The (6:99) Gateway Opening – Its All About Regressed Consciousness & To Remain Fully Conscious.

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The (6-99) Gateway Opening & Regressed Consciousness

June 2016: Started out for me with a huge push and as I sit here writing this article I can feel so many of the old existing emotions slowly disintegrate. Why? Because this is what’s going on right now for humanity as we’ve entered this 6th portal and gateway in 2016. As you know for most of the year I’ve been feeling emotional and I mean beyond emotional. I’ve also felt stressed out but never have I felt so many conflicting emotions cripple me and my mental state like it has in June 2016. Next week is the court date for which me and my mum have to deal with (The Male Contractor) and his daughter and hopefully for the last time. However, I’ve noticed and felt a change in June and I don’t feel all of the different emotions attacking me all at once. So I know as we reach the Solstice on June 21st that things are going to feel much more calmed down for me and everyone else.

June is another stair-step shift which means humanity will be forced to deal with the OLD and release all of the inhumane and destructive events, emotions, wounds and pains inflicted onto earth and human consciousness through out time. Another win for (TNB – Team Negative beings) who have been controlling and manufacturing these negative events for millenniums. The most savage of their crimes against humanity has been possession, walk ins, religion and religious beliefs but the worst has been the regression of humanity and peoples consciousness. I’ve chosen this article specifically to write about this type of consciousness and lower energy because its been prevalent in my life and in many LW (Light Workers) lives. RC (Regressed consciousness) is a form of old lower energy. Instead of unity, ascending consciousness there are many people in a certain group who are constantly being regressed and having their consciousness regressed through technology, beliefs and everything else. This of course is done by none other than the many Negative etheric beings who live and exist on 3D earth and physicality. Why? to prevent humanity from ascending beyond their reach. If you’ve read my earlier articles than you know exactly what I’m talking about. Regressed consciousness is a state of being where you continue to descend instead of ascending higher. The energy from this portal is the beginning of another energy integration into our planet – so more and more people within humanity are going to move beyond this regressed consciousness into full ascending consciousness.

So (TNB – Team Negative Beings) and theirs are going to once again lash out at all of those who will slowly be moving out from their reach. This is the next and latest stair-step and many will be moving onto their first step out and away from their reach. This is what June 2016 is about and much more.

The 6 (9-9) Gateway & Discerning From Our Own Regressed Consciousness

Over the last few years of being a LW (Light-Worker) I have spent most of the time doing research and reading up on everything and anything that I could find that would give me answers. Trying my hardest to understand how humanity and people can reclaim their consciousness again. To my dismay and shock I couldn’t find anything online about how to prevent implants from taking hold and how to break the cycle of lower consciousness. There for breaking and removing those negative implants. So, I realized that I couldn’t find anything because there wasn’t anything online about them except for (Lisa Renee and Denise Le Fay.) I came to the conclusion that and after reading those women’s sites that its was ones own personal job and work to remove implants and regressed consciousness themselves.

Another piece of information I picked up on was that to break the cycle of regressed Consciousness, one has to discern when they are fully existing through regressed consciousness. Now for me I understand regressed consciousness to mean that higher information is not attainable as well as the inability to understand higher information like someone used to. If your feeling like your being controlled or information isn’t coming in as quickly or as accurate as it once did then its likely regressed consciousness. In 2016 this is happening for a lot for people, especially to those who were never on the Ascension path or understood higher information. There are many people who are descending lower and lower. So, being able to discern is so important at this time. It can show you and you can fully see through your own observation that you might be existing with or through negative lower energies. I’ve had to look at myself as well and really observe whether I was coming from a place of higher information or lower energies were influencing my thinking. I’ve had to see and feel the etheric implants and instantly work on removing them and regain full consciousness again. With this June 2016 energy wave knowing and noticing and doing the work to remain conscious is an aspect of being a Light Embodiers and doing this work.

16Love & Light16

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3 thoughts on “The (6:99) Gateway Opening – Its All About Regressed Consciousness & To Remain Fully Conscious.

  1. Gina June 9, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    Thank you. For all of this 💜

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    • mikeymurdock June 10, 2016 / 4:49 pm

      Your So Very Welcome – Gina


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