June 2016’s Gateway Opening – A List Of Ascension Symptoms & Expanding Into More 5D Consciousness.

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June 2016’s Gateway Opening

The June 2016 Gateway – Was an energetic shift that I experienced profoundly and not just because of what I was embodying but also because of some of the timelines that closed for me personally and for humanity. June has been a huge energetic push with the (6-9-9) Portal Opening and its 5D consciousness. Right up to the Summer solstice Gateway. So, all of these June energies and openings have further shifted us into higher 5D territory and I have really enjoyed the entire process of becoming more united with 5D energies and source. Hasn’t it been a strange and absolutely wild ride in 2016? It has for me and it’s only going to get wilder as we continue to let go of anything and everything that is inorganic within us and all around us. Once we move into 2017 it won’t be a new cycle within the OLD it’ll be a NEW cycle within the NEW. It’s going to be a completely new cycle which is why so many have perceived that 2016 is “The Year” that really is the end of the OLD in so many ways.

With that said this latest (Upgrade, light code changes, shifts, and re-unification of our higher selves) into all of us and much more. This means living and breathing from the new energies and no longer playing into the old destructive 3D ways. For me these gateways have ended some well needed TW (Timeline work) that I have been doing with (The Male Contractor) and despite how I’ve felt since he entered my life back in September 2015 I knew fully that I needed to fully end and close this timeline that I had with him. This latest Gateway really pushed this timeline to close and my timeline work to end so that I can move onto writing more here on DLP (Divine Light Phases) and also work more on expanding and integrating more of the 5D energies. So, everything has changed, shifted, evolved, moved for the better and hopefully to the Male contractor who has been a thorn in my side since September he will have grown and learned something about himself and his ways to.

Starseed Activations & Those Who Are Starting Their Physical Ascension Process

Back in March 2016 I felt and sensed that many more people had begun their Physical Ascension process and began the Process of shifting from their 3D reality to a more higher 5D reality. In June 2016 I’ve felt this as well. This is something that I wanted to mention here at DLP (Divine Light Phases) because their are many who are beginning their Physical Ascension process and who don’t know exactly what it is that’s going on. Or why its happening. It’s likely that those of you who have awakened in June 2016  during a huge month long astrological display of Mutable energy, is because many of you chose to become aware and awake at this time. Many of you chose to grow and to begin your physical Ascension Process where you could evolve higher. Many of our light team members have activated to begin the Process in (March and June 2016.) and I’m so many have chosen this time to activate their Starseeds because we need more light-workers to anchor the light energies.

The AP (Ascension Process) can hurt on a Physical level and its because deep down inside your body is going through massive changes. DNA strands are shifting to Crystalline Light DNA. Kundalini rising is occurring to remove the blockages in the body and burn off old wounds and old codes. Flu symptoms are expanding you and filling you up with more higher light frequencies and consciousness. On a physical level you might expand because you’ll be holding much more 5D consciousness inside of your body. Here are some of the very many AS (Ascension symptoms) that I have felt in June 2016 and that you might also be feeling Light-Workers and Newbie Light-Workers.

Full Ascension Symptoms & Pains List 2016

Hungry Or Loss Of AppetiteDuring (June 2016) I’ve had days where I just couldn’t eat much of anything because it would make me feel nauseous and sick. I wouldn’t be able to keep it down. On other days I’ve just been very hungry all of the time and needed food more so than anything else. So it’s been a big theme and a big struggle, especially when I feel hungry and then every piece of food just makes me feel sick and I can’t go near it. This is a very common Ascension Symptom for many Light-Workers when we’re embodying more of the light. When we need the food and when we’re constantly eating that’s  when we feel the need to remain grounded.  When we don’t need anything at all, it’s because we’re in deep integrating of the light energies and we can’t handle food when we’re doing that intense work.

Eat when you need to, and when you don’t then don’t. Follow the impulses of your body and what it’s letting you know it needs.

