The Grand Design: Discerment & The Roles Being Played Out In This 2016 (9) Timeline.

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           2016 (9) Timeline & The Grand Design 

The year 2016 (9) will be one for the history books, and in the (Hall Of Records – AKA – The Akashic Records) as one of the biggest periods in our earth’s existence, as a year of absolute divine intervention. It will go down in history as one of the biggest years (Time Periods) where certain events in the grand design have taken place. What I’m talking about is (The whole picture, the reason we’ve incarnated down here, the grand design, the purpose of it all, free will and choice, the roles that we’re playing.) This is the direction I’m heading into, because it’s important for us to understand why everything that is happening is really happening? Why? Where? for who? and by whom?Before we can understand why it is, we need to understand what, who, when, where?

Many understand and know about (The Grand Design) because we’re all the ones who created it, we were born from the source because we are source. We then created the universe, the planets, and earth. We then created the grand design, but over time, we realized that it was starting to become to much. Which is why we are seeing so many of our Light Brothers and Sisters incarnating at this time, to help us all shift away from the dominant darkness that we now are seeing coming in and still remaining to an extent to great lengths at this time. This isn’t the first time we’ve all collectively incarnated down here in bulk groups, we’ve done it many times. We’ve incarnated down here at certain stages of ages. We’re currently moving into and have been increasingly transitioning into the age of Aquarius. It is so important because of where we will shift into. We really are (Already) and I’ll repeat that again (Already) living in a timeline in 2016, where we are already living close to the 5th Dimensional space, area, energies, and being influenced by the light energies of the 5th Dimension. Where we will shift to is even further, beyond the 5th Dimension. As the decades pass and the centuries pass. This is where we will shift to, but for those who seem to think we aren’t orbiting the entrance of  the 5th Dimension yet. You are! We are! This is it folks. What the forerunners of the forerunners were doing all those years, was opening the current timeline we’re now in. A timeline that is open to love, peace and connection to higher knowledge of ourselves and multi dimensional existence.

A small word about Discerning and Discernment: Discernment can be defined as – understanding, knowing and being able to sense energy and what is really going on at this time. Many of us still aren’t discerning and many of us really need to start discerning much more. When we take time to discern we take time to see what is going on in the matrix, the matrix prison, the matrix box and see what is happening and why?  Many of the events going on in matrix world, as I like to call it. Is a direct correlation to some of the usual and OLD ways that the matrix has always been conducted. A huge part of that are the roles that are being played out at this time and I’ll explain further in the next section.

The 2016 (9) Timeline & The Roles That Are Being Played Out At This Time

In this particular section things are about to get really real. When I say that I’m talking about the current timeline and the current beings who are in certain roles inside this matrix prison. This section is going to focus on the feminine and the suppression of (Mother Feminine & The Feminine Goddess) energies. There are two specific people at this current time, who are embodying one of the events of the (Grand Design) and remember that it’s just one. However it is a big event as it’s being played out publicly and it’s literally what will affect the timeline we’ve created. We won’t suffer and the timeline will go on but it’ll be difficult times. Specifically if one of these people wins over the other.

The first important thing to know about roles, is what your role is? We all play a cosmic role. It’s like something I read once we’re all a musical note and at certain times it’s our turn to play our own individual note in the song that is existence. In order to play our own tune, we have to know what it is? Roles. What role do you play? Where are you in all this? Where are you in this Ascension Process? Do you know? If not – the first step is figuring out where you stand on the light spectrum. Is your role being played out at a high frequency, or a low frequency? We all need to know where we stand and free will plays a big part in that. Which is why so many people are consciously choosing to wake up at this time. Free will gives way to intuition and intuition gives way to our right to free choice. Many are intuitively choosing to become an aware which is wonderful, but many aren’t. If you know something about polarity, then you know that there are two opposing energies/forces working behind the scenes in this matrix at this time.

