Embodying The Third Wave: The Continued Physical Embodiment Process & Still Doing A Lot Of Grid Work.

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November Shift Into Higher Dimension?

How many people currently on their Ascension Process are finding that November 2016 shifted into a more positive, higher, dimensional space? If you have felt this your not alone. I’ve felt this shift into a more higher space within the 5th dimension we have created. That were now living in. Thing’s moving into November have still felt intense, physically exhausting, but there is a lighter feel to it. Such a lighter feel that I find myself having moments where I feel normal.

I’m feeling a hell of a lot better, than I did as we transitioned from September into October 2016. Why? Because the energy was very new. I had to Grid, I had to let go, I had to accept it all into my body. Releasing blocked energy is never easy but it’s well worth doing if you can get to a place where it feels better. As an intuitive being, I know this feeling of lightness won’t last for me. However, enjoying the Moment has been paramount to remaining centered and balanced. At least for me anyways. This is just the beginning. There are more waves of light to come through-out the years to come. So don’t think thing’s won’t still be difficult at times. This is still a process. However if your feeling a lack of hope just look at how far (me-we-you) have all come now. It’s monumental.

The higher space we find ourselves in is however due to the fact that we’re getting much more used to the NEW Light that has integrated into us. Which makes perfect sense to me as I found myself feeling physically annihilated in late September into October 2016. Now as we walk towards the 11/11 Portal/Gateway I feel these same energies and they aren’t packing such a punch. I find myself feeling more connected to them as well which means I’ve done enough grid work that I’ve become one with the NEW energy. As we all have.

Continued Physical Embodiment Process In November 2016

smiley-sleep011 Since i can remember I’ve always done “Grinternetid Work” and I’ve always been aware on some level that It’s what I’ve been doing. Since the moment I was born until this very moment as i write this and I’m in my mid-twenties. So (Grid Work) and everything that accompanies it no longer baffles me. It no longer has me up in arms. It no longer frustrates me like it used to. It’s become so repetitive. Yes it has. However, the process of physically embodying a Light-Wave and then another one two weeks later, and on and on has not felt repetitive to me at all. It’s been an odd mixture of physical hell and strangely enough complete comfort. Why? Because it’s coming from (Source/Creator) and It’s Higher Dimensional Light energy bleeding through our 3 Dimensional plane of existence. Let me just say (And we need it.) There is so much darkness around every crevice of earth, that i can cram it all in my bum and in a hour i can make black diamonds out of it all.

November 2016 – Is so light, i feel at times like i could float away. Isn’t it odd? I mean 1 month ago i remember feeling this huge energy pour into my body and the weeks into October were all about gridding and more gridding. All of October that is all that (Me – You – we) have been doing. We’ve integrated the Third Light Wave and we’re now starting to become one and complete with these newest energies. Wasn’t it difficult at first? Man, that was something else. However just because i feel and you may feel physically better. It doesn’t mean that we’re not still integrating. We are and we always will be. It’s something that i have needed to accept lately, that these waves are going to be coming in more and more frequently. There is no stopping evolution. There also is no stopping the physical embodiment of evolution either. That’s an article i feel the need to write in the coming weeks, as more and more people are wondering if the evolutionary process will ever calm down. However, if your currently embodying the light, on the Ascension path, and evolving. Chances are this will continue for you until you decide it’s time to physically leave planet earth. No one is immune from the energies, no one is immune from the evolutionary experience. This will be a continuing process for all.

But let us get through November 2016 first. I just want to share a small detailed review of what I’ve experienced during the weeks of October. So that many of you can understand just what (the majority) of us, not counting those who are pretending that they are on the Ascension process. As I’ve encountered many who weren’t, but claimed they were and didn’t feel any of the symptoms that I did. Which means they weren’t really ever experiencing it. Not yet, at least.

