The September (999) Gateway: Full Completion & Completing A Nine Year Cycle Of Old Energies.

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Portal 9-9-9 – Portal (9 9)  – 999 Portal – 9-9-9 Portal – 9:9:9 Portal – Sept 2016 huge shift – 2016 9/9 Portal – Portal 9-9-9 2016 –

↑ These are some of the Search Terms that I have seen popping up on (DLP – Divine Light Phases) since August 2016 as we’ve gotten closer and closer to this 9-9-9 Portal Gateway. It seems a lot of Light-Workers, people, are all taking to the internet in order to find out anything they can about this 9-9-9 Portal/Gateway and the energetic shift we have been fully experiencing since September started. The one thing that I can say is that this energetic shift will be happening, changing, evolving, us and all of people on earth through out the entire rest of 2016. This is the end of a (9) year cycle and the beginning of a new timeline for humanity. That’s right this is not just a huge (September 2016 event) it’s an event that will stretch out well into the next big Light-Wave and portal opening that will come towards the very end of December 2016 – Early January 2017. To start this article off let me share a list of dates that are so important for us to know, because of the energies that will be coming into us and this planet for clearing and healing.

  • Sep 9, 2016: Also known as the 999 Gateway Opening stretches out well into October, November and December. This is the last day of the cycle we have been in since 2008 until now.
  • Sep 22nd: The Fall Equinox which will bring in the transitional period until Jan 1st 2017. Known as the next big Gateway opening because of the vibration of number 1 energies. It’s the 1-1-1 Portal/Gateway.
  • Oct 10th: Also known as the 10:10 Portal/Gateway – We are all going to be feeling weird in these last three months of 2016. We’re going to be stuck in a 0 period for a while until we enter the 1 vibration energies of NEWER everything.
  • Nov 11th: The yearly 11:11 Portal/Gateway and how wonderful will these energies be, last years were pretty brutal. Then the Paris attacks happened, I remember feeling destroyed energetically for days after I was helping clean the energy up.
  • Dec 12th: The 12:12 Portal/Gateway. The 10-11-12 portals are all portals that will push us higher, notice how they move up one number after the other. So will we when that times comes.
  • Dec 21st: The Winter Solstice. This will have us exit the 0 period, as we move towards the number 1 energies of 2017.
  • Jan 1st, 2017: Jan=1 1st=1 2017=1 so we have the 111 Portal/Gateway as we officially transition from the 0 period to the 1 energies of 2017.

These are a list of the important dates, for the next Gateway openings and high light energies. Wouldn’t you believe it just as I was sitting down writing these dates down I received a vision of the next Gateway and boy will it be similar if not even more potent than the current (999). Before that we have to get through this but because (999) energies will be with us until we integrate them into our beings, I need to mention it along with these dates.

There is so much to get through and not enough time, as much as I wish I could sit here all day and write a huge book about the energetic shift we’re going to experience. The 999 Portal/Gateway was something that I had felt strongly since March 2016 and I’m so glad that this Light-Wave has been reaching us one Mini-Light wave since the first few days of September. I’ve already noticed the change in my energy, in my self, thing’s I need to examine and work on as a person are coming up to be noticed. Its been a blessing in disguise, but I wish I was already over these bumps already to be honest. At last here I am, here we are and we are perfect in this current moment. When we reach the next big moment, we will be even more crystalline perfection in that moment.

The (9-9-9 Portal/Gateway) Is Very Important & What It Means As We Complete Our OLD Energetic Cycle

September 2016 – (999 Gateway): I need to stress just how important this day really is and the days leading after it. Because it is and they will be very highly energetic days. This date of Sep 9th, 2016 Is probably the most important date of this entire decade and we’re right here experiencing it first hand in 2016. The stuff that boggles the mind – We’re entering a much Newer timeline one that will thrust us towards the 5D more than ever before. This is all part of the grand design, the grand plan, the grand plan of the (Source/Creator/Light), the grand plan for the complete Ascension of earth and all life forms on it whether Benevolent/Malevolent. Certain dates were agreed upon at the beginning of time by all of us as we were created. They were also created and put in place by us as well as the creation of earth by each one of us. Just like certain events were agreed upon for certain individual people in history, like the events of 9/11 for example as a way to show humanity’s state of consciousness. To show the state of our world, the state of ourselves, the state of our governments and propel the darkness up and out for everybody to see and take notice of. This gateway the (999 – Light-Wave) was planned. A planned event by all of us. Always remember this and do you remember creating this timeline before it started to take full effect? So this date, day, event is important but this is just one aspect of what makes this so important.

Another important aspect to The (999) Gateway and this day, date, number sequence is that it signifies endings, completion(s) and being done with a phase in your life or in existence. This also is significant because it means the current (9) year energetic cycle we have been in is about to end and we’re going to be transitioning into a 0 period then into the number 1 energies of 2017. Its a complete new timeline. This energetic cycle started in Jan 2008, the 0 period happened through out late September-December and then the 1 energies happened on Jan 1, 2008. Let’s take a look at some of the events the world has seen since that time period until now.

