2016’s (10:10) Portal: Entering The (Zero Energy Transition Zone.)

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What We’re Experiencing Now In October 2016

What we are experiencing as we move into October 2016 with these Light energies is that they are much higher and more potent. This NEWER light energy is nothing like what we’ve previously experienced before in our entire existence as beings and that this planet has felt. So if you feel like you have never felt the way you are feeling now before, if the pain is so severe and it’s been a while since you’ve felt it at this kind of magnitude and your wondering why your feeling worse than you usually do during Light-Wave phenomena’s. We’re now entering a new area within this Ascension process. So it’ll take some time to integrate these NEWER energies coming, until we do become comfortable with them. NEW is never comfortable or easy, so when it comes into you don’t be surprised if your housing light energy that is so strong and profound into your (Portal Body) that the pain is extremely unbearable. It’ll just take much time to get comfortable within the NEW.

smiley-happy093This is a paragraph I felt the immediate urgency to share with everyone again. It’s from my last article I wrote prior to this one and I feel that it is important to share with you all once again because it is very important to know about at this current time. It speaks about the Light-Wave we received at the end of September into October 2016 and it’s the third Light-Wave of this magnitude that we’ve experienced this year. The first-Wave was in December 2015, the second wave was in April 2016 and the third wave which is hitting us now in October 2016. For those who are familiar with Denise Le Fay and her latest writing, she speaks about these Light-Waves and what is going on at this time for humanity. Personally for me I haven’t gone through the same exact experiences at this time as she has, we all do go through similar physical and spiritual situations that are affecting us collectively. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her HighHeartLife blog site at this time. I’ll even leave the link to her blog site.


The 10:10 Portal/Gateway Opening

I’m so very happy to be writing about this (10:10 Portal/Gateway) opening today, because it’s one of those rare occasions where everything is just so positive and light. Before I begin writing about what the 10:10 Portal is and why it’s important. I want to say that this is something that I have been sensing for weeks now. The numbers 10:10 have appeared to me many times over the past few weeks. So the universe has been letting me know that this 10:10 Portal/Gateway opening was going to be happening soon and that it was going to be a different kind of 10:10 Portal opening as opposed to previous years. Because we have experienced the Third Light-Wave, this tells me that the lead up to the 10:10 Portal has been incredibly life changing for a lot of people.

This lead up to this Portal has been so incredible and yes – some of the situations that have come up for me have been extremely negative as well as positive. However, while extremely negative they have been I’ve had the opportunity to really see how much I have evolved as a being. There have been situations that I’ve had to re-deal with and as I’m a very open person I’d like to share something that has happened to me. I’m sharing this because I want other’s to understand that no matter how negative the situations get, you have the inner power as a Light-being to deal with anything. I’ve recently had to deal with sexual harassment from another (Male) and while it’s been difficult, I understand that it has had a lot to do with my past lives as me being a (Female) many times in a 3D world. I’ve understood for a while that there was a past life link, as I’ve got many people who I work with where links to past lives have been recalled.

This situation while sounding extremely intimate and a bit too much for some who are reading, has not been the first time I’ve dealt with this. It’s the second. The first time I was in so much fear about opening up about it, that I quit my job and really struggled for a while there. Meanwhile the older gentleman remained un-scared and continued to live his life the way he always had. This second time around, I’ve dealt with it differently. I’ve opened up about it, I’ve spoken to my boss and I now have no more shifts with this (Male) at my place of employment. This being is also what I will refer to as a (Dark Portal) he isn’t aware of Ascension, which makes it easy for him to be used by any negative entity. Why did this happen now during 10:10? Because of this latest Third Wave and because (TNB – Team Negative Being) entities know what my emotional triggers are/have been. Through-out this lifetime and others. Which is why dissolving any kind of emotional state of fear, pulling through these negative situations and coming out of it stronger and filled with spiritual wisdom is the only way that I have managed to over-come these latest tactics. This lifetime I got off easy, as I recall in that past life with this same Male presence thing’s were done to me that were far worse than just sexual harassment and unwanted attention. So this latest wave has been bringing many past life issues up and to the forefront, for healing and transmuting. This isn’t about shaming (Males) or attacking this gender or that gender. It’s about healing wounds of the past in the present and becoming a unified being within. Uniting the Male/Female energies into one. Many are also going through similar experiences, as there have been so many sad experiences over humanities tenure that deals with violence, abuse, towards females and males. We are healing this abuse and transmuting the pain collectively and personally at this time. We all just need to look at the events taking place in the world at this time, to see that we are all waking up to the improper way we have all been treated (Females/Males).

