Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: The Feeling Of Being Alone & Enduring Loneliness In The New 5D World.

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Ascension Symptom Of Feeling Increasingly Alone

Because July 2016 has been absolutely NEW in so many ways and I do mean in brand NEW ways I’d like to talk about some of the evolutionary changes that I’m feeling, seeing and experiencing around me at the current moment.

One of the topics or subjects that I feel the need to write about on DLP (Divine Light Phases) is so important because it’s more than just an Ascension Symptom. Its a real tangible feeling that I’ve been experiencing and I know that many more of the forerunners of the forerunners who have been on the AP (Ascension Process) for decades have been feeling this certain feeling manifest within the reality they live in. The Symptom or for better term (manifestation) that I’ve been feeling has been “The feeling of being alone and isolated from the rest of humanity.” For all of July 2016 I have felt (Extremely alone, Very isolated, I barely see anyone even when I’m outside in the world, Separated from family and lastly like I’m sometimes not existing in the same world as the rest of humanity.” Now this is obviously more of the 5D bleeding through, because if your also feeling this way I want you to understand that this is happening because of the fact that we’re in a completely different world reality. In 2016 there are multiple timelines and world(s) that have taken form. They have manifested for a better term of words. There is Earth One (Which involves the forerunners who are creating the 5D earth) Earth Two (Where there are many people in humanity who are just starting to understand what’s happening at this time) and Earth Three ( The descending world and the people who live and exist in that timeline and or world reality.

The Separation of World(s) & Why The Forerunners Have Felt So Alone

I’ve mentioned TSOW (The Separation of Worlds) already in this article and how many people are living in various timelines, realities and world realities. Part of what’s happening in July 2016 has a lot to do with these different worlds and earth realities that people are living and existing in and from.

Personally speaking I’ve known that I’ve been living and existing in Earth One – Where (Everything is of the highest frequency energy) and the work that I’ve been personally doing has been to expand this earth timeline so that more people can also live and exist within the highest frequency. I’ve had to come to understand why I’ve felt alone because Ascension symptoms are just that symptoms of the reality you are existing in. In Earth One we are so far ahead of the game that only a few people exist within this 5D world reality and timeline. If your aware that you are existing in Earth One than the isolation, the loneliness and massive separation is due because your existing in this timeline and world. While everyone else is existing in either Earth Two and for many others Earth Three. This has been a huge issue for me and at times I’ve not known how to handle the amount of time and space that I’ve been given, until I experience some horror or nightmare with another person who’s still living and existing in Earth Two or Three and then I understand why I’ve been given all this time for myself. Because its where I’m suppose to be and also it keeps me away from the majority on Earth Two and Earth Three.

If your struggling with the same issues, feelings, manifestations of embodying more of the NEW 5D energies at this current time. Don’t worry because your not alone and your also not in this thing by yourself. Sometimes these feelings and symptoms of existing in the highest earth reality and timeline can be pulverizing but other times it can be a real blessing. Rest easy, self care and self love because in these times its about to get more real and honest out there.

16Love & Light16

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2 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: The Feeling Of Being Alone & Enduring Loneliness In The New 5D World.

  1. Janell August 4, 2016 / 12:50 am

    Wow. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. It’s such a feeling of relief to know and understand that I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’ve been researching to understand and that is how I came across this article. Grateful for Divine intervention as it is exactly what I needed to hear! The loneliness has become nearly unbearable to the point that I feel I can almost no longer exist. Mostly, because I’m such an empathic person and need interaction with others but feel like I’m operating at a higher level of awareness and wisdom/understanding that many others cannot relate to what I’m experiencing. This is one reason why the loneliness sets in. Thanks again and much love from one light-worker to another! ❤

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    • mikeymurdock August 4, 2016 / 9:26 am


      I do understand exactly what you wrote. I have also felt this way, more as I move on my own path. I’m glad you could find some thing that resonates with you.

      Your welcome, from one Light-Worker To Another.


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