To All Light-Workers: The 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Of 2016 & The Current Onslaught Of Ascension Symptom’s Part 1

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Since the start of July 2016 i have felt more physical discomfort, and emotional loneliness which has hung around until this very day, and it doesn’t seem like these Ascension Symptoms and States of being will be leaving any time soon either. It’s being  brought on by the light integrations, being brought up into me, enhanced by and now especially since the end of the month of July (July 27th) to be exact and onwards. I have been dealing with enhanced integrations of the light energy coming into my body. Which intensifies these symptoms both physical and emotional.

Since (July 27th) i’ve been experiencing more and more of these energy downloads, these New code activations, more new higher information downloads, and because of everything that is happening to me it’s bringing up the aspect(s) within my outer/inner physical body that are in pain up and out to the surface to be healed and transmuted. It’s always been how it will always be, until we as individuals reach full completion, and find ourselves having integrated our lower self and our higher self into our physical body. Reaching perfect harmony and balance. What’s been bringing up these intense emotional feeling’s, these strong physical hurts and aches, strong intense memories and pain from past events in this lifetime and other’s? The new code activations that I have been receiving via the Lions-Gate Portal/Gateway opening. All of you (Light-Pavers) after reading this article entry, will know fully well how I’ve been feeling, and will know exactly how physically tired I am, because your all living through the same thing(s). It’s not fun, it’s not easy either, but believe me it’s worth it, just a reminder for those who are currently going through a phase where they hate it, and have had enough. I’ve been there, i’ve done that, so has almost everyone reading this.

It’s unbelievably worth it, (To be absolute christed Crystalline beings) you better believe it is. Don’t let (Demonic mind dwellers) make you think otherwise. The light your letting into your portal body, the healing your doing Inner/outer, the very fact that you are alive on this earth, walking around, is making a complete difference. So keep doing what your doing, giving into the “Fear” is an absolute waste of time, I’ve done it, and it accomplishes nothing but keeping your frequency down. Making you an easy target. You have to lift yourself up now, in the 2016 moment, because no-body is going to do it for you or me.

The 8:8 Lions-Gate Portal/Gateway opening is downloading us with new light, new love, new information that we now need to know through the Sirian beings of the 6th Dimension. Whatever we as individuals integrate, is for us alone to know, but because we are doing it individually, it will help us to connect more as a unified collective. Dealing with our own personal issues, and “Emotional Triggers“, will give room for other’s who will begin the Ascension path soon in the future to work on their own issues that need healing. It’s been an intense time since July 27th and into the start of August. However the climax of this energy will happen on two dates that are going to act as one big final last scene. The first is (8-8-9) and the second is (8-9-9). The sirian beings of the 6th Dimension know how far along we are on this Ascension process, and they continue year after year, during the same time period and help us by working with source/Creator to send more information, new blueprints, new codes, more light. We’re not alone in this thing, as hard as that is to imagine, because it’s so freaking easy to be all alone physically in our own spaces, and see no -one, have no-one to speak to who is on the same level of frequency as we are, who knows the same kinds of information that we do. To be able to speak to many other people about it, because they’re not here in 5D yet where we’re at. I know “Your not alone” for many of you (Light-Workers), is easier to be said to you by someone, than it is to be felt by oneself. So it’s not hard to feel alone, and believe that we are alone. However that’s far from the truth.

During these two day periods, don’t just feel the energy, see the visions that are coming through your mind at this time. What are the 6D Sirian beings downloading into you personally? What information are you receiving from them about how to proceed on? For me it’s been ” A lot of personal memories, about Lion like beings, race of lion people, their home planet, and being part of this specific planet at one point in my own existence” aside from that. The re-occurring thought’s coming into my head lately have been of  transitioning, I’ve been getting and thinking a lot about this very sentence “Get ready for a transition like never before, it will push you towards greater completion.” It’s been really enlightening, and it’s been amazing that while physically i’m feeling like every piece of me is falling apart, it’s been profoundly interesting how the visions of new information have been helping me get along, because they’re so NEW and amazing. Focus on your visions (Light-Workers).

Memories Being Brought Up Via The Lions Gate Portal Opening July 27-Aug 12

The thing about these portals/openings when ever they happen, as they happen for me, I always find myself being hit extremely hard with light energy coming into my (Crown chakra) and my (Third Eye Chakra). When this begins to happen to me, it’ll activate new cellular memories that were dormant. I’ll remember thing’s from my past, here on earth as other people who I’ve incarnated as, i’ll remember different planets, and different races of beings, and it’s all so fascinating and yet so NEW. Meanwhile it’s very much OLD because it’s happened already, and I’ve already known this, but because i’m me in this lifetime i’m having to re- remember it all.

I want to share a specific vision I received on August 6th at around 3.30pm. I feel that it’s important to share this with anyone who might also be seeing, experiencing similar visions of other races, other planets, or just other people that they once have been.

In this  vision I see a moon that is bright as can be, it’s illuminating in the night’s sky, and it’s so bright that it looks like it’s actually day. It’s not this planet, it’s a different planet, that has big trees, ones that are unique, similar to palm trees, but not palm trees at all. In the distance are temples, but greater, taller,  structures, with pillars, all white. They look transparent, with roads, made with white crystal stones, leading up the pathway to the entrance. There Is a big spherical pattern, and the temple sits right in the middle of it.

I saw two Lion Beings/People, walking, stopping, then staring at the Moon. They were magnificent beings, tall, around 7ft tall. Hair flowing down their faces, feline features, eyes piercing green. Clothing, white garments flowing down, with unknown patterns on it. They radiated pure love, and there was harmony on their planet unlike on here. The temple itself was very important, and almost every single being was going in there, I believe it was a temple of Light.

