Ascending Number Sequence(s): The Ascending Numbers & Evolving To Higher Levels Of Consciousness.

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The Ascension Process & Seeing Number Sequences

There have been many times throughout my physical AP (Ascension Process) where certain moments in my life have had to deal with seeing certain number(s.) Where certain numbers and number frequencies have stuck out, jumped out, latched out or just generally repeated themselves. Numbers, this is the topic for my article today and I’m writing about numbers and number codes because it has a very important meaning behind it. Also, it might help many on the AP (Ascension Process) who need to understand why these specific constant numbers repeatedly jump out at them and what they might be telling them about their path, direction and or consciousness level.

Through out the last two years, months and weeks its been common for me to receive and have received non-stop repetitive numbers. This began for me right after my starseed activation in March 2014. The majority of the time I see (11:11) and other times I’ll see (4444) and the most of any number sequence that I do see has been (7777.) Now there are a few other numbers and number sequences that I’ve seen and they’re much more different than just your plain old repeated numbers of (111.) There are Ascending Numbers and Descending Numbers. AN (Ascending Number(s) is a sequence where  the numbers you see are moving upwards in the order that they present themselves. An example of these ascending numbers (123) or (456.) DN (Descending Numbers) are number sequences that move backwards for example (987) or (654.) Notice the difference? However, in this article I’ll be discussing the meaning behind the Ascending numbers. These are just some examples and of course some of these numbers have been my own personal number sequences that I’ve seen in my personal daily life as well. I’ve noticed that depending on where you are on your path and what level of consciousness your at these numbers will change. Many times the number sequences, the number codes and number energies will change for me. I’ll see different numbers and those number codes at other points in my life where those numbers are stronger within the timeline and timeline reality that I’m existing in. This might all be very new for many of you reading this, so take your time in wrapping your mind around all of this higher information. If you need to Re-read this information more than once than feel free to do so and its okay to not be able to grasp anything that I’ve read on DLP (Divine Light Phases) yet. It’ll take some time, so please grow at your own pace.

The Ascending Number Sequences & What Do They Mean?

Because this has been happening to me, for me and for many years now I’ve understood why these number frequencies and codes have shown themselves. It all has to do with consciousness believe it or not. Before my Physical AP (Ascension Process) began for me back in March 2014 I didn’t see any of these numbers. If I did see them I never took the time to stop and or ask myself why I was seeing them. Understanding the higher information does take time, but after my starseed activation I began to understand what was going on. After March 2014   I understood that I had embodied enough Light energy to understand the energy of these numbers and the codes they hold within them. Each number is important and the energy that they hold is also important, the energy in each number is a code. The code is an energy and once that number aligns with your own personal vibration then they will slowly begin to appear because of the energy and inner codes you hold. When you embody more light and reach a new state of consciousness and or light energy than different numbers and codes will show up that align with your own personal energy. It all has to do with your personal energy and your personal vibration.


Another important thing about Number sequences and codes. If your seeing Ascending numbers its because you’ve reached a higher consciousness. This has been something that I have personally experienced before. I’ve sensed this as well and when I’m embodying or have just embodied more LE (Light Energy) I have felt and sensed that I evolved towards a higher state of being. I’ve ascended and embodied a higher level of light frequency into my physical lower 3D body. The number sequence (123) is actually an important one – because it lets you know that at the current moment you see it that you are embodying more light energy and that you are evolving towards integrating higher consciousness and holding that new consciousness frequency within you. If you see (456) that is an even bigger step towards greater evolution – and if you see (789) then just know that you are embodying the higher light energy and tapping into the highest consciousness information that there is.

Ascending numbers mean(s) higher consciousness and it means that you are in a timeline where you tapping into, moving into, moving towards a higher reality and the numbers and its codes are trying to let you know this. We have all been doing more of this in 2016 and we will continue to into 2017 and 2018. Be very aware of what numbers you are seeing – because if its a number sequence like (654) then your likely not in alignment with the energies and are in fact descending into lower consciousness which I’ve also experienced before to.

16Love & Light16

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