2016’s 10-31 Portal Opening: The Veil – The Opening of The Realms & Solar Geomagnetic Storms.

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 I just want to start this article off by saying a big Thank You to everyone who had sent me an email, of Love, of Gratitude, especially over the last week or so. There were too many to address personally, and I’ve just been getting hit tremendously by these energies I’ve been too tired to respond. Your kind words are welcomed and so is your love. I’ve had high hopes that the Light-Work that I’ve been doing all along on here would someday help other people, would help those of us who are fully on our own Ascension paths and doing this hard work in the NOW moment.

So thank you, once again, from my heart to yours. As i now know that my own work is paying off and helping other’s who are experiencing the same thing’s and situations feel better about where they’re at as they evolve and grow.

More Love But At A Physical Price

I think that title “More Love But At A Physical Price” is just perfect in explaining what it’s been like for me, for most of us in October 2016. I think that explains most of 2016 (9) for everyone at this point. I’ve never experienced such a frequency of higher intensified “Love Energy” like i have during this last week going into this week. I’ve been enthralled within it and I’ve been feeling it from most. However, it doesn’t mean that i haven’t dealt with people who send me hate instead because I’ve dealt with that as well throughout October. Shouting, distractions, interferences, showing they’re darker side and all that nonsense. Where i’m at, where your at, we don’t have time for this. I’m busy, i have Grid Work that i’m doing, i’m holding love high in my heart and anything else that takes me away from this kind of Light-Work is not important enough to give my energy to. Neither is it for you, if your also doing your Light-Work whatever that may be keep your energy intact.

While this October Third-Wave has been bringing in all these NEW love energies and we can all feel it. It’s coming at a high physical price for us all. I’ve had some days where i’m literally spinning when i finally lay my body down in bed, literally just spinning all over myself and all over my room space. I had no idea that love could feel this physically painful and isn’t that something? You expect it to feel wonderful and there have been intense moments of euphoria, but october has not felt Euphoric. For those who hate it, sure go ahead and hate it, but this is what we signed up for folks. We understood what we were getting into, when we agreed to be born into a highly dense and toxic realm of existence, while being downloaded with light energies on a weekly basis. You knew this, I knew this, We all knew this. Hate the physical price, but love the fact that your helping usher in so much light, that the monsters will soon be vacating the premises.

fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← Look at this ugly piece of shit, just look at it. House, House, House, these Light energies into your being. Please, the more you Grid, the more of these silly fools leave. They have two choices at this point. The first either leave entirely, and off yourself off to another realm, on a different planet with the same energies. The second and this is the most important one. They either change and evolve now, and return to the light, or they will not be able to exist here because thing’s are really changing dramatically. It’s alright to hate the physical process, but make sure you love the outcome. The outcome is what we’re all working so damn hard for, peace, love, and unity. Get excited everyone come on. We’re doing this damn thing.

Increased Physical Symptoms & That Coronal Hole

I’ve noticed that I’ve had a much more difficult time this last week on a Physical level, with my bodily vessel taking nothing but hit after hit. I’ve been dealing with sinus issues, my nose has been bloody, dry, i’ve had the tissues more in handy recently. If your surprised to read about sinus issues being an Ascension Symptom, oh yeah. Since i’ve started this Ascension process, i’ve had to deal with major sinus issues, major Nose issues, and major Ear and Throat issues as well. This is not a new thing for me, but it might be a new thing that i’m bringing up now. I’ve had a day or two this week where my throat felt blocked, i don’t mean my throat Chakra. Physically i try to swallow but it feels like it is completely shut off, closed off, and it’s been a struggle when my throat get’s triggered by other sinus issues.

I’m also having and being in strange lower/higher realms, in my dream states. I’m vibrating, especially on my left side, specifically my left leg. I’ve even started falling asleep at random, and then experiencing myself having vertigo while hovering above myself. Something new that happened to me a few months ago, was that while in the transition of entering my body, i’m hearing voices/thoughts of people in the collective. It’s like multiple people at once, and i can hear they’re voices going on about they’re problems. This has happened again. So physically thing’s are difficult. As i’m sure it also is for you.

Why is it so difficult right now? Aside from this Third Wave which is no picnic, there has been and still continues to make things worse, has been that the earth has also been stuck in a Stream Of Solar Wind  caused by a huge gapping Coronal Hole on the sun. Why is this important Light-Workers? It’s so important because our bodies get triggered immediately when ever the sun does anything. I get so sensitive when ever the sun does anything, a solar flare, geomagnetic storms, coronal hole opening, solar wind, it just about triggers unfathomable pain within my body and it’s systems. So Because they impact our earth, it then will impact us all because we co-exist within the earth. It’s a funny time period, as everything seems to be hitting us all at once. The coronal hole energies, the third wave, and the New Moon, and don’t forget the 11:11 Portal/Gateway opening is just around the corner. My Source … we’re right in the middle of this thing.

The 10-31-2016 Portal/gateway opening & Being Aware Of The Veil Lifting At This Time

The main reason and focus of this article is to write about this particular portal, the Halloween Portal, the 10-31 Portal opening. This day has an important energy about it, and most people aren’t aware of it. Those who are in tune, understand what is really going on at this time.

This Portal is about the veil. The veil between this earthly dimensional realm, and the spirit world. Whether it’s a higher dimensional realm or lower dimensional realm, this portal opens up the veil for a specific time, which let’s this world and the spirit world become one. As a young kid, i didn’t like the hype of halloween. As a light-worker who is constantly interfered with, messed with, psychically attacked in my sleep, as an adult going through all of this and still living and surivivng it on a daily basis it’s some how lost it’s appeal entirely. It goes from dressing up and playing along in the matrix world, to being a real part of the real battle and being exposed to the real monsters. So i don’t do this “Holiday” and even more strange is that people call it one. That’s not at all what this portal is about. For me it’s about energy, it’s about protection, sure it’s about contact with the other side, but make sure your not playing around with demonic beings who are entering through this portal.

I’ve experienced it, i’ve lived it, these (TNB – Team Negative Beings) come out through this portal, come into our realm of existence. This is a yearly portal, and while it’s suppose to be about connecting with higher realms, don’t forget that it’s about Lower frequency beings from lower dimensional realms jumping through portals and entering this world. This is not something that I or You, should be messing around with. It’s very real, and while we can have better connection to our higher spiritual friends, and Spirit guides, and E.T beings from the 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D realms. Don’t forget we’re opened to lower Dimensional relams as well, and Dark beings will not hesitate to enter this realm and remain here.

Stay Safe: Enjoy the higher connection, but watch out for the dark ones as well.

16Love & Light16

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