So now that we know that we’re playing a role in the grand scheme of things, let me introduce you to the two key players at this time. The two presidential nominees’ free-rolleye-smileys-323 (Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton) are the two key players right now. Let me tell you (I) am Canadian and I’m sick of watching some of the stuff that he says. It all gets broadcasted over here. I’m no fan of his and I don’t know many Light-Workers who are. Not just him but her as well. Now I don’t follow these things much – I don’t even care for smiley-laughing015 Trudeau. I don’t follow politics, government, or anything of that magnitude of B.S and if I’m being honest, we don’t need any leaders in this thing. We don’t have any in the spirit world and in the higher dimensions, but on earth we do. Go figure.  Oh please, it’s so corrupt. I don’t care for watching people lie, bullshit around, but I’ve been aware of some aspects and this has gotten very nasty, and dirty, very quickly.

It’s been playing out for months now and if your like me, you’ve been exasperated, annoyed, frustrated, and intensely pissed off. What’s been pissing me off is the blatant attack against the feminine and the feminine energies. Our world through out it’s history has seen the feminine or the (Female) as one of the lowest forms of existence, so the feminine has really been suppressed on this planet. It’s the dominance of the masculine energy that has been big on earth, we can’t deny that. So when we see him speak about the feminine (Female) in a derogatory, piggish, crude, vulgar, disgusting way we continuously see the feminine energies being attacked and suppressed even further. This has been shown time and time again, but the enlightening thing now is that many have spoken up about it. Women are speaking up about this, how wrong it is and even men are saying what he’s all about is not right. Why? Because nobody is this unbalanced, nobody wants the feminine to be continuously attacked and because this kind negativity isn’t normal.  We see it time and time again. She has also lied about so many things and I don’t place my trust in either of them. So you see the roles that are being played. While we all know both of them are awful candidates, the feminine is needed on (Mother Earth) we’re done with masculine. We have enough, we need balance, we need a dosage of both Masculine/Feminine to be strong and balanced on this planet.

He is symbolic of the OLD in every way, his ego, his views on women, his views on people, we’re not about pushing people away because they’re different in any way. We’re about loving them because they’re unique and they bring something different to the table. However his role as disgusting as it is, is important because his treatment of her and women are bringing key issues up at this time. Women are speaking up and out, they’re not going to stand for it, I’m not going to stand for it, and no-body should stand for this. Gay rights flourished, trans gender rights flourished, it’s time that women’s rights flourished. Not just for women, but the embodiment and acknowledgement of the Feminine on this planet. We need it.

Being An Outside Observer & Seeing Beyond The Silly Distractions

I want to write about being an “Outside Observer” while living within this 2016 timeline. It’s so important that we understand what is going on and what it all means to be an outside observer? Being an outside observer means disengaging in the 3D timeline dramas and pulling yourself out of that specific role in order to observe what is really going on at this time.

Many times I’ve had to take myself out of all the drama going on around me, in order to play and be an “Outside Observer” in order to gain some perspective. The reason that I’m bringing this up, is because when you do this you begin to see the silly distractions that are placed in front of you. What am I doing at this time? Should I engage in that? Is this something I need to worry about? Should I even waste my time thinking about this? These are some of the questions that I have asked myself lately and they’ve helped me get to a place of neutrality. It goes the same way for this presidential debate, being an “Outside Observer” it helps you see some of the distractions that are being played out. In the end there is never any talk about what they’ll do to be bring in positivity, it’s more lies and utter B.S in order to get votes and supporters. This is also a huge distraction at this time, as many people are not focusing or not being open enough to begin the process of this Ascension. They’re to busy to see that they’re giving their power away by thinking they do in fact need someone else to lead them in everything they do. It just is the way it is for now. In time many people will wake up and will question the roles of some of these leaders just like many are doing now with him.

However key issues are coming up  and expect women’s right’s to flourish after this. Remember though that thing’s are happening for a reason, as the world, collectively is in a Dark Of The Night period where all of the negativity is being pushed right out. So as we travel through the last remaining weeks of 2016 (9) it’s so important to observe, to question, to sense, to use your intuition, and to understand your own individual role in this Ascension Process. See what people are, see through them, see past the distractions. I know I’ve been gifted with the ability to Cleary see into people and know what really lies in them. Many Light-Workers also are gifted with this gift, so it’s important to see who is around you, to see what role they’re playing in your life and collectively and see what side of the light spectrum they are at. Or if they’re not even on the light spectrum.

Stay safe in these difficult time and stay out of fear based emotions.

16Love & Light16

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