September 2016’s Equinox Shift: The Continued (999) Energies & Adapting Physically To NEWER Energies.

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September 2016’s Equinox Shift

What can I say about September 2016? What can’t i say about September 2016? im-ok-smiley-emoticonIt’s been hard, enlightening, messy, painful, exciting, different and you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve seen how things were going to play out months and weeks ago on an energetic level, so there aren’t any surprises with this and on some level so did many of you (Light-Workers) out there. I think humanity on some level was begging for these energies, I think the collective were practically begging for these NEWER and HIGHER energies at this time. It’s been very difficult  for me to do this integration work and still exist in such a dense and dark constricting {Space, Earth, Planet, Realm of existence}  whatever it is you like to call it. So while physically it might feel unbearable right now, just know in the next few weeks and months to come it’ll feel more lighter as we finish the EP (Embodiment Process.)

So where do I even begin? Because there is so much to talk about. I haven’t been writing on here and the last time I wrote in here was on the (999) Portal/Gateway opening. Ever since then thing’s have shifted for me greatly. I feel like I’m on a very new path and it feels like I’m very new and very different. Its like I just entered NEWER unchartered territory within myself. I bring this up because i’m sure that many other (Light-Beings) and people all over the world feel this sense of NEW to. Don’t mistake what I’m saying here. When I say I feel NEW I don’t mean that I’m perfect, that my life is perfect, and everything is making me skip down the street in a new direction and nothing will ever be a challenge for me again.” rofl I wish. What I mean by NEW is that everything feels different in my immediate surroundings. My job it feels different, how I deal with my pains is very different, how I handle situation in my life are different. It’s all NEW for me and I’ve never been in some of the situations that I’ve been in during these last few weeks. As I’m sure it’s been the same for so many of you. Sometimes people think NEW means a total and complete change, but the truth is that’s far from the truth. NEW for many can be just a slight shift but it can feel so different (That we measure it as something huge that has shifted us greatly) when really it was just one tiny small aspect of change in our reality. And boy isn’t it amazing how one thing taken out of and placed into our reality can make a big difference.

So this is where many of us are right now with these Equinox Energies. However just because it feels NEW it doesn’t mean that we’re suppose to handle it with a smile, or that being happy will happen as a result of the NEW. Many of us at this time have to face deep rooted personal inner wounds and it’s not just one, but it’s the many in the collective. So just imagine everyone on earth having personal issues and dealing with them. We’re likely to pick up on all of it, which likely will cause us to feel saddened, depressed, moody, emotional, we’ll cry, we’ll feel angry, annoyed, irritated by all the emotional stimuli coming at us from everyone. This is the NEW and it can feel pretty shitty at first, before it even starts feeling good. Understand that we’re experiencing a huge clean up as well, we are pulling the darkness and spiritual ignorance right out of ourselves. What did you think was going to happen on (999) we were all going to be skipping, holding hands, claiming to be absolutely light and crystalline perfection. No. Not yet. But we’re one step closer to it and it feels good.

Sep 2016 was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the healing will continue on much into October, November and December. Until the 111 Portal/Gateway opening pushes us higher once again into NEWER energy. So we can start the process again. Adapting to the NEW is the lesson for many and I still sense so many struggling with their pain and know that your not alone. We’re on this Ascension Process together. 16 It’s important to find some support, at this time, because it can be very hard to get it. Don’t feel like the pains you feel are entirely for you, connect with other’s who go through the same thing because it can be  a comfort to have “People.”

The Equinox & Light Energies Causing Sleep Paralysis

The September 2016 equinox energies was this past Thursday on the 22nd. May I also mention that Mercury went direct as well that same morning. So the energies were absolutely pulverising, especially for me. I know if I felt that way many did as well. It was around noon and I just shut down. I completely blacked out and went to sleep.

I’m mentioning this event that happened to me on/off for 4 hours on (Sep 23rd)  because it’s important for me to at this time to mention it, as this is becoming an AS (Ascension Symptom) that I’ve noticed that I’m dealing with more and more each time it happens. I slept uncomfortably for 4 hours straight and as I was sleeping I was going in/out of my body. The thing that has been happening to me more and more lately is Sleep Paralysis. For those who don’t know what Sleep Paralysis is – It’s when you feel stuck while sleeping, trapped, unable to move while being conscious of the fact that you can’t. smiley-shocked032 For 4 hours straight I was in/out of body, then  I would get stuck. I desperately tried and tried to move but I had to endure a couple of minutes of this before I either released myself out or returned back in. So this equinox has been very interesting as it has brought on NEWER symptoms for me as I continue to evolve higher on my AP (Ascension Process.) I’ve had absolutely no way to know how to deal with this recent Ascension Symptom other than to try and remain as calm as I can while it’s happening to me and for me. This is something that i’m sure many people all over the world experience and wonder what’s going on because it is part of the human body makeup and experience.

Why do we experience this? Why do we get stuck? Why do we feel Sleep paralysis? It’s because we aren’t fully in our physical bodies yet. We remain there we’re ready to return into our bodies. Another reason is that when we embody higher light frequencies  we receive down here the more work we have to do out of body. The longer we stay out the more there is happening to our physical bodies before we return back into it. The only thing I have left to say has a lot to do with adapting. In this time, in this place, on a physical level we need to learn to adapt and embrace the energies and find a way to ease our bodies into all of the downloads we keep getting and will continue to get. We have to make time to Honour our feelings, honour our bodies, and honour our sovereignty. What an intense September – with the (999) Portal and the Equinox I’m just about fried.

 16Love & Light16

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