Higher Light Abilities In 2016: Having Enhanced Telepathic Communication With Angelic Light Beings In 2016

gen152 Knock, Knock who’s there? Oh that’s right the Angelic Light Beings, that’s who. This is a very important article that I have wanted to write about, not just as a (Light-Teacher,) but because of me needing to share what’s been going on now in 2016, and with my own abilities. What’s been going on with other’s and their own (Spiritual gifts, tools, abilities, communication methods, etc.) It’s just that important what’s going on for many of us, and always will be beyond 2016, because it will be the way of life on earth in the future to come.

The first thing that I know many of the Newbie Light-Workers reading this will say is (What is telepathic communication?) and what does he mean by having Higher Light Abilities? Those who have been Light- Pavers for years understand what I mean. For the newbies reading this who have just raised their frequency exceptionally high, and have become activated. Having telepathic abilities/communication (Telepathy, Psychic, Clairvoyant) abilities/communication, is a form of a psychic tool/gift we each have in communicating with beings from the light. I’ve been aware of this gift for years, and have always been able to communicate with my (Guardian Angel, spirit guides, Angelic beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and beings who have crossed over and returned home to the spirit world.) This has been my life for the past few years, and the early years were just strange, especially with some of the more darker aspects that I have experienced, that has come at me from other’s who were surrounding themselves around me.

In 2016 as we move ahead closer to the September energies, which will bring about more alignment within ourselves individually. It is important for those Light-Workers who don’t yet realize that telepathically communicating from their minds to other beings is very normal. Why is it normal? It’s part of our way of being/communicating  back home in the Spirit World. On earth we speak with mouths and in tongues, at home we speak through our consciousness. It’s not like here where we speak, we hear the voice, and it’s coming from the person’s mouth. Back home in the world of spirit, we speak but there is no mouth moving, light communicates without needing a voice/mouth. it’s our consciousness that you communicate from, and it’s always how it will be.

The Angelic Light Beings, Ancestors, In The Court Room

smileys-court-895145I want to share this specific event that happened in my life, in June 2016, not because it was agonizing having to experience being sued by (Team Negative) beings along with my family. However, because it’s exactly the kind of higher way of being, communicating that I have been experiencing in 2016 and for much of 2015 as well. I sometimes wonder why I go through the polarized experiences that I do, but then I realize, it’s specifically for moments like these where i’ll need to write about what I experienced and why it’s so important that I do experience them. To help other’s understand what’s going on.

I wrote about being sued in my earlier articles of this year, so I don’t feel the need to bring the actual events up again on this one. That’s in the past and that’s where i’d like to keep it. But the events i’m needing to share are the aspects of the telepathic communication that I had experienced with these beings of the light. Communication I had experienced on the day we went to court, because it was so blessed, it was so divine, and it was so light.

As I sat waiting for my mother and father to emerge from the court room, my heart was pounding, racing like I was in slow motion, just trying to catch up to myself in real time. I sat in a long hallway, on a hard uncomfortable bench, not a pillow in sight to ease my exhausted body. Every once in a while the sight of white energy would fly by me, through the door, stopping right in front of me. Sometimes hovering just above me, so i’d have to turn my gaze upwards to catch a glance of this white shadow. Familiar shadows, light shadows, angelics who we’re there to comfort me.”

They are alright ‘One would say.’ In an effort to ease my discomfort. You have to understand as a very sensitive being myself, feeling the energy in there was unpleasant. People angry, unhappy, saddened, and fighting with one another. Over feeling wronged, other’s over money, some were victims, other’s were latched onto by demons on orders from the dark forces themselves. It’s not a pretty place to be in, all handled by the system, the system that doesn’t give a damn about anyone.”

On the inside was a different sight all together, because I am clairvoyant I could see two worlds in one place and space. One scene is the court room, the judge, the plaintiffs, the defendants, and the court reporter. Speaking, sometimes yelling can be heard. The second scene, in the same space, were angelics, ancestors, spirit guides, a few demons on (The plaintiffs) part. Both worlds in one place/space,  frightening scene to see to be quite honest. Both sides with different agendas. Visions of light being’s entered my mind, clairvoyantly I could see the support they were giving to my parents on this day. The most horrifying part was the negative demons I could see supporting, the (Demon contractor). What a sight to see”

Every once in a while they would speak to me “Remain calm, it will be fine” then they would tell me what wass going on. “The truth is coming out, the judge looks horrified” it was like the world stopped, and all that was important, was me and the situation unfolding within both worlds. They all came out, a decision needed to be made, and when it was back inside both parties went. The agreement was final, payment was issued but not in full (Much to the anger of the contractor). Both sides involved, however the light was not willing to help the dark side in any way. There was a solid response from the light beings to the dark beings “It’s time for you to take responsibility, you will not receive full payment” for which the dark side was not happy to hear. Which the contractor was not happy to hear. The timeline I worked hard on ending, had finally ended. That monster who plagued us for nine months was out of my life for good. He was out of our lives for good”

As soon as it was all over, the wonderful angelic beings who were flying around me disappeared, the beings of light in the courtroom who were in the same space were gone, and it felt like it had never happened by the time it was all over and done with. Communication has since resumed, however what was important was that my higher abilities sprung forward, with amazing results. I was having a wonderful moment because of my enhanced abilities, and in 2016 it’s been marvelous. This is so important in 2016, and I can sit here and write about how the world is crazy, distorted, demons are everywhere, hate is spreading, but the world needs positivity right now more than anything else. The wonderful psychic, clairvoyant, and telepathic experiences and situations I find myself in as of late are really beautiful thing’s that many are experiencing in this time. It’s worth talking about, it’s worth a mention, it’s worth putting our energy into, because there’s more than enough of the negative going on.”

Straight From The Heart

My higher abilities, acf9abc9c1678cf4f1703e4a8541995d3nd Light-Worker tools that I have that has helped me on this planet, the feeling that i have experienced when I do communicate it is pure love. When i communicate to these beings of light, and when i receive communication from them it’s all love and loving. There is no restriction, there is no sense of negativity, there are no harsh words said or expressed. One thing that I will say, about having telepathic communication, or seeing beings from the light clairvoyantly, is that it all comes straight from the heart center. The center of our soul, where the light shines the brightest. There is no other way to describe how I feel, how I know they feel, when we commune other than what is being said is coming from the center of our very souls where love is all that there is.

We are living in a wonderful time period, as much as we like to go on about how much negativity there is out there, about how so many people just don’t get it yet, how the physical bodily symptoms just wreck us. Don’t forget that there is real progress going on down here, there is real light down here, there is real love, and real honest experiences from so many of us Light-Workers that makes me believe that the 5D timeline is alive and many of us are living in it right now. Embrace your many enhancing and growing tools/gifts, because the world seriously needs us to continue as we move forward into this shift into a new age of being on this planet.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.



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