September Into October 2016: What’s Going On? It’s Just More Changes At An Evolutionary Level.

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 September Into October 2016 Enhanced Energies

In the time I’ve been doing this evolutionary work since I’ve been incarnated on this 3D earth. Its been frighteningly horrifying. From the physical aspects within my  AP (Ascension Process) which started for me in (2014,) to the emotional aspects which have and continue to  affect me at a mental level until this day have been challenging as well. So I’ve experienced a good balance of personal situations in my life, which I’ve needed to in order to let me go. Now a lot of it has been good and quite often It’s been absolutely relentless. Having to deal with certain non-human dark beings for example have not been good in any way in my life, fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← I mean these little shits. Having to deal with these (TNB – Team Negative Beings, Negative Alien Beings, Demons, Team Dark Beings) have left me feeling discouraged and feeling alone over these last few years. At certain moments in my life at important times It’s been a real nightmare. Another reason why It’s been so painfully challenging and bloody difficult in 2016, has a lot to do with me and my  physical body at this time. The improvements and advancements on an evolutionary level that are being made. Which extends to all forerunners at this time as well.

In my late teens and early twenties I experienced profound integrations into my being which changed me, which was also happening quite frequently and painfully may I add. So I’m used to experiencing (heavy energy integrations, downloads, upgrades, purging, cleansings) as many Light-Beings are also doing this at this current time-frame. I need to mention that years ago before I realized what was happening to me and why I was always sick in bed for an entire week straight with (Flu symptoms) aka (Frequency Light Uploads) I experienced intense downloads while also clearing the energy and then being a grid worker by grounding the energy in my current location at that time. So what does this have to do with anything? and why am I mentioning this? Why is this so important? or even relevant? It has a lot to do with the energies we’re receiving right now as we exit September and enter the strange and intense month of October 2016 so far.

Were You Expecting Any Of These Energies?

Were you expecting that? and did anyone think that it could feel even more pressurized, intense, profound, uplifting, physically painful like this at the start of October 2016? There has been so much going on that I don’t know where to even begin and for many it’s all been hard to wrap our minds around and comprehend into something worth understanding. Although there have been many who have been sprouting complete bullshit claiming to themselves and stating to other’s “Why does everyone need to understand anything about this Ascension business? We don’t know anything and we shouldn’t. – or – “Everyone needs to stop thinking about everything so much, let it happen and no-one can know anything about Ascension and what’s going on right now.” Now I want you to re-read those two sentences and I want you to really see the manipulation and flat out distortions in how they sound. There are many including myself who are on this Ascension Process and many more, who understand that we are evolving higher and becoming crystalline by dealing with our issues and healing our pains and karmic wounds. We are currently working towards creating a world of peace, love and complete oneness  within ourselves and ultimately to become one together with the (Creator/Source – our higher self) when the time comes like we always planned. This is the whole point of Ascension and those who really can discern this ← know this already.

(Frequency Light Downloads) September – October 2016

Going back to my first point … it’s important because at the end of September and early October 2016 we experienced another Light-Wave. Yes, another one. These will be frequent from now on coming in weekly, so adaptability is needed in these times of evolutionary change. If your sensitive like me and I know many of you are. You spent most of this last week and for some longer in bed with what many in the 3D consciousness refer to as (The Flu.) I was not in good shape and it was the first time that I really felt a familiarity to the light integration’s I experienced in my late teens and early twenties.

I had headaches (The Re-wiring Process,)  I had cold/hot chills running up and down my body. My entire head from my skull, to my nose, ears, jaw, neck and throat were being worked on intensively. I was having unpleasant dreams, I was being attacked by negative beings in my dreams and prevented from writing or getting on with my path then like I’m experiencing now. I wanted to sleep all of the time, in fact this entire week I have been reminded of how I used to take frequent naps then. My body felt so sensitive, I was feeling everyone and everything. I could sense and feel everything good to catastrophic.Because it feels like it did ten years ago for me now, I intuitively know and understand that (Just like it was then) what we are experiencing as we move into October 2016 is that these Light energies are at a higher frequency but they still feel the same.

