To Light-Workers: The 8-9-9 Portal Energy Light Wave. The Completion Energies Of 2016 Are Almost Here, A few More Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms Part 2

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This article is another important one that is a continuation of an article I wrote yesterday, a second part, which discusses the continued Ascension Symptoms that are being brought up due to this Lions Gate Portal/Light Wave that is hitting us. While the first article was more about the 8-8-9 Lions gate Portal, this second article will be more about the 8 (9-9) Light Wave portal which is the last one before the current cycle we are in ends.

First off smiley-shocked032 it’s no coincidence that these portals are activating themselves as if it’s one big one. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in purpose, matter, fate, destiny and that everything happens through divine timing. Just look at the numerological dates of these two portal events {8-8-9 & 8-9-9} it’s like a mirrored event, meant to have extended the climax of the energy that is coming in at this time. It’s right there in the numbers, in the energy, showing up in our lives, and in our physical body. Last year was potent as we experienced the  8:8:8 Portal opening. This year the energy is bouncing off from one day to the next, so expect symptoms to last longer. Many are also on different energy wave lengths, so if your not experiencing something that someone else is, don’t worry that your not being downloaded. It just means we are individually dealing with certain symptoms, related to where we are , in this moment.

Warnings By My Guardian Angel About The Energy in Aug-Sep 2016


A while ago my Guardian Angel told me through telepathic communication, during the start of July “Be careful around the months of August, and September. As on a physical level you are going to go through much.” Ever since I started my Ascension Process frequently he has given me such warnings, except the one of April this year. That one I didn’t receive a message for, because it was so unexpected, that the energies were going to be that intense for April 2016. None the less he has given me warning’s, and when he does, I take them seriously, because i know how painful it can get on a physical level. He was absolutely right. I mean over the last few weeks, it’s been one physical issue after the other. So I was well informed, as i’m sure many of you who telepathically communicate with your spirit guides, light team, and helpers/watchers, received the same kind of warning of preparation for what is coming in August and September 2016. Many of you might be asking “Well, why warn you?” and you might understand that the energy is high right now, as we are experiencing this light wave. However you might not know exactly the reason what’s behind it.

Many Light-Workers still don’t really know why 2016 is so important. Many know it’s a #9 year, but few know what that means for us. After 9 there is no higher number frequency, it reverts back to 1 and a new cycle begins. However because our planet has reached such a high vibration and frequency because of all the hard work everyone on it is doing. This new cycle in 2017 – is a cycle beginning as earth 5D style. There is no more 4D or 3D in these cycles, because the OLD way of existing and being is not going to be in this new cycle. More of those who are presently still living an existence of 3D reality thinking and or 4D reality thinking, will transition to 5D. However many, many, and many more will remain there. It’s also about completion, because for many (Light-Pavers) something will be finished for them. The ones who have been battling it out decades now, and on Sep, 9th,2016 (9-9-9) an aspect of you will be finished and completed.

And in a sense really, something will be completed for all Light-Workers. Some form of mission, milestones, relationships, belief systems, thought process, ways of life. For all on 9-9-9 some aspect of life will be completed. It’s always good to look back on where you were in 2008, the start of this cycle we are ending. What in 2008 until 2016 shifted for you? What relationships did you leave behind? What areas did you evolve in? Where were you in that timeframe?  What isn’t a struggle for you anymore?

Current Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms Part 2

Stomach Aches/Massive Fear Releasing Through The Solar Plexus: No not much for me, but for many I know that they have been experiencing major stomach cleanse. The lions gate energy is literally pulling out the fears from within many people. The stomach flu, virus, viruses, many are  claiming they are experiencing is not a virus at all. They are releasing negativity in the body, the mind, and fears from the solar plexus area.

Huge Headaches and Pressures: I’ve been receiving the heavy downloads, and sometimes I can’t even hold my head up straight.

Sleeping And Needing To Leave Your Body Frequently: This is something that has been going on, something that will continue to go on, for however long it is, until it stops happening. I and you cannot go through what we’re going through, and stay here, awake, in our body. It’s impossible to. I’ve been sleeping any chance I get, but even with sleeping, I can be so tired, that i’m getting into the habit of not being able to sleep because i’m soo tired.

Experiencing More Attacks Out Of Body: This morning alone, I had a demonic entity choking me, until I blew it up. I could feel my breathing slow down, and I was mere moments from having passed on home. This took place while out of body, I was not awake in my body, I was hovering above it. I was in the same space, same room and this is not the first time, that demons have tried to put an end to me. I’ve been attacked many times.

