June 2016 Shift: Preparation Work & Understanding Ascension Stair Steps?

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June 2016 Preparatory Work & Dealing With The Same OLD Consciousness

Since about the second last week of (May 2016) I have been doing what I always do when humanity and the collective is about to experience another evolutionary shift higher into NEW and highly advanced light territories. Preparation work. I’ve been doing this preparation work because if I don’t then I’ll likely be stuck in a loop where the same sort of situations play out and the re-occurring emotions as well. So, I always let go and release what I need to. But at the start of (June 2016) I’ve had to deal with a mixture of stress, fear, and my own personal inward feelings and reactions with all of the things that I’ve had to deal with over the last 7 or 8 months. None of it has been easy and of course it never is – but taking personal responsibility is necessary and I do as much of it as I can. If its not my emotional stuff than I’ll release it back onto who ever it is. After all is said and done then I retreat, then I breathe, then I meditate, then I discern and then I prepare myself for what’s going to happen for me in physicality.

Ever since the second last week of (May 2016) I’ve heard something internally and its often that I do get these internal dialogues and telepathic reminders from my LT (Light Team.) What I heard a few weeks ago was “June is going to be another intense period so you should prepare yourself.” I knew on some level or multiple levels things were going to massively enhance and they were right considering some of the things that have happened to me in my private life. Things have enhanced on a physical level and also I’ve had to work through a lot of emotions this month. I spent most of the beginning of June 2016 feeling (anxious, afraid, tired, and frustrated) at the situation with (The Male Contractor) and his daughter. All of this is said and done with and I can now move on and release everything that I feel about the continuous prevention by them towards me and the prevention of me embodying what I’ve needed to for almost a year. It’s been horrible to say the least and having to keep myself fully conscious and in check all of the time has been exhausting but a lesson I learned to be the most valuable out of this entire thing. So for the last few days I’ve just been releasing anything and everything that I have felt over the last 7 to 8 months. I can breathe more easily now and funny how dealing with lower consciousness and lower conscious people can feel like hell. However, four days after going to court and having things work out just perfectly has felt like its never happened. Four days later and its felt so NEW, fresh and like I never went through all that hell and chaos.

June 2016: Shift Into The NEW  & The 6 (9-9) Opening

I wrote about the 6 (9-9) Portal/Gateway opening in another article and for those who are interested in reading that article, I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this article. I need to mention that this light blast took place a few days prior to June 9th – and it will last until June 27th. Why is this so important? It’s so very important now because of what we’ll be embodying in between those dates and times.


What’s taking place for many Light-Workers right now is that we are being energetically pushed to move forward, move closer to, merge more with, divine Source/Creator. This is something I’ve heard being called Stair-Steps and I give credit where credit is due to Denise Le Fay who I don’t think will mind me using this as she usually does on many of her articles. However, this huge energetic push is exactly that. Stair-Steps. The connection between this portal opening and the summer solstice is big and because of that it’ll be pushing all beings on earth now to raise their vibration. This Light-Workers is part of evolution, we evolve and grow, then merge with the more of our higher self and fragmented soul aspects. As Light-Workers we do this at every solstice/equinox, then when we do this we begin to move from one step higher to the next. When we do this it means that many more beings/people can if they so choose to become awake. Then if they choose to begin their physical Ascension Process they will step onto the first stair-step. Those who were on the first step then move to the second step and so on and on. Until eventually one day each being will be/get to that place where we are all completely existing in the same timeline and or highest reality possible. But, that’s not even anywhere in sight as we are just in the beginning throes of having this deception that is life down here exposed for what it is. Despite that it doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any progress, of course there has. For years before 2016 I had felt extreme negativity on a daily basis. Right now in 2016, I feel so much more lighter, less negativity and more of source/creator in me than I have ever before.

 Preparing For Something Bigger & Sep 2016 (9-9-9) Energies Of Completion

This June 2016: Evolutionary shift is so important because it’s preparing us for what’s coming in September and it’s going to be so divine in it’s crystalline perfection. Since the very beginning of this year I have been sensing with every fibre of my being that September 2016 is going to be something huge that will shift even more of members of humanity up and closer towards more evolutions and growth. But before we can get to the wonderful energies of the September 2016: Fall Equinox, we have to get through this first and I know many are feeling the physical symptoms, the negative interferences, and all the intensity and craziness from other people. Just continue on your path, stay out of fear and discern when bullshit is bullshit and when it’s not.

To Light-Workers: The 6-9-9 Light-Wave Portal Energies – Regressed Consciousness & Being Very Certain Within Your Ascension Process Now In 2016

16Love & Light16

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One thought on “June 2016 Shift: Preparation Work & Understanding Ascension Stair Steps?

  1. Gem June 17, 2016 / 2:21 pm

    Wow! I’m very grateful to you and for you Mikey. I received the warning you spoke of on June 1, 2016. As I rise in consciousness, I hear everything more clearly, especially my higher self and angel guides. Thankh you Mikey for sharing you Light. You are appreciated.


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