November 2016 Energies: Accelerated Ascension Symptoms & The Constant Attacks By Negative Human Beings.

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Post 11:11 Portal Energies & Accelerated Ascension Symptoms

Over these last few excruciating Ascension years after having been activated as a star seed, when I first started this Ascension process.  Between the years of 2013-2016. I’ve since then suffered and endured a multitude of heavy accelerated physical maladies, because at the start of this process I was going through a phenomena called Accelerated Ascension. Along with that came the relentless Accelerated Ascension Symptoms. Now you might be asking yourselves (Accelerated Ascension What? – Accelerated Symptoms huh?) For any newbies who have just been activated, as many have just been in the last few days and weeks – with many more in the next few days and weeks to come. These people and these beings will now start to come online looking for information to help them understand what’s really happening to them.

Accelerated Ascension & Symptoms – Is when your experincing a shift in frequency in a short span of time at a quick pace. Your being downloaded heavily in all parts of your body, experiencing physical symptoms that are magnified and that seems as if it’s hitting every single part of your body at once. You are going through a quick Ascension (Download, Integration, Upgrade, magnification, Update) and sometimes it’s really not easy and it’s really not fun. I went through this same thing, and i’m mentioning this now because many who are awakening are looking out there for answers that might be hard to find or even understand. Eventually everyone finds a written sentence, from someone, that resonates, then it all just seems to make sense.

Accelerated, acceleration, accelerating, rapidly, quickly, fast, light speed – are all words that i can use to describe November 2016. The month of November has moved from one spectrum to the next, personally for me and what i’ve experienced. Remember that we’re only mid-way through November at this point, but all i can say is that life and situations, and events have really started getting more difficult. Since Nov 8th i’ve been seemingly tested in almost every single way, on every single level. I’m getting hit from left to right with these energies. The mirror portals on 11-9-9 and then 11-11-9, leading up to the Supermoon energies, right near the Neptune turning direct motion today has me exhausted and wondering when thing’s are going to let up. Remember this is where we’re at right now. No matter how dark the monsters have gotten, no matter how much control the monsters have gotten, we’re still in this thing. I’ll be damned if i’m going to quit now either! Scuzi for the language. But at this point (TNB – Team Negative Beings) and the demons can pick a cheek and lick it, i’m tired of them.


I haven’t felt this hounded by (The energies, the demons, the fear, the panic, the control, the anxiety, the anxiousness, the emotional release, the flat out attacks, the panic from the collective masses) since I was having frequent breakdowns in my late teens because of how dense the energies were. However, transmuting everyone and everything lately has been so difficult, so painful, so exhausting, so challenging that it’s gotten to the point that I’m getting so tired of cleaning all of it up. The fear in people is so very real and I think so many just don’t know how to react to it. I know many Light-Workers are also having their own issues with these energies and with the collective fears. The truth in some ways is that what’s going on in recent days, is a collective Dark Of The Night and the clearings and purging’s going on right now are bringing Old (Beliefs, Systems, Governments, Ways of being and existing) to the forefront. We know the systems that don’t work anymore, needed to end, but now it’s really starting to change. Now the realization of people around the world, to get on the Ascension bandwagon now and start releasing and healing is also coming to the forefront now.

I need to mention something about the Supermoon, because the supermoon really came at a time where we needed the light the most. After Nov 8th and the election news broke out those were some serious dark days leading up to the supermoon. Nov 13th the day before I couldn’t do anything. I spent the entire day on the couch, just trying to remain as calm and centred as i could. It’s been tough for a lot of folks right now. Empaths are struggling and when you add on all the transmuting we’ve been doing. Holy cow!

Portal People & Experiencing Negative Remarks, Attacks, And Comments

This is a whole entire topic all on it’s own but today i’m going to give you the shortpositive-and-negative-energy1 version. Since the 8th of November 2016 – I’ve experienced much more attacks, a lot more negative remarks, gotten many negative comments, experienced mob mentality, all of this directed towards me. This experience is happening to many people who are aware now, who are housing light inside of them, who are experiencing Ascension and existing within this process. Why? It has a lot to do with the picture just above, of the little light filled guy. Notice how he’s surrounded by all of those who are not lit up, not yet, these are those who haven’t yet been activated by the Ascension Process. So they’re still literally not aware of all the negative stuff that those who are on the Ascension Process are aware of. Hey, no judgements, we’re all on the level we can be at for right now. Free will exists and many are choosing to at this time not take that leap yet.

The thing about PP (Portal People) is that they aren’t aware, of any of the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychic trauma many of us do go through. So they don’t face the headaches, the tiredness, the crazy heart racing in their chests, the left side pain, the throat pain, the flu symptoms, the communicating with higher angelic light beings, or are able to telepathically communicate. These are thing’s they don’t experience or yet are capable of feeling. They’re not in control of their own consciousness and when your not in control of your own consciousness you can’t be free to express your “I AM” self. They are leaving themselves open for possession, they are leaving themselves open to being hi-jacked so to speak, of being controlled through they’re consciousness, in order to say, in order to do specific thing’s that throw negative energy in order to attempt to lower light-beings and our high level of frequency. Since Nov 8th this is what i’ve been dealing with, these constant accelerated attacks, comments, remarks, about me, who i am, what i do or am doing at this time, in order to break me in any way. In order to cause me to spin out of control spiritually, lose track of my higher goals and lower the light that i’m carrying and my energy.

The only way i’ve been able to handle this is to be as graceful as i can, remain high up in my heart, live there, breathe from there, exist in pure love. I don’t have time for the slings, arrows, and insults, and i think at this point many of us struggling don’t have the time to deal with it either. We’ve transcended that shit. However even many of us still yet don’t realize that this is effecting our frequency. Which we need to know, and this topic needs to also get addressed more and more, so that we can understand why we feel drained, why we feel exhausted, why we feel so depressed. This is a big part of it all.

It’s been one hell of a month ( no pun intended) but i think i’m already sick and tired of hearing about which demon is going to walk into the white house, with the devil himself. I know the systems are going to literally collapse soon. Because they’re Old, not loving, and come from a place of needing to instill fear and control people. What else can i say really? The reality isn’t that a demon is president, but the reality is that so many are scared of how difficult it will be when changes start to happen and it could have been stopped. Many have been saying he will change the system, no he won’t. He will however play a big part in destroying it, but at a price that will be so deadly and big. Please remember to be aware when someone is directing anything at you, to hurt you, to lower your frequency, because it’s real and it’s happening a lot of us now. Stay safe.16

16Love & Light16

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2 thoughts on “November 2016 Energies: Accelerated Ascension Symptoms & The Constant Attacks By Negative Human Beings.

  1. Magda November 19, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    Hi Mikey
    Thanks for your post. I have had a pretty wild time. Your article is spot on. I am so tired by the end of the week with being out in the world. I work in customer service at a local council and I can honestly say most people are mr/ms angry. It is crazy out there. I have been attacked on every level. TD have really tried to take me out this month. I got to the point I thought I had lost my mind. The awful thing is that negative energy is so familiar because I have been fighting it since a young child. But the last few weeks have definitely been a step up in attacks. I am really tired. The only thing that finally worked was remembering to pray for help. But it was a long time before I got to that point. I always knew I would live through end times. It was a message I was given in my teens. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! There is a lovely quote that basically says no amount of darkness can put out the light of one candle. We are the candles. And we won’t be put out.

    Blessings to you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gina filipe November 19, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Exactly what i´m going through…. Thank you! Much love and inspiration to all!

    Liked by 1 person

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