Buddha Shakes His Bloated Belly: My stomach has been so bloated, it seems like nothing that I do will help it go down. However I have found that drinking lots of water, helps calm  it down. It sticks out, a bit, and i’m pretty active so nothing I do seems to bring it down. The thing about this physical symptom, is that our very spirit/soul essence sits right in the center of our body. So when the bloated belly kicks in, it’s your soul/spirit essence protecting itself by expanding itself. So many people have just floated away, left, passed on because the energies just were too much for them to hold in and around the light within.

Food is an impossible mission, because if I eat the wrong thing, my stomach won’t just be bloated but it’ll also be in pain. I find I can only eat food with proper frequency as me, and if I eat something that doesn’t have the same frequency i’m ruined for the entire night.

Picking Up On Negativity In The Collective: July was flat out violent, I have never experienced so much negativity, so many attacks on people, all over the world. It sent me straight to the confines of my home, and I barely left the house. Sometimes i’ll pick up on feeling’s, sadness, hate, anger, loneliness, and it’s not even mine. So I know when this is happening, and it’s not coming from me specifically, that it’s coming from someone, somewhere, out there. I just say “It’s not mine, I don’t want to feel it” then I ask those light beings around me to take it and transmute into the universe for healing.

People Playing The Blaming Game, Even When It Had Nothing To Do With You: I find myself having to learn to cope, deal with, keep centered and balanced after having experiences with people who blame me for everything. Even when it had nothing to do with me. Many have been lacking in the “Taking Personal Responsibility” section. When  someone makes a mistake, as of late, it finds itself honestly being directed towards me. I pay no mind to it, it’s a tactic to make you/me feel guilty, for something you/me didn’t do. So I ignore it.

Sharp Pricking Pains All Over My Body: Much like I wrote about in the first article, about the sharp pain in my heart chakra, so have I been feeling prickling shooting pains in various places all over my body. I’ve felt it at the bottoms of my feet, my legs at time, the worst in my chest area, and in my shoulders. It’s like small little shooting pains that come on, and after 5 seconds the pain goes away. Our DNA and molecular structure really changes a lot during these Light-Waves.

Crying For No Real Reason It’s Just Flowing Out Of Me: I haven’t cried in a while, put yesterday on 8:8 I finally cried. It was for no real reason that I could understand, and when this happens I just do it freely, because the likely chances are that i’m releasing something deeper within me than I think. However it’s so random, so gut wrenching, and strange because we like to analyze our emotions as humans too much. When it comes down to it, sometimes it’s best to just let it run free without putting  labels on it, and how it’s making us feel.

I’m sure there are more symptoms to be written down, however as it usually is, I only write down certain symptoms that I can remember. Then a few days i’ll have something more to add that I never got the chance to. Which ever symptoms your feeling, play it safe, and just let it be within you until it’s not.

Peace & Blessings

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3 thoughts on “To Light-Workers: The 8-9-9 Portal Energy Light Wave. The Completion Energies Of 2016 Are Almost Here, A few More Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms Part 2

  1. Drea August 9, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    I am experiencing it all.
    I am tired. Physical things come and go.
    The leaving body makes sense. It was scaring me for a while.


  2. Mandy August 10, 2016 / 7:33 am

    “Stomach Aches/Massive Fear Releasing Through The Solar Plexus: No not much for me, but for many I know that they have been experiencing major stomach cleanse. The lions gate energy is literally pulling out the fears from within many people. The stomach flu, virus, viruses, many are claiming they are experiencing is not a virus at all. They are releasing negativity in the body, the mind, and fears from the solar plexus area.”

    OMG, YES! I spontaneously did a three day water fast starting Friday and ending Sunday for my first time ever because I was having, what I thought, was gallbladder and kidney pain. When I googled crystals for gallbladder they were all Solar Plexus stones. When I started to look into the Solar Plexus issues it made so much sense. Plus we are in Leo season and the Sun represents the Solar Plexus as well. A lot of fear and rage came up on Saturday while fasting! My husband and I came to some pretty substantial life decisions this weekend, too. Body is feeling much better now; aligning with love and more heart centered. Lots of Energy on the move!

    Thanks for the article!


  3. Carlette August 11, 2016 / 8:42 am

    Oh, my! I’m resonating with The All of This.
    As my eyes danced along the words, truth and knowledge hitting their mark.
    I was flabbergasted and relieved when I read about the belly bloating, my Solar Plexus and The Lioness.

    Past weeks I was so bloated and in amazement about how in the heck is this here? If young enough Lol, me thinks I would’ve been preggers. About 5 months along or so.

    I am experiencing so much. The Lioness in me being a rising Leo atop my other birthing on 8-12-00, I’m a double kick Leo, I’m full of it in Every Way! To/For me it’s great, not so much for everyone else when I’m in contact with people.

    It just is what it is. Love and Warmth to you, Anrita and to all.
    Maintain, folks, Maintain….



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