2016 Light-Worker Strike: No Longer Energetically Holding The Ascension Doors Open For Unaware Beings In My Location


2016 Light-Worker Strike Update

It’s been many times now throughout my Ascension Process where I’ve had to do certain aspects of my mission, to deal with abominable situations that involve extremely dark and negative people, to quietly just do what is asked of me. The usual reasons for this very dark work always has a higher divine purpose behind it, because who ever you were helping it would some how benefit them in the long haul. It would help them one day be open to the Ascension Process, open them up to eventually experience their own awakening. This kind of work has been going on for many years, by many Light-Workers, and it’s been extremely hard work. Now what does this have to do with why I decided to go on Strike in April of 2016? And why is it so important that i’m writing it on here now?

It’s about awareness Light-Workers and it’s about no longer going back down repeatedly in order to do the hard work for other’s to some day, just maybe, if they’re close enough to awaken. We’re no longer in the process of having to give of ourselves, in order to try, and get through to some unaware being who doesn’t really even want to awaken. This isn’t my job, not part of my mission any longer, and I won’t be wasting my time trying to get other’s to some day “Just awaken” if they want to! Let me explain this a little bit further, because while I won’t do 3D work any longer, i’m still a Light-Worker who still teaches. Part of being a Light-Teacher means I get to create, write, and let other’s know through my and other’s experiences.

Light-Workers & Going Back Down And Doing Polarity Work in 3D With Unaware Beings

This is a very important topic/subject that I am bringing up for the purpose of dropping more (Light bread-crumbs) for Newly awakened Light-Workers. This might not be as difficult to understand as you would think it is, because as you know before you awakened, their were many Light-Workers who were aware and doing this work. The First Light-pavers, Second Light-pavers, Third Light-Pavers and on and on, so you see everyone is part of their own group. Now the most important thing here is, the work that many of the elder Light-Workers have been doing all this time. This is the most important aspect of this article, and one of the biggest reasons why I went on my own Light-Worker strike in April 2016.

Since my own awakening I to was having to continuously let go, come back down, leave my 5d way of existing, to interact with unaware people who were living fully in the 3d way of existing. For a while I thought I was doing my best, helping out where I could, until I realized free will had all of the power. We can only throw (Light Bread-Crumbs) we can’t fully force an awakening, it has to come to all people all on it’s own. However there were many Light-Workers over the years,  who were having to return back down, so that they can actually help realize that there is another way to exist for many people. It was bloody, tiring, exhausting, crazy, insane, dark, nasty, work and it didn’t really ever help much of humanity see the light. These Light-Workers suffered, were beaten down, went through insane situations, were attacked repeatedly, and in the end went on their own Light-Worker strikes. This was back in 2009, now in 2016 for me and having done the same kind of work, I’ve had to not continue on going back down repeatedly anymore. it’s too much work, it’s too much effort to help other’s who don’t want to be helped. So I no longer come back down, educate, help out, and hold the energetic door open for beings who are still trapped in the matrix.

My Light-Worker Strike 2016: & No Longer Holding The Energetic Doors Open For Beings In My Location

For many Light-Workers who have gone through this process of leaving your 5D way of being/existing, you understand why I no longer do it myself. For those who don’t know, who might be newly awakened, let me explain some of the situations that I have been in myself. Bare in mind these were part of my actual mission(s), and they were part of them for the sole purpose of helping other’s awaken now and see the error of their ways.

The first mission which was revealed to me, was an unaware contractor who is working for (Team Negative) so in other words, he is a fallen angel incarnated who thinks the negative way is the right way. He is lower, he is refusing to take responsibility, he is greedy for money, he has taken us to court, he did everything possibly wrong, he has done this many times to other’s, and we (Me & my family) have yet to be finished with this man. We have one more court date, to which the verdict by the judge was already decided during the first court date that neither side would win. That verdict was the outcome which I was told would happen, and one I helped to create. I won’t go into much more detail, but this man and his daughter have been a thorn in my (and my family side) for months now. Since October of 2015! The reason why he needed to be taught a lesson, is because he can no longer continue to con people out of their money, and is now being called to take personal responsibility for his current and past actions. So that hopefully in the future he doesn’t continue to do this kind of lower shit, anymore. That’s the thing about this Ascension process, when we evolve we know we have to make necessary changes, better our lives, but also deal with our inner problems, and learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our consciousness.

The second mission was being revealed to me slowly in late 2015, to move out and away from my unaware family. So I was led to information on getting a job, I got that job and ever since I’ve had to deal with being surrounded by beings who had no idea about the Ascension Process. This was in Feb 2016 – and ever since then it has been attack after attack, interference after interference. Then around the time I started my job, the contractor hit (Me & My family) with court papers. Now this was happening all at the same time, I had to read through the papers, while going to work. I had to write a defence, put everything else aside, my writing, for this  place, my entire life for almost an entire month. It was a battle all the way. By March it started slowing down, by April we had the first court date, and I had enough of dealing with the many unaware beings in 3D.

The Third Mission(s) involved having to spread my light throughout my work place, spreading my light to those there who might be ready to evolve and begin there own Ascension Process. Let me tell you, not a single being whom I work with, is ready. The few who have shared stories, like the (Semi Light-Worker) who is on the verge of awakening always get pulled back down into the lower form of consciousness. A few are continuously being used, being possessed by (Team Negative) in order to get messages through to me, to try and spread fear into me. Some beings are actually incarnate (Team negative) beings, just like the contractor and his daughter. I’ve tried countless times, to spread light, share information, and attempt to lead them on the path to awakening. However many just don’t want to awaken, to ascend, many want to continue living through their ego selves instead of there heart consciousness.

The fourth and last and current mission i’m doing is watching over my Light-Worker Nephew, who also has the gift, who also comes from the same family blood line as me. His mother how ever is not aware, his father is completely being used, and on continuous occasions many of my own family members are used/possessed and don’t realize that they are. I keep him protected, and he’s doing alright, more so than anyone else.

Conclusion & No More Doing This Kind Of Work

As you can see doing this kind of work, where you leave your 5D way of existing, in order to go down to 3D to help the rest of humanity can be very exhausting and relentless work. Which is why I no longer do it, I no longer hold the door open with my finger nails, hoping any of them will awaken. I can’t with where I live, and the location i’m in hold the energetic light-doors open for anymore beings. This is a very important point, because at some point, you might also need to take a Strike in your mission. The only advice is, you don’t need to go through these similar situations, that i’m in just to help other beings, and my advice is remain in your 5D high way of existing. Be at peace, avoid unaware people until they awaken, and then when they come around with questions share what you can.

This is not the time to willingly suffer in order to help all who aren’t at the same level as you, this is your journey, this is your life, and you do what feels right for you. Going back down into 3D to help those people, is not our mission anymore, continuing to create the  5D ( heaven on earth) is.




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2 thoughts on “2016 Light-Worker Strike: No Longer Energetically Holding The Ascension Doors Open For Unaware Beings In My Location

  1. Gina June 13, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    I just finished having this convo with someone dear in my life , that I can’t keep helping if they don’t care to help themselves in their continuous cycle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock June 14, 2016 / 9:00 am


      Many people are having to leave their family, friends, and people who they have known for such a long time now because of what’s going on. This Ascension process, is changing so many people, because of that who ever is not on the same path just ends up going a different way.


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