June 2016: Another Evolutionary Shift Light-Workers, Get Ready For The June Shift To Higher Divinity


Since about the second last week of (May 2016) I have been doing what I always do, when humanity, and consciousness is about to experience another evolutionary shift higher with source/creator. I retreat, I breathe, I meditate, I discern and then I prepare myself for what’s going to happen in physicality.

Ever since the second last week of (May 2016) I’ve heard internally from within myself, and the many Angelic beings who I feel/sense around me telling me and letting me know “That June is going to be another intense period, so I should prepare myself” and I mention this because this seems to be the first time personally for me where I have experienced this warning. I’ve perceived this to mean that my psychic abilities have enhanced, enough so that I can now get clear “Communication” from the angelic beings, in the higher realms, about certain events that are going to be happening soon enough. This in itself is so very important, because it’s just one more step further closer to the “heaven on earth” I’ve mentioned. I’ve been a psychic my entire life, being aware of what I was seeing well that took me longer to understand, so it’s no surprise to me that my gift is now becoming much more dominant, and at a time period where we’re so close to another major shift into the NEW.

June 2016: Shift Into The NEW  & The 6 (9-9) Opening

I wrote about the 6 (9-9) Portal/Gateway opening in another article and for those who are interested in reading that article, i’ll leave a link at the bottom of this article. I need to mention that this is an opening which took place on June 9th – and will last until June 27th, why is this so important? It’s so very important now because in between those dates and times, we will be experiencing higher Light energy entering us down in physicality.


 What’s taking place for many Light-Workers right now is that we are being energetically pushed to move forward, move closer to, merge more with, divine Source/Creator. This is something I’ve heard been called Stair-Steps and I give credit where credit is due to Denise Le Fay who I don’t think will mind me using this as she usually does on many of her articles. However this huge energetic push, is exactly that, Stair-Steps. The connection between this portal opening, and the summer solstice is big, and because of that it’ll be pushing all beings on earth now to raise their vibration. This Light-Workers is part of evolution, we evolve and grow, then merge with the unknown aspects of ourselves. As Light-Workers we do this at every solstice/equinox, then when we do this, we begin to move from one step higher to the next. When we do this, it means that many more beings/people will become awakened. Then will step onto the first step, the step of becoming an awakened being in a false flag world. Those who were on the first step move to the second step, and so on and on. Until eventually one day, each being will be/get to that place where we are all completely merged with Divine light/source again. But! That’s not even anywhere in sight, as we are just in the beginning throes of having this deception that is life down here exposed for what it is. Despite that it doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any progress, of course there has, and for years before 2016 I had felt extreme negativity on a daily basis. Right now in 2016, I feel so much more lighter, less negativity, and more of source/creator in me than I have ever before. smiley-happy093

Now that we know what Stair-Steps are, what the process is, let’s move on to understanding what can happen as we make this shift from more releasing of the OLD and entrance of the NEW. smiley-confused004

More Releasing/Dying Of The Old & Watch Out For More Of The Incoming NEW

I’ve gone through many of these shifts enough to know already by now when thing’s are going to start getting a bit crazy for me, for you, for everyone. Now for most Light-Workers I don’t need to tell you that were in this evolutionary shift right now, you can sense it all for yourself. Although for many who are newly awakened let me share some of this information, because your NEW to this it might be a bit difficult for you to know and be able to tell when we’re going through these mini Light-Wave shifts. So once again this is my chance to drop some (Light Bread – Crumbs) in order to help some more beings, better understand just what is happening at this time and why?

The first thing that we all need to understand is that during these Equinox/Solstice periods, they are absolutely 100% very stressful times. We are releasing so much of the OLD 3D ways of life, that it begins to feel like every day is just a struggle to wake up and get out of bed. It all get’s tangled up, it all starts to build up during these time periods, that it makes a lot of Light-Workers not want to face the day very much. Not like it’s any better when were (Out Of Body) experiencing the many different dimensions, now is it?. There is so much repressed emotions in the collective consciousness, so much suppressed EVERYTHING, so much OLD lower forms of dark emotional manipulation, flat out lies, utter and complete distortions, the very many controlling systems that are in place and that have been in place for centuries now. Not to mention the old past life emotions, karmic residue, with many people involved over many lifetimes lived who are now coming into your life to experience this all with you/me/us so it can be released and cleared. Don’t forget every Light-Workers endless, suffocating, absolutely annoying, debilitating, and oh so very unfortunate run-ins with (Team Negative).


This is another aspect of dealing with the OLD . Let me tell you i don’t even know how many times during these evolutionary shifts, whether it’s near an eclipse or one of the Equinox/Solstices where I have had to deal with being targeted by (Team Negative). It’s very hard at times to evolve into the NEW, when there is a parade of endless OLD running around trying everything possible to get at you, get to you, get through to you by way of using other people. This is so important right now, especially during these last few weeks, where it seems many people are blaming, attacking, ranting, screaming, causing unbearable situations for many Light-Workers in your life. Please understand that these beings, are being “used” psychically through they’re consciousness by the very many (Team Negative) beings to try and get at you and your light. The best way to get through this particular part of these Ascension Shifts into the higher, is remain un-phased, stay out of the FEAR emotion, and see this shit for what it really is. More Negative Interferences! By people who aren’t on the Ascension path, who are consciously masturbating their ego wills and trying to control you/me/us who are aware into submission.

With the release of the OLD, comes in the “Oh so veryNEW. Much is needed, and as a Light-Worker doing this intense/difficult Light-Work for a few years, it’s always wonderful during these equinox/solstice periods and the weeks after. Why? Because energetically it feels lighter, I can feel/sense the lightness around me. It becomes less dense, less negative, less difficult to exist down here because of all the negativity that doesn’t exist here anymore. When that is released, and the light is down here, expanding itself unto creation, as a (Psychic) and empathic being it feels so wonderful I can’t tell you. It’s like being home again with source/creator, so light, so connected to all thing’s.

 Preparing For Something Bigger & Sep 2016 (9-9-9) Energies Of Completion

This June 2016: Evolutionary shift is so important, because it’s preparing us for what’s coming in September and it’s going to be so divine in it’s crystalline perfection. Since the very beginning of this year, I have been sensing with every fibre of my being, and with my Psychic gift and my source connection to higher knowledge, that September 2016 was/is going to be something huge that will shift even more of humanity up and closer to the great divine.

But before we can get to the wonderful energies of the September 2016: Fall Equinox, we have to get through this first, and I know many are feeling the physical symptoms, the negative interferences, and all the intensity and craziness from other people. Just continue on your path, stay out of fear, and discern when bullshit is bullshit and when it’s not.

To Light-Workers: The 6-9-9 Light-Wave Portal Energies – Regressed Consciousness & Being Very Certain Within Your Ascension Process Now In 2016

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site.  And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link. 



One thought on “June 2016: Another Evolutionary Shift Light-Workers, Get Ready For The June Shift To Higher Divinity

  1. Gem June 17, 2016 / 2:21 pm

    Wow! I’m very grateful to you and for you Mikey. I received the warning you spoke of on June 1, 2016. As I rise in consciousness, I hear everything more clearly, especially my higher self and angel guides. Thankh you Mikey for sharing you Light. You are appreciated.


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