Expanding Tools & Abilities In 2016: Communicating With More Higher-Frequency Light Beings.

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Learning To Create The NEW 5D Earth Reality

Its the beginning of June 2016 now and I can’t believe how fast time has been flying. I’ve been feeling off and odd so far for this entire month which isn’t anything new in 2016 because that’s how I’ve felt all year long. Emotionally I’m coping but I feel anxious and have had a lot of anxiety – for various reasons. Mentally I’m coping as well but I’ve had to ignore a few negative aspect(s) in concerns to my own personal thought Process. The energies have picked up again and I can feel them and I personally know that June will be another energetic shove and push for humanity to reach a better way of being and existing. It will be another Phoenix like phenomenon where we’ll be “rising from the ashes” and leaving behind many of our old feelings, emotions, beliefs and entering a new life and NEW world view.

One of the biggest aspect(s) for me that has been challenging since I physically started my AP (Ascension Process) in March 2014 has been my ability to help end the old lower 3D world and help create the NEW 5D world in so many ways. Then have to carry that NEW 5D world on my back quite literally through the EP (Embodying Process.) I understood what it meant for me to activate and begin the process, I really certainly did back then and I still do now. But, over the last two years I’ve changed in so many varying ways such as (Mentally, Emotionally and especially Physically.) These different anomalies have literally felt like they were preventing me from helping to create the 5D NEW reality and expand the new 5D timeline to anyone else that could jump, move, spread into this NEW timeline. Learning to create and help create the NEW 5D earth reality has been extremely hard but not impossible. I knew that if I wanted to help create this timeline I needed to start with me and me first and when I began to grow and evolve so would that leave the door open for others to evolve and grow to. So when I realized that the physical stuff was really how I was helping create and spread the NEW 5D earth and world timeline I felt more at ease because I had connected the spiritual to the physical and I knew that I was already doing half of the work. I had to stop thinking I was doing anything wrong, that I was failing and that I couldn’t possibly be helping anyone. I was helping. I was helping by just embodying the light and feeling all the physical changes first hand. It’s really been a learning curve and now I know that what I’m doing when I feel it all on a physical level, is helping others if they so choose to – to move into the 5D timeline themselves.

Creating The NEW 5D Earth & Experiencing It First Hand

Since the start of (March 2014) life as a LI (Light Integrator) has gotten harder and not necessarily in a bad way. The shift I experienced from the years of (2013-2014) was absolutely unequivocally the most intense shift I think I’ve experienced so far as Michael in this timeline I’m existing in right now. I got activated to begin this process so that I could help create the new world and its higher dimensional ways of existing. With that said and this is important – when I first incarnated here I came with certain tools. I knew before I left Home Dimension that I wanted and needed as much of myself to come with me. I didn’t want to be caught off guard, I didn’t want to feel lost and confused and I didn’t want to come here without having no knowledge of who I was and where I came from.  Tools. I came with tools. I came down here with the special kinds of tools that can be called gifts and or other kinds of earth names that people have for these kinds of home dimension brought down into 3D physicality and reality tools.

It’s one thing to Know these tools. But its another thing entirely to fully understand these tools and fully experience them from a 3D physical reality way.” and when you do experience them it can be awe striking. I’d like to share a little bit of how over the years my tools and abilities have grown and showed up. One of the few  tools which I have is the “ability to sense and communicate with higher energy and beings” and its so important that I write about it now. Why? … because I’ve been experiencing this much more in 2016 and it’s part of the NEW 5D earth and the timeline that I and many others have been trying to spread to humanity.

It was in (2014) when I started really getting in touch with some of my higher tools and abilities. Both psychic and empathic ones. Ever since then they have evolved as we’ve moved into (2015) and even more since (2016) started. That’s the thing about evolving and being able to reach higher places. These abilities begin to grow as you grow. Some time in the summer of (2014) I began my evolution. Which is when I began hearing feeling and many of my higher dimensional angelic beings from the 5D. Of course, they were in the same space as me but I couldn’t yet see them clairvoyantly.  In (2015) I began seeing them clairvoyantly, which was something that I couldn’t do very well the previous year. Now in (2016) I can now see them clairvoyantly, speak to them telepathically and I can feel/sense them all around me. So I’ve had many NEW experiences with my tools and abilities over the last few years and as we move forward its only going to increase and evolve into newer ways. This is what experiencing the NEW 5D is like and this is what it will be like in the future.

May 2016 & Interacting With Light Team

On May 7th, 2016 – I had further communication telepathically with my Light team members. I want to share this because I feel it will help many understand just what is going on now in 2016 and as we enter more into this 5D timeline and NEW earth reality.

On May 7th, 2016 –  I clairvoyantly began to see one of my Guardian Angelic Being and 3 Higher Dimensional Light beings. This experience was important for so many reasons but the most important one was that I felt that they needed me to understand that they were there in my room to help me. I could sense that they were working with me to integrate the new energies as May was another high energy month. That night they surrounded me while I laid in my bed. My guardian Light being was at the foot of the bed and another being of light was on the right side of my bed. A third and fourth being of light was on the left side. None of them said anything at all but they just stood there and watched. Huge beams of light all four of them. I don’t remember seeing anything else after that and fell straight to sleep. 

This is something that I bring up because I feel the need to bring this up now, so that many can read and understand that this is what is happening now in 2016. This is something that while it’s NEW is so important for people to know and for those who do know to understand in greater and expanded ways. This is more of the NEW earth that I and many others have been creating and working so hard to spread, to get more people to enter this timeline instead of the descending timeline. This is only the beginning and in many years from now, many more will join us and the 5D reality will become the NEW world reality.

16Love & Light16

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4 thoughts on “Expanding Tools & Abilities In 2016: Communicating With More Higher-Frequency Light Beings.

  1. Debra June 7, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    As I was waking up one morning I saw 3 beings in white hovering over me putting white lines into me looked like they were connecting these fine rope like strings into my body.. I waved my arms around and asked what are you doing…Debra


    • mikeymurdock June 7, 2016 / 11:00 pm


      These interactions with light beings, are quite common for many, especially as the veil begins to dismantle between this world and the different realms, and dimensions. I’ve had many moments when I’ve been getting healed, and acted the same way as you. Wondering what they’re doing it for, why I need it, and why don’t they just inform me.


  2. Melissa Gurley June 11, 2016 / 4:00 am

    Hi my name is Melissa
    I have been experiencing paranormal for very long time now & I hear alot of voices at night very softly
    I want to know is this phase? And what will happen wen it stops? It scares me alot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock June 11, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Hi Melissa

      What i’m sensing is that these are your angelic spirit guides, I understand that that you also might be scared of this because it might not feel normal. However being clairvoyant, clairaudient (Where you can hear voices in the realms) is very normal for someone with your gift.

      These thing’s are very normal in 2016, even hearing negative beings as well. It’s only going to get more enhanced with hearing different beings in 2017. In the future it’ll be very similar. So as for your question is it a phase? It’s not just a phase, it won’t ever stop. once your hearing them and are aware, it’s a constant thing. However if you don’t like it, speak to those you hear, let them know that you don’t want to hear them so much, the best way to state what you want is to speak up and ask the spirit guides to respect your wishes and wants. they will stop.

      Much love & Light to you Melissa, I do hope you embrace your gift in the future. For right now I understand your not ready, and that’s okay, make sure you always feel comfortable first.


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