To Light Workers: Having Clairvoyant Communication With Angelic Beings In 2016, This Is The Beginning Of Our NEW Future On Earth!

 In my daily life just like everyone else, who is embodying this Ascension Process, I to come across many struggles of my own when it comes to being a (Light-Worker, being, warrior) whatever you want to call it. So i’m very familiar with the (Negative) aspects of this entire process, what we’re here for, what we’re doing each day, and what happens when we evolve just a little bit higher with every stair step in our evolution. Lately though despite the more interferences that are starting up again by (Team Negative), because of the June shift we will all be experiencing. I have been experiencing more of the Higher divine just as much as I’ve experienced the absolute Negative,  but the NEW Higher Divine that I have been feeling, sensing as an Empathic being has felt much like what I see for humanity in the future.

This is once again another chance to drop more (Light Bread-Crumbs) and remind those first Light Pavers, those Second Light Pavers, and Third Light-Pavers – and on and on, that real change is happening now. The  future is here now, not in twenty or thirty years, like so many have been going on about with “We need to wait for this date, that date, to see real higher divine progress” the real progress is and has always been happening since the 2012 timeline ended. So don’t be fooled into thinking you, me, or anyone needs to be guided when we’re already there.


Personal Experiences With Clairvoyantly Communicating & Seeing Angelic Light Beings

Since the start of (2014) life as a Light-Worker has gotten harder, and not necessarily in a bad way, more like it’s gotten harder in a higher divine way. The shift from (2013-2014) was absolutely unequivocally the most intense shift I think I’ve experienced thus far, and I’ve been aware for a few years. What many Light-Workers need to understand is that when we were shifting into the NEWER in 2014, none of us were aware of what would happen when we made the transition. No-body ever really knows just how we’re going to feel, how we’re going to deal, and how we’re going to get a handle on becoming part of the brand NEW. It was a very hard time for me, because with the NEW, came higher psychic abilities that I didn’t know how I was going to handle. I understood that I was reaching a new phase within my Ascension Process, but I had no idea that it was time for me to personally be open to higher knowledge of my own abilities. I know that there were many Light-Workers who became aware, around the same time of their psychic abilities as i did, and I know that it was a struggle as much for you as it was for me.

It’s one thing to “Know Your gifted with psychic abilities, but it’s another thing to fully experience them for the first time, or in newer higher wayssmiley-shocked032

It was around (2014) where I started really getting in touch with some of my higher abilities, psychic, and empathic ones. Ever since then they have evolved as (2015) came along, and even more so since (2016) has started. That’s the thing about evolving, reaching higher places, these abilities they grow with you. Which is why so many Light-Workers become more sensitive to places, people, locations – because the more you/me/we evolve the more our abilities grow along with us. In (2014) my psychic gift of clairvoyance grew to the point where I could have telepathic communications with beings, negative, and positive. Which is the whole focus of where i’m going with this article, to get as many beings understanding that the future is here, because it’s already here through our psychic abilities. In (2014) I began my evolution, which is when I began hearing the many angels and angelic beings, and communicating telepathically with them. In (2015) I began seeing them clairvoyantly, something I couldn’t do very well in 2014. Now in (2016) I can now see them clairvoyantly, speak to them telepathically, and can see them all around me flying around, going places with me down here in 3D physicality. So I’ve had many NEW experiences with my clairvoyant gift, and the many angelic beings whom I’ve had these higher divine experiences with.


May 2016 Light-Wave & The Recent Interactions With Angelic Light Beings

Ever since the (May 7th) Light-Wave that many Light-Workers of the First wave, Second wave, Third wave and on and on experienced, myself included. I’ve become highly aware of the fact that I’ve had a greater and deeper connection to the many light beings in the higher realms. Since that day, and even on the day of the Light-Wave, it has felt like I’ve had my own personal angelic army. They’re always around me now, and where-ever I go they follow right behind me, making sure that i’m fine while doing the mundane unimportant lower 3D ways of existing chores that I do. In fact I sensed right after this recent (May 7th) Light-Wave that my Psychic abilities enhanced again, especially my Clairvoyant gift. Let me explain in full detail, the sort of events that have been happening to me, and what I’ve experienced with the many angelic beings who are around me constantly acting as my protectors.

The day of the May 7th Light-Wave I clairvoyantly started seeing my guardian angel, and 3 angelic light beings in my presence whom I didn’t know, but could sense were divine, and were revealing themselves to me. They needed me to understand that they were there in my room to help me integrate the new energies, by acting like loving protectors, so that I could evolve to another aspect of myself. That night they surrounded me, while I laid in my bed, my guardian angel was at the foot of the bed, one was on the right side of my bed, the other two were on the left side. No-one said anything, they just watched me as I slept, and I could feel them.

