Being A Light-Worker: Dealing With TNB (Team Negative Beings) In 2016 & Massive Negative Interferences.

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Having To Deal With TNB (Team Negative Beings)

This article I’m about to write isn’t for the faint of heart and its also not a subject or topic that I’ve ever wanted to discuss, write and or even share with humanity and the collective on DLP (Divine Light Phases.) I’ve had my own personal reasons why I’ve not wanted to write about any of this, but none the less it needs to be written now in 2016 for more people to read and see. It now has gotten to the point where my personal experiences with these dark beings NEEDS to be shared completely by me at this time. Some of my own personal experiences are pretty horrific, they involve many people in my own life and even family members. Its very dark and its very personal: mainly because of what I’ve experienced in my private life while having to deal with these OLD dark beings and their interferences that prevent me from getting what I need done finished. So, there have been many things I’ve had to deal with and blatant full attacks on me from them over these last two years.

Who are these TNB (Team Negative Beings?) I’ve shared some pictures that might give you a few physical ideas about what they look and feel like up above. These beings range from reptilian beings, Negative Demonic entities and Negative etheric beings. Many are also Negative Alien Beings. A huge majority of them are human beings (Portal People) who are being used, controlled and possessed to interfere. I’ve had personal experiences with all of these beings and more which I won’t name at this time. The most rampant ones are the (Human Beings) who are helping these negative beings knowingly or unknowingly. I’ve recently just closed a timeline with a specific controlled human being because I needed to end my association with him. Also, I needed to send a clear message to this human being that his cons, ways of living through distortion and much more were over because he had to adapt to the new in this timeline we’re in. I’ve written about (The Male Contractor) before in my previous articles. He’s just one example of the kinds of attacks I’ve had to deal with from certain human portal people. Other times I’ve been laying in bed and I’ll see eyes looking in on me, eyes with a great big slit from the top going down. I’ve known it was the Reptilian beings looking in on me to see what I was doing or to simply just attack me outright. I’ve had to deal with the rampant attacks against me from my own controlled and used family members as well. This is another dark and private issue that I’ve had to deal with since my starseed activation propelled me onto the AP (Ascension Process.) All this hasn’t been easy at all – but this gives anyone reading this who is also experiencing the very same things a bit of an idea of what I and many others are going through at this time.

My Personal Experience With Negative Interference on June 6th, 2016

I won’t be going into the basics on here as I think i’ll need to write another article that deals just with explaining NI (Negative Interference) all on it’s own. However, this latest negative interference tactic has been something I feel I should write about so that people can become aware of when it happens to them. What I’m about to share is if not a daily occurrence a weekly thing if anything in my life comes up that I have to do, deal with and or just anything really.

fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← First off just to paint a picture for you all. ←Here is what one of these TNB (Team Negative) being assholes looks like and its not all of them but the ones that I see are pretty similar when I clairvoyantly see them looking in on me or trying to come at me. They all differ but the majority of them look similar to that little black colored, red eyed, ugly looking evil demon smiley. Clairvoyantly speaking, they look uglier and that’s the nicest thing I can say about any of them. I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know who/what i’m talking about when i’m describing the events that took place on Monday June 6th. The events of (June 6th) are just the normal usual events that have happened to me and for me several times over the last two years. This began amplifying for me after the X-Wave in September 2015. I just want to begin by saying June 6: Started of as a nice wonderful day for me, until the demonic interferences began one by one.

The Negative Interferences of June 6, 2016

On June 6: I was fine until about 12 pm. Then the interferences began. My 50 year old mum who is also a Light Being incarnated in this 3D earth just like me. She had come home from work and upon her arrival had informed me that the car she has had for five years almost stopped working on her way home. This is a problem because at the end of August she ends payments on this car for good, which also means that there won’t be anymore warranty on it after August. So in 2 months she’s screwed if something goes wrong with it as it won’t be covered. So out of no where suddenly it starts having problems. I checked the car out myself and it had plastered on the dashboard “Transmission malfunction.” So I told her okay this is a problem and I got on this immediately to find a solution. So we both called the dealership and everything was set up. We just needed to bring it in before 8 pm, but no it didn’t go that way. Here was the start of the interferences…

So we waited for my unaware dad to show up so they can drive over together, one drives the car down and the second car the other would drive so both could have a way to get home in the second spare car. Well I tell you 4 pm past, 5 pm past, 6 pm past … and my dad wasn’t home yet. So obviously, he was being held up somewhere and we had two hours left to bring the car in before it closed. We first thought okay we’ll try to drive the car ourselves down there and it started acting odd a block away from the house a few streets away, so we turned around and came back home. it lasted until we hit the driveway and then it died. Then it started to rain heavily and had we kept going on .. we’d likely have had to call a tow truck to pick us and the car up. It would have been chaos and craziness. So already that was the third interference of the day – which was preventing me from helping mum from getting the car to the dealership not to mention wasted my entire day up until then.

