Ascension Symptoms In 2016: Having Emotional Triggers Activated & Just Feeling Emotional.

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Feeling Highly Emotional In 2016

As of July 2016 I can honestly say that I haven’t really experienced anything like I have at least on an emotional level like this since I was first activated back In March 2014. The days leading up to the first of the most powerful Full Moons on (July 19) for this summer, I felt continued amplified emotions and emotional states. I’m not knew to these different emotions and emotional states because feeling everything is a huge part of being a very sensitive earth being. In 2014  I was attacked daily by (TNB -Team negative Beings) and had repeated episodes of out of body experiences and even almost crossed over once entirely. In 2015 I’ve had chronic episodes of PTSD symptoms brought on by the many near death experiences I had the previous year. In 2013 I was dealing with (TNB – Team Negative Beings) both entities and real human beings, being (Controlled, used and possessed) by these entities. This was a daily occurrence. From 2008-2012 I was experiencing (Psychic attacks, dealing with negative energy, transmuting dark energy) which caused severe mental break downs on a weekly basis. So far not even that has been as bad as I have felt on an emotional level in 2016 and I’m talking about mental break downs, psychic attacks, almost being raped and death while the re-living almost dying for an entire year after it happened to me.

For most of 2016 it has felt unbelievably hard for me on an emotional level because of everything that I have gone through and the way it has made me feel. Many days I’ll feel fine and others I’ll be scraping at the bottom of the barrel just to cope. This is all normal for me and for any of you who might be feeling these Amplified Ascension Emotions at this time. It started for me right from the start of the year – being sued and then having to deal with (The Male Contractor) in court twice and his lower conscious family coming at us and attacking us in many various ways. It hasn’t be easy and its role has taken a toll on me and my energy. Its been a very strange year so far and shocking if I might add because of where we are on the AP (Ascension Process) and with where everyone else is within the separation of world(s.)

Amplified Emotional Ascension Symptoms & It’s Lower Vibrating People Who Have Been Emotionally Affecting Me, Testing me In 2016.

At the start of the new year (2016) I was feeling pressured and stressed out because of the NEW light energies that were changing me and shifting me to grow up to be honest. I had to examine some situations in my life, I had to realize I needed to take control of my path and the energies being embodied by me showed me this. Then February 2016  began and the stress shifted from the energies and growing up, to the constant family issues and being thrown into a new job out there with other people who had no idea what was going on. It really was a stressful time for me. I started a new job and had to help my family deal with the fact that they were being sued by the (Male Contractor) who distorted everything and lied in order to get more money out of them. I had to find, print and fill out a countersuit which meant lots of reading and writing an account of everything that happened from the moment we hired him to do the job he did and when he finished. It was a real bitch. By March I couldn’t stay awake anymore and In April we got slammed and I soon afterwards just couldn’t handle it anymore. Which is one of the Ascension symptoms and emotional moods I was having to work through and learn to deal with.


In 2016 I had to learn how to deal with my “Emotional Triggers” being triggered and how I was going to deal with those triggers. Was I going to cry or get angry? Was I going to give up or was I going to step up and take a stand? I had to learn to confront my reactions to the emotional attacks, to the blatant attacks against me and the family. That is pretty much how 2016 has gone for me and its definitely been a learning curve for sure. Its been especially important in how in learning how I can deal with the way these people make me feel that has been the test. We’ve all come across those types of beings who really know how to test you and to trigger anything within that lies dormant. That’s right I’m talking about the lower vibrating people in all their lower conscious glory (Lower consciousness people, demonic beings incarnated in human vessels, etheric/astral demonic beings) are who/what has been testing me all through 2016.

How to Handle These Amplified Emotional States, Moods & Symptoms

On a personal level there hasn’t been any easy way to  handle any of these Amplified Ascension emotions and states of being in 2016. I just take it one moment at a time and try my best to stay very calm about it or if I need to feel something I let myself feel that way. Being an active participant in your growth works and it helps especially if you learn how to handle certain people and situations.

How you handle your ET (Emotional Triggers) has to be how you choose to handle them. Part of evolving needs to be how you learn to cope while your personal challenges  at it’s upmost highest. What works for you? What doesn’t? How do you handle certain people who seem unstable? How do you handle yourself when your emotions are unstable? When the energy feels dense/negative how will you deal with that? Will you stay indoors and ride it out or go out and enjoy the day despite it all. Learning how to be “Source” is what being your own “Source” is about. Self learning, self independence and learning how to do things for self.

16Love & Light16

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