Post 2016’s (9/9/9) Energies: Making It Through All Of The Darkness & Exist-ing Within Further Self Sovereignty.

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I started the year 2016 (9) with the highest expectations that it would be a positive year. That I wasn’t going to be “Beat down” or have my “Inner Light” beat down and out of me. For the majority of 2016 (9) it’s had its struggles and I’ve had thing’s that needed to be worked through in order to get to where I am today. As I know many of the forerunners in this Ascension process have also struggled in 2016 (9) as well. I have to admit that It’s been my second worst year to date that I have been incarnated down here. The worst year was 2014 (7) for all the horrible, shitty and pointless attacks against me by (Team Negative Beings – The Dark –  and the entities) aa well as the (Dark Portal People) who have helped them knowingly or unknowingly. Now (Because I’m still alive, and well, and causing chaos for Team Dark members I dance joyfully.)  It’s personal vindication for me that I’ve been through the absolute worst and that I’m still here regardless. Not even those beings can take that away from me or you for that matter or all of us collectively.

Being a (Light-Worker) and going through what we all go through, transmuting the negativity and healing it, dealing with the many people (Portal people), housing the light within my physical body and then going through the physical discomfort of being a pillar in one of the darkest and densest realms of existence has been one of the hardest thing’s I have done. Over the last few months I’ve felt really lonely while doing this work in 2016. At other times I’ve felt much more connected to and closer to those higher dimensional beings who many people just don’t see at this time. Which has made seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so much better and much more profound. Because at the end of the day I’m not alone at all. This has been why 2016 (9) has been the second worst year, second hardest, second trying, second challenging and so much more. I’ve been getting (Tended and cared to with the utmost love and respect) by these 5D Higher Multi-Dimensional Light Beings who have been coming in/out of my life on a whim since I could communicate with them for all of 2016 (9). Another thing I need to mention. Guess what? And!!! so have you forerunners of the forerunners and Light-Beings. So have you been getting (Tended and cared to) as the veil lifts as more higher positive dimensional beings start to bleed through.

Post (999) Energies & Being Left Alone For A While

September 2016: The (999) Portal/Gateway of illumination and completion was the biggest push for humanity that I have felt and it has lasted well into October 2016. I want to share what exactly I’ve been going through since the (999) Portal  opened and where I’m at right now. I feel that it’s important for many to understand at this time, because you might be going through the same thing(s).

My physical self at this current moment is feeling so much energy enter multiple chakra base areas that I’m vibrating and ringing from within with endless supply of creator light and love. I’ve definitely been feeling a push since the (999) Portal to once again retreat into my small personal bubble and just house the energy at this time. I know it’s what I need to do at this time. The 5D Higher Multi-Dimensional Light Beings know this is also what I need to do at this time and so do (Team Negative Beings) know that this IS what I’m doing right now at this time. This last sentence is so important and I hope many Light-Workers understand it. I’ve been working on getting as much rest, finding more time for myself because I know that I need to integrate this stuff. (New updates, New Upgrades, New Blue prints, New Light codes) will NOT  push themselves into my physical body unless I release the old and let the NEW in. I’ve needed to release in order to integrate. Now one thing that has been happening for me has been when I try to do this work, grid down the light. I am met with nothing but interferences one after the other. Someone will knock at my door, someone at work will call in sick, or generally something will come up unexpectedly in order to prevent me from doing this work! This has been an endless thing all year long and what many need to understand is that (TNB – Team Negative Beings) Know your integrating, that your housing the light, that your helping raise your own frequency and the vibration of the earth.) ← This is so important. If you’ve been bothered lately, when all you want to do is rest, sleep, integrate and just be. Understand who’s really behind this, because they will do everything to prevent you from doing your Light-Work! This has been the biggest dominating issue for me in 2016 (9) and I already know it will be for me in 2017 (1).

Another thing that has happened since the (999) Portal has opened and this is something that amazes me, is that I was left on my own for a while there. I literally didn’t have any contact with my spirit team, my guardian angel was also barely around and everything in September after this portal opened just went silent and quiet. There was no 5D Higher Multi-Dimensional Beings at the foot of the bed, or the sides of the bed, watching and ready to help as I integrated. There was no telepathic communication. It was just me, myself and I. What was happening in September was so high, so profound, so NEW that I was all on my own, being my own (Source/Sovereign self) Why? It was because It was only me, myself and I, who could/was going to integrate the illumination and raise my frequency on my own. I was my own source, you are your own source, we all have to be our own source for everything. This is what evolution is, growing, acceptance and healing, along with being us and no-body else.

My old spirit team of (5D Multi-Dimensional Light Beings) knew this and fully understood this. They also knew that they couldn’t come along with me anymore, that the (999) Portal was the cut-off point for these specific beings and their services. I was moving into a NEW space/place within myself and we all did and many of us still are. It took almost two weeks for newer and unfamiliar energies to appear and this was just before the Third Light Wave at the end of September into early October. It’s definitely been a wild ride, however if it wasn’t for those specific (5D Multi-Dimensional Light Beings) I probably wouldn’t have done all of the fabulous work that I had done since they first came hovering at the foot of and sides of the bed in April 2016. If you’ve also experienced a change in spirit teams, understand that where we are now and where we will move to is not a place/area in time and space that your old team members could come along with you and help you.

Much gratitude to those (5D Angelic Light Beings)  who have come and gone and for those who are now helping us individually at this time. This is a wonderful time to be on (Planet Earth) at this specific time, no matter how dark it may seem. We are changing thing’s and sometimes that really just blows my mind.

16Love & Light16

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One thought on “Post 2016’s (9/9/9) Energies: Making It Through All Of The Darkness & Exist-ing Within Further Self Sovereignty.

  1. Kyna October 15, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    Yeah I resonate very much with that. In fact I’ve had a spell of “being on my own” since July (which coincidentally is the same month my husband’s cancer came on the radar). I realised eventually it was for that reason as well: to stand on the ground of my own Source. However this week I’ve felt a re-connection to my spirit guides, strong like it used to be before July. Stronger perhaps. Despite all the hardships of 2016, and there have been plenty, it really has been an amazing year. Really feel the work we are all doing is making a difference!


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