While at home the fourth interference hit us both. We decided to call the dealership back and ask if they had a tow truck service connected with the dealership? The woman she practically screamed at me on the phone “We can’t do everything for you!” which I sensed was a demonic being possessing her. This woman did what every unaware human being does, unknowingly got used, possessed and didn’t even know it. This one hit me hard and after the verbal exchange I gave the phone to mum and told her to deal with it. It wasn’t just what she said and how she said it – I realized that today of all days I was being or trying to be prevented and it was just a full on attack everywhere I tried to co-create with source or over ride negative created blockages. When they finally told my mum they didn’t have a tow truck service connected to the dealership, we called the tow truck service to which our fifth interference began.

At this point it was already 6 close to 7 pm. We called a local tow truck service and as soon as I started explaining our situation.  I got the dial tone. At first I thought the guy hung up on me. Really? Well why would you do that?  At this point I was so over this and was ready to quit. Instead I pulled through and I called back a second time and the guy on the other end had no idea why we lost connection. Interference number five. So we exchanged information, he told me a tow truck would arrive in about 45 minutes. So we played the waiting game. With 1 hour to get the car to the dealership I wasn’t to optimistic. So, everything goes fine and the tow truck and the guy arrive just before 8 pm. He was about to load the car when he gets a call letting him know there was an accident involving police cars. He turned to us and asked if we could wait it out until he comes back because his company called and needed him to go and tow the police cars.4fvgdaq_th

Finally, me and mum looked at each other and said “Something does not want us to get this car fixed.” We had to called the dealership back to let  them know we couldn’t bring the car today, however another woman who works there stated that they’re open until 9 and even then the tow truck could leave it there and place the key in the out box they have. We said okay sounds good, hung up and waited until the tow truck guy came back. He arrived again at 9.30, we paid him less than what we would have initially and the car was on it’s way to the dealership 30 minutes after it closed. That was about 6 interferences which lasted from 12 noon – until about 10 at night. A big, endless, miserable, draining, fat waste of interference.

I can’t/couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. The sad part is that this is more or less just how many, many of my days go. Its all about attacking, taking out, getting rid of, blocking anything that any kind of Light beings are trying to do to bring any kind of light into this 3D earth and the timelines we’re creating that will lift us farther away from these negative beings. Understand this. Understand what’s going on and why its going on. Its anything small to anything big like taking anyone of us to court to waste time, our time so we’re not focused on our AP (Ascension Process(s.) This happens to me almost every single day.

How To Learn From Negative Interferences

This is what Negative Interference is. This is what these TNB (Team Negative Beings) and human beings working for the negative demons do. The sole purpose of doing this is to try every way possible to derail you, beat you down emotionally in order to make you suffer in any and every way possible. However, it’s important to learn from these interferences and blockages. You’ll learn when your being interfered with and when you know these are petty interferences and how to deal with them. If you learn how to notice them and see them when they re happening, you can spare yourself the pain of having to deal with them. You will learn how to ignore certain people and avoid certain places. Learning how to see these negative manifestations will help learn how to over ride them and create above them with source of light and sources help.

I don’t necessarily run away from the interferences when they do happen and I try not to because I want to specifically pull through them. I want to finish what I set out to do despite the constant set backs. It’s the only way to get through them. It’s also the only way that you will individually learn how to handle, cope, deal with all the sudden attacks that come at you out of no where. Once you know what your triggers are and especially the emotional ones, than you’ll understand how these beings get at you. Figure out what your triggers are and then when you know what they are consciously work on overcoming them and you’ll overcome that specific interference. I’ve been through so many of these situations – and believe me they can test your very sanity. They drain you of your energy very quickly, so self care and protection is needed at all times. Awareness is needed at all times, and understanding all about interferences is greatly needed.

16Love & Light16

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