Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: En -hanced Telepathic Communication With Angelic Light Beings.

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What Is Telepathy & telepathic Communication?

The topic that I want to write for this article which I’ve wanted to write about on (Divine Light Phases) for quite some time now is a very important one. It seems like the best opportunity to write about this now because of the Ascension Process and how advanced the forerunners of the forerunners have become right now in this time. Telepathy and Telepathic communication. This topic and subject hasn’t been really talked about and I haven’t stumbled upon it online when I’ve searched and searched for it. Lately I’ve been having more increased telepathic experiences in 2016 and I thought and felt that I needed to bring this up and out because many others might be having similar experiences. I know for many who might be reading this as well as those who might be reading it in the future, it can be hard to understand what I’m even talking about. However, try your best and if the information doesn’t go through for you the first time re-read it as many times as you like.

What is Telepathy? and what does it mean to Telepathically Communicate? Telepathy is the ability to communicate through the mind to another being or multiple beings. Telepathically communicating means that you are in the process of communicating via your conscious mind, conscious thoughts and conscious ideas to another being and this being is reciprocating similar ideas, thoughts and emotions back to you. In 2016 I’ve experienced this greatly and this specific Ascension symptom (as a ascension symptom can easily be a symptom of evolution as well as a physical pain) has been one that has enhanced, grown and strengthened in occurrence. Those (Forerunners) who have been on the AP (Ascension Process) for years now understand what I’m talking about. For those new to the Ascension process reading this who have just raised their frequency exceptionally high and have become activated. Now you understand this phenomena as well. Having telepathic abilities/communication tends to happen when your a (Psychic, Clairvoyant) who has these abilities/communication(s.) This is a psychic tool/gift we each have in communicating with beings from the light. I’ve been aware of this ability/tool for years within myself and have had slight telepathic communication between myself and Higher Dimensional Beings. In 2016 they aren’t slight communications anymore, they’re full on conversations that I’m having to my higher Light contacts. This has been my life for the past few years and the early years were just strange, especially with some of the more darker and negative aspects that I’ve experienced with this ability.

In 2016 as we get closer to the September 2016 energies Its important for those who are new to this process to understand that telepathically communicating from their minds to other beings is very normal. It’ll be happening to many more people once we approach the (999 Portal) and beyond that timeline. Why is it normal? It’s part of our way of communicating with those in the Spirit World. In 3D physicality we speak with our mouth and our tongue. In 5D we communicate via telepathy and telepathic communication. It’s not like here where when we speak we hear the sound of the other person’s voice. In spirit and in the world of spirit we speak but its all thoughts, ideas and our consciousness moving and doing all of the talking. Light communicates without needing a voice/mouth. It can also communicate through scent as well. So, things are different with telepathy and telepathic communication. This is more of the NEW that is showing up because the old ways are slowly going away. Expect more of those in humanity to be asking certain questions about these psychic gifts/tools. If you find yourself experiencing these forms of higher abilities, don’t worry but try to understand that this is another form that is available to you and those in humanity.

The Angelic Light Beings In the Courtroom & (TNB – Team Negative Beings)

smileys-court-895145I want to share a specific event that happened to me in my life just around the Summer solstice this past June. I’ve written about the repeated attacks against me by the countless parade of PP (Portal People) before many times in a few of my previous articles. As you know being a lit light in the world can attract some serious dark entities, beings, and human negative beings which has happened to me on/off since even before my AP (Ascension Process) even began for me. I’ve spoken about (The Male Contractor) here at (Divine Light Phases) before, the one who sued me and my family up/down while distorting the truth about being able to do his job which he didn’t know how to do. Which the judge found out plus a few other details – to which he was found out, caught out and which left him absolutely embarrassed and humiliated. Excuse me while I jump up and down dancing while laughing hysterically. Getting back to my point – because the topic of this article is telepathy and being able to telepathically  communicate. I need to write about something that happened to me personally on the day we showed up to small claims court to deal with this bozo that’s important enough for me to mention here.  It’ll help others understand what’s going on in 2016 with these higher abilities.