It’s also helpful, as many just need something to relate to. Resonation is so important for so many at this time, because it helps us make that connection between what we’re physically experiencing and seeing that the majority of us are also going through the exact same thing. Do you know how many times I’ve thought “Oh I’m really losing my mind now. No way what I’m experiencing is evolution, or normal. This has to be a real physical problem, I need to get help.” only to go online and read about everyone else’s experiences. Its been a great comfort to know that others are also embodying this third wave of 2016 and have been doing it for quite some time. Then my “I’m Crazy” theory goes out the window. There needs to be more of a open dialogue for those of us on the evolutionary process, for those of us that knows that this is what we’re experiencing in this time. So we can speak up and out about the symptoms we’re experiencing.

October 2016 & Weekly Physical Symptoms Of The Third Wave

Week One – I got hit hard on Septmber 30th – With Flu Symptoms. It lasted the first week of October. I was in bed the majority of the time, even had to go into work sick a few days. My crown chakra was activated and letting Light energy in. My head was being re-wired. My ears were ringing, aching, internally, leading down to my throat chakra. I just slept as much as i could.

Week Two – I had a lot of energy. I managed to hit the gym a few times, but then i just started eating and eating. This is when the vibrating started for me. Vibrating energy in my left leg. I would be laying in bed at night, trying to sleep, and it was just vibrating. I would feel rushes of pulsating energy run up/down my body. That stayed around with me until the new energy inside me, grounded itself and lodged itself in various parts of my body that it needed to be gridded down into. This is grid work. Letting the energy grid, move, rush up/down your body. Then you ground it, sometimes it grounds itself.

Week Three – I really started gaining some weight during the third week of October. In-fact i experienced mutitudes of attacks, interferences, and was side-tracked by TD beings quite frequently. This was not a very good week. It took extra effort to do all that i needed to. The energy was very high, and towards the end of week three of october, that’s when my legs up to my lower back ached a little bit more than usual.

Week Four – Last week i had serious sinus issues, all over my face. My throat was blocked, my ears were ringing, i was achy all over the place, i had dry, bloody, running nose. The geomagnetic storms were really affecting my internal systems, and lots of stuff was being worked on from within. Lot’s of effort, to get as much done as i needed to. I had to shut down some of my own personal timelines. With certain people. Past life issues got dealt with, and around the 31st i had a satanic energy day. The energy just felt very dense, pressurized, and my body didn’t handle it very well. But as soon as Nov 1st came through, thing’s lifted. I defintely felt a serious shift happen during this last week.

It’s important for anyone to take care of themselve, love themselves, be kind to themselves in this time. Also know that as we enter November 2016 and pass threw the 11:11 Portal/Gateway, that we will be integrating yet another Light -Wave. So we’re still going to be doing Grid Work well into November 2016. Doesn’t it seem like it’s not even two and two weeks anymore? I find these Light-Waves are now coming into our plane of existence every 1 1/2 week intervals. What can you do? This is the future. Embrace the changes everyone.

16Love & Light16

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2 thoughts on “Embodying The Third Wave: The Continued Physical Embodiment Process & Still Doing A Lot Of Grid Work.

  1. Ophelie November 7, 2016 / 2:29 am

    Hi, thanks for this article :-), yes november feels much lighter but yes still very physical, I feel it is also due to the vibration of the double 1 of that month. The energy of the first one anchor us and the other one let us be in action. As in October the zero energy make us go in a circle….around and around…;-) and I had also this vision of the magnetic field of the earth rebooting itself at certain places which invited us to breath more deeply and expand our energy, which can be challenging. And I aslo wonder how long this is going to go on… these wawes, but somwhow I have the feeling that for the poeple who have been integrating since years now it is going to be easier… 2017 is a year 1 and a new cycle will start. But it might bemore challenging for the people who have not yet really started their process.
    Sending love ❤


  2. Jonathan November 27, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Thanks a lot for this post Mikey. I really appreciate reading about someone else’s process, challenges and experience, because for the past few months I have been feeling more and more isolated from most people from the 3D world because nobody can really relate with what I am experiencing.

    It’s very helpful to read from you and to know that I am not alone in this. I wish we Ascending people could connect more and share, help and support each other more directly, like in real life, although it’s not easy to find people like me around where I live.


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