Being A Light-Worker In 2016: Post June 2016 – Making It Through The June Energies Solstice, Where Do We Go From Here?

im-ok-smiley-emoticonBecause June 2016 was so physically exhausting on all levels, was so intense emotionally for us all in so many ways, was mentally draining to (all on earth) at this time. And the after effects of the summer solstice energies and Full Moon continue to be felt, and will be for the next few weeks still. It’s so important for us to know where we’re heading now within this Ascension Timeline And Process.

For all the (Newbie Light-Workers) who maybe reading this, welcome, as I know that many of you who were activated in March 2016, are now being lead, shown, and or are seeking answers about what your going through. About what your experiencing in your every day lives, via being an awakened being and beginning your spiritual path on your Ascension journey. For the (Light-Workers) as i like to call them (Light-Pavers) who have been doing this for years, decades, and for all their lives this latest shift into the NEW was no doubt normal for us, but also very painful as it usually is when we’re integrating the light. As we look deep within and work more on our “Triggers” , work on our issues, release more of our outdated OLD blueprints and DNA codes, and generally work on growing as much as we can . Light Pavers of the divine light, this is what we have been doing all along, and this is what we have always been doing, and will continue to do. I know many are still spinning (Literally) from the recent download(s) of divine light energies during these last 3 weeks, but what’s next for us (Light-Pavers) in this Ascension Process once we’ve integrated this latest download? I’ll get to that a little bit further down in the article, right now I want to write about the slight shift I’ve felt in June 2016. I know many are/have been experiencing greater mini shifts into ones true self, as I have and I thought i’d write a little bit about how i’m feeling because I think many of us are feeling this way right now.

Experiencing A Slight Shift During June 2016 Solstice 

All month long I’ve felt the many mini shifts (Within me) that has felt at times like I’ve been getting aligned more with who my true self is. This is so important now for many in 2016, because it means we’re re-connecting with the higher aspects of ourselves that we once had before we incarnated down here.

Being in the higher realms is divine, but down here in physicality, none of us have all of our aspects with us that were higher when we were back in “Home Dimension“. We could/can exist back home and be all of us, be all light, be complete. Down here in 3D physicality we don’t have all of our aspects, we aren’t all light, we aren’t complete or completely merged within ourselves yet. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there is no shame in admitting that to ourselves now into 2016. We might all be Light-Workers, but we’re not all completely Light yet. There is still more growing to do, more evolving to do, on my part and on all our parts. Why do you think we’re even experiencing this Ascension Process ? Why do you think on a higher level humanity is, even if some of them don’t realize it! We’re not able to incarnate here as completely light filled beings, who have all our aspects within us, in our physical body. If we did we would explode with ecstasy and light, our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it, and sometimes when i’m in a state of pure joy or in an  ecstatic state I feel I could burst out of my body. No-one being can handle that much light, source/creator within them, and be physically alive in right now in 2016. This is something that get’s done over time, very slowly, and once we get used to one form of light, we move onto a higher level of light to integrate.

It’s how it has always happened within the Ascension process since the very beginning, especially so since the 2012 timeline ended. It’s how it’s always going to be until we all as a humanity of people have reached the point of completion within merging our higher selves from “Home Dimension” into our physical bodies/selves down here on earth. Thus being able to be complete down in 3D physicality.

One of the many aspects of myself that feels more true , and it’s been happening since the end of May well into June 2016. Is that I feel more connected to me in so many ways, I have more love for me, which in return allows me to have more love for everyone else. I feel lighter within my Mikey physical body, especially since the summer solstice on the 20th. I am less likely to give up on myself once I exhibit the up/down emotions, when the energies become intensified and horrifyingly amplified. I’m no longer willing to let other people negative thought’s, fears, feeling’s, and emotions effect me in anyway. I’m also more willing to let go, let go of people especially, and move on forward on my path and let them do the same without feeling guilty about it. These are all small shifts that I have felt within me, and the greatest shift has been how much lighter I feel. I have felt unbelievable lightness all around me, not just within me, but as well as very much so around me where ever I am and go.

Light-Pavers Where Do We Go From Here?

Because the forerunners of the forerunners of the forerunners have been doing this since before the galactic convergence back in the 80’s, a good many of those early (Light-Pavers) will be completing something very important within themselves. September 2016 and the 9-9-9 date of Sep 9th, 2016, along with the eclipse energies and the equinox will usher in the third Light wave. This third, last, and oh so very important Light wave will mean for those forerunners that they have reached completion within themselves. They will be absolutely divine light, in physical body, they will be complete.

It’s important now to mention this because September 2016 is just around the corner, the 9 (9-9) Portal/Gateway is just around the corner, the third and last wave is just around the corner. Many of these hard working Light paver forerunners (Will be experiencing something they never have before) COMPLETION. While those still experiencing the Ascension Symptoms, who are still growing and evolving, they will continue to grow and evolve. But once 2017 arrives (1) year, many of those forerunners of the forerunners of the forerunners will need to be completed in order to do what needs to be done next in a completely NEW cycle. What’s next post June 2016? Completion for some, consciously creating for other’s, and the continuation of growing and evolving into our higher selves.


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