Events Of The OLD (9) Year Cycle 2008-2016

2007 – 2009: Global Financial Crisis – Worst financial crisis since the great depression of the 1930’s. The real possibility that the OLD way of living through the means of having/using  money/currency, of it dismantling and ending, which is still a big possibility, was a big possibility then. Still is.

April 2009 – 2010: Swine Flu Outbreak – This happened during the time  of the fabulous conjunction of Jupiter (Consciousness) Neptune (Illusions) and Chiron (Healing) and that triple conjunction we went through at that time. It was a enormous download and the Light energies were increasing incredibly during that time.  Think of what we experience now but 6 years ago. Back then it was new to us and humanity, Light-Waves were rarely felt. I felt insane during that time period, I remember having serious break downs almost daily. it was a much darker/negative time period than now which believe it or not feels much better.

That was a major (Upgrade) for humanity – the spread of Swine Flu was big and the only purpose behind the media sensationalism of it was to spread fear into people. All we were going through was a global energetic downloaded of  new codes, new blue prints, our DNA was shifting and evolving. What did they do? They spread a story about it being a great big illness that you needed shots and that is was spreading. Chiron was the healer, Jupiter raised our consciousness and Neptune made us see through the illusions. Except the majority of humanity didn’t see it that way.

June 2009: The Death of Michael Jackson – His death  actually helped raise the consciousness and frequency of the earth and humanity believe it or not.

Jan 2010:Massive 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti – This killed 316,000 people who by the way were not planned to exit and never agreed to pass on at this time. This was a big attack on humanity from (TNB – Team Negative Beings.)

March 11, 2011: – On an 11:11 date and portal a 9.0 Earthquake Strikes Japan – A tsunami occurs soon after and 15,840 people died. This was not an agreed exit point and was another large attack on humanity from (TNB – Team Negative Beings.)

Dec 21st, 2012:The Timeline Closed For (TNB – Team Negative Beings) – Their continued ability to remain here or siphon energy from earth ends. Humanity has moved higher in frequency and  they can no longer reach us the forerunners.  It was also the three day start of a global (Life Review) whether people were conscious or un-conscious of it at all.

Ebola Virus 2014:The Spread Of Ebola -This was and is a really horrific virus that began to spread in late 2013 and started spreading like crazy in 2014. The media sensationalizing this through out the world. Spreading fear about it and making people believe that they were going to catch it. This was another huge (TNB – Team Negative Being) attack against humanity.

2014 – 2015: Growing Threat of World War 3 – The events between the Russian air liner, Russia in general and stealing Crimea almost brought war to the forefront in 2014.

March 2014: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 2014 – The disappearance of this flight baffled the world because of its sudden disappearance. Many were looking for it for months and many had thought it disappeared to another dimension.

These are some of the world events that have happened during this (9) year energetic cycle. Clearly you can see when energetic downloads happened and when they didn’t. How it affected people, the world and when it was flat out negative attacks by (TNB – Team Negative Beings) to stop the AP (Ascension Process) of the earth and people. This next cycle will be very different as there is more Light here than ever before now. Let’s see what 2017- 2025 has in store for us but I think it’ll be even more intense than what we’re going through now. We’re reaching a completely new phase, and entering a completely new space that things can be far more different than they have been.

The (999 Gateway Opening) & Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms

Ever since the beginning of September, actually since August really these symptoms haven’t stopped for a good month now for me. I have been in dealing with tons of different physical anomalies, but I am very well aware of what is going for me right now because how tired and physically unwell I feel. It’s not easy and the majority of my specific pain seems to be heavy third eye downloads, nausea which feels very strong when it comes on and tremendous bloated stomach aches which causes back/spine pain. Many of these are emotional/mental and physical so it’s a wide range of symptoms that you might also be feeling.

vomit-into-the-toilet  Feeling Nauseous & Sick: I have random periods – and they’re powerful when they come on, and I don’t ever get them all day long, or all of the time. But when I do they can stop me dead in my track.

smiley-sleep011Sleeping & Random Dreaming: I’ve either been sleeping to much, or I can’t sleep very much at all. There was no sleeping for me during the recent Solar eclipse. I was up all night, or woke up, then feel back asleep. My dreams have been bullshit, I really mean it, I’ve been jumping from one dream sequence over and over. It’s ridiculous shit.

smiley-shocked028Chakra downloads & (Brain rewiring): All my chakras have been downloaded with new light, new blueprints , new codes, new visions, new everything, and they continue to and I know for many they will in the coming months. I get headaches, stomach aches, I’m aroused easily when it’s the root chakra, haven’t had many throat issues but then again I express myself. Third eye chakra downloads leave me feeling silly and dizzy. Crown chakra downloads are fun too, I just lay back and relax.

