To Light-Workers: Important Dates To know, As We Get Closer To The Third Wave In 2016.

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Important Date For light-Workers In 2016

The search term you see above in the article is just one of the search term(s) – word(s) that i have received on my search engine in the last few weeks or so on Divine Light Phases. Important Dates for Light-Workers in 2016.” I’m bringing this up now because i think a lot of Light-Workers are needing some serious answers about what’s going on right now in 2016. I know many are fed up, exhausted, tired and wondering if it all means anything at this point. It’s important for many of us to know what is going on, but also when there may be big energy events happening. Now I just want every one to be very (Aware, To Discern, Be Fully Conscious) at this time. There are always people saying one thing and then nothing even happens. This is going to happen where people believe that certain events will definitely be happening on that certain day so be prepared if it doesn’t happen. I’ve listened to those people in the past as well and I was let down when it happened, then i stopped and of course started discerning for myself. Do you want to know something? I feel more connected with the energy around me, the universe, the light, because i’m doing it for me. That’s what evolution is about, being able to grow into a being who can know/do for self instead of running to others for answers. Sometimes certain dates/events happen and sometimes it never happens. A certain event/date could happen a month or two down the line. That’s because time is very different down here, than it is from the vantage point of the higher realms, where time doesn’t exist at all like it does here.

The only true thing is that things happen for a reason, these thing’s have a higher purpose behind it and they happen in there own time. They happen in the right time for it to happen. Regardless of what month, year, day it is down here in 3D time where we live. The divine plan is working itself out according to how we all helped create it a long time ago.

Today i’m going to give a few dates that I’ve been psychically aware of and know for certain that are important for humanity because of the shift that will occur in consciousness. These dates maybe definite or they can either happen three days before, or 5 days after the dates. As it usually is and as I’ve always understood it, Light-Waves happen either a few days before or after whenever I have psychically sensed a change in energy. As a Psychic I don’t deal in specific events that are yet to happen on earth and  while I do get glimpses, the timelines are always changing in this time we live in so nothing is ever concrete. Certain events they’re just possibilities. These possibilities are always subject to change, either by an act of kindness or an act of selfishness dished out by the ego. Nothing is ever certain but if it’s destiny, it’ll always happen and sometimes even with destiny you have to make sure you work hard at getting rid of any interfering energy that prevents your destiny from happening.

Important Light Energy Dates For August – September 2016

As August has started off to a very physically intense and painful start for me, as I’m sure4517396 many of you (Light-Workers and Light Pavers) have been feeling the same lately. It’s all due to the Lions-Gate Portal which opened at the end of July. This portal will close on the 13th of August, but with the (Almost Lunar Eclipse ) on Aug 18th. The energy can persist on and I have sensed one portal closing and another light-wave reaching us in physicality. I’ll be writing extensively about the Lions-Gate Portal, including some of the symptoms that I have been feeling as I know many have felt it and aren’t sure why this is happening for us collectively right now. So without further do, here are some for the important energetic days, dates, times, timelines that I’ve sensed was going to impact humanity on a soul and conscious level

  • July 27th-Aug 13th: Lions Gate Portal – This Portal is a two week portal where important light energy downloads take place. Which is why so many have been experiencing many physical pains/symptoms.
  • The 8th (9-9) Aug 9th Portal/Gateway: – This is the 8th (9-9) portal/gateway opening Which is happening during the Lions gate portal opening. It’s been feeling intense, and I know on a psychic level that it’s happened a few days prior to the 9th of this month.
  • The (Almost)  Lunar eclipse Aug 18th: – This Full Moon is another Light-Wave which will coincide with the end of the Lions Gate portal.
  • Early Light – Wave Download Aug 24-31: – Because there is annular Solar Eclipse on Sep 1st. Many forerunners of the forerunners will feel the Light-Wave before the actual date of the eclipse. This is another Light-wave that will begin to usher in the shift into the fall trimester.
  • Sep 1st Annular Solar Eclipse: – Some Light-Workers will feel this wave a week before the event, and the rest of humanity will follow.
  • The 9-9-9 Portal/Gateway of Completion – This is the final portal of 2016, I’ve written about all of the 9 portals individually, and they were stepping stones for what will happen in 2017. This is a huge shift, and many people will feel the energy coming in on this day, and many during this frequency shift will not remain here. Expect many deaths/ and crossing overs from those beloved light-beings who were musicians, writers, actors, or just people who you know. Family, friends, family of friends, friends of friends who will return back to home dimension and the light.
  • Sep 16th Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse: – With a week before the Fall Equinox light wave and energies, which will align us more with are true selves. This is a light wave which will enhance the energies of completion, and the ending of the 9 year cycle that started from 2008- 2016. It will push us to move on, forward into the new cycle, and by now we should have shed our skin, and grew new skin, as we journey on our next 9 years of our life.
  • Sep 22nd The Fall Equinox: – This will be another energetic Light-Wave day. We will enter a new frequency. We will feel a lot more lighter, less restricted, and the new will be revealed to us individually. This is another energetic pushing through to the New day.

These are the dates, the Light-Waves, the energy that on a psychic level that I have sensed. Some of these dates I’ve been feeling more strongly than others and for much longer. The (999) Portal/gateway Opening into a New Frequency on September 9, 2016, I’ve been feeling since March of this year. So it’s all been about how the energy has felt to me. From what I have sensed all last month in (July) is that , (August) and (September) are going to be real challenging months for many on a physical level. Please be aware of these dates, these energies and know that your integrating them into you. We’re the portals and the Light must shine through us, but sometimes it’s very painful being the holder of light.

16Love & Light16

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