Severe Headaches And Brain Re-Wiring – (June 2016) – This has been interesting because of what’s been going on in my head. I’ve had major skull pressures, head pains, migraines and headaches in late May into early June that made me physically nauseous while it was happening. So, it’s not the usual thing for me. Many are also feeling this way because of the brain re-wiring that is going on, the merging of one side of our brain into the other merging together to form one big evolved brain which can be a very painful process. Know that your being re-wired to understand higher knowledge at this time, to understand the Ascension Process and re-aligning with your true self.

Severe Exhaustion & Experiencing Heavy Downloads –  On June 10-11th I was out like I got hit with a tranquilizer dart, woke up way too many times, was clearing way to much garbage and was needing water like a camel in the deserts of Egypt. Sleeping while being downloaded with the new light, is a continuous symptom that never stops. It’s the only Ascension Symptom may I add that all beings currently in humanity have in common. So when your experiencing these intense needs for naps, sleep time, listen to your body and sleep. Stop and drop what you can and make room for more sleep time and sometimes there is no making room for sleep in your daily schedule/routine. It’ll just happen. I’ve had days where I’ll plan on doing something, only to find my plans didn’t go through because I was tired and had to park my butt down on my bed or couch in order to have a nap. So thing’s don’t usually go as planned and when they don’t and if your tired know your being called to leave now because it’s what you know you need on a soul level.

Constant Ear Ringing – This Ascension Symptom has been a constant since I became activated and never really stopped. It’s been constant in June 2016, for all of 2016 for me. Now I’ve heard many other Light-Workers state they are bombarded by the ear ringing but then it stops for a while. Really? It never stops for me, so I must be in that category of beings who hear it 24/7. I’m constantly hearing the light beings around me, the energies around me, people thought’s and the ringing, buzzing, clicking on a regular day to day basis. Don’t even get me started on the negative stuff, the growls, the wailing, the moaning, the groaning, the pleas from (Team Negative) beings. I’ve also had more ear pain in June 2016 which would be considered ear infections by the Doctors but I fully understand that it’s part of the download. As I write this the pain I was feeling is gone now so the download is complete in the area of my throat chakra. I’ve discerned and realized that it’s in pain along with my throat area because of the many thing’s I don’t say out loud and or express. Those with similar symptoms, this might also be something that is a issue for you as well. Lack of self expression and suppressing ones thoughts.

Enraged And Having Mental Stability Tested This Ascension Symptom is a highly amplified one that many have been feeling lately and (Light-Workers) I really understand the rage and anger. I’ve just been enraged at humanity all month long, when I’m out in public the lower conscious thing’s I feel, hear and witness drive me to the breaking point. It’s all so disrespectful and annoying, but I also understand that this planet is a bubble full of energy (Positive & Negative) and that these situation out in the world happen. Half of the stuff I’ve been feeling in June 2016 isn’t even mine, it’s all of the collective suppression unleashing itself and being cleared. It’s also getting cleared through us, because we transmute and heal. Discern, discern and discern some more what is yours and what’s not cast it aside and give it too the higher light beings for healing and transmuting.

Crushing Leg Pain & Back pain– In June 2016 I’ve been having more leg pain, leg weakness, lack muscle function in my legs. It all feels like cartilage to me, no matter how much exercise I do this leg pain and weakness always remains. It’s something that has stayed with me since I awakened in March 2014 and is more severe on my left leg more than anything else. My lower back on my left also feels weak and in pain. Now I’ve yet to discern what this could mean for me personally, aside from a past life death wound I endured in Egypt. I’ve not understood what this could mean aside from that. I do know many (Light-Workers) feel this left side pain, especially in the leg(s) and the leg tenderness and weakness is just another symptom and proof of the fact that we’re all turning to crystalline light form.

Frequent Bathroom Trips & Chakra Clearing  – This is a common Ascension Symptom that I have experienced over the years, especially when I am releasing more of the fear emotion(s) within me. Frequent trips to the bathroom, lots of diarrhea, urinating, this is all cleansing going on. Our lower chakras are releasing a lot of old DNA and blueprint codes as we become more crystalline form. It also takes forms in pimples, rashes, hives, all over the body, some times even boils. It never really matters what I eat, because it will all always have the same effect and when I purge and for those who have been purging. You will know because you’ll seem to break out with acne all over the place.This hasn’t been a problem for me personally this month, or much of this year. But others are and my advice for those enduring this symptom let go of all the OLD. Let go of whatever old fears you have that you carried with you from other lifetimes and release them.

