Halfway Through 2016 – Making It Past The June Solstice & Where Do We Go From Here?

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Halfway Through 2016 Can You Believe It

im-ok-smiley-emoticonBecause June 2016 has been so physically exhausting on all levels and  was so intense in many ways. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Its been hard for the forerunners who have been doing this work within and anchoring the NEW codes, Lights and blueprints all at the same time. It’s been what we’ve been doing all along and much more and this work is going to get more intensified as we move towards the end of the year and into the next coming years 2017, 2018 and 2019. I can’t believe that we’re already at the halfway point of the year and personally 2016 has been extremely hard on me for my own personal reasons. But, can you believe we’re halfway done embodying, accumulating the new in so many ways. I’m just exhausted how about you?  Between all of the monthly Portal openings since January 9 up until now its had me feeling fried but also new and wonderful and at peace in so many different ways. The summer energies along with the solstice and the Full Moon have me feeling sick and tired but I can feel a great big amount of light all around me. So, have no fear because the new is indeed here.

For all of those who (Have been activated) physically and spiritually to begin their own AP (Ascension Process) welcome. I know that many of you who were activated in March 2016 are now being lead or shown higher information and seeking out those AT (Ascension Teachers) and AW (Ascension Writers) who are now writing and embodying the Process themselves myself included.  For the (Forerunners of the Forerunners) as I like to call them (Light-Pavers) who have been doing this for years, decades – you all know that we’ve entered NEW territory and have embodied higher frequency light energies more different than ever before in 2016 than previous years. On top of embodiment we’re doing the old song and dance routine of S&R (Shedding & Releasing) and I know that many of you know all the steps. Personal releases can hurt but at the same time personal embodiment of the new can be a renewal like no other. This is what we’re going through right now – our own personal releases and embodying the new so we can feel and be anew. What we’ve all gone through from January – June 2016 is transformative in higher multi-dimensional, cosmic, and universal ways. I’ve gone through some serious tests, things that have helped me deal with all the blatant attacks like never before. I’ve dealt with it first hand, I’ve learned how to cope with it first hand and I have successfully learned to live in the moment and not fear anything. We’ve individually done so much individual work – and for the first half of the year this is what we’ve been doing. Simultaneously and individually. But now we can move together and individually towards a higher way of existing and continue to embody  and spread the highest timeline possible right now in June 2016 and beyond.

Experiencing A Slight Shift During June 2016 Solstice 

All month long I’ve been feeling massive shifts. Energy changes and frequency shifts and even code shifts as I’ve been doing a lot of code work and DNA shifts within my body. The most profound shift that I have experienced and felt has been the shift I’ve felt inside of me. This shift happened and as I experienced it I felt like I was being re-aligned on the inside. I sensed a full and complete absorption of light energy along with some missing fragments of my higher self take place. The physical changes have been feeling minor to massive in varying ways, but all in all a well needed integration on my part.

This is such an important thing to be experiencing right now. For many this is also going on right now in 2016 and it means that we’re embodying not just the light energies but also fragments of our higher selves right now. Its the physical return of home inside our bodies, making our bodies feel just like “Home Dimension” as we walk around with all of source inside of us.  Its been a huge shift and change for me because I’ve usually felt alone and have been desperate to feel any sort of feeling of “Home” like I’ve remembered it. So the AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Embodiment Process) has been and felt much like having aspects of ourselves and the feeling of home return to me and to you as well. This isn’t the first time that I’ve felt this and or had this feeling of home and my higher self return into my home body. This has happened many times over the last two years for me since my AP (Ascension Process) began in March 2014. This will continue to happen and throughout the next few years these shifts will reach even those in the lowest of realities. of what has been going on in June 2016 energy wise and how it has changed and uplifted me – this is what I have noticed the most and its going to continue as we reach full completion of the 2008-2016 (9) year energy cycle.

 Where Do We Go From Here?

Many of the FOTF (Forerunners Of The Forerunners) have been doing this since before the GC (Galactic Convergence) back in the 1987. So a good many of those early (Light-Pavers) will be completing something very important within themselves. Not to mention that as a whole humanity is going to end a big cycle and its the last of the last cycles within the OLD energies and OLD blueprints. In September 2016 we’ll be experiencing The (999) Portal and all of the light energies as we will be completing that 9 year cycle then and transition towards the new cycle. Many forerunners are going to end old contracts, and enter and begin new work and service to humanity. It’s important for me to mention this now because September 2016 is just around the corner. The third and last wave is just around the corner. The transition and entrance into the NEW Light cycle is also just around the corner.

Many of these hard working (Light Pavers) Will be experiencing something they never have before COMPLETION on one or more levels. While those still experiencing the Ascension Symptoms who are still growing and evolving. They will continue to grow and evolve. But once 2017 arrives with the NEW energy of (1) many of those forerunners of the forerunners  will need to be completed in order to do what needs to be done next in a completely NEW cycle. What’s next post June 2016? Completion for some, consciously creating for others and the continuation of growing and evolving into our higher selves.

16Love & Light16

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