This NEWER light energy is nothing like what we’ve previously experienced before in our entire existence as beings and that this planet has felt. So if you feel like you have never felt the way you are feeling now before, if the pain is so severe and it’s been a while since you’ve felt it at this kind of magnitude and your wondering why your feeling worse than you usually do during Light-Wave phenomena’s, understand we’re entering a new area within this Ascension process. So it’ll take some time to integrate these NEWER energies coming until we do become comfortable with them. NEW is never comfortable or easy, so when it comes into you don’t be surprised if your housing light energy that is so strong and profound into your (Body) that the pain is extremely unbearable. It’ll just take much time to get comfortable within the NEW.

TNBD (Team Negative Beings – Demonic Beings) & Trying To Prevent The 10:10 Portal

Since the end of September into October 2016 I have been aware of (TNB – Team Negative Beings) and they’re recent presence. They’re enhanced tactics against Light-Workers and humanity who are embodying the current energies coming in at this time are childish and ridiculous. It’s been one hell of a week and half as many of them have been throwing tantrums as we have experienced this Light-Wave enter this planetary realm of existence and they haven’t been happy about it. In-fact, the truth is that they have been lashing out! Like crazy this last week. Now I don’t talk about them much, or my experiences that deal with these demonic beings. However today I need to and for reasons that are so important one being people need to know what’s going on at this time.

As we’ve been reaching higher frequencies over the last few weeks up until this point all of us (when I say all of us) I do mean EVERYONE on earth right now who is physically Ascending and on the Ascension timeline into the 5D. What we’re doing now is leaving a LI (Light-Imprint) and as we raise the light on earth, these demons and dangerous dark beings hate it because they’re losing their energy source. They want us to remain under they’re control, they want us to continue remaining unconscious. They want to remain here on this earth, co habitate with us but they don’t want to change. These beings also don’t want to evolve, as they think their OLD lower ways of existing in darkness is the way it should remain. Well it’s not going to continue because their negative dissension timeline is closing. Some of their tactics on me have been out there and not just me but collectively as well. I have been sexually harassed as a means to spread fear into me, as a means to quit my paying job, render me poor and homeless. They have attacked me violently while entering my dreamscapes, leaving me to fend for myself. I’ve woken up with marks, scratches, I’ve had many watching in on me right up close and personal. Its been a bundle of annoyances, irritations, attempts and personal digs at my expense because of what I’m doing right now at this time.

These beings have been relentless. Why? They know that we are reaching further away from their grasp and they won’t be able to control many and their consciousness for much longer. They also were aware of the energetic upgrade we were going to receive and they also know that we are going to experience the 10:10 Portal/gateway on October 10th. So there has been a lot of anger, hate, fear, directed towards Light-Workers at this current time. It’s really been chaotic with what we’ve been going thru – so rest up and self care like your life depends on it.

16Love & Light16

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4 thoughts on “September Into October 2016: What’s Going On? It’s Just More Changes At An Evolutionary Level.

  1. Magda October 8, 2016 / 4:00 am

    Thank you so much for your honesty. Somehow your articles always make me smile because you tell it like it is. I have spent the last 10 days feeling like utter rubbish. All old sinus and teeth issues have reared up and I have physically been in a lot of pain. It has been pretty grim. I am waking up every two hours again which I haven’t done for a while. And having heavy dreams. My head feels like it does not belong to me and I feel pretty spaced out. Issues I have had with two abusive family members have come to the fore again. With one member particularly. So I have pulled myself back from them again and gone into retreat mode. I have been on this path since 1999 when my mum died but the last four years have seen the most progress. thank you for writing and making sense of some of the things I have not been fully able to comprehend. Love and light to you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim October 8, 2016 / 9:41 am

    Is raging anger a symptom? I just want to cry right now. I want so bad to be a light worker and help humanity but then I feel taken over by anger when I’m around really negative people and so then I feel I’m not worthy to be one 😦 I’ve also been experiencing “the flu” symptoms but I drink organic apple cider vinegar daily and take moringa every day so I feel like that’s helped but I do want to sleep constantly. Please help me if you can so I can help others.
    Thank you and many blessings ♡


    • mikeymurdock October 8, 2016 / 11:21 am

      Hi Kim

      I’m going to send you a email, if that is alright for you. As what I need to say is and should
      be directed towards you. I hope that is okay.


  3. Kim October 8, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    That would be awesome, thank you Mike 🙂


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