Being A Light-Worker In 2016: Feeling Highy Amplified Emotional Ascension Symptoms In 2016

As of (July 2016) I can honestly say that ( As a Light-Being) I haven’t really experienced anything like I have (on an emotional level) like I have in any other year/time period of my life as a Light-Worker. This latest Full Moon on (July 19th) and the days leading up to it, continued to amplify the emotional experiences I was enduring, and especially that I was having to deal with from other’s all around me.  This is a huge statement, and coming from me, because for most of (2014) I almost past on home to my dimension on a weekly basis. For all of (2015) I was confused, dazed, and was having chronic episodes of PTSD symptoms brought on by the many Near Death Experiences I was having. For all of (2013) I was dealing with (Negatively influenced beings/people at work) and was almost raped by an older man on the job. From (2008-2012) i was experiencing (Psychic attacks, negative energy, transmuting dark energy) which caused severe mental break downs on a weekly basis. So far not even that has been as bad as I have felt on an emotional level, in (2016), and i’m talking about mental break downs, psychic attacks, almost being raped, and death and the re-living of almost dying the entire year after.


For most of (2016) it has felt unbelievably hard (Emotionally) for me, because of everything that I have gone through, and the way it has made me feel. Many days i’ll be fine and I mean (Absolutely centered/balanced) then out of no where i’ll feel like i’m cracking under the pressure of every day life. It’s not uncommon for me to be feeling states of euphoria for a day or two, then have this state of depression hit me all of a sudden and it’ll linger on for days. It’s These kinds of amplified and very sudden (Emotional States) that i’m talking about, that have plagued me, and for all of 2016 it’s all been about how I’ve handled these Amplified Ascension Emotional Moods.

In (2016) right from the get go, I was being harassed and so was my family, by an unaware being (but also an incarnated demonic being) who waltzed into our lives. At the beginning of this year I was dealing with me and my family being harassed, with my family getting handed small claims court papers, and all of us being sued because of a huge distortion on this (Demonic incarnate being) part. It was a flat out attack against me and my mum from (Team Negative) a term that I use for negative etheric/astral demonic beings, incarnated demons in human vessels, and the evil reptilian’s who think they have this planet under their control. It’s been a year of dealing with my emotions, dealing with how this specific situation was effecting me, but because i’m an (Empath) I was feeling everyone else in the family emotional reactions to this all. Dealing with my emotional reactions to this blatant attack, to the events of this situation, and having to go through the process of handling everything on my own because my parents didn’t speak a lick of English. Was emotionally draining, and like trying to find my way in the middle of the ocean, in a small boat, in dense fog to the shoreline. I’d never been sued, neither did my family, and the process of filing a defence was new to all of us and the emotional reactions to this all was very new and very exhausting. Which is not easy, when me/mum are going through our individual downloads every other week, with some intense light energies.

smiley-shocked025(2016) has been shocking, but really it’s how I’ve had to handle my own emotional reactions to other people who have come into my life that I’ve been experiencing.

Amplified Emotional Ascension Symptoms & It’s Lower Vibrating People Who Have Been Emotionally Affecting Me, Testing me, In 2016.

Early on in (2016) I was feeling pressured, and stressed out, not all of it was coming from me but other members of my family. February was a stressful time for me, and I was emotionally stressed out. Which is one of the Ascension symptoms and emotional moods I was having to work through and learn to deal with.


Sometimes and a good majority of the time, it wasn’t ever me who had issues, because when i’m alone and spending time in my own space and Light-Heart i’m fine. I have no issues with myself once so ever, when ever there is something I feel I need to work on, I do it and try my best to heal what ever issue(s) that I might have. No, in (2016) it has been other people who are the “Emotional Triggers” for me, and it’s been how I deal with the way these people make me feel that has been the test. We’ve all come across those types of beings, who don’t know anything about the Ascension Process that is happening within us and on Mother Gaia. These annoying, lower vibrating shit heads, who don’t care about anyone or anything accept what they can gain/get out of any situation. These are the people still living through ego, giving into all the controlled power on this planet, who don’t vibrate anything light but who continue to spread the OLD ways of existing and being.

The lower vibrating people ( Lower consciousness people, demonic beings incarnated in human vessels, etheric/astral demonic beings) are who/what has been testing me all through 2016.

In December 2015 it really started, and they were emotionally pulling at me heavily. In February 2016 I started feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, periodic bouts of wanting to give up, do to the contractor (Incarnate demonic being) who was suing us for distorted information he claimed about the job he didn’t do for us. This lasted until April – which continued until June 2016, because he didn’t want to let go of the situation, and almost didn’t. When we finished with this situation, this (Demonic being) thing’s started feeling lighter. Until I started dealing with serious bouts of anger, rage, and annoyance in June 2016. In between each of these states of emotions, I had successful periods where I could remain “neutral” and where I could “Observe” instead of partaking in the actions outside in the world. I had days where nothing bothered me, it wasn’t about me, it was about everyone else and they’re problems, which had nothing to do with me so I could rise above and let everything remain as it was for them.

But when those emotions of fear, anger, and annoyance swept through I knew I was transmuting a lot of issues for the world, and I have never felt such highly amplified emotions. I was feeling everything and everyone in June 2016. It was the first time in years, where I had a break down, and just couldn’t handle it. I emotionally flipped out at all of the untamed energy that was running around all over the place. From all kinds of people. I know many of you (Light-Workers, Sensitive Beings, Empaths, Starseeds, Light-Pavers) were also feeling the rage out bursts from people, and were experiencing them yourself over situations in your own life that feel stressful and constricting. It seems in July 2016 people are still dealing with these emotions, and states of being, because there has been so much violence this month on a daily basis.

How to Handle These Amplified Emotional States, Moods, Symptoms

Being a Light-Worker in our world today, takes everything you got. Dealing with negative beings, negative energy, negative forms of thinking can be stressful enough. But, when your dealing with amplified states of emotions, and not handling it well, or having psychic break downs, and experiencing psychic attacks. It can leave you feeling depleted, and flailing around like a fish out of water.

There really hasn’t been a easy way to handle my amplified emotional states of being in 2016. Within my own Ascension Process, and my own personal inner growth, as a Light-Being there hasn’t been an easy way for me to handle it. I just take life one moment at a time, and try my best to stay very neutral. I try to not be affected by it all out there, by many of them out there. Light-Workers understand as well that it’s a learning curve for us all, and many people who are starting on their own Ascension Process are learning about our world right now too. Sometimes you are the only one who can teach yourself how to handle these situations, how to deal with people, and how to deal with how people are making you feel. Someone who can stand in front of you, and tell you how to handle thing’s would be a complete liar, because he/she would be telling you how he/she handles it for themselves. I’m not here to lie to you, i’m here to tell you this is your journey, this is you on your Ascension Process, how you go through it has to be how you do it.

How you handle your “Emotional Triggers” has to be how you choose to handle them. Part of evolving needs to be how you learn to cope while your vibration is at it’s upmost highest. What works for you? What doesn’t? How do you handle certain people who seem unstable? How do you handle yourself when your emotions are unstable? When the energy feels dense/negative how will you deal with that? Will you stay indoors and ride it out, or go out and enjoy the day despite it all. Learning how to be “Source” is what being your own “Source” is about. Self learning, self independence, and learning how to do thing’s for yourself.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hc Copyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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