Summer Solstice Light Energies: In 2016 Light-Workers, We’re Merging More With The Divine Light

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 June Summer Solstice

Today is the first day of summer, technically speaking, and for 75% of the population of earth, the majority of people still think it’s about hot summer days, drinking beers and partying all night, cooking burgers at the beach which by the way always makes me physically sick, and then waking up the next morning and going to work. Being a Light-Worker this is not something I can do. It’s hard work on a daily basis for me to just get out of bed, mentally prepare myself for work and go there and do it. Going to the beach, I’d implode with all those people in one area, with all of their energy. Eating meat, especially burgers while i’m in a heavy phase of being downloaded makes me physically ill. Alcohol consumption??? – With my body, I can’t do that, it doesn’t sit well with me. Hot summer days, well that’s about the only thing I can stand, as I love the sun but even then it’s a mission just getting out the door because I need protection before I walk out there.

Like im going to be walking outside into the big world, this energy cesspool, unprotected … yeah right! free-happy-smileys-819

For Light-Workers including myself, when the summer solstice arrives i’m not thinking about days laying around at the beach. smiley-laughing015I’m thinking about laying around in my bed, getting some sleep.I’ll be very honest when it comes to the start of the Summer Solstice I/we tend to feel like absolute crap. Those who are enjoying those summer days, there isn’t anything wrong with them for it, they just haven’t awakened yet. And many really won’t in their lifetimes. I mention this because i need many Light-Workers to understand this, especially the Newly awakened beings. As Light-Workers we can’t really do much of the same activities as people who are still living in the 3D way of existing. Our bodies are/were created for a different purpose, when we’re activated it’s for a different purpose, and those who aren’t activated seem to get on with life just fine and luckily most of the time pain free. Were here for a specific purpose each being existing on earth here right now, (Light-Workers) understand it’s just not for the same reason. I just needed to point this out, so that many can really get an idea of how everyone deals/handles with the summer solstice when it arrives and the oncoming energies that come with it. Those in the 3D way of being and existing, don’t understand us when we’re creating within the 5D (Heaven on earth). We have different priorities, we want to merge with divine source/creator, they want to remain in ignorance.

Summer Energies & Being In More Alignment With The Self

During the start of (June 2016) I have felt different. It’s been a complete surprise to me just how different I have felt, and it’s because I feel like I’ve aligned with my true self by a good 23 degrees. I’m more self empowered, more open, more loving, more willing to share my Ascension Experiences and all that I go through with many other people. However there have been times where I still need to be alone, not communicate, rest, and do what is right for me. I do feel more balanced within myself, and that’s what being in alignment is all about, knowing your purpose but also knowing your limits. For many it takes many equinox/solstice shifts like we have done in (June 2016) in order to feel this way, but once alignment has begun it seldom stops until complete alignment is completed. This is what is happening for many right now, within this Ascension process, reaching full alignment with ones true self.

This is where the connection between Light-Workers and those still living in the 3D world begins to connect. I have felt like i’m reaching more of my true self, reaching higher towards the great divine, and part of doing that means that I have to embrace the many changes on my path in order to reach that alignment of the self. I recently had to explain to one of my family members, who isn’t aware that I couldn’t do something for them, because it was just asking for too much and at the end of the day it was going to be too tiring. Stating that, expressing that, made me move in a complete direction all on it’s own, because it’s pushed me too move on my path much more. The separation between those who (are aware) and those who (aren’t aware), is beginning to stick out like a sore thumb. To the point where relationships of all kinds, are changing, ending, because there is just a separation between awareness in some, and lack of awareness in many other’s.

Many have been experiencing many shifts, the summer solstice is not just about magic, light, and experiencing these thing’s within our lives. It’s literally about making shifts, we let go of behaviours that don’t fit us anymore, we let go of people because they’re not a match vibrationally for us to be around anymore. We leave marriages because they weren’t really about love, we leave family because we realize there was no love, we break up with people who we thought were important to us because love was just missing. Maybe it’s a love thing? Maybe to be in alignment with ourselves is to be love? … and if there is no love then why should we stick around? That’s exactly it Light-Workers if we’re all about love, and other’s aren’t then understand that  we’re moving on because we can’t be surrounded by ultimatum’s, control, manipulations, lies, deceit and ego. If we’re changing, growing, evolving, and other’s aren’t, well then those people whether family/friends/lovers/partners can’t expect us to remain with them. If the Light-Waves are begging us to seek alignment within ourselves and our hearts, we should never ignore that call from our intuition to fully align with our true selves. Forget expectation, move towards love and true purpose.

Many Light-Workers have been going through this very thing, myself included. Endings are a natural part of  existing, and whether everyone is having a hard time letting you go, don’t feel guilty for having out grown those who just were absolutely using, abusing, draining, controlling, taking advantage of, walking all over you for all the time they have. Let them handle themselves once and for all, see what it’s like when they need to depend on themselves, take responsibility for themselves, get through life without your light always doing everything for them. We’re merging more with divine light more now than ever in 2016, so expect endings of all relationships, because they were toxic in the first place. They were shallow at best, meaningless accept to you, meaningless on their parts accept on your part and who needs that anyways.

