To All Light-Workers: The Blessed 2016 (9) (11:11) Portal Opening & The Shift In Frequency. Hold Your Light High Light-Workers. It’s Needed Now.

16I feel the need to remind everyone that no matter what is going on out there in 3D land, that the energies are still pouring through, for those of us in 5D world. That the Ascension process is still going on, and that no matter what oppressive energies we’ve been pulling through these last few days. As i know I’ve felt the frequency of earth drop a little bit, and I’ve felt such oppressive energy over the last three days. That this is still going on. Re-centre yourself, observe don’t engage, and remain high in your heart of hearts. What the world needs now, is light and love, be the forerunners that you know you are and hold your light and love strong within your light vessel. No matter how hard it is right now.

Today is the 11:11 Portal/Gateway, and it’s an important time. Just look around you and collectively, change is happening. Stay out of fear based emotions, cycles, patterns, and mindsets and remain conscious of you and your own higher sovereign self.

There are two portals going on right now. The first happened on 11:9:9 (Nov 9th, 2016) and the second is happening today 11:11:9 (Nov 11th, 2016.) These are two important mirror portals. Let’s not forget why the election went the way it did, hello TD anyone? But in keeping that in mind, please stop distracting yourselfs from the real reason we are here. The world needs us to continue to do our spiritual work, hold our light strong, release and let go, hold the very foundation of love within the centres of our hearts, and spread it. However remember that 11:11:9 is also important and it’s here. So shine your light, stop giving into fear, and spread your light, spread your light, spread your light.

Much love to all. 16

The Blessed 11:11 Portal/Gateway Opening Of 2016 (9)

Over the last couple of days I’ve defintely had a difficult time. Especially on an energetic level. I’ve felt on a whole a swarm of energies, thoughts, fears, anxieties, and let me just say that it hasn’t been coming from me. No it’s all been coming from out there. As i’m sure many of you Light-Pavers have also been picking up on the energetic off loading, of a majority of the world’s population. We have been transmuting big time, and like never before. I have never felt an 11:11 Portal/Gateway Opening quite like this before, and i don’t know if there will be another quite like this one. I feel the 11:11 Portal/Gateway Energies pouring through at this time, however it’s felt like it’s being over shadowed by this big, fat, negative, oppressive energy that i’ve been feeling for a few days now. We all know where this oppressive energy is coming from, but despite it we all have to remain grounded within the light we carry within us.

Which is why this 11:11 Portal/Gateway and the Energies coming in at this time are so blessed, not just blessed but a blessing in disguise. I still feel it massively, despite this over-powering oppressive energy. I’ve started to experience some of the usual symptoms that i do when these Light-Waves begin to start downloading into my chakra systems. I’ve been so exhausted with the frequent need to stop, take as much naps as i can get, and get out of my physical vessel for a while. The ringing in my ears has been off the hook, more than usual. I’ve been eating non-stop, just trying to prevent myself from floating out of my body for good and exiting this planetary realm of existence. I’ve put on some weight again, which is no fun but i like to think of it as doing it for a good cause. I mean the list goes on and on, as i’m sure that so many of you on the Ascension path are also going through similiar physical experiences. Don’t be alarmed as this is all normal, and a big part of Light-Wave intergration and work.

But oh my goodness at the sudden explosion of the WTF energies? The somber and quiet transition into November 2016, the shift into lighter territory, and now this explosion of energy from this oppresive energy/mixed with the Light pouring in from the 11:11 Portal, to the upcoming Supermoon which will be at it’s closest in almost 70 years. Something big isn’t going to happen, something is happening right now. The shift into newer lighter territory is kicking my ass and i’m sure it’s kicking yours. Thing’s are so pulpable right now, so tense, so intense, a mere breath can shake thing’s up and crumble everything entirely. We’re about to enter more of the (Transition zone, Zero zone, Source zone) energy and boy oh boy are thing’s getting strong right now, energy wise.


That’s why it’s the blessed 11:11 Portal/Gateway Opening it’s literally pushing us to evolveuniversaleye higher physically than the majority of us can handle at this time. It’s physically painful, but it’s (Raising Our Frequency) the frequency may have dimmed a bit around america, but the energies coming out of this 11:11 Universal Light Portal/Gateway is now causing people’s conciousness to begin to wake up. Expect more of our sleeping brothers and sisters, to wake up, in the following weeks. Wake up to the illusions, deceptions, deceits, of the 3rd Dimensional ways of being and existing. This is a big wake up call, this is about unity, this about multi-dimensiality, this about trinity, and it’s about connection to ourselves ( as an aspect of Creator/Source).

The November 2016 Shift & What This Means For Light-Workers

I mentioned in my last article that as we transitioned into November 2016 – How much lighter everything felt to me. I didn’t fully know why, but now i do. In fact we did indeed shift. We shifted from the 2016 (9) frequencies – (Fully) – into the (0) energies of absolute Source/Creator energy. We’re now connecting more with the rest of the universe, we’re connecting more with higher lighter multi-dimensional beings, we’re now experiencing more connection to the creator/source individually through our (aspect) that we embody of the creator himself. We are source, source is us.

Welcome to the (Source – Creator- Zero zone) Light-Workers. This shift is sure to bring on more physical pains, but we’re going to really start seeing more of the 5th Dimension. We’re also going to see a lot more of the 3rd Dimension to, and the flat out stupidy that will take place. The different timelines are becoming so separated, that the separation between the worlds is starting to become so apparent. It’ll be hard to co-exist without realizing it, and what’s going on.

Whoo – I’m exhausted how about you forerunners? Enjoy the Portal Energies, Keep centred, stay filled with love and joy for the world, better thing’s will come. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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