 This was my vision, about the Lion race of beings, that i received. It was short, simple, but it was a big important vision for me. While I didn’t receive a name for these lion beings, or this lion race, i’m sure in time i’ll be given the information via a information download by the Sirian beings of the 6th Dimension.

Ascension Physical Pains & The July 27-Aug 12 Lions Gate Portal/Gateway Opening Part 1

Because I’ve yet to write about the second part of this two day event, The 8-9-9 Light Wave Portal/Gateway opening. I won’t be writing down all of the Ascension Symptoms that I have been feeling since (July 27th). The other half will go on the second part of this other article entirely.

To start thing’s off Kundalini Rising & Aching Legs And Feet : This has been happening on/off for almost two weeks now. My legs will pulsate, my feet will throb, energy will be running up/down, going where it needs to go. Then the heat will come on full throttle, it’s happening to me right now. The weakness that i’m feeling in them as well, is really making it hard to stand for very long, and it seems to get worse when I lay down. Since my Ascension Process began physically for me in march 2014, I have not been able  to lay down, sit down, or relax without feeling this uncomfortable Kundalini rising/heat. Right from my lower back/spine downwards, it’s like half of me is stuck in the oven, while the other half of me sits there and watches.

Ear Ringing: I ring through my ears so much I don’t need an alarm clock to wake me up anymore. It get’s worse, and louder during portals, important light waves, when they come through. I’ve gotten used to this one, and I actually like it. The buzzing has been another aspect of this ear ringing, sometimes i’ll here a whoosh sound, and clicking, chimes, clicking. I know many wonderful beings are communicating, but lately I’ve been having to just hear it, rather than communicate with them.

Feeling Like Your Having A Heart Attack: This is one of those symptoms that I don’t like, at all, which I’ve been experiencing more of. It’ll feel like your about to have a heart attack – for those who feel this, who are confused about it, this isn’t a heart attack. This is energy moving around, past, towards, and or into the center of your Heart Chakra. For those who don’t experience, it’s like tiny small sharp pains in your chest near your heart chakra. I’ve been caught off guard with this one, and the only way I’ve dealt with this is to remind myself that “yes, Mikey your feeling the energy moving in there, no your left arm does not hurt, yes you can speak, and no it won’t last forever. So just let it pass” it’s easier said than done. My goodness, these are the kinds of symptoms that really test you, and your ability to keep your fear in check.

Bursts Of Anger Like My Personal Freedom is Being Taken From Me: This is an emotional symptom of anger/disgust, at those around me who it feels like are trying to control me or take away my freedom from me. This is just something that I’ve had to learn to deal with, and learn how to be adult about it. Not everyone might be feeling this, but I’ve had to learn to cope with being told what to do at times, and then learn to say “Okay hey, I’ve had enough, just stop”. Controlling my temper at those who don’t yet know, who act through the ego, has been a lesson that I have had to learn to cope with.

The Unhinged Have Become More Unhinged: A huge learning lesson for me has been, learning how to adapt, deal with, handle quietly, those kinds of people who are not only unhinged, but that are becoming more emotionally unstable by the second. I tell myself “Mikey, they’re unknowingly on their Ascension Process as well, the energies are making them a little bit unstable is all” but I don’t say nothing to no-body. It’s bad enough i’m spinning around like a ballerina giving my last performance before the curtain closes. I can’t help those people find inner balance, because it’s ones own job to find balance and to feel centered. I can’t keep people in check with themselves, I have to keep me in check, because no one else is going to, and that is what these people must do. Because they’re not aware of what is going on at this time, they don’t know that they need to.

But I run, I just run – as far as my little feet can take me. There is no other way to cope with someone who has intense crazy in their eyes, and they’ve spotted you, and want to go a round for something you never did, heard, or said.

Intense Feeling’s Of Being Alone Despite Knowing I’m Not: It’s a conundrum really. I know that I have my spirit guides, my guardian angels, a bunch of angelics, higher light beings, from many races, watching over me, you, us.  Yet my emotional mood/state has been of feeling greater loneliness for a good month, and it’s gotten more intense. I think many of us are in areas, where there aren’t many other’s around who understand what we know, about what is happening on our special little planet. Believe me I know I have tried, I know many have tried, to socialize, but it just never seems to work out. People i’ve spoken to, who you’ve spoken to  are interested in other thing’s. Pokémon go, movies, books, music, certain celebrities, their state of consciousness is on what they consciously know/see around them. It’s not you, just let them figure out how to go beyond those worldly thing’s.

However I yearn to open my side of the house window, towards my neighbours house, let’s call her Ida. Then proceed to ask her how the energies are treating her today? Her response would be akin to “Well Mikey, My head is spinning like i’m drunk, my stomach is so bloated it looks like i’m about to give to birth to my eldest son again. My breasts are hitting the ground,i haven’t seen my feet in twenty years, but I feel the energy running up/down the bottoms of my heel, so I know they’re still attached to my body. And i’m always horny! Sadly my husband George passed away a while ago. So i’ve been in the self service business for a while now.

Me: Same old shit with her “Then i’d close the window.”

Part 11 …To Be Continued

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5 thoughts on “To All Light-Workers: The 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Of 2016 & The Current Onslaught Of Ascension Symptom’s Part 1

  1. les August 8, 2016 / 11:38 am

    Much much love to you Mikey, you words are filled with power and comfort

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    • mikeymurdock August 8, 2016 / 11:43 am

      Thank you, Very much les. Much love and Light. Safe integration today and tomorrow to you.


  2. Elizabeth August 8, 2016 / 3:00 pm

    Thank you Mikey! Great blog!

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    • mikeymurdock August 8, 2016 / 5:20 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth


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