2016’s (7-9-9) Portal Energies: Closing Of More TD (Timelines) & Integrating Another Light Wave.

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2016’s (7-9-9) Portal & The Closing Of More Timelines As We Near (999)

I’ve been writing a lot more on DLP (Divine Light Phases) lately and for very specific reasons such as the fact that I haven’t felt the need to do anything else but to write about what’s going on right now. I’ve also been dealing with similar physical upgrades as I integrate the latest 5D Light energies from the (7-9-9) Energy Portal. So, on a physical level I’ve been feeling more of those expansive embodiment pains. But, they’re just more evolutionary pains and me and all of you who are becoming highly crystalized 5D being(s) in 2016. Some of the physical symptoms I’ve been experiencing as I’ve been shifting higher into a crystalline being have been. Constant Ear ringing – which has been loud and has hurt the inside of my ears from time to time. I’ve had Throat pain which has been clearing more of my blockages as the light has just been hammering away at these blockages. I’ve been More exhausted and have needed more sleep. I’ve also had Vivid lucid dreams which have been work done by me in the dream scape. It’s the same usual symptoms but they’re like patterns to me, they pattern in/out in the same exact ways which is how I know I’m being upgraded by more expansive light energy.

This has been a theme all throughout 2016 for me month after month as each one of these portals has come and gone and for many LW (Light-Workers) who’s main jobs has been to integrate the energies. We’ve done it for all the 7 (9) Portals so far and will continue to until the final (999) Portal in September. This Portal opening will be the last one until the Lionsgate Portal and then the final (999) Portal of 5D energy. So its important that many Light beings embodying the energies now realize that we’re nearing the end of these 9 (9) Portals and the completion of the 9 numerological energy cycle.

One thing that I’ve been working on in (June and July 2016) has been the closing of more timelines that involved more OLD lower consciousness as well as OLD lower realities. I’ve also been feeling the closure of even more dark timelines in the 3D world and 3D reality. This is what has always been happening as we’ve embodied more source energy and light but in 2016 we’ve moved into the highest frequency reality. Because we have we’ve opened that highest frequency reality for more people to – join and enter fully into. This and much more has been the work that I and so many others have been doing in 2016. This is exactly what many of the forerunners of the forerunners have been working on for so long. Helping as many people reach the highest frequency earth reality that is possible. I can’t believe that we’re at this point – so many things are going to continue to usher us in, shift and change for us and so many more.

16Love & Light16

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