June 2016’s Solar Energies: Inactive Sun & Free Flowing Coming From The GC (Galactic Centre.)

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June 2016 Energies & A Very Inactive Period For The Sun

For the fifth day in a row the face of the sun is blank– with no sunspots. As a result, solar activity is very low. ”

This bit of information was taken by me from Space Weather.com earlier yesterday after I stumbled upon it. I’ve been having a couple of odd few weeks since June started and needed to understand, research and figure out what I was sensing and picking up on that has been going on with the energies. Lately, the energies in June 2016 have felt very different than even the energies in April 2016 which was very NEW and physically painful may I add. For the last few days I’ve been racking my brain and following the bread crumbs as to why the energies feel so different and new. So, when I saw that the far side of the sun was active but not active on our end I knew that the other planets in our solar system were getting well needed solar energies to help them and those beings as they ascend to greater evolution. Remember that this isn’t just an earth Ascension. It’s a universal Ascension, a Galactic Ascension. After reading that bit of information I instantly realized why things had gotten so much more intense in so many dramatic ways for me and for all Light-Workers at this time.

Over the last few years when the sun has been “Very low” on the solar activity I’ve felt it. I’ve also picked up on the high activity with the flares, geomagnetic storms and I’ve definitely noticed it and felt it physically within my body. Its not easy being physically sensitive because your on the AP (Ascension Process) and this is what we do when we receive universal and galactic energies from the galactic centre and the 5D and from the sun. Its all physically draining, physically changing and physically shifting work. Challenging but worth it. I can usually feel the energies when the energies are working their way into my crown chakra when I’m embodying solar energy from solar winds, geomagnetic storms and all the such like stuff. However, when the sun is low and the energies are persisting its had me stumped until I realized that it just meant the energies were FF (Free Flowing.) Free flowing is a term I like to use when the energies are coming from an inactive sun – because it means that the Galactic energy from the Milky way is coming in through and its free flowing without restriction. Its not blocked by all the flares and solar winds and other light energies compounding us from different areas which includes the sun and from the 5D.

Where The Hell Did These Amplified Ascension Pains Come From & Why Does It Hurt So Much?

The Earth-facing side of the sun is quiet, but the farside is not. We know because on Saturday something exploded there, hurling a cloud of plasma over the sun’s eastern limb.”

This was taken from the same site and clearly states that the side of the sun facing earth is spotless. However, the side facing away from the sun has seen multiple flares exploding especially towards the planet Venus which is also enduring more Ascension light energies as (Source Light) lifts that specific planet higher towards greater evolution. Because I’ve experienced this many times over the last few years, I knew that something felt different but I had to look deeper at the bigger picture and see what exactly was going on. It never really matters if the sun is doing something that hits us directly on earth and in the direction of this planet. Anything the sun does effects all (Light workers, empaths, sensitive beings) who are grounding and holding the light because its a Galactic Ascension. Not just our galaxy but many other galaxies that are being guided towards evolution and Ascension. So it doesn’t matter if the sun is spewing flares on the other side of its being and just because its not exactly directing earth does not mean Light workers will not feel, will not embody those energies. We will because we ALWAYS do.

On Saturday I sensed and felt the eruption on the sun that was facing Venus and ever since I’ve been feeling multiple physical anomalies and aspects play out within my body. I know that many others have felt these eruptions and fully understand what it means and why it is going on right now. To uplift, uplift and uplift us some more of course. Let me share the last few days after I first started feeling the eruptions from the sun and the energies free flowing from the Galactic centre and the Milky Way.


  • Sunday I woke up and I had a sore throat. I then proceeded to get ready for work despite feeling a bit off.
  • While at work my ears began to hurt and my throat grew more irritated. I got more tired and by the time I got off work at 5pm I went straight home.
  • I got home and spread out on the couch. I had a nap and when I woke I wasn’t hungry, but I needed so much water. After a little while passed I felt tired again and passed out.