Whenever I need to go somewhere, do go somewhere, or even if I just go for a bike ride, be with nature. These higher angelic beings are there, no questions asked, they are around me, and protect me if I need anything. Now the truly amazing part about this is I can clairvoyantly see where they are, if they’re behind me, standing in front of me, or standing to the side of me. When I go to work, they’re above me a few feet, moving with me flying. This is something that I bring up because I feel the need to bring this up now, so that many can read and understand that this is what is happening now in 2016. This is something that while it’s NEW is so important for other Light-Workers to know, and for those who do know, to understand that their are other’s out there who are having the same experiences as you.

Seeing Angelic Beings & Being Part Of The NEW 5D Future

As a Psychic I see thing’s from time to time, I also feel whatever I see, and a big thing that I see for humanity in this Ascension Process is a completely different existence to the one we’re living right now. Part of the reason why I chose to write this article, especially in writing it now in (2016) is because it’s time for me to write about it now. We aren’t as far away from the end game, as we think we are. This is the future we’re in, and with all the awakened beings we have now in (2016), it’s time we started acting like evolved light beings that we know we are.

What I’ve seen in this (5th Dimensional timeline) are a few thing’s. Number 1) We the Light-Workers are the ones that created this timeline, we continue to every day. 2) There will be peace if we continue on this path. 3) There will be endless love for all, but not just for other’s but for the self. 4) The light will reign again on Gaia, and that means we’ll be free of  (Team Negative) all of it’s distortions, all of it’s darkness, all of it’s lies, all of it’s control. 5) We will have contact with higher beings, who we will be able to see, that’s right we will be able to see them,  because we’ll not be in ignorance of higher divinity. 6) We will once again use/ and experience our Light-Powers of creation to it’s fullest potential. 7) People (Human beings) will be in energetic harmony with the earth, once again. This is the 5D timeline that I have been aware of, and can clearly see, and feel. It’s also what I remember was the way of existence a long time ago, when Atlantis existed, and Lemuria and in ancient Egypt. Which was before, (Team Negative) took over and created their timelines of darkness.

Light-Workers we’re here, this is it, we’re in the future. There is no more waiting, there is only creation, and getting back to our spiritual roots. If any Light-Workers, Newly aware beings, or if your on the cusp of awakening and need help understanding this a little bit more. Feel free to re-read this over again. Understand that we’re now living in the NEW 5D, but if you still have questions just leave me a message in the comments section.

 copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


4 thoughts on “To Light Workers: Having Clairvoyant Communication With Angelic Beings In 2016, This Is The Beginning Of Our NEW Future On Earth!

  1. Debra June 7, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    As I was waking up one morning I saw 3 beings in white hovering over me putting white lines into me looked like they were connecting these fine rope like strings into my body.. I waved my arms around and asked what are you doing…Debra


    • mikeymurdock June 7, 2016 / 11:00 pm


      These interactions with light beings, are quite common for many, especially as the veil begins to dismantle between this world and the different realms, and dimensions. I’ve had many moments when I’ve been getting healed, and acted the same way as you. Wondering what they’re doing it for, why I need it, and why don’t they just inform me.


  2. Melissa Gurley June 11, 2016 / 4:00 am

    Hi my name is Melissa
    I have been experiencing paranormal for very long time now & I hear alot of voices at night very softly
    I want to know is this phase? And what will happen wen it stops? It scares me alot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock June 11, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Hi Melissa

      What i’m sensing is that these are your angelic spirit guides, I understand that that you also might be scared of this because it might not feel normal. However being clairvoyant, clairaudient (Where you can hear voices in the realms) is very normal for someone with your gift.

      These thing’s are very normal in 2016, even hearing negative beings as well. It’s only going to get more enhanced with hearing different beings in 2017. In the future it’ll be very similar. So as for your question is it a phase? It’s not just a phase, it won’t ever stop. once your hearing them and are aware, it’s a constant thing. However if you don’t like it, speak to those you hear, let them know that you don’t want to hear them so much, the best way to state what you want is to speak up and ask the spirit guides to respect your wishes and wants. they will stop.

      Much love & Light to you Melissa, I do hope you embrace your gift in the future. For right now I understand your not ready, and that’s okay, make sure you always feel comfortable first.


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