To All Light-Workers: Another Huge Energetic Shift In August 2016. While Everything feels/Looks Chaotic, Know that It’s Change At It’s Highest Level.

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The Lions-gate Portal/opening on 8:8-9 and the mirror portal on 8:9-9 really packed a punch, really tested me, really changed so many thing’s, and really hurt like freaking crazy. I’m still re-cooperating from all the wonderful Light-Wave energies. As i’m sure so many of you also are. However there is a notion that I want to get straight right off the bat, and it’s got to do with many Light-Workers and how they think. I’ve seen, and read this a couple of times, on sites, and groups, and it’s the same thing. How come some people experience a wonderful burst of positive energy, and everything goes right for them, yet meanwhile I get the physical pains?  NOT everyone will be integrating the Light energies on the same day, some will be more than other’s, and other’s might have released a lot of energy blocked in the body that it doesn’t affect their body as badly as other’s.

But …

Make no mistake of it, EVERYBODY, and I mean everybody is dealing with some form of Ascension related symptom whether it is Physical or Emotional and or Mental and even Spiritual. Everyone. Even those who  don’t seem to us to even be  on their Ascension Process, or those who are but aren’t aware that they are, are experiencing them. It’s affecting everything on this planet, people, animals, the oceans, the rocks are evolving for crystalline sakes. Just as everyone is being affected, so is everything that is dark, of lower frequency, being exposed for what it is. It can either continue to be exposed, and change to a higher frequency, or remain lower and dark but eventually become extinct.

Another Huge Energetic Shift Goes, Another Huge Energetic Shift This Way Comes

While the Lions-gate Portal/Opening is now closed and over, and to be honest, halleluiah praise the source/creator that it is. My goodness – i’m tired and I need  as much of a break during these last two weeks before the real heavy stuff comes in. It’s been fun, I’ve received so much NEW everything i’m practically giddy with it all, however I just need to punch my card out on break time. However that’s not the end because we still have the September 2016 shift that will be twice as exhilarating, painful, NEW, trying, to us all to get through and deal with. Let me give you a short list.

  • Full Moon that some are claiming is an eclipse.
  • The actual Annular Solar Eclipse on September 1st.
  • The (9-9-9) Portal/Gateway and completion of the current cycle.
  • The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Sep 16/17th.
  • Then the finale on September 22nd with the Fall Equinox, where we will enter into a new frequency. As well as the earth herself.

In one of my last articles, I mentioned being warned about the incoming energies that will be coming our way during the September shift. I experienced that warning first hand on Sunday the 14th. While at work, my body was experiencing extremely profound and brutal Ascension symptoms, and I knew that this felt like something different than the energy I felt from the Lions-gate portal/opening. My ears were ringing loudly, my body was aching all over, but not just aches, there was tenderness everywhere. It felt like if anything touched me I would break apart. My head was spinning a bit, I lost energy and the will to work fast, I was told to go home, and as I got home I went straight to bed and fell instantly to sleep. This is most definitely not normal for me, as I don’t ever just fall asleep instantly, or lose energy like this very quickly. A small part of me knows that similar events like this, will continue on in the next coming weeks.

Continued Timeline Shifts, Endings, Beginnings, & All The Chaos That Comes With It

I’ve been experiencing lately, a lot of changes. While  that’s normal, I mean changes. What isn’t normal is/are changes  that take the form of something wildly chaotic. There is positive change, and change that is demonic (Chaotic change). We all experience this, timeline shifts, changes, intrusions, endings, beginning’s. So it’s nothing NEW for many Light-Workers. However the energies coming in lately is changing soo many thing’s around me, that it’s exposing many dark demonic events and beings. It’ll come out of no where, as if it’s being manipulated by demons. The last few articles I wrote, shared, last week alone i’m still getting attacks from, and a couple of times they almost got me.

What I have experienced at my job has revealed a lot of demonic activity, and the changes I see at work are helping to be rid of  demonic activity. During this Lions gate portal, so much has been changed, I don’t even recognize the place I work at. The energy feels massively different. My tyrant of a boss who has been there for ten years, up and quit, and of course he was being possessed by a higher level entity. When I sensed what it was, as part of my job down here, is to either turn those etheric beings back to the light, destroy them, or force them to return home for cleansing and return to be incarnated down here again. The very next day a few days before the start of the Lions gate portal/opening, my boss now (ex-boss) left for Egypt and never came back. I go to work this past Saturday and was notified of his quitting. Just when I was about to make my move, this entity, who has full control of this being tapped into his consciousness to quit his job. Which prevents me from doing my job. There are many souls being taken, during this time, and if your not aware of yourself and or them you have to be now in 2016.

There is no time to fear speaking about these dark beings, we have to be open, and expose them at this time, for who they are. It’s like that saying “Shed The Light” we have to shed the light on these beings now in 2016. They are running around, as the veil is being lifted, more and more will come. But more and more know about the Ascension process, the light coming into us all, and the frequency of our planet being raised at this time. Which is why they’re doing everything they can to prevent this Ascension Process, prevent us from doing it, so they can remain here and in control.

The thing that many Light-Beings are/have been worried about is witnessing the complete down ward spiral, the chaos, that has been going on lately. While yes thing’s look chaotic, and messy, however that doesn’t mean that change isn’t happening. It means that change is happening, and many just don’t know what is going on. Worry not for they will know eventually what is going on. We are literally about to experience another shift, but what I have sensed is that it’s a shift that is so grand, that it’ll raise the frequency of the earth a little bit more. The impact of 9-9-9 and the changes that will follow, will engulf the entire planet of earth, to reach it’s highest frequency yet. Timelines will end, new ones will begin, some will get interfered with by energy that is not good, while other’s might just experience the energies as a slight breeze. The chaos we see every day, that we feel everyday that is real changing taking shape. It’s not pretty, it’s down right horrifying, sometimes it feels like it’ll never end. However in any transition there is always a period where everything is messy, and it takes having to walk through a million struggles, to get to a place of familiarity and comfort.

But damn how amazing has this Lions-Gate in 2016 been, everything is shifting and changing so fast I can’t remain down here long enough to keep track. And September 2016 hasn’t even passed yet? Oh, we’re in for a big one.

Peace & Blessings

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