Sunday -Monday

  • I Had the worst night of sleep throughout the night. When I woke up it was exactly at 3:33 which I thought was symbolic.
  • Immediately after I woke up I felt worse and felt more intense amplified pains in my physical body.
  • A few minutes later I started feeling nauseous with a huge headache to accompany it. I felt intense energy moving around in my head just re-wiring and shifting parts around to evolve and understand higher information.
  • These intense head pains, headaches, brain re-wiring, intense head pressures in all areas from the top to the sides to the front and back were going on and doing its work for about 2 hours straight.
  • I watched a documentary about Princess Diana and the Queen of England and it confirmed more and more for me personally that she was a Light-Worker stuck in a den of negative reptilian beings.
  • At almost 6 am my body shut down so I went back to sleep. The head pains stopped and I could sleep without interruptions.


  • All day Monday I was in and out of consciousness but at around 8 am I woke up after screaming for my Guardian angel to help me re-enter my body as I was stuck.
  • I got up and felt achy all over my body. I went up stairs and got some bottles of water and couldn’t eat anything.
  • I went down stairs but I was still tired. I had no energy to do anything and just grabbed a pillow and my blanket and went to the couch. I laid there watching a show.
  • I blacked out completely a few minutes later. Then I had some strange vivid dreams and when I then woke up I had family members call me which annoyed me immensely while I was doing the work I was doing and feeling off.
  • My mum called me and afterwards my sister did and they both were preventing me from trying to download all the energies coming from the flares that were aimed at the planet Venus.
  • I cleansed the house immediately after my sister left. As I watched her kids for two hours the headache came back and I began to spin in the kitchen. A dizzy spell while the kids looked at me wondering what the hell was going on with me.
  • My Mom arrived home and then I returned back down stairs. I watched more of my show and then blacked out once again.
  • I woke up and had some water. Then I fell asleep again! I woke up at 7.30 in the evening. I’m started feeling better but not much and I am still feeling all the amplified energies coming into me.

This LW (Light-Workers) is what I have been going through since this particular eruption on the other side of the sun. The one that isn’t even facing us, the one that those people at NASA are stating isn’t effecting anyone on earth. Oh please, come on. I know that many of you are feeling this download as well and I’ve been experiencing some of the usual amplified symptoms. Like crown chakra downloads which become so intense that I black out, ear ringing and ear pains like I have never felt them. The energy running through my heart chakra which feels like i’m having a stroke, rage at those who are interrupting the download from happening, intense aches and pains all over my body. Not to mention feeling dizzy and having spinning out breaks from time to time.  Yes, this is more of the June upgrades that are pushing us and apparently Venus higher towards the Ascension process and the new codes and blue prints that come along with it.

Know that you aren’t alone as many others are experiencing this divine light download which will soon help us feel so much lighter and brighter. Do what feels right for you at this time. For your body and the best thing you can give to yourself is self care at this time.

16Love & Light 16

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2 thoughts on “June 2016’s Solar Energies: Inactive Sun & Free Flowing Coming From The GC (Galactic Centre.)

  1. Deborah June 29, 2016 / 11:37 am

    Awesome info as was wondering what was happening as noticed the sun actually hurts my eyes they water plus the sky is not normal sunburn in 15 mins have a sore left foot from old injury! ! Partner too going threw stuff we noticed chemtrails in sky is effecting sun the sun was actually high intense at 9:05pm which is usally gone down by 8 pm where l live very little rain it will get black sky’s than sun again it’s extremely tiring .

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock June 29, 2016 / 12:30 pm

      Hi Deborah

      There is a lot of stuff going on with our sun, especially for those who are aware of it. That the sun is a living breathing thing. Chemtrails i’m familiar with those, and yes they can make it hard to exist, but we all need to move past this and stay “Neutral” in a place where all of these thing’s don’t effect us. easier said than done, I know, but we have to create above the lower 3D stuff now in 2016.

      I hope you and your partner feel better, and where i’m from rain isn’t a daily occurrence, I haven’t seen it in days, weeks even.


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