Feeling More Rage & Being Attacked More By Lower Conscious People – June 2016 has been crawling with random people who to get straight to the point, have been psychically used to emotionally beat me down in every way possible. Ranting, raving, screaming, insults and then there are those who really like you and want to be near you and your light all of the time. I don’t know if the nice ones are more worse than those who would stab me in an instant. It’s been a real challenge with them out there, because they haven’t got the slightest idea what’s going on and that’s terrifying in itself. Sometimes I’ll feel the rage from many other’s who have unexpressed anger from lifetimes of being suppressed. It’s literally like watching the village people from the dark ages go after someone with a pitch fork because they have too much unexpressed emotions. It’s easier for some of these people to attack someone else, instead of dealing with their own anger.

Feeling Love & Being Love Via The Divine Light Energies Pouring In – I’ve had this experience in June 2016 where I feel more love and I am finding myself being love because of all the wonderful light coming down here into physicality. I have more love for those who are passing over and returning home, experiencing more heart orgasms, higher heart rate and generally experiencing high periods of euphoria which when over really feels awful. Love becomes the message, the purpose, the only truth and it becomes painful when I look out the window only to be reminded of the state of the world and people.

More Crying & Being Emotionally Effected 2016 has been a big year for feeling emotional. On an emotional level I just haven’t felt what I have this year in any other year. It seems that everything effects me and if I don’t remain centered I’ll cry at the drop of a hat. If someone dies I’ll cry, not because I’m sad. But because of what they brought to the table in terms of their mission. An important book, important show, important movie role, important song that helps us to understand ourselves better. I’ve also experienced more crying because of how much divine love, light, connection I’ve felt lately to home. I’ve also cried because of everything that effects me, events, people dying who weren’t meant to and the many family members who remain confused as to why it happened. It’s all been effecting me in 2016.

Seeing Beyond This World & Having Spirit World Experiences – 2016 especially over the last few weeks (May-June) 2016 have been overwhelming with the many experiences when it’s come to me witnessing the veil lift quite literally. The shock and utter surprise of me witnessing a team of angelic beings come down and watching me in my room during the May Light-Wave was unbelievable. Then having them follow me everywhere that I go (Work, walks, bike rides, just hovering while I rest in my bed at night) has been astonishing. We’re really getting closer to those in 5D as the 3D veil is being completely dismantled. It’s such an exciting time to be alive, a challenging time but none the less a very amazing and important time. If your seeing shadows, orbs, colors, white lights yes your clairvoyant and have that gift. You should also be aware that what’s happening in 2016 is that we’re evolving higher which means many of us Light pavers are first witnessing the veil being lifted, so that the rest of humanity can eventually follow suit and be able to when they are individually ready.

Inner Body Shaking & Vibrating – I personally have not been experiencing this particular Ascension Symptom very much in June 2016, but I have experienced it many times during the last few years. This is a very debilitating symptom to have and personally for me it has come on at night the most. This symptom happens when you begin to vibrate or shake internally as if your having a low grade seizure. I find with this symptom I need to lay back and let it do what it has too for how ever long it needs to. I’ve discerned this over the years and I’ve noticed around solstice/equinox as well as high eclipse periods that I’ll have lots of energy inside my body. It’ll be constantly on the run inside of me, the light energies, as they won’t seem to stop until they go where they are meant to go inside of me and settle there. It’s also about blockages inside the body, the light needs to go where ever you have blocked energy inside your body. To work on that area, to break the blockage up, to heal the blockage and sometimes it can take a rather intense shaking form of healing.

Relationships & Endings Now In 2016 – Yes 2016 and especially the month of June 2016 has seen many endings of relationships of all kinds. I’ve experienced this myself, there are people who are around me daily who are not a vibrational match for me in my own family. It seems they are also not what they seem and many (Light-Workers) are being pushed to see many people who are in their lives for who/what they really are. I have a particular family member who uses me constantly and because of this, I know in the coming years this person will not be in my life for very much longer. We’re just moving in different directions our paths are taking us in different routes and that’s fine.

