Being A Light-Worker In 2016: When Dealing With (Team Negative) Beings, And Constant Interferences.

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This article is a biggie for me personally to be writing about at this time, because not many people in the world today fully understand what i’m even going to be writing about. For one. Another reason secondly is because many people around the world aren’t aware that Negative Beings even exist, yet one just needs to see the state of the world to realize that they do in fact live amongst us and are controlling the entire planet. Correction they were, because they’re not running the show down here in physicality anymore. Why? Because there are enough Light-Workers down here now who are here helping to create the “5th Dimensional timeline of Heaven on Earth” right now. That’s why. 47b20s0

This is a big article, and because i am who i am, and have gone through all that I have and not just in this lifetime but in other’s. I’m not afraid to be open about these thing’s, or discuss them, openly with other’s at this time regardless if many know about it now or not. Watch how many damns i give, cares i give, boo hoos’s, or oh no’s i state out loud while holding my arm up to my forehead and sighing. I could care less if i get targeted, if people write me telling me they think i’m crazy, laugh at me, try to ruin me. I’ve gone through these experiences many times, I’ve dealt with it, I’ve felt it all. Someone denying it and then throwing it in my face isn’t going to change the fact that it’s real. That my negative experiences with (Team Negative) is/was/will be real until every last one of them is gone and evicted from this planet. Or, until it’s my time once again to return back to the great divine, back to my place in the realm of existence I come from. There is no shame in stating to other Light-Workers Hey, I’ve been interfered with my entire life, by negative beings, Portal people, Dark people, lower consciousness people” and that’s likely not going to change in the future much either. Despite how wonderful and much more light it has felt through out the years. I wanted to write this article so that newly awakened (Light-Beings) could better understand what is going on in the world. As I know re-connecting with yourself once again, can be very hard at first. However knowledge, consciously understanding what is going on, can help the process of awakening to the real truth be so much easier.

My Personal Experience With Negative Beings, Negative Interferences, on June 6th 2016

I won’t be going into the basics on here, as I think i’ll need to write another article that deals just with explaining Negative interference all on it’s own. However this latest Negative interference tactic, has been something I feel I should write about, so that people can become aware when they might also be in the throes of Negative interferences.

fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← First off here is what one of these (Team Negative) being assholes looks like, when I clairvoyantly see them coming at me. They all differ but the majority of them, look similar to that little black colored, red eyed, ugly looking evil demon smiley. Clairvoyantly speaking, they look uglier and that’s the nicest thing I can say about any of them. I’m sharing this with you, because I want you to know who/what i’m talking about when i’m describing the events that took place on Monday June 6th. The events of Jun 6th, are the normal usual events that have happened to me several times, but which have amplified greatly since the X wave of September 2015. It started out as a wonderful day, like they always do when i have these days of demonic interruptions. smiley-shocked032 Then out of no where, everything starts to go wrong, and continues until it’s utter chaos. When I’ve tried to consciously co-create above/over their negative interferences, they manage to create more negative obstacles for me to jump through like hoops.

On June 6th – I was fine that morning until about 12 pm. Then the interferences began. My 50 year old mum who is also a closeted Light-Worker had came home and upon her arrival had informed me that the car she has had for five years almost stopped working on her way home. This is a problem because at the end of August she ends payments on this car for good, which also means that there won’t be anymore warranty on it after August. So in 2 months she’s screwed if something goes wrong with it, as it won’t be covered. So out of no where suddenly it starts having problems. I checked the car out myself and it had plastered “Transmission malfunction” splashed across the dashboard. So I told her, okay this is a problem a big one, and I got on this immediately so I called into the dealership and everything was set up. We just needed to bring it in before 8 pm, but no it didn’t go that way. Here was the start of the interferences…

So we started waiting for my unaware dad to show up, so they can drive over together, one drives the car down, and the second car the other would drive so both could have a way to get home in the second spare car. 4 pm past, 5 pm past, 6 pm past … it was clear because my father wasn’t aware, they were tapped into his awareness preventing him from making it home on time when we needed him to be. Otherwise keeping him busy, in traffic, with work, just unaware intuitively of what was going on. So we then decided okay, let’s do this ourselves . We tried to drive the car ourselves down there, and it stopped and we managed to catch a break and managed to make it home before it tries to die again. We were on our way home when it starts raining cats & dogs, with thunder and lighting. I realized we dogged a bullet at home, because me and mom would have had to walk in the pouring rain, leave the car, and call a tow truck to pick it up and drop it there at the dealership.

While at home the fourth interference hit me, we decided to call the dealership back and ask if they had a tow truck service connected with the dealership? The woman she practically screamed at me on the phone “We can’t do everything for you” when all I asked is if they had a tow truck service connected with the dealership. A simple yes/no would have sufficed, and I was ready to call a tow truck if we needed to. This is something that always happens, when these beings tap into (Portal People, who lack much awareness) in order to get at me through insults, making me feel stupid, making me feel guilty, and generally try to beat me down emotionally. It hit me hard, because i’m an empath so when someone screams/yells at me, I can feel it directed at me which makes it harder for me to continue doing what I was doing. I raised above it all, I discerned, and i reminded myself that it’s an interference.

We called a local tow truck service, and as soon as I started explaining our situation,  I got the dial tone. At first I though the guy hung up on me, at this point I was so over this, I called back a second time and the guy on the other end had no idea why we lost connection. Interference number five. We exchange information, he told me a tow truck would arrive in about 45 minutes. So we played the waiting game, by this time is was going onto 7 pm now. With 1 hour to get the car to the dealership, fat chance it would happen. The Tow truck guy arrived just before 8, he was about to load the car, when he gets a call letting him know there was an accident involving police cars. … I knew immediately he was going to have to go. There was interference number six.4fvgdaq_th

Finally, me and my mum looked at each other and said “Something does not want us to get this car fixed” boy did they try hard. We called the dealership back, to tell them we couldn’t bring the car today, however another woman who works there stated that they’re open until 9 and even then the tow truck could leave it there and place the key in the out box they have. We said okay sounds good, hung up and waited until the tow truck guy came back. He arrived again at 9.30, we paid him less than what we would have initially, and the car was on it’s way to the dealership 30 minutes after it closed. That was about 6 interferences, which lasted from 12 noon – until about 10 at night. A big, endless, miserable, draining, fat waste of time interference. Which by the way should not have taken this long, to take 10 hours in order to get one car to the dealership is much too long.

I can’t/couldn’t make this shit up if I tried, the sad part is that this is more or less just how many, many of my days go. Light-Workers this fine example of the events of just one act of interference by (Team Negative) beings, happens a lot in my life, and after reading this i’m sure it resonates with you when your trying to get out and about and create thing’s in your life.

How To Learn From Interferences

This is what Negative Interference is, this is what these beings do, the sole purpose of doing this is to try every way possible to derail you, beat you down emotionally in order to make you suffer in any and every way possible. However it’s important to learn, learn when your being interfered with, and when you know these are petty interferences, deal with them. If you even want to spare yourself the pain of them, ignore certain people, avoid certain places.

However don’t run away from the interferences when they do happen, pull through them, finish what you set out to do despite the constant set backs. It’s the only way, to get through them, the only way the light can spread through out the world. It’s also the only way that you will individually learn how to handle, cope, deal with all the sudden attacks that come at you out of no where in a quick succession. Once you know what your triggers are, emotional ones, than you’ll understand how these beings get at you. Figure out what your triggers are, and then when you know what they are, consciously work on overcoming them, and you’ll overcome that specific interference.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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