June 2016 Solstice Gateway: Merging More With (Source) & Home Energies

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June 2016 Solstice Gateway & Greater Alignment

Today is the first day of summer and also it is the June 2016 Solstice Gateway which has arrived and brought along with it another incredible wave of light energy. I started feeling the energy enter my crown chakra about two days ago and ever since I’ve been feeling the massive changes that have been going on inside of my physical body. We’ve entered another stair-step phase and the lead up to this one has been unbelievable for me considering what I’ve personally experienced on a physical level. What I want to talk about with what I’m feeling currently with this latest EP (Embodiment Process) is the very interesting and also very NEW symptom or side effect of embodying more of source and source energies.

For most of June I felt like I was carrying so much with me into this Stair-step phase and on an emotional, mental level I’ve been feeling stressed and absolutely drained with many things. Now that the court stuff with the lower conscious PP (Portal People) (The Male Contractor) and his daughter who have plagued me and my mums existence all of 2016 so far is over. I have been able to release, release and release everything about the situation and that man and those beings and all my emotions. This was a 7 month long constant interference and all of the stress that came with that finally exploded last week when we entered that court room and it was finally over. So, on a emotional and mental level I’ve been clearing as much as I can but on a physical level all of that stress has made it difficult for me. I’ve known for a while that it was all starting to effect my physical body and when I started to feel NEW light energies and more of home dimension and source enter me with the latest energies I felt like I could let go and finally breathe again. The thing that I’ve noticed happening with my physical self is that I’ve felt a strong inner re-alignment that has shifted me greatly. I have felt greater self alignment with the energies that have been integrating into my physical Michael self.

This is a new physical anomaly that has taken place for me in 2016 – feeling myself align more with source and source energies and becoming in alignment with self. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would reach this level of consciousness and not even the Contractor could interfere with that. Not any of the TNBT – (Team Negative Being Tribe) could get to me, stop me, prevent me and interfere with me to the point that I couldn’t feel that physical inward alignment taking place. This is what stepping onto another stair-step is about and its what it feels like. My own step onto a higher level is a step onto a new stair-step. I suspect many forerunners and those living and existing in the 3D realitie(s) have also taken a big step onto greater and higher levels. With that there is a great responsibility in being at a newer and higher level within the AP (Ascension Process.) I’m loving June 2016 and all of the NEW physical everything that is going on right now for myself and those on the Ascension Process.

June Shift & Ascending Symptoms Of Greater Source Embodiment

June 2016: Has felt profound on a physical level and because of this I’d like to share a few symptoms, side effects and general changes that my body has been going through over these last few weeks. These physical changes are generally what happens to me as I embody more higher state(s) of source energies and consciousness. Some of them have happened to me multiple times but they vary and I’ve noticed patterns over the last two years.

Ascension Flu SymptomsAlso known as (Frequency Light Uploads). This symptom comes on for me and has many times over the last two years. Its basically the flu (but people don’t understand that the flu is actually light energy entering you.) This particular one comes on for me (Whenever) the sun is doing something, flares, solar storms, geomagnetic storms, a coronal hole opens up. You name it. I’ll feel fatigued and I’ll have chills run up and down my body. I’ll always need to lay down and get lots of sleep and drink lots of water when I feel this particular Ascension symptom. Head Spinning and Vertigo – I’ve experienced this side effect over the years while embodying light energies and this can happen when your doing integrating work. Many times I’ve had to go sit down, lay down or stay still because my head was spinning because of all the light energy that was spinning and doing its work inside of my head and in multiple areas. Physical Exhaustion – One of the side effects of light integration has been the exhaustion and constant need for sleep. A lot of sleep helps when the awful physical symptoms comes and some times if it gets to intense I know that its time to leave my physical body for some time. Most days I’ve been fine but others I’ve just been in/out of sleep

Being Abused & Dealing With Team Negative – This particular aspect of the Ascension process is never fun for me and I do experience this a lot of the time. I’ve had way to  many experiences with people who throw their special brand of negativity at me and I’ve dealt with many etheric demons so far in June 2016. This is a side effect of integrating higher consciousness and crystalline energy. Those on lower realties and with lower consciousness energy will go right on the attack. Feeling Confused & DisorientedThis side effect tends to happen when I’m integrating way to much light energy. The disorientation and confusion of who am I or where am I or what am I doing can come on at times. I’ve definitely felt confused about everything that has gone on for me over the last few months and everything that I’ve felt. So confusion is a big side effect of the Ascension Process.  Eye Pain & Twitching  – I’ve had a lot of eye pain and eye twitching happen for me and this is another Ascension symptom of third eye download. Everything expands in the face whenever I or you integrate light energy and its not a bad thing or a negative thing. Its a higher consciousness thing and holding that light inside of you. Over the years I’ve had a lot of eye issues but I’ve known that it was more upgrades and physical changes. Sometimes my eyes have twitched because they’ve been getting used to the light and all of the changes happening in that region of my face.

This June change and further expansion has been a necessary one and we can clearly feel it with what we’re experiencing on a physical level. These aren’t all of the symptoms that I’ve been feeling, but it gives you a short list of what many of us have been going through. Know that not everybody is feeling the same thing, or feeling these light integrations in the same way. Some Light pavers feel fine on some days, while others are called to hold onto more light. As a whole these jus some of the usual side effects and symptoms you will feel. Self rest, self care and looking out for yourself is so important right now because this isn’t easy work for any of us.

16Love & Light16

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