Here is the telepathic communication I experienced in full detail on the day of court while waiting outside to hear the judges decision from my parents.

The Telepathic Events In Court

As I sat waiting for my mother and father to emerge from the court room, my heart was pounding, racing like I was in slow motion. I sat in a long hallway, on a hard uncomfortable bench, on the right side of the doors entering into the court room. Every once in a while the sight of white energy would fly by me, through the door, stopping right in front of me. Sometimes hovering just above me, so I’d have to turn my gaze upwards to catch a glance of the white shadow(s) around me. Familiar shadows, light shadows, angelics who we’re there to comfort me. Then one of them communicated with me.”

They are alright” One said. In an effort to ease my discomfort.

You have to understand as a very sensitive being myself, feeling the energy in there was unpleasant. I felt my parents and the male contractor and they were angry, unhappy, saddened and fighting with one another. Over feeling wronged, him over wanting his money and being greedy. Some were victims, other’s were latched onto by demons on orders from the dark forces themselves. It’s not a pretty place to be in, all handled by the system, the system that doesn’t give a damn about anyone.”

On the inside it was a different sight all together, because I am clairvoyant I could see two worlds in one place and space. The first sight  was the court room, the judge, the plaintiffs, the defendants and the court reporter. Speaking, sometimes yelling could be heard. The second sight was in the same space, they were angelics, my ancestors, spirit guides, a few demons on (The plaintiffs) part. Both worlds in one place/space,  frightening scene to see to be quite honest. Both sides with different agendas. Visions of light being’s entered my mind, clairvoyantly I could see the support they were giving  my parents in the moment. The most horrifying part was the negative demons I could see supporting, the (Male contractor). What a sight to see.”

Every once in a while they would speak to me “Remain calm, it will be fine” 

Then they would tell me what was going on. “The truth is coming out, the judge looks horrified” it was like the world stopped and all that was important was me and the situation unfolding within both worlds.

They finally came out, a decision needed to be made and when it was they all went back inside. The agreement was final, payment was issued but not in full (Much to the anger of the contractor). There was a solid response from the light beings to the dark beings “It’s time for you to take responsibility, you will not receive full payment” for which the dark side was not happy to hear. Which the contractor was not happy to hear. The timeline I worked hard on ending, had finally ended. That monster who plagued us for nine months was out of our life for good.”

As soon as it was all over, the wonderful angelic beings who were flying around me disappeared, the beings of light in the courtroom who were in the same space were gone,and it felt like it had never happened by the time it was all over and done with. Communication has since resumed, however what was important was that my higher abilities sprung forward with amazing results. I was having a wonderful moment because of my enhanced abilities and in 2016 it’s been marvelous. This is so important in 2016 and I can sit here and write about how the world is crazy, distorted, demons are everywhere, hate is spreading, but the world needs positivity right now more than anything else. The wonderful psychic, clairvoyant and telepathic experiences and situations I find myself in as of late are really beautiful thing’s that many are experiencing in this time. It’s worth talking about, it’s worth a mention, it’s worth putting our energy into, because there’s more than enough of the negative going on.”

Straight From The Heart

My higher abilities and tools that I have has helped me on, the feeling that I have experienced when I do communicate is pure love. When I communicate to these beings of light  and when I receive communication from them it’s all love and loving. There is no restriction, there is no sense of negativity, there are no harsh words said or expressed. One thing that I will say about having telepathic communication or seeing beings from the light clairvoyantly, is that it all comes straight from the heart center. The center of our soul, where the light shines the brightest. There is no other way to describe how I feel, how I know they feel, when we commune other then what is being said by them to me is coming from a place of love.

Embrace your many enhancing and growing tools/gifts because the world seriously needs us to continue as we move forward into this shift into a new age of being on this planet.

16Love & Light16

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