Friends, marriage partners, no good for us romantic lovers, family members, any and all relationships are now being released by many. Not just Light-Workers or even the Newbie ones, but everyday people who are so close to awakening, but aren’t quite there yet. They are experiencing a release from certain beings, it’s just the way it must be for now. Don’t feel guilty for leaving those people behind, or having them leave you behind, better will come in the end.

Eye Pains & Constant Twitching, Itching, Blurry Vision – I have always had issues when it comes to heavy Third Eye Chakra and Crown chakra downloads. However, lately in June 2016 and for most of this year I have felt extreme energy moving along and around the side of my face and eyes and under my eye bags. I twitch and sometimes I swear if I’m out in public people might think I’m crazy just by looking at me  smiley-laughing015lol. Which is all the more reason why it makes me all the more special, being on this Ascension path and experiencing what I do on a physical level. But that’s my secret! I can’t tell you how many times this month I’ve just gone to bed however and the pricking pain in my eyes starts. I’ve needed to bury my head in the pillow to keep it from bothering me as much. I’ve had serious itchiness as well when it comes to my eyes, I’ve had to stop feel the itch and then breathe in and out slowly just to get control over it.

Blurry vision – I’m there too. When I wake up I see  patches of blurry spots and it takes me a while to get clear vision in the morning. .

Having The Shit Hit The Fan & Enduring Situations Of Endless Stupidity2016 has felt like I’ve been walking through an endless parade of stupid and nonsensical drama that I get brought into. I swear if I don’t lock myself inside my home, I’m being tossed into a situation like a salad get’s thrown in a bowl. I’ve got people blaming me for problems that have been brought to the surface within them, I’ve been tailgated way too many times, I’ve been involved in way too many theatrical plays. I’ve read too many damn lines this year, with many people who appear out of thin air and then disappear out of thin air from once they came from. I’ve shared stages I’ve wanted to burn down to the ground, been brought into situations that seem unimaginable because of it’s sheer stupidity. Many (Light-Workers) have been living a messy life and it’s not the average clothes hanging on the door handle of your apartment messy. Some of the situations we’re in seem so crazy and ludicrous, so hard to handle it’s effecting our emotional states.

Its just been to crazy out there with some of these TD (human beings.)

Hearing Non-Physical Beings – This can be a highly confusing symptom especially if your a Light-Worker. My clairaudient abilities have really advanced in 2016, as I’m sure it has for many reading this. If your wondering who’s there inside your head speaking to you? Or have those moments, understand that it’s not just you and your consciousness speaking to yourself in your mind. Sometimes you might think it’s just you speaking in your head and that’s where it get’s confusing because if your not clairvoyant discerning can be hard. When I experience this I’ll receive a clairvoyant image of who ever I’m speaking with, so I understand it’s that being that I see who is telepathically communicating with me. That’s how this works. Understand newbies that it’s not your consciousness speaking, in many cases it’s some divine being or dark being speaking to you. Discerning between those who are divine and destructive isn’t that hard, whatever sounds positive and helpful is divinity. What ever sounds insulting, destructive, negative is not.

This list is a good long painful summary of what I have experienced physically, emotionally and mentally in 2016. Not much of it is easy, or pretty, but it is what is going on right now for me and for you along with many other Light-Workers in 2016. Understand there were so many more symptoms that I didn’t put up. Like (Nerve pain, Wrist pain, Dry nose, Bleeding nose, Psychic attacks, Demonic attacks, Etheric cuts and Bites, Kundalini rising and Body heat, Feeling spacey, Existing in other dimensions at times, High sexual energy and the need to do it, Feeling bi-polar, Smelling certain scents not from this world, Frequent wake up calls during the night, Crazy dreams.) It’s a never ending list. However, this is the mid 2016 overview.

It’s important now more than ever for you to remember where you’ve come from in terms of what you were experiencing at the start of the year. What were the events you have lived through in 2016? What has changed that you never thought would in 2016? What continues to change in 2016 for you, especially since the summer solstice? Have you grown a little bit more? Have you evolved into a more loving being? Does it feel like everything is brighter and lighter in your life?

16Love & Light16

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