Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: Heart (Expansion) & Chest Pains Due To The Ascension Process.

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 August 2016 & The Lions Gate Portal Energies

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of fears, worries, concerns and total utter confusion going on for much if not all of humanity. This usually happens when we enter another stream of (LE – Light Energy) and we’ve entered another stream of light via the  Lions-Gate Portal. Lately things have been influencing humanity and the forerunners like crazy on a physical level, because physically we’re shifting and changing old codes and embodying new DNA codes. While many (Forerunners) and (Light-Pavers) have been and are currently embodying the energies of the Lions-Gate Portal we’re also embodying and feeling the Annular Solar Eclipse and those energies right now. We’ve now been feeling the light energies pouring in at this time of this Annular solar eclipse hitting us now and the astrological placements of the planets are also influencing us and effecting us currently. It’s really not hard to see how everything seems to just be falling into place for this frequency shift to take place right now at  this current time. If you’ve felt energy pick up in August 2016 since the Lions-Gate Portal, it’s because we’re in the midst of another huge energetic shift. This however isn’t the sole point of this article, the whole point has been to discuss the (AS – Ascension Symptoms) that I’ve felt for a while this summer and especially into August 2016.

Everyone in humanity has on some level been experiencing some form of AS (Ascension Symptom) in 2016. Whether its headaches, stomach pains, bone aches, flu symptoms but the one that I’ve really been dealing with a lot more lately has been Heart Symptoms. These heart symptoms include (Heart flutters, heart aches, expansion of the heart, something heavy in the middle of the chest, chest pains, chest aches, chest soreness, movement of energy through the chest and heart, the feeling of having a heart attack.) I’ve personally felt all of these heart symptoms and I myself can understand that they can be challenging to deal with because it feels so unusual when it happens inside of ones body. Of course this is just more heart expansion due to embodiment of much more light energy into the heart area.

Increased Heart Pains & Heart Issues In 2016

The specific Ascension Symptom that I need to write about for this article has to do  with the Heart. It has to deal with the very many pains that I have felt in my chest area. Pains that deal with deep seated emotional hurts. Pains that hurt physically as if I’m having a heart attack. Pains that cause my heart to beat a mile a minute. Pains that make me slow down when I walk around at work because it literally stops me dead in my tracks because of the initial impact on my body. Pains that have made me feel like my chest was going to burst and explode at how tight is has become. Yes, August 2016 has been the month for serious heart and heart chakra changes and upgrades. Why? Because we’ve reached that point where all of us are expanding and opening our hearts to embody more light.

Since  my own AP (Ascension Process) began for me back in March 2014  – I’ve had to deal with my body changing because I was releasing the old and embody new higher frequency DNA Light Codes. The physical discomfort that came from this process has been a shock to my system quite literally to the point that I’m uncomfortable inside my body 24/7. I’ve dealt with weight gain, bloated belly, burning hot feet and legs, bleeding nose, chest tightness and congestion. Also, whole entire body vibrations especially in the legs. However, the most prominent one that stick(s) out to me has be the heart pains and symptoms.

In 2015: I began feeling heavy heart symptoms and I mean deep heavy “Oh shit, what am I having a heart attack?” kind of symptoms. The biggest one I felt was the HP (Heart Palpitations) where I would feel and sense energy moving threw me and causing motions and beats that were pretty intense. This is just one symptom and one aspect of what I’ve felt happen for me and the my chest area. I was very confused about this for a very long time and it took me a seriously long time for me to understand and sense what was really happening to me and for me via the ascension upgrades within my body. This was just more heart expansion and what I was experiencing had a lot to do with my heart chakra opening up. The more it happened the more I could feel the energy running around me and into me. I became more aware of this and finally understood that I was opening up to more 5D energies being integrated into me

Another aspect of these HS (Heart Symptoms) that I’ve been experiencing and this has been going on for me in 2016 as well as since 2015. What I’ve experienced is a tightness in my chest and heart centre. It’s felt many times like someone was  literally pulling and tugging at my heart or like someone was holding onto my heart very tight and squeezing it. This usually tends to happen to me when I’m being upgraded with LE (Light Energy)  and the reactions that I’ll experience is just euphoric. I’ve also felt very emotional and open to point where I’ll be able to feel the world and all of the love around me. These symptoms have definitely been happening to me in 2015 and as well as in August 2016 and I’m sure I’ll be experiencing them further into 2017, 2018 and 2019

August Is The Month Of The Heart

In astrology the month of August is ruled by Leo. The sign of Leo is governed by the sun and the part of the body ruled by Leo is the chest/heart. It’s not been all that surprising to me that many of the forerunners who are enduring the AP (Ascension Process) have been dealing with the “Heart” Ascension symptom(s). I don’t think it’s a coincidence as well either. There seems to be a pattern between the heart upgrades this month and the Lions gate portal as those specific symptoms near the heart/chest have become more noticeable as August and this portal has opened. It’s been the case for me in August 2016 and for many other’s. Lately the people that I’ve had contact with have told me about how they are also experiencing these same heart symptoms. Some include (Heart burn, tight chest, nauseous, heart palpitations and energy running up and down there chest and also stressful situations causing great emotional stress.)

If you have been experiencing these symptoms as i know many have, please understand that your heart is fully expanding as you embody more of the light of love/Source into you. It might feel massively and greatly uncomfortable but everything is being cleared and healed at this time. Some times the pain can cause us to worry but pain doesn’t mean that we have done anything wrong in anyway. It means we’re just releasing the old within ourselves, so that we can be in more alignment with the energies. Also be very careful with yourself, there have been times where my own AS (Ascension Symptoms) have taken the form of infections that did need medical attention at some points in the beginning of my own AP (Ascension Process.) We’re flushing these pains out via illnesses. I’ve also had experiences with the typical (TNB – Controlled) doctors and the medical lower consciousness field where pain was there, yet they never found anything wrong with me because everything that was happening to me was higher than them. It’s never perfect with them. However if your not feeling 100% well as much as doctors don’t know about the Ascension process, please do get checked out to ease your mind. As for many the AP (Ascension Process) can form into actual diseases that do need tending to.

16Love & Light16

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3 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: Heart (Expansion) & Chest Pains Due To The Ascension Process.

  1. Darcie August 23, 2016 / 10:27 pm

    Bang on! Sharp pain to left of heart in back. Stopped me in my tracks….. But but what about this weight gain, I am soooo uncomfortable, hungry all the time. Not a sexy thing about me at the moment… Not liking it 😦 And having a challenge getting myself past this


    • mikeymurdock August 23, 2016 / 11:25 pm

      Hi Darcie

      I am dealing with the exact same thing’s that you have just mentioned. The heart and chest pains are becoming too much. I also feel uncomfortable in my body. I’m hungry all the time. I do exercise and already see a decline, but some days I have no energy for it.

      How you choose to deal with this, has to be in your own way, my way is to change the way I look by exercising. At least it’ll give me more energy.

      I hope you find your way to deal with these symptoms Darcie, it’s not easy, and know that your really not alone. Many of us are dealing with the same thing’s.

      Take care 🙂


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