Further November 2016 Shift(s): More (Flu) Symptoms & Exiting The (Zero -Zone) Transitional Period.

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November 2016 Gateway Energies & Shifts

I’m sure many (Light-workers) and (Forerunners of the forerunners) have been wondering what the hell has been going on during the last week or so.  Some of you already know, while some of you don’t. All is fine and all is playing out what it needs to be playing out for humanity and its all precisely where it needs to be. However, it doesn’t mean all of this hasn’t been painful. Because it has: let me fill you in on something about evolution – it is – never – easy. It will never be, not until many years from now when humanity is in more harmony with the planet. For right now we’re not there. What we can expect are similar energies and continual energetic shifts in frequency like we’ve been experiencing this past week. As ES (Energetic Shifting)is what’s been going on.

To explain Energetic Shifting: It happens when we’ve moved into a new space within the energy of light, that we experience a total and complete shift here on earth. This planet continues to shift into lighter and higher energetic energy and i’m not complaining because it’s what really needs to happen at this point. It’s what ultimately is going to happen, until we’re all energetically harmonized with this planet for the better. So if you’ve experienced symptoms, pain everywhere, an inability to function this week, you’ve noticed as the shift has happened that many people are being lead to other places. I’ve noticed many people and their timelines veering off into other directions, many are coming and others are going. Thing’s are shifting again, how this new energy will stabilize is yet to be seen. However i’m noticing the shift right in front of my face and i’m being guided to embrace the changes that are happening now. I’m all for changes, as I’ve felt stuck for so many months now. However, it makes it hard to be highly enthusiastic about positive changes when i’m on the couch 24/7 because i’m in tremendous pain. Which is the hard part. Many of us feel like this and it’s difficult to embrace the energies when it’s the energies that make you feel like your on the brink of death. (Your not alone on this one, we all feel like this).  It’s just a matter of acceptance.  When you’ve reached a place of acceptance, you’ll find that you can tackle, handle, and deal with any physical discomfort that might be whipping your ass at the current moment.

I’ve also just been having a hard time focusing on anything right now, because everything is changing so rapidly. I’m feeling these shifts left and right. Coming at me all over the place. I can’t find one timeline that is clear and precise. People are choosing to exit at this time through death and other’s are choosing to remain and are having to deal with those who are choosing to leave this planet right now. It’s giving me a headache. It also doesn’t help, when i’ve been recieving visions about thing’s and people that i know nothing about that might happen in the future. Some of these possibilities may, or may not happen. So this has been a very enhanced time for me, an enhanced time for all of you and an enhanced time for us all. All people on earth, not just those of us that know what’s going on. So give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far, take a deep breath, and dive right back in.

 Evolving Is Painful & The What A Hellish Week Most Of Us Have Faced

I’m not going to sugar coat anything. This week has been a rough week on all fronts. It’s not just me, it’s been a painful week for all. I genuinely don’t know where to start, and i don’t know how i’m feeling (Post whatever the heck) it was that i experienced this last week, starting on last Saturday. There are no words, to describe the way i have been feeling, or how many of you have been feeling. I do want to say this, this week has been like walking through a lower realm of existence. Interferences, dark energy by dark beings, feeling the fear from people, i’ve locked myself inside my house most of the time and don’t go out unless i absolutely have to. I can’t be bothered to be outside, I just don’t want to and i know many of you have struggled internally with moments of indecision about whether to just go to work, or call in sick.

Heavy times, trying times, yet they want us to work for dimes. I’d rather skip that mess.

Physically, i’m existing in a painful nightmare. I want to write about some of my heavy symptoms, and i hope it might also be very informative to those who might be reading. I’ve had issues with my three higher chakras. They include the (Crown – The Third Eye – The throat). Now usually, my three lower chakras get activated. other times i get a mixture of Lower/Higher. For example. I could get third eye downloads, while also having my root chakra activated. So i’m horny, but i have a headache. You know where that leads, it ain’t gunna happen tonight. I’ll shut off my light, and i’ll sleep. Because at this point on my path sleep is more important. Let me just be honest.

 This new Energetic shift is something different entirely. I’ve been worse and i’ve felt worse than i’ve been this week years ago. However i’ve not felt this much (Ear itching, Ear pain inside my ears, down into my throat, throat burning, random periods of deep coughing, which leads into my chest, chest pains, chest pressure, heart burn, heart racing, heart expansion pains like ever before). It’s really been crazy. My vision has been blurry as well, it’s been so bad that i’ve just done an eye examination and i now have to wear glasses. I’ve gained weight again, oh yes. Tremendous headaches, like shooting pains around my temples. The energy pouring into my crown chakra, has me in states of ecstasy. It is so penetrating, deep, and full when it comes in i actually need to stop myself from whatever i’m doing.

