To All Light-Workers: Seeing Number Sequence – 123 – A Message Of Moving To A Higher Phase In Ones Evolution

It’s been many times through out my physical Ascension Process where it’s been very common for me to receive, and have received non-stop tremendous guidance. Where I have received signs that I needed at just the right time, where I have physically needed to see with my physical eyes the many messages that were like answers to my very uncertain questions. Some about me, about my life, about my divine path. That’s been my life as a Light-Worker for years, receiving signs, even when I had no idea the messages were even coming through. It’s what I have known, all that I have known, as i’m sure many of you Light-Workers reading this right now have also experienced the daily messages in your own life through out the many years.

For those of you who are new to this thing, being a (Newbie Light-Worker) and all, look back on the last few months before you began this new life, new journey, and try and see where your personal signs were along the way. How were you being guided? What were your messages? and are they still coming through today? … of course they are. One thing that I have experienced in this Ascension Process all these years is, once your communicating with divinity, on a higher level, that communication never stops coming through. There is never any running away, ignoring, avoiding the light. Why would you even want to anyways? It’s not how being enlightened works – it’s not how being connected to source within you works, it’s not how you embrace your self, your gifts, and your light from within. Full and complete acceptance of your new path, new life, of your own crystalline christness light being self is the only way. Part of that way is learning to understand that your going to receive information, signs, messages, along the way. If love is the key, then acceptance is the lock. Eventually acceptance of love is what will free all beings, and all thing’s.


Receiving The “123” Number Sequence & What Are Number Sequences?

Because this has been happening to me, for me, for many years now I understand that messages come in all different forms. Light-Workers over the years I’ve received some messages that were simple and easy to comprehend, as well as urgent and in a state of being alarming, so that I can grasp them and because I needed to grasp them fast. The thing about being a Light-Worker for the past few years is, i’ve had to understand that messages will come how ever they will in order for me to understand them. Many of you know to look for these messages around you, however for those who are Newbies in this entire thing you’ll learn what messages are coming up, how to recognize them, and what they mean because your higher self will guide you to the information that will help  you to understand. Don’t worry or put fear into not knowing how you’ll find the way, have full acceptance, and trust your intuition especially from your higher self that he/she will lead you to what you need/have to know.

There are many ways and forms of receiving guidance, messages, help, and information from (Source/Light/Creator). Where your at in your life, where you’re on your path, and even how much growth you’ve achieved so far throughout this lifetime. The Angelic Beings are one of the most creative beings there are, so expect to receive clues, ideas, help, information through any means possible. I think I’ve just about received every kind of form of message that there is, even then, they always throw new forms at me which leave me scratching my head for days. I’ll fully understand it eventually the why, how, when, where, and what about the form they’ve chosen and it’ll just make sense. For ex. Last night I was visited by a being of Light – came flying through my bedroom window, because I wasn’t facing that area at the time it needed to get my full attention. His choice of giving me a message, hinting, showing to me that he was there, was too flicker the lamp on/off in my room. Because he wasn’t corporeal (Having a physical, material, real body) he was able to enter my sacred space ( Home space). He was obviously a high vibrating being, because he knew how to expand his light energy so that it could effect the material world, in order to get my attention. I won’t go into what he came to speak to me about, however manipulating the physical material world was the way I received his personal greeting. This is just one way, and one of the many forms of communicating, receiving messages that I have experienced through out my life.


Some of the ways I get communicated with by the Angelic beings, divinity, Source/creator, my higher self, include visitations. Include telepathy, include clairvoyantly seeing them, feeling their presence/light (Chills up/down my body), words of any kind (even Street signs), feathers of all different kinds, Numerology and the many number sequences (which personally is the most common one). These are the major ways in which as a psychic and gifted being of the light, I experience receiving messages. But for today I need to focus on the Numerology and the latest “123” number sequence, that I have been experiencing, and which i’m sure many other (Light-Warriors, Starseeds, Seers, Psychics, Empaths, Light Pavers) have been experiencing for years. Don’t worry Newbie (Light-Workers) you’ll grasp these number sequences soon enough, and understand what they mean for you, and the path your on.

All of July 2016 so far I have been receiving and physically observing the usual Numerology number sequences, and the majority of these numbers have been 59, 11:11, 777, 999 and the most important one for me has been the “Number Sequence 123“. Why are these number sequences so important? It has a lot to do with the vibration they hold within their number codes. Numbers have a specific code, and within these codes is a specific vibration, which shapes the message and or direction people individually, or collectively, can/will move towards. The number sequence of 1 has a different energy then the number sequence 9, because one is all about individuality and also new beginnings. Number Nine’s vibration is more about closings and putting thing’s to an end. They both have it’s own specific meaning, but are very different despite being connected. The number sequence “123″ has it’s own meaning, and it’s not a complex one, it’s an easy message from the divine that your Ascending higher within your own evolution and growth.

Seeing Number Sequences Ascending & Spiritually Growing Within Your Ascension Process

Number sequences in Numerology are important, because as I’ve explained in the previous paragraph’s, they each have their own codes and vibration’s which effect people and humanity. However seeing Number sequences such as (123 – 456 – 789 -1234- 5678 – etc.) it means something important, and it’s something that I’ve been shown repeatedly myself. The number sequence 123 is an Ascending number sequence, which means forward moving, forward progressing, which in turn means that our consciousness is growing. Seeing the number sequences (123 – 456 – 789) tells of important situations, events, and levels of growth that we have reached within our own evolution. It is important because it simply means we have reached the next phase/point within ourselves.

It was revealed to me that I was moving myself forward within my path, more so than any other time in my life, which is true. I work (which I don’t like doing anyways – but it gives me hope of being my own source), I’ve just began the process of returning back to school ( only this time to learn what I was meant to), my writing on this place (which is very important to me) as I hope to help other people re-gain the truth of what is happening at this time, living my life as an independent being ( because relying on ones own source connection is the way it’s suppose to be). As a Being of the Light who is ascending to higher places within himself, I can say the 123 number sequence has just been a validation that i’m higher within this Ascension Process that is going on. I will continue to reach higher until I’ve reached the highest level that I can be in order to be considered an Ascended light being/Master. Which in order to be one, is to have learned how to not let all the troubles of this earth life effect me in any way (Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)

Light-Workers (Accept 123) and the number sequence whenever or wherever you see it as you moving and being on a higher level than you were previously. There was a block that you over- came, look back on a situation, event, that you personally dealt with which brought you to this point. The vibration and energy of Numerological number sequence “123” – simply (To have moved up an energetic stair step within your own Ascension Process) so embrace your own continued growth within your continued evolution. So know that your on your true way, true path.


copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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