To Light-Workers: The 6-9-9 Light-Wave Portal Energies – Regressed Consciousness & Being Very Certain Within Your Ascension Process Now In 2016


Light-Workers we’re finally here, and by here i mean the 6th (9-9) portal/gateway of 2016 and doesn’t it feel great. I know that i’ve been waiting for this specific portal/gateway to open up myself, to reach us, to shift us higher, to bring more divine light/love into us. While I’ve been aware of and have been feeling this latest (Light wave, Light download, energy exchange with the divine whatever you want to call it) It’s the 6th (9-9) portal/gateway opening we’re in, and thing’s are going to get interesting.

It’s unbelievable to me that first off, we’re now in June 2016, and it really has been a head scratcher as to where the time went? It seems like 2015 was ages ago, so far put in the past that it feels like i’ve already lived it in another lifetime. That you have lived it in another lifetime yourself, but that’s just how the Ascension Process works. Everything happens and moves ahead ultra speedy, and it’s in such a rapid rate that one barely notices it, until one looks back on what has passed. Secondly it’s hard to believe were now at the 6th portal/gateway opening of 2016!!! Seriously where did the time go? I can see us now moving higher into this grand shift, and boy oh boy can i feel it now. Lately in June 2016 thing’s have amplified, energies are more noticeable, and there more marked for a reason. We’re heading into another Stair-Step shift. We’re awaiting the Summer solstice to finally arrive, on June 20th which will shift us higher into the great divine. We’ll be that much closer to source/creator. While it’s important to be aware of these dates, let me explain why this is so important, and what the connection is from the 6 (9-9) portal to the Summer solstice is.

The First Trimester of 2016 & The Connection To The Portal/gateway Openings

As a Light-Worker – (Psychic) i tend to become aware of it quickly, when the source/creator is going to once again expand his divine light, and stretch as much of it as he can down into physicality. Through accessing my own higher knowledge, by looking deep within, discerning the information that comes to me, and finally understanding when and why it’s going to happen. It’s a part of me and my gift, and part of me and my gift understands that there are specific points in certain moments where the divine will open up and begin spreading the light. smiley-laughing015 I know it sounds like i’m making it seem like the divine is spiritually pissing all over the place, and claiming back territory. However the reality is, it’s exactly what’s going on, and goes on during these heavy trimester periods.

The first trimester of 2016 is now over folks, March-June is now finished, and now it’s just about understanding what we have learned in the past few months. About ourselves, where we came from, where we landed, what will change in the second trimester of growing evolution in 2016.

June 20 will usher in the second trimester for 2016 from June-September, where we continue to evolve, reach higher within ourselves, work on ourselves individually. This is what i mentioned earlier the next (stair step shift), where we merge more, raise higher, reach more, expand closer to divine source/creator at this time. The 6 (9-9) portal/gateway is just that, an opening, so that higher divine light can reach down, however it’s a continuous portal that remains open until it’s ready to close. What I’ve discerned is that this portal is opening on June 9th – June 27th, and then it’ll close. This is a highly important portal/gateway, especially for where we’re at individually in our Ascension Journey. It’s also important for us to know that it is our own personal path/journey, and not someone else’s, and while WE ARE ONE it’s important to know your an individual being first.

The 6 (9-9) Portal/Gateway & Discerning From Our Own Regressed Consciousness


Over the years being a Light-Worker I have spent many of my days doing research, reading up on everything and anything that I could find, trying my hardest to find answers. Back then I always went outside of myself for external answers, without ever really looking within myself for those important internal answers to my very important questions. Now in June 2016, there are only a few people who’s writing I read online, and it’s only to connect with other Light-Workers who do understand what’s really going on. I bring this is up, and i’m doing this now, because I want other Light-Workers to understand that looking outside of themselves for answers to what is going on with them, in their lives, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally is not connecting with higher divine and ones own inner source. I’ve learned that for me personally i’m in (regressed consciousness) when I do this, because I’m not trusting myself as a co-creator of earth. I’m not trusting myself as a creator, as my own source, as a highly intelligent being of the light who is helping create the 5D timeline of “Heaven on earth“.

This stems from eons of suppression on earth, from humanity, and from humans, and it’s been branded into our minds time and time again. What i’m talking about is “Regressed Consciousness” when one feels the need to look outside themselves, to know him/herself. The only way to stop “Regressed Consciousness” is to stop all of the internal suppression, and stop all forms of control from letting you know that you have to look outside of yourself, trust in someone else, lean on someone else, do all for someone else, give your power as a co-creator to someone else. This portal 6 (9-9) is about self empowerment, it’s about understanding who you are, as an individual, and where your at within your own Ascension Path. It’s about digging deep within and understanding yourself, where and or what forms of spiritual suppression has stayed with you through out time, from many past lives living in the OLD way of being. This suppression had been going on for many eons, and (Team Negative) has repressed humanity and consciousness so badly that we have forgotten just who we are. We are the creators of this world, not (Team Negative) and they have us giving to everyone else including (them), instead of empowering us to be our own individual light.

Because this is the (6th) Portal/Gateway of this year, I would imagine many still believe that the symbolism of the number frequency of (6) means that were going through a period where  evil is now more dominant than divine light. Or many might assume because (6) is connected to this Portal/Gateway that the portal is fueling negative (Evil) dark energy. This is not the case, and in point is an example of how paranoid humanity has become to think a number has the power to mean evil. The truth about the number frequency of (6) is, be aware of the path your on right now in the current moment, and ask yourself if you really want to be here on this path. It’s about realizing when your in “Regressed Consciousness” and realizing that you need to raise your energy up, focus on more positive thing’s, and remain constant in your divine light. It’s a warning that your thought’s are regressing, that your being used, that your slowly becoming controlled, so be aware of this while it’s happening and get yourself back up.

Conclusion & Being Certain Now Of Ones Self In 2016

It’s so, so, so incredibly important for me to write for all (Aware Light-Beings, whether awakened for years or newly awakened) at this time, to let you all know that it’s time to be really certain of yourselves right now in 2016. Are you certain that where you are in your journey is where you want to be?, Is it where you need to be?, Is it making you feel like your growing and evolving?, Is it hindering you and your mission? but most importantly, is it hindering you and your spiritual growth? If so then, maybe it’s time to re-think where you are, realize when your consciousness is being regressed, and re-claim your power back.

2016 is the year for ending thing’s, make sure everything that is part of the OLD does not enter in absolutely divine NEW. Enjoy the 6 (9-9) portal/gateway energies, and remember your a conscious creator, so create positivity for your new life as we embark on within this NEW Light wave.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


3 thoughts on “To Light-Workers: The 6-9-9 Light-Wave Portal Energies – Regressed Consciousness & Being Very Certain Within Your Ascension Process Now In 2016

  1. Gina June 9, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    Thank you. For all of this 💜

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    • mikeymurdock June 10, 2016 / 4:49 pm

      Your So Very Welcome – Gina


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