It’s been a big week, and let me just explain a few thing’s that have happened that might help you understand why your feeling like this. First the sun went spotless a few days ago, and anything the sun does effects us. If it’s over-active, or under-active. It doesn’t matter it all effects us at a molecular level. You can’t change what it does to our DNA. A Hurricane in Central America, plus a 7.0 earthquake hitting the same reigon. Colder weather, the death of trees and many plant lives which helps us connect to gaia is also leaving for a short while. Florence hendersen died, and i’m feeling grief and saddness from other people tugging at me. Let’s face it. We live in a world where everything is connected, so it’s natural to feel every single thing. I felt the hurricane, the trees dying, the earthquakes, the fear, the grief, that’s what being an empath is all about.

Give yourselves a hug, you made it through all of this. When the next shift hits, you’ll make it through that one then to.

The (0) Zone & Exiting The (Transition period).

I mentioned earlier in this article that i’ve felt Stuck for the past few months. I have. I’m also 100% sure that you all have to. It’s the strangest thing. I’ve just felt like everything i’m doing, i’m just doing it as if it’s on a loop. Like i’m caught in a Time Loop where everyday its the same thing. Believe me this exists. Which is why i do extensive timeline work. Where i either can open a new timeline for the world, in some place, or close a necessary one because all involved have suffered enough. At times the only thing that bring’s change, is my very presence.

One of the reasons i’ve felt stuck has to do with where we are energetically. We’ve been trapped in a energetic code, frequency, number, energy of zero. (0) energy. Do you get it? Now that we know why we haven’t gotten ourselves very far in the last few months since 999 happened on Sept,9th,2016. Let me explain why we’re moving out of this zero (0) energy.  It all has to do with the new cycle we’re on the verge of entering, when jan 1st, 2017 happens.  (9) is done – (1) is where we’re about to go. There is no taking (9) issues with us into the (1) year, so leave endings, places, people that aren’t suppose to come with you on your path behind. They can not come with you, and you can not go with them. Everyone is moving in many different directions. However as we move into December expect us to move into a territory in this Ascension process where we have not travelled before.

Let me give you some dates that are so important.

  • December 12, 2016 (Also Known As) The 12:12 Portal/gateway opening. The final stair-step of 2016. It is followed by a powerful Full Moon on Dec 13th.
  • December 21st, 2016 (Also Known As) The Winter Solstice of 2016 – the last solstice of the old cycle.
  • Dec 29th, 2016 (Also Known As) The Powerful New Moon which will begin our transition into the very start of our new cycle. We exit zero, and enter one where everything is brand new.

If you need to write these down feel free, as they are important dates, and December 2016 will be a very important month. December won’t be playing around, it means buisness. So it’s time that we really hunker down, and just spread the light where ever we can. I’m anxious but preparing myself, and i know everything will work out the way it needs to so that peace, and love can prevail.

Is it me or does it seem like as each month ends, the energies just keep getting stronger and stronger. Whoah boy!

16Love & Light16

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4 thoughts on “Further November 2016 Shift(s): More (Flu) Symptoms & Exiting The (Zero -Zone) Transitional Period.

  1. Anna Justina November 29, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    Oh Yeah Mikey, you saved the day yesterday when I was reading your blog and able to share it with my husband. As funny as it was, ( taking it with as much humor as I could muster up) it rang so profoundly true as to what all we’ve been experiencing on many levels as well.
    During the 12 days of the Holidays, beginning on the 26th of December through the 6th of January of the new year, I have found through various sources, to be TRUE, you can journal each day, which represents the following month in the new year to come, to give you an ‘experience’ of what you will be going through ahead of time. It”S truly a ‘Gift’ to us All from the Creator to have a glimpse of our coming ‘Future’! Needless to say; this past year I journaled how this year 2016 was going to be a real butt kick,eye opener, and particularly Sept., Oct., Nov., would be crushingly intense!!! Matter of fact I asked most every astrologer I know to see what may be occurring, if they could put a handle on it. However, all I could get was having to live through it, breathe through it, day by day.!! it has been brutal for sure. Good news though, it does get better next month, and I am also praying, we’ve all been so empowered within ourselves, that through next year, 2017, we will be able to meet these new incoming energies with more ease and grace.
    Looking forward to your blog, your insights are most profound and helpful to those of us EXPANDED in our energy fields, you allow us the privilege to put our feelings into words….
    Thank You, in deep gratitude & appreciation
    Anna j.


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