of course to them you would be crazy, because it actually being true for them would mean they would see just how wrong/messed up the reality we’re living in really is. However many people are becoming aware, everyday, which I’m over the moon about. It’s about Fucking time (Pardon) my language, but come on, it really is about time more people began expanding themselves. With that said I want to speak on multidimensionality because many people, yet don’t realize that dreams and of course dreaming is multidimensional and has many aspects and with it comes many layers.

Dreaming is more than us seeing images, scenes, and people. These experiences of having dreams are more multidimensional, and have a lot of aspects to it. Because it’s not just about dreaming certain events, seeing certain people, and being in certain specific locations in your mind. It’s you actually having those experiences. Yes, your dreams are really you (Out Of Your Body) experiencing the realms in whatever manner your experiencing them in. smiley-shocked032

I’ve personally had my fair share of moments when I was “Dreaming” and I’ve known that I was doing more than what meets the eye, many times. I’ve written articles already about Astral Traveling – and I specifically remember writing an article about one of my missions to Machu Picchu in Peru. For those interested in reading that article, i’ll be leaving a link at the end of this one. Continuing on. As Light-Workers the kind of work we do is both physical, and ethereal and let me tell you sometimes they can be very multidimensional and layered. Lately in the last few weeks I’ve been called to do Polarity Co-Op Mission(s) where I find myself going to places, both in this dimension (Earth), and in higher realm dimensions. I’ve been to Florida doing family blood-line work, the most recent Co-0p Mission was in New York  clearing 9/11 residual energy. At times you could be doing any of these C0-op Mission(s) while awake, and asleep, and that’s one aspect that makes it so multidimensional. These are just some examples of where I’ve been, where I agreed to go and help, likely if you have felt like you were in some place specific in the world you were doing the same. You were doing a Co-op mission, or doing energy clearing, family bloodline work, and other Light-Worker missions in different dimensions.

That is all one aspect of dreams – I bet you had no idea that dreams were/could be so much more higher and divine than you ever thought it could be. Yet there is one more layer to all of this and it has to do with certain co-op missions, and the many higher tests that we go through, in the higher realms.

Tests In The Higher Realms & Higher Learning Through Facing Polarity Head On

This next section is so important on a higher level, because it explains the kind of work that we do, and are doing without even realizing that we’re doing it. For those who are reading this who are newly aware/awakened, remember to take this information in strides. If you can’t grasp this information yet, and if what i’m talking about doesn’t seem to make sense, or register to you yet. Continue to read it over until you understand that what your reading, is something that your fully aware that your experiencing yourself.

I recently had a dream a few months ago now, and to me it was so important from a higher perspective. Before I write in full detail the events, I need to mention that this was not a Co-op mission and neither was I on assignment of any kind. I was in the higher realms with a group of beings and we were all going through the same test. The last layer of dreaming is called “Higher Test” while we’re all aware that we’re no longer just dreaming, we do however get tested. I’d like to explain this process, what it means, and why it happens before I share the test I went through in the higher realms. My “Dream” as many people call them, and you might fully read it, and have experienced this yourself. Higher Tests are very common amongst Light workers and everyone of us goes through these tests, out of body, while in the higher realms. Before we incarnated we also went through similar tests, to see how we would handle situations, to see if you could complete these tests in which ever way you chose to handle it. If you didn’t succeed then you would try again, it’s all about ones own personal growth. These are what Light-Tests are about, how you handle Polarity, how you evolve, how you get up another stair-step. So there I was gathered around with a group of other Light beings, and we were in the middle of this Light-Gathering and each of us one by one would take turns going through are individual tests. Before I explain more, in full detail, understand that tests come in many forms, just because it doesn’t look like one doesn’t mean it isn’t one. To many times I’ve found myself in class settings, in the middle of nature, on light retreats with other Light-Beings. That’s when I know i’m in the higher realms learning, going through higher tests with Light-Workers. The Maze of Light – is a big test for Light-Workers and that is the one I was involved with, it tests your ability to move through the maze without giving into fear of the darkness.

” The start of this particular dream sequence began with me surrounded by this big, vast, area with nature all around me. There were trees every-where, and I was part of a group of beings, who were in a class setting outside in this vast area filled with nature. We all have our desks, and we’re all sitting down, then the scene changes to all of us outside, we’re standing on this big hill.

Now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been involved in these gatherings with other Light-beings, where I meet up with, am surrounded by large groups of them. It happens, we are all working together, learning together. So if you find that your surrounded by large groups of people, and or are in a class setting, while dreaming aka (Astral Traveling) remember that your learning with other’s, about higher divine aspects of each-other/yourself. That’s what these tests, classes, lessons, events, gatherings are about for us. To help us evolve higher.

So I’ m surrounded by these people, to my right I see this huge forest, and it was my turn to enter this forest, this forest maze! So I leave everyone behind, and I take my own personal journey.

The scene changes again, i’m now inside this forest maze, having my test. So i’m walking through these cubicle like small spaces, while moving in this Light maze test, you meet people and some of them I knew personally. I passed one of my aunts, thinking what the hell are you doing here? I swear family comes out at you from no-where. So I passed dear old, aunt Helen, and kept making my way past the cubicle maze. I reached a few people, some men, some women, and then I reached a point where I was walking through a dark point in this maze. On my right I had the option of going back to where light was shining, but it was a dead end, and didn’t leave me with many options. I could either stay here in this light where you can’t ascend any higher, or i could walk through the left side, where it was dark and to be quite honest frightening. I chose to turn left, not knowing where it would lead me, not knowing where it would take me, until I reached stairs. As I walked up the stairs, I was back into an area where there was light surrounding me. I met a batch of new people, as I reached a higher level. So in order for me to climb to a higher level, I had to experience some darkness, on my path. I had to move past the darkness, so that I could move higher into lightness. The dream ended with me waking up, having moved up newer higher stair steps, reaching a new higher level of consciousness. So I realized that the light maze, was actually a test, for me, to find my way up to a newer level of my own divine consciousness.

That was my entire test, and after having experienced it, I feel the need to share that we’re so much more multidimensional than we all think we are. We have so much more experiences than we think we do, and it shows in this very article. We have layer upon layer that we haven’t yet, revealed, or gotten to fully understand about ourselves. Understand your (DLW) co-op mission(s), understand that it is what is happening when your not in physical form. Also understand that it’s what helps you tackle polarity, so that you move beyond the darkness into the light, understand it’s about rising above and evolving.

Astral Traveling & Doing Dream Work/Missions At Machu Picchu In Peru


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