Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: The Sensation Of Floating Out Of Body.

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Transition From November Into December 2016

As we continue to experience more and more Energetic Shift(s) into December 2016 we’re going to feel, see, hear, and experience so many different thing(s). The physical pain brought on by anchoring  LE (Light Energy) into all of our Bodily systems will be a big theme, having supernatural experiences such as seeing (Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings Of The Light, Multi-Dimensional Beings from the 5D 6D 7D and 8D and beyond, Dark entities, Dark beings). Seeing the world around us completely and utterly collapse unto itself, seeing the fear and panic which we’ve already been seeing spread more and more unless we do our jobs and prevent mass fear. We will, have, and continue to experience these many thing(s) as we move out of the extraordinary month that has been November 2016 and into the Power-house month that December 2016 will be.

This is just a heads up that December 2016 will usher in so much more light, and I’m writing this so that I can let everyone know that it will be a difficult time on a physical and molecular level. Rest assured however excruciating the pain will feel, just know that this is going to be a magnificent month for all of us as we take on – and – take that leap into a higher space when the 12:12 Portal/Gateway lifts us higher towards those beings of the light. So my message today is one of awareness, and that preparation is needed. We’re all going to have to evolve with this one. We’re all going to have to deal with our deep rooted issues, remain balanced/centred, so that we can help transmute, help heal, help spread the light for Everyone else. For reasons being that they just can’t right now, and that’s fine, not everyone in this lifetime will ever be activated from within and go through this AP (Ascension Process.) It doesn’t mean that they can’t. Which is why we continue to do this for Everyone: So that they can some day in the future be activated and join in on all of the fun were having.

Are we having fun yet? …(crickets) … anyone? At all. rofl Yeah I didn’t think so. However, it is what we’re doing now and let’s pull up our big boy/girl pants and get on with it. Because the alternative, is just to unbearable for me to think about. Keep releasing and letting go of whatever is keeping your soul/spirit from expanding. Once 2017 comes we can’t take it with us.

Ascension Symptom(s) – The Sensation Of Floating Out Of Your Body

The whole point of this article was that I wanted to write about an important AS (Ascension Symptom) that has been happening to me for quite some time now. It’s an Ascension Symptom that I really have felt that I needed to write about: Because it continues to happen to me more and more. In fact in 2016 I’ve experienced this much more than I have in any other year. I call the symptom the (Floating Phenomena) when your constantly finding yourself having to leave your physical body or even feel so light as if you feel like your floating out of your body.

Over the last few years I’ve had to deal with this Ascension symptom a lot – because its come up for me quite a lot. Now Usually I don’t write about Ascension symptoms on DLP as a stand alone focal point in my articles, but today it’ll stand out more than anything. I know that I’m not the only forerunner who has experienced (Out Of Body Experiences, Floating sensations, Deep sleeping, Having to immediately leave ones body due to high dense energy.) These are thing’s that have happened to many of us and if you’ve felt alone in this understand that your really not. Not at all. I also want to say if your feeling any fear emotions coming up when this happens, I can’t tell you how to react. However letting it happen, acceptance, and remaining in a state of calmness and balance can diminish the sense of fear you might feel. This is you feeling like you could exit your body, so already the energies are telling you that your not grounded. For a lot of us the majority of us aren’t grounding ourselves. It’s been in my experience that when it has happened to me, I immediately could tell it was because I wasn’t grounding myself and my energy. I was letting myself be pummelled by the energies.

I want to write about an experience I had in July 2016 – because I need to explain it in full detail. It was during the Lions-Gate Portal and it had just opened, so it was the end of July and we were experiencing another one of those monthly transitions. Energetic shifts: which were brutal and have continued to be.

I woke up on this specific day feeling tired, dazed and like I wasn’t existing in this dimension. Which is a normal thing for me as sometimes I’m existing in multiple dimension all at one time. I know many of you also have this experience: where you feel like your somewhere else but you can feel your physical body. We all astral project; and it’s what we’re doing when we feel this way. So I didn’t do anything that day. I walked straight to the couch and sat there. I figured some time to relax my body and integrate the energies was what I needed. So I spent most of the day doing that. Every-once in a while I would black-out. Literally instantly shut my eyes and wake up not knowing for how long I was in this state. I did it about 3 or 4 times over the course of a few hours. It was me having to leave. So I fell into a deep sleep and literally blacked-out in order to have a break from all the energy coming in at that time. I remember feeling very light that day and I’ve had previous days like that. It felt as if I was floating, so the floating feeling would come on in between the time I had woken up from deep sleep to the next time I would go back into a deep sleep.

So, this is only just one of the many days where this sort of floating feeling, feeling light, feeling here but not here has happened for me. I’ve had many experiences like this where I’ve felt like I was floating, where I’ve blacked-out into a deep sleep, where I left my body because I needed a break from being entombed in this body for the last 26 years. It’s been astonishing really how many times. How does someone on the path get used to this Ascension Symptom? The best way I’ve dealt with it has been to breathe, accept that its happening and not hold any negative energy or fear about my personal experiences. 2016 has been a wild year and I’ve never experienced such a highly energetic year. The energies have been profoundly uplifting, which is why so many of us have experienced the need to get out for a small period of time.

 But Why In 2016?

I don’t need to go on and on about how energetically heightened this year (2016) has been or maybe I do? Then maybe I can explain why we’ve all been needing to take frequent naps, leave our bodies behind and rest as much as we have been. The energy of (2016) hasn’t been felt ever before on this planet. This is very NEW and I can certainly say that my body feels different and I feel it expanding from the inside. It’s definitely expanding from the outside to. However the codes, that we’ve all been downloaded with this year has been very different. The current information we are receiving from the muti-dimensional beings and (Source/Creator) isn’t like anything we’ve been downloaded before. So its effecting us in highly different ways – bringing on many different physical symptoms and anomalies.

We’ve all felt stuck this year, we’ve all slowed our pace in life down not because we’re not sure where to go. It has to do with the fact that we need to finish downloading new information that will lead us to where we need to go. Need to get to. So (2016) in many cases had been like the bus stopping at the bus station. We’ve all needed to get off and wait for the next bus to go. However we can’t get on it, because one it hasn’t arrived yet and two we’re still finding routes on our own individual bus maps. This year has been a big stopping point, for EVERYONE. It’s been like this since Jan 1st. So sitting on the couch feeling like your floating, laying on the couch in a deep sleep, being in your own home leaving your body and not being surrounded by a swarm of people to distract you has been a huge blessing. We’ve all been called on in (2016) to go within and face our issues, to heal them, to deal with them, so that when we get on that next bus we aren’t carrying any extra baggage into 2017.

16Love & Light16

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3 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s) In 2016: The Sensation Of Floating Out Of Body.

  1. carmen December 4, 2016 / 2:31 pm

    thank you shareng your felling, and your expirince, i have veen many monts ago everynight when i sleep i fell always many place, when i weak-up 4 AM or 5 Am and i remember i was many place, i reley dont understan, and i always teird and i always want to sleep, onley few minute a time, untel now, and also i was so sick lastmonts just i fell like im daing, now i m not sick enymore, everything, i dont understand, som one can tel me why i fell this,?


    • mikeymurdock December 4, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      Carmen – Hello, you are going through an ascension download. It is when your body is receiving light and energy. Into your chakra systems. Your not dying, you are just evolving.


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