smiley-angry027 Needing Space & Time Alone: I have tried so hard to be alone, find time to be by myself, spend time for me, to just be me in the moment. I have run away from people, had to leave crowded rooms, leave places that were too noisy, because I’ve needed time for me to have space. I can’t be bothered, by what’s going on with other’s at this time, because it all seems petty. Find myself being pulled towards those who go through the same thing, are experiencing they’re own ascension process, and who understand.

smiley-sick024 Achiness All Over My Body: I feel aches and pains all over. My joints, the bottom of my feet, the legs, the knees, the buttocks, the back, the arms, shoulders. I even some times get tiny little shooting pains in certain places in my body. Bottom of my feet, and my arms.

16Heart issues: Me no! However I’m aware that many other people are stressed out, experiencing heart pains, feeling energy run up/down their heart centre, having heart palpitations, feeling like a heart attack is happening, tightness in the chest. Just breathe and know that your opening your heart chakra up ten folds.

smiley-love028 Sexually Aroused: Yes, Yes, and Yes. We all experience it, we all need it, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. It’s all normal. We helped make it that way, remember we created this earth, and help create the suits that we walk around in.

smiley-sick010 Sinus Issues: My nose has been so stuffed up, I blow it, and blow it, and blow it – and it’s still dry, stuffed, and hard to breathe. This body needs to expand a bit more so I can feel comfortable.

hungry Food & Bloated Stomach: I am always hungry at certain times, then I can’t stand to look at food at all. Then I’m trying to stop eating the pizza in front of me, then I’m feeling sick if I pass by food on a table. I have food intolerances, I can only eat light since September started, heavy on the salads and fruits, easy on the meats. My stomach is also an issue, it’s bloated 24/7 and unless I work out very hard, it won’t go down.

89Lack Of Memory & Brain Fogginess: I’m not stupid, I’m just living in another dimension half the time. Besides half the stuff people say isn’t important anyways, can you blame me or yourself if we tune some of them out. I don’t remember anything. I can’t speak, I have difficulty letting it all out. I don’t know the words. It is what it is … all of it, but it’s better that we’re healing instead of remaining in this dark and twisted world. Right.

16Love & Light16

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copyright-symbol-download-pngCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Michael C Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


3 thoughts on “The September (999) Gateway: Full Completion & Completing A Nine Year Cycle Of Old Energies.

  1. Kevin Carney September 9, 2016 / 10:47 am

    Thank you for this article. It’s good to know,that we Are going through these symptoms. As this Is an Awesome experience. I welcome these shifts,both in body,and mind.This Is the New Beginning. The age of Age of New Beginnings. Welcome,To All Our Relations. We Are All,Sisters,Brothers. Live,and let live. LOVE Is the Only Answer…. 992016=999


  2. Darcie September 9, 2016 / 11:54 am

    wow, lots of well written information here. Made me laugh a couple times…dreams are bullshit lol…the other night I dreamt that a blue tube like spaceship was chasing me while I was driving, when I looked in my rear view mirror I saw a huge, I mean huge OWL
    driving it. a gorilla popped up and attacked it and poof it was gone, I woke up and thought… what the…

    Lots of stomach bloating, have been exercising and started yoga again…there was a day not too long ago, where my knees reached my nose…where did that bulge come from that is now preventing this union?

    I appreciate your words, it helps me to remember that all is well with me and reminds me to breathe through, the other side is within eye sight…or maybe I am on the other side already


  3. Rebekah Reynolds January 17, 2017 / 1:47 am

    This is amazing! I truly believe all things happen as they should and WHEN they should
    . For instance today is 1/16/2017. I just came across your post about the 1111 portal.. In my own time… Yesterday I laid in bed ALL day.. not saddened or sickly… just peacefully in and out of sleep… when I woke which was around 6 this morning I felt strange! Like a feeling I’m not familiar with. I felt much the same as you… like I’m in a different reality… Ok so this is my point of view… when I watched the video I wasnt thinking today was the 16 I just felt as though My last night was the same!!! And I do believe I experienced the same physical sensations as you did on a spiritual time table… When i listened to your video… my yesterday was the 11th and how neat time is and tricky as well.. I hope I’m expressing myself clearly and you understand my thoughts… there may have been a 3 or 4 day technological gap… but Spiritually it happens as it should and time enter mingles at the perfect moment..
    THANK YOU for your knowledge…. Now I feel better with the reminder… things are as they should be… I was very confused on why, physically my body was feeling depression and exhaustion but emotional and Spiritually I felt different… going into another dimension thru my dreams… possibly the energy drained my body yet my mind was protected thru this portal u speak of
    Love and Light…. oooh Here we Grow!!!!


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