Approaching September 2016 Gate-Way: A New Light Energy Frequency & Dealing With Continued Physical Ascension Symptom(s.)

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Taking An Energetic Beating

It’s taken a lot of strength and courage to get back in here and write anything about what’s going on within the AP (Ascension Process) for myself and for humanity. To mention some crumb of information about what i’m sensing is going on right now energetically for those in the collective.  putertiredThe main reason for my absence has been that I’ve just not been feeling great physically, mentally, emotionally at the current moment due to the strong energies coming in at this time. This often happens to me as well as other forerunners of the process who are currently feeling {Confused, Tired, In Pain, Mentally On Stand By, Barely Able To Think, Just Getting The Bare Essentials Of Daily Life Done and dealing with much more.} That last bit has been a mission!  as getting the essentials done is all I have the energy for and I still don’t get it done. {Food, water, sleep, work and school} these are my essentials and i’m still barely getting by. Everything is magnified by one-hundred right now, even feeding my cats is a mission. I either forget to do it because i’m not all here right now, or it takes me 5 hours to get it done because i’m so slow from the maladies I feel in my body. Life is a big party right now and i’m wobbling to the energetic sounds.

This transition from August into September 2016 – Has been exactly what I expected it would be like. High Light waves, high light energies, highly sensitive reactions to it from myself and every other person in the collective. If your feeling worse for wear your not the only one. Many all over the world are being affected, all people, from all walks of light. Light? … I meant life, but yes all people from all walks of light too! Funny how that worked. I’m in another dimension I swear. However it doesn’t change the fact that this transition into September 2016 has already felt unbelievable on a physical level. We’re only at the Solar eclipse now and we have a few good weeks left until the Fall equinox. Can you believe that? I find it hard to grasp that there is so much energy coming down right now.

Feeling The Frequency Shifting Already

I first sensed that September 2016 was going to be something special, a big energetic event, a last ditch effort in some respects to engulf this world with as much light as could possibly be down here in March of this year. The images/visions I received and got were of a big major event happening that involved a huge energetic download. Then I realized when I put two and two together that the (999) date timeline was coming up, all of the pieces sort of fell into place for me back in March 2016 and that in some respects the planet her-self was going to reach a point in frequency that was higher than it has ever been before. The big reason why thing’s feel so full on right now and it will get much more intense as we move further into the September 2016  triple (999) timeline date. Is because 2016 was always meant to be this way. The grand design made it so. I speak highly of thing’s always happening for a reason, even if timelines switch, get lost, people leave this planet who weren’t meant to leave yet, thing’s do still happen for a reason. In the end the grand design always makes it so that everything does get balanced once out.

I’m not talking about balance between dark/light – because our goal is to heal this planet from all the ancient darkness. There is no letting darkness off the hook, we don’t come here to heal ancient dark wounds and then say “Oh yeah, okay for balance sake we’ll let you spread more chaos and darkness” that is/never has been part of the grand design. Were not solely incarnated here to be energetic cleaners for the darkness. a Did you think that’s what was going on here? Are you serious? What kind of Light-Workers do you think we are? Did you honestly think all we were here for was to constantly transmute dark energy/heal it?  Were here to challenge them, get them to return back to the light and even if it feels like we’re the ones going through unbelievable situations. The 5D earth reality we’ve been working so hard to create is already a reality for others with lower consciousness to step onto right now. This is what we’re here for to create. To change and create the higher frequency earth we possibly can. Change it, Shift it, Flip it over – but don’t ever be a victim to it.

The kind of balance i’m talking about is.

I speak about the balance of losing people who weren’t meant to go and those who were. I also speak about balance in the sense that no matter how many earthquakes, hurricanes and these chaotic dark attacks from these (TNB – Team Negative Beings) that happen on this planet. As they try and try hard to prevent any kind of light from entering this planet. This event of  this September 2016 Energy frequency Shift of our earth was always going to happen, it was always set in stone, we knew it and they knew about this timeline for us as well. Which is why they repeatedly try to inflict any kind of dark attack on humanity as a last ditch effort to cause more fear, darkness, by creating atrocious acts. What ever dark attack for example (The 9/11 Attacks) which I did personally feel myself at the time when I was 11 and worked quickly to heal/transmute as well as other Light-Workers throughout the years since. Events like this that I/you feel these are not meant to happen and they still do happen because those (TNB – Team Negative Beings) and (TD – Team Dark) human beings helped the attacks happen. However because they did, the energy needs to be balanced out. Which requires a great deal of incoming light waves and these light waves are being incarnated down here into physical bodies as star seeds just like you and me.

The frequency shift – has a lot to do with more and more light beings incarnating here now. As we need more of us at this time. To hold and uplift the frequency of the earth. It also has to do with more of humanity evolving and growing beyond the dark forces.

Physical Ascension Symptoms & Pains During Certain Dates

 I’ve had some serious Physical Ascension Symptoms come up for me over the last few weeks and I’d like to share them with you all. I’d also  like to share a few dates and what I’ve felt on the majority of them, as I think it’ll help other’s feel more at ease with the shift we are going through right now.

Aug 30th, 2016 – As the energy this morning was heavy, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was constantly waking up and falling back to sleep. I had been awake from about 12-3 am and lately I’ve gone to sleep, woken up, then couldn’t get back to sleep after a while. This morning however I was a log – sleepiness was calling to me, and it kept pulling me back into it.

Aug 29th, 2016 – Heavy food day, and I was just very hungry for most of the day. Tried to do chores, but I only got half of it done. Laundry is piled up, school work hasn’t been touched, I have no motivation once so ever. I’m also fine with that. Sometimes doing nothing is what works while integrating the light energies. Give yourself time to do nothing. Because maybe nothing is what you have to do at this time.

Aug 28th, 2016 – My mood was filthy. I couldn’t understand people, why they didn’t get it. This happened when I walked into Wal Mart, it’s like every Light-Workers nightmare.  Walking into a Wal Mart because i’ll/you’ll pick up on everything and everyone. Thank goodness I meditated that morning. My biggest issue was that I was having a hard time understanding the double standards for women/men in the Middle eastern  culture. It was 40 degrees on this day, the men were wearing shorts/shirt, the women were completely covered up. I live in Canada not the middle east. But I wanted to go up to one man, and flip my lid. I wanted to go up to the woman and hug her and tell her she had a right to be seen, and to breathe in 40 degree weather. That kind of belief/logic angered me, annoyed me, and I couldn’t understand it. Why can he be at ease and comfortable, while she couldn’t do the same thing.

Aug 25th – 27th, 2016 – I was highly un-motivated. I didn’t want to do anything. It was headaches galore, one after the other. I was being energetically downloaded of course. Woke up a few days feeling nauseous, and it really hit hard. Mentally foggy, couldn’t really focus, think, it felt like I was in a different place, different dimension than earth during these days and some days I still don’t feel like i’m all here. I’ve also had issues with my feet being itchy, and it’s just itchy all over the place.

Aug 24th, 2016 – The energy was something else that day. At around 11 am I felt horribly ill. My stomach was hurting, and I was in/out of the bathroom. I thought it was the sadwhich I ate the previous day. Then I discerned and realized it was probably me letting go of some fears in my solar plexus. Wouldn’t you know it, two people at work had to go home because they felt the same stomach pains and issues as well that day.

This energy frequency shift is hitting and hitting us hard. I know it can be hard to read me write about how we just have to keep getting through this all, as I’ve wrote it so many times already. But i’ll write it again. Just try your best to get through all of this and understand that your releasing more of the old and taking its place is the very brand new. Just take one baby step at a time.

16Love & Light16

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