Ascension Symptoms In 2016: Psychic Visions – The Vision Of The 999 Gate-way I Received In March 2016.

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Increased Psychic Gifts & Receiving The March 2016 Vision About The (999) Portal/Gateway

Over the last two years since my AP (Ascension Process) began for me physically – I’ve had to deal with the physical pains within the my body (Which is normal) but I’ve also dealt with an increase in psychic abilities. As a very sensitive person even from a young age I could always feel energy, I could always sense energy and I could understand why I would feel comfortable or uncomfortable around other people. When I received visons when I was younger I would receive thoughts and ideas. I never saw timelines, I never saw images, and most of the time I heard them more than I saw and could clearly see them.

Lately ever since I began my physical Ascension in (2014) the images, the sounds, the feelings have all increased within my Psychic abilities. Its not just words, thoughts and or ideas anymore. Its me hearing certain events in certain timelines, its me feeling these events in certain timelines and its me seeing it and knowing it as well as a potential to happen. Things have drastically changed for me and my gifts have only increased as the years have gone by. In 2016 I now am feeling, seeing and hearing anything that I see within multiple timelines. One of these visions that I felt, that I Saw and that I heard happened for me back in March 2016 and I’d like to share it on here because what I saw had to do with the end of the current (9) year cycle we’ve been in and what’ll happen when the 999 Gateway opens up for us.

My March 2016 Vision

I saw tremendous amount of light pouring down from the 5th dimension. Many people were having their consciousness activated and I felt immense connection from these people to the earth. I felt love and I also felt safe in knowing that this time period of September 2016 was going to bring us closer to our higher selves. I did see and feel lots of pain, physical pain, for many and of course these periods were going to feel challenging for lots of people in the collective. The integrating I saw and felt was going to be global, people who weren’t aware of Ascension were also going to feel these integrations of light within they’re bodies.

The sadness that I felt was coming from others in the collective who were going to bring themselves and their frequency lower by stopping the process or not beginning the process of ascension. Many were going to become unconscious rather than be open consciously through doing this, in order to cope with the energies. This cycle will continue for many, until they learn to emotionally release and heal their pain. I saw many people in the collective who were going to ignore their true selves, who wouldn’t heal any emotional pains, who wouldn’t attempt to grow and or evolve by healing/transmuting their own issues. Many would repeat the same cycles they have for their entire lives, even effecting and affecting people by ignoring what they want, need and how they ignore it.

This period from what I saw was going to bring more people closer to the light, open their minds up to the 5th – 6th – 7th and higher dimensions of existence. They would be open to and connect with those beings of the light who were waiting for us to remember them. That they have been here all along, ready, willing to show us how they did it prior to ascending themselves.

↑ This was the vision I saw in March 2016 and this has stayed with me until this point in the timeline that we’re in.

Doubts From Those In The Collective Of The Energy Shift & The Harassment I’ve Gotten Since Receiving this Vision.

I’m well aware and have been aware that September was going to be important energetically and I haven’t denied it, been quiet about it or ignored its importance. In fact many people in the collective however who (I suspect aren’t  really conscious at this time, at all! – Because if they were they’d be discerning the very wonderful and important energies coming in right now for themselves instead of telling me how wrong I am for being connected to and knowing how to follow my psychic intuition.) have been leaving me a few personal messages stating that they can’t stand the phrase (Energy shift) or (Frequency shift) and that I couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen at this time. They were telling me that I needed to let things be – to just let us get there when we get there. This struck me as odd, strange and weird behaviour.  Now I’ve fully known that we were already on the way towards the 5th Dimension – but why state that I’m wrong and that I have no idea what I’m talking about. This is something that I’ve had to deal with since starting this site and even before I moved onto WordPress they did it at my blogger site as well. These distortions, these attacks are blatant and I’ve received them from many because many are being used through possession by many (TNB – Team Negative Beings.) How do I know? … Its not been my first time and it won’t be my last time dealing with these specific beings.

I don’t ever openly write about my experience with (Human beings) who are being used, possessed by non human negative beings in order to prevent, derail and personally attack me. However, this is important because of the 999 gateway that is about to open. This will give the majority of you reading these articles a good idea about the kind of harassment that I and other’s who do write about what is (Really going on) and what we go through have to put up with. I’m sure many Light-Workers understand what I’m talking about, as soon as you go to speak openly about what’s going on these specific human beings come out of no where and begin to attack. Because to them (Your wrong and they’re right) when it’s not about that. It never has been. It’s about feeling the energy and knowing the energy.

September 2016 – Through my own personal vision(s) is a very important period, much is changing and if the majority of those who claim to be Light-Workers are stating they have no clue what your going on about, with these energies or distorting information about your visions, your ability to feel the energy and what’s going on for humanity right now. Then these people are not who you think they are.

16Love & Light16

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