June Shift & Feeling Intense Physical Symptoms

June has been a wild ride, and can I be honest some moments I have wanted to get off. It’s been a mixed bag of everything, from unstable people, to unstable weather. The physical symptoms have been unbelievably tiring at times, like the (June 10th Light-Wave) from the 6 (9-9) portal/gateway that opened which saw me having to leave my body in order to not be on earth because of the intensity. I just slept, slept, and slept some more as i’m sure many of you did the same thing. Let me give you a short list of some of the physical symptoms that I have been experiencing, all month long, and since this 6 (9-9) portal opened.

smiley-sick005  Ascension Flu Symptoms – Also known as (Frequency Light Uploads). This symptom comes on when you feel like your down sick with the flu, except it’s not really the flu but it feels like it. This particular one comes on for me (Whenever) the sun is doing something, flares, solar storms, geomagnetic storms, a coronal hole opens up. You name it! I’ll feel fatigued, i’ll have chills run up and down my body, and generally need to lay down in bed, with the inability to eat very much. The only remedy for this, is to sleep, or nap as frequently as you need. I find when I do this i’ll wake up feeling so much better. And feeling much lighter.

smiley-shocked028 Head Spins & Attacks Of Vertigo – This symptom is a very annoying one, which happens because the energy that we’re feeling is making us feel un-balanced. I’ve experienced this many times, head rushes, feeling like i’m spinning, seeing stars, that sensation like i’m about to fall through the floor. I even had this one experience when I was trying to re-enter my body after being asleep, (Out of body) and as I was about to re-enter I missed the target completely and began spinning around just inches away from my physical self. This is a warning sign that your being pummelled by your download, ask for assistance in toning this down, and re-center and re-balance your chakras.

smiley-sleep011 Exhausted & Sleeping Any Chance I Get – This is by far the best ascension symptom, i’m telling you, to sleep is like being caressed by your bed. There is no pain, it’s not hard to do, anyone can do it, and damn it sure feels great. It’s not all fluffy at times, because when we reach that stage where sleeping is what we need, it generally means what we’re experiencing in our physical bodies is not what we can handle anymore. The energies down here becomes to much, the downloads we’re receiving becomes to much, dealing with the physical pains becomes to much. Don’t get me started with some of the people we interact with, exhausting!!! So we need out, we need time to just be, and preferably somewhere else. This place get’s crazy, and I/you/we need time away from crazy.

However June has been different, as I’ve never experienced the need to just sleep as much as I have wanted to in June 2016!

smiley-angry027 Being Abused & Dealing With Team Negative – This particular aspect of the Ascension process is just shit! I’ve had many experiences so far in June 2016 of (Team Negative) tapping into other people consciousness, with one sole purpose. To emotionally beat me down, so I wouldn’t continue doing what I’ve been doing. Everyday interferences, everyday random strangers being (psychically possessed) by these (Dark beings) to insult me, put me down, stop me from writing on here, stop me from moving on forward with my life. My advice if you have been dealing with this, discern, realize it’s absolute bullshit, re-center, self empower yourself, and tell all the assholes and idiots of the world to kiss your butt.

As Light-Workers in 2016 there is no time for this. No time to feel wounded, to feel abused, and to feel like were not worth anything. Spreading the light, and love is all that we need to focus on. Keep your eyes on the real prize, and go on about your business.

smiley-confused004 Feeling Confused & Disoriented – This is another fun one and sometimes I swear I feel like I’ve got early onset Alzheimer’s. I’ll be disoriented, confused, mentally lost, can’t think of certain words, but then out of no where i’ll have mental clarity, can have past life recall, and be fully functional. It’s not really been the case for me, except some morning’s when I wake up, and i’m still waking up from the effects of what feels like a gazillion tranquilizer darts warring off. it reminds me of that episode from friends when phoebe get’s shot in the ass with a dart, in that monkey episode.

smiley-shocked032 Eye Pain & Twitching From Constant Energy Downloads – June 2016 has been a big month for my eyes. It’s getting annoying, they’re itchy, get irritated easily, start watering a lot, twitch like crazy, and under my eye bags and to the side of my eyes there is energy running up and down which causes the eye twitching. Sometimes I’ve even felt sharp eye pains, when they’re closed and i’m trying to sleep. So irritating and annoying having to deal with that. For those experiencing this, your eyes are being re-wired to see clairvoyantly, the many beings on the other side.

The whole point of the Ascension Process is too break down the barrier between this world, and the spirit world. So our bodies every single part of it is being re-wired too accommodate this change.

These are just some of the symptoms that I have been feeling/dealing with through out June 2016, and this June shift. It’s not all of them, however it’s the most dominant ones. Know that not everybody is feeling the same thing, or the same way, some feel fine days that other’s feel off, but that’s just the balance going on. On a whole these are usual symptoms that many Light-Workers are feeling in June 2016, it’s really tiring however be glad that as we enter and pass the Summer Solstice energies that we’re becoming much more aligned with our true selves via the light energies.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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