Receiving Psychic Visions In 2016: The Vision Of The (9-9-9) Light Wave, I’ve Received In March 2016.

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 I have been sensing the September 9th (9-9-9) date , waiting for this specific day, welcoming this specific energy for weeks now, anticipating this specific Portal/Gateway opening, mildly hesitating feeling the physical pains because of the integrations (As much as they help lift us up, it still hurts like crazy.) to the point that I could hardly stand it anymore. I’ve been excited, i’m ecstatic, and I feel like the source/creator has woken me up on Christmas morning, and handed me a box filled with light & Love.

And – It’s still a few days away!

Being A Psychic & Receiving The March 2016 Vision About The (9-9-9) Portal/Gateway

As a Psychic/Empath when I receive visons, or any kind of vision, for any Light-Worker really who receives information and images/visions, you and i both know it’s not just the images we receive. Oh no, what I get along with it are real emotional currents that flow through me, a sense of being able to feel how energies will manifest down here in 3D physicality. If they’re dark and painful visions about what can happen to humanity, then i’ll feel overwhelmed, and i’ll jump at the sounds of nuclear bombs going off as those are the majority of what I see as a possibility for earth. A real life WW3 – and if we don’t act now there is a chance it can happen, as that is what (Team Negative) has been after all along. The pain, the suffering, the deaths, all become part of me in an instant moment. Not a pleasant sight to see, or feel.  On the other hand when I receive positive and uplifting visions, I become filled with hope and promise for the future. I’ll feel as if i’m bursting on the inside, happy, calm, safe, and secure in the light and within myself. One of these such positive visions was back in March 2016, and i’ll share it here with you.

I saw light, pouring down from the dimensions. People all over activating their consciousness. I felt immense connection, I felt love, and I also felt safe in knowing that this time period of September 2016 was going to bring us closer to our higher selves. I did see and feel lots of pain, physical pain, for many and of course these periods will always feel this way.  The integrating I saw and felt was going to be global, people who weren’t aware of Ascension, were also going to feel these integrations of light within they’re bodies.

The sadness i then felt was that these beings were going to bring themselves and their frequency lower, by stopping the process through drugs/chemically induced medicines. Many were going to become unconscious rather than be open consciously, through doing this, in order to cope with the energies. Putting real chemicals into their bodies, causing them real illness, as many people’s bodies can not tolerate these medicines at this time anymore. This cycle will continue for many, until they learn to emotionally release and heal their pain.

Many I saw were going to ignore their true selves, wouldn’t heal any emotional pains, wouldn’t attempt to grow and or evolve by healing/transmuting their own issues. Many would repeat the same cycles they have for their entire lives, even effecting, and affecting people by ignoring what they want, need, and how they ignore it.

This period from what I saw was going to bring more people closer to the light, open their minds up to the dimensions of existence, be open to and connect with those beings of the light who were waiting for us to remember them. That they have been here all along, ready, willing to show us how they did it prior to ascending themselves.

↑ This was the vision I saw in March 2016, just before the dreaded April energies, that came smacking down hard. This has stayed with me for the better part of 2016.

The Current Doubt Of The Energy Shift, Frequency Shift, And Harassment I’ve Gotten Since Receiving this Vision.

Now i’m well aware and have been aware that September was going to be potent, however i’ve had a couple of people (I suspect they’re not really conscious, at this time, at all! – because if they were, they’d be discerning the very wonderful and important energies coming in now, instead of telling me how wrong I am for being connected to and knowing how to follow my psychic intuition.) who have left me a few personal messages stating that they can’t stand the phrase (Energy shift) or (Frequency shift) and that i couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen at this time. To just let it be, to just let us get there when we get there, but i’ve fully known that we were already in the 5th dimension all along. It’s just up to many people out there who don’t know, to finally get there. To realize it for themselves. This is something that I’ve had to deal with since starting this site, and even before I moved onto WordPress they did it at my blogger site as well.

I don’t ever  openly speak about this, but this will give the majority of you reading these articles, a good idea about the kind of harassment that I and other’s who do write about what is (Really going on) and what we go through. I’m sure many Light-Workers understand what i’m talking about, as soon as you go to speak openly about what’s going on, they immediately start shutting you down. Because to them (Your wrong, and they’re right) when it’s not about that, never has been, and never will be. It’s about feeling the energy, being the energy, and knowing the energy.  The best way to deal with this, is to keep doing it anyways, just because one doesn’t want to evolve, doesn’t mean 50 other’s don’t.

September 2016 – This time period that we’re in is a very important one, much is changing, if the majority of those you know who claim to be Light-Workers are stating they have no clue what your going on about, with the energies. These people are not who you think they are!


Yes I’ve gone off topic, however this is something I feel that I need to state. How is it that (They) and (They) know who (they are), how can you state that me or every other Light-Worker is wrong about the energetic shift occurring now. Are you kidding me? Are you not feeling the energies? Are you not capable of using your gift to sense what’s going on? At this time? This recent putting people in doubt about “there is no frequency shift”  smells like a dark tactic. This is the (9-9-9) Light wave energies, the last day of our current cycle, of course there is a frequency shift.

Now that i’m done getting my message across to a few people who have been spreading doubt, and let’s be honest (who are Faking it,) as I don’t feel the need to be nice to those who are pretending they’re authentic when we know who you really are. I think it’s best that I get this off of my chest now, and start to heal and transmute these issues, as I don’t need to be carrying this kind of energy with me as we move higher and closer to or source/creator at this time.

There Will Always Be Those Who Doubt Light-Workers & Their Own Ability To Discern

Over the last few years I’ve both experienced and seen many, who have tried to claim me as nuts, a fool, an insane idiot, and other’s on a daily basis. Then on the other side of the spectrum, I’ve had those who stole from my writing, stole from my experiences, and pretended they were me. Which I think is just nuts! Then there was one last group, who didn’t do the first or second, but just had major doubts and continued to spread those doubts. Still do today.

The thing is Light-Workers on a soul level every single one of us has known that they would go through this, I knew prior to incarnating here that I would be going through this. That I would deal with these kinds of people, deal with these kinds of situations. I think the only thing that I didn’t know, was how I was going to “Handle” it. It’s not an easy to thing to do, going through all of this, while integrating the light, while the majority of the population thinks of you as nuts/unstable. It’s one heck of a mission – and the only thing to realize is that there will always be someone doubting you, how you handle that? is what counts – me I choose to continue moving forward.

So you see it’s no different. Even with a wonderful frequency raise we are experiencing with this 9-9-9 Portal/Gateway, people are always going to doubt it. Which is funny to me, it’s happening now, it’s in the date, it’s in the numerology, and it’s in the energy.

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