Being A Light-Worker: Feeling More (Alone) in 2016, While Living Fully In The New 5D Earth.


I cannot believe how fast (2016) is forging ahead. It feels just like yesterday it was January, and we were taking those energetic leaps then. Looking back at that time I wish that I knew just how much more isolated I was going to feel in the now moment. As (2016) has been one of the most isolating, lonely, and hard years I’ve ever experienced. Which is the main topic of my article for today, and as a (Light Paver & Light-Teacher) I feel strongly now that many Light-Workers on the Ascension Path, can benefit from reading my own personal experiences of the loneliness that I have felt in (2016). I know many of you Light-Worker Forerunners reading this have been experiencing more loneliness during this year. Which is why I feel the need to bring this up in the now moment, because it’s so important to have an open dialogue, about how alone in our 5D timeline and NEW earth we are in right now.

Increased Loneliness In July 2016

crying A few days before the (July 19 Full Moon) I experienced another level of intense Ascension (Moods And State Of Being) which took the form of sadness, and loneliness. This was certainly something that came out of no where, and I wasn’t expecting to be feeling highly amplified emotional feeling’s like this at all. The thing is I already “feel” this on a daily basis, and I understand that many Light-Workers do feel alone like I do as well. However if you’ve suddenly been feeling amplified feeling’s of more and more loneliness, in the past few days so have I. Don’t worry about whether or not your the only one this is happening too, because it’s happening to everyone who is embracing their Ascension Process.

Because we have been living fully through our hearts, from the NEW, from the 5D way of being and existing. It doesn’t always mean everyone else in the world is. Many people aren’t fully conscious of the fact that their is an Ascension Process going on, but when it’s time for them to, they will join us in their own time. Part of the reason that I’ve been experiencing more and more loneliness, feeling more alone in this whole thing, and more alone in all of 2016, is because i’m doing the hard work while waiting for many to begin their own Ascension Process. There have been many times, many situations, many incidences where I have been left out of thing’s, not purposely by other’s. It’s not a bad/good thing it’s a “It just is thing” certain people attract certain people, certain energy attracts like minded energy. I’ve experienced a lot of blockages in my daily life, between myself and people, and the only way I’ve handled this was to realize it wasn’t anything personal. Each of us is on our own path, and yes destiny always leads us in the right direction.

At other times I’ve become aware that i’m emotionally (Feeling Alone) and physically am (Being Alone) because it’s part of being on my path. (Light-Workers) it’s important to know that we are individually on our own paths, we are individually here to grow, we are individually here to experience, and we are individually here to be ourselves. While the path might feel unbelievably lonely, and oh wow has it felt so freaking lonely for many of us through out our entire lives. It’s all part of it, the grand scheme of thing’s, the bigger picture, don’t let the loneliness get to you, embrace it. Own who you are, where you are, and the loneliness will turn to self empowerment, and honest belief in ones self, and ones abilities.

Talking To No One For Days & Only Speaking To My Spirit Team Or Myself

gen152Something that has happened to me quite frequently since (2015) has been that I have been much more increasingly isolated from people, places, and thing’s. It’s as if i’m no longer on this earth, and no-one knows that I exist, accept (Team Negative) beings. It has been a big part of my experience as a (Light-Worker) and continues to be until this day. I’ve been living in the NEW, and because I’ve been living in the NEW, and the NEW 5D earth and timeline, many people who aren’t there yet aren’t around. If your experiencing this as well Forerunners of the Forerunners, understand it has to do with you continuing to create this timeline and 5D earth right now. It needs to first be created by the forerunners as I like to call them (Light-Pavers) now, so that the rest of humanity can join in when it’s time.

Because there aren’t many people in this NEW 5D way of being, in this timeline, I’ve also been experiencing more communication with many of the higher Light beings who exist in the same space with me. I have telepathic communication with my own spirit team, who are here guiding me, and some days they are the only beings that I speak to. I’ve felt that isolated, it’s been that isolating, I’ve been that physically alone. While it’s nice to commune with the Higher Angelic beings, it still means that in physicality on earth, that I am still alone in the physical here. That’s been hard, especially with how I deal with it.

The last thing that I need to mention, and i’m sure that many of you (Light-Workers) might have also been experiencing the same thing. I have had more increased conversations with my self, I speak to myself quite a lot, and this started happening for me in (2015). It’s just that i’m speaking with my higher self a lot of the time, and when I speak out loud to him, it helps me understand where I am within my own Ascension Process. This is not a crazy thing, it’s just a higher awareness thing, and higher ability thing. We’re speaking to our multidimensional selves, other aspect(s) of ourselves, that may have remained in the Home Dimension we left behind. It’s about getting in touch with aspects of ourselves we left behind, but that one day while living our incarnated lives, we needed to integrate those aspect(s) into ourselves.

As a (Light-Teacher) I know how hard it has been for myself, going through what I go through, but part of teaching for me is to bring up/out the many unknowns. The many challenging and higher situations, events, emotions, physical signs that other (Light-Workers) are experiencing in the now 2016 moment. Because it’s what i’ve experienced. For many the feeling of loneliness has been a big issue, for many being alone has been the way, for many being the outcast has felt like a painful burden to have to endure. Remember that your a forerunner, a (Light-Paver), and that what you illuminate will make it easier for other’s to join in and be illuminated within themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Being A Light-Worker: Feeling More (Alone) in 2016, While Living Fully In The New 5D Earth.

  1. Janell August 4, 2016 / 12:50 am

    Wow. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. It’s such a feeling of relief to know and understand that I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’ve been researching to understand and that is how I came across this article. Grateful for Divine intervention as it is exactly what I needed to hear! The loneliness has become nearly unbearable to the point that I feel I can almost no longer exist. Mostly, because I’m such an empathic person and need interaction with others but feel like I’m operating at a higher level of awareness and wisdom/understanding that many others cannot relate to what I’m experiencing. This is one reason why the loneliness sets in. Thanks again and much love from one light-worker to another! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock August 4, 2016 / 9:26 am


      I do understand exactly what you wrote. I have also felt this way, more as I move on my own path. I’m glad you could find some thing that resonates with you.

      Your welcome, from one Light-Worker To Another.


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