This latest integration, this Third Light-Wave is a big part of why this 10:10 Portal is so important. We are entering NEWER territory and because of that, this 10:10 Portal is exceedingly different than 2015’s 10:10 Portal, or 2014, 2013 etc.

So what is the 10:10 Portal/Gateway opening?

I can’t start explaining this 10:10 Portal without mentioning the other two portals, because it’s really important that we understand that these other two are part of the package deal.

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There are three major portals as we reach the end of every year, now the important thing about these Portals is that they act as steps in the Ascension Process. Which is what 10:10 is all about, it’s about evolving and moving higher within ourselves at this time. The second Portal is the well known 11:11 Portal and the third one is the 12:12 Portal which is also significant because it’s always right near a time where we are energetically being pushed higher. These are the (Trinity Portals, the Triple Portals, the Triality Portals) these are the three game players and game changers through out each year.

Think of the energy that comes from these three portals as stair-steps. As we enter the end period of each year, we start to feel an enhancement of the physical ascension symptoms we feel. As we do we begin to move higher and higher in frequency. We start to evolve quicker and we become lighter at a faster rate. This is because we are experiencing greater DNA shifting and changes due to AAE (Accelerated Ascension Energies) coming into our (Light Portal Body) at this time. The earth is receiving more Light being born, incarnated, brought into her at these specific times. The months of (October – November – December) are the most important, it’s what really pushes many Light-Workers to co-create with the energy and the earth to bring peace. It’s always an intense period for me and I find I take this time-period to go within and look and deal with whatever issues I have that need a peaceful resolution. This is the time period where many Light-beings get pushed and expect to be pushed as we’re now leaving a specific space/area within this AP (Ascension Process) and we are entering a Transitional Period.

10:10 Portal Like No Other & Entering The Transition Zone

One of the biggest reasons why this 10:10 Portal is like no other before it, is because we have finished a (9 Year) energetic cycle. We’re technically still in 2016 – but there is a huge shift going on with this Portal that is ushering us away from the 9 energy and pushing us into the 1 energy. If you’ve read Denise Le Fay recent articles, you’ll hear her mention and talk about (The Zero Zone.) This is exactly what is going on right now, we are being pushed towards the 1 energies of 2017. The only way to do that is to enter a small time period of absolute energy. I call this the (Transition Zone) or (The Source Zone.) Why do I call it this? We’re in a time period where we are in an endless supply of source/creator energy.

The number sequence 0 – symbolizes everlasting energy. The zero is circular and the energy is always moving around and around, never stopping and never losing energetic momentum. The 0 number sequence (0, 00, 000, 0000)  if you’ve seen it in number sequences, it generally means that you are consciously back to a period where you are fully in supply of creator love and creator light. So this is where we are, which is why we are experiencing greater physical issues, feeling more intense energy within our space, seeing the separation of 5D and 3D and the people who are stuck in the different timeline anomalies. We’re radiating in pure (Source/Creator light, and love) isn’t that just what we need at this time? I think so!

This is wonderful news on an energetic level and as a Light-Being I’m filled with happiness, joy and peace to be knowing that we’re now entering the (Transition Zone) (The Zero Zone) (The Source Zone) (The Creator Zone) however you personally want to call it. We are leaving behind a cycle, we are leaving behind the OLD way of existing, We are leaving behind OLD energetic codes and blue prints. Why? Because we’ve evolved to this point where we can make a NEW transition into the start of a NEW cycle, transition to a NEW way of existing and being and enter a NEW phase within this AP (Ascension Process). This is it everyone, the beginning of the brand NEW, while we’re not at the (Jan, 1st, 2017 Portal) yet (The 111 Portal) we will be here shortly.

So it’s up to us to hold our light bright, don’t expect the NEW to be easy. The NEW can sometimes be chaotic, painful, difficult to deal with, flat out exhausting and just look at what we’ve all endured in 2016 (9.) Can you imagine what 2017 (1) is going to feel like. Enjoy the 10:10 Portal/Gateway opening as we await new challenges and new missions within our Light-Mission.

16Love & Light16

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