December 2016 Energetic Shift: The End Of (The 0 Energies) & A Whole Physical Body Cleansing Before We Transition Into 2017.

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 The Last Stretch of 2016 & Fully Out Of The (0) Energies On The 12:12 Portal

Many (Light-Warriors) have started off December 2016 much to the same way that many of us left thing’s at the end of November 2016. Feeling in pain and like not much makes very much sense in this time and place. Yes, i still feel pretty much the same. This should be an eye opener for us that December is turning out to be the same: and so will the last stretch of (2016) (9) as well. Hang in there, hold yourselves in love, because a brand NEW cycle is just around the corner. How will it be? We don’t know. However, it can go in many different directions and effect us in many different ways. I’m getting the sense that many of us doing this Ascension work will be called on to do even greater work than we have already been doing.

Which is hilarious, considering the amount of work we already do. So i’m sitting here going gaga at all of the new information that i’m seeing as January 2017 approaches. Already i’m seeing a much more emphasis on collective transmuting. I don’t think i can handle all the world’s issues. However it’s not just the future, it’s the past. In 2017 there will be many events that took place, in world war one, 100 years ago that will need healing. So don’t be surprised if on certain days the energy feels outright dense. Also don’t be so shocked as we’ve been clearing certain events from world war one since June 2014. July of  both years was really when thing’s began to get crazy and heavy. Here are some events and dates.

April 6, 1917- U.S declares war against Germany.

July 2,1917 – Greece joins the war.

Aug 14, 1917 – China declares war on Germany and Austria/Hungary

Oct 26, 1917 – Brazil Joins the war.

So it’s going to be a wild ride. Some information about 1917 – This was the year that Mata Hari was caught and killed by firing squad for spying. There were many battles during that year, fought in world war one, which will also be felt on certain days when the energy is very dense. Also Ascended Master Mary appeared several times in Fatima where there is a portal there now, to three portuguese seers in hopes of stopping TNB (Team Negative Beings) from hijacking the 3D world altogether. 1917 and 2017 will be working side by side, and we all know about different timelines, and these timelines in these years will meet in order for us to heal and release some of the pain that scarred mother earth.

We’re not in (0) energies anymore. In fact on 12:12 and beyond we’ll be moving towards (1) energies, and with that means we will be feeling, experiencing, living, existing, breathing fully in this grand new shift we’re transitioning to. I’m not feeling stuck anymore, these last few weeks have seen me rapidly move forward, it’s not even a gentle nudge, it’s felt like a flat out force pushing me to where i need to go. If you’ve felt stuck, but now are seeing some sort of movement in life again, yeah i’m right there with you.

Energetic Shift & Full Body System Clearing As We Move Into 2017

Since the end of November 2016: I’ve been feeling physically uncomfortable because of all of the clearing work that i’m doing, the grid work i’m doing, and because of all the light integration work i’ve been doing. I understand that many who are activated on their AP (Ascension Process) are going through horrible pains and symptoms, and i can’t even imagine what it must be like to have just been activated a few weeks ago as we go through this energetic shift. For All The Newbies – please hang in there, your not going crazy, you aren’t physically dying, you’ve just been awakened to begin your healing work. This is your path to journey through, don’t run away from it because it’s new and scary, embrace it and work on evolving so you don’t ever need to come down here and experience anything like this again.

Let me explain further about what is really going on now in December 2016. For those who already know that there is a cleansing going on collectively all around the world, there is, and what you sensed/felt is right. For those who don’t know – there is a huge cleansing sweeping through earth right now – along with this energetic shift, this light-wave or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve had almost three weeks of non-stop AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms.) It’s the usual symptoms but they’re enhanced to the maximum. All of my chakras are activated for release at the current moment. Which means they’re all being cleansed, worked on, which is why I’m feeling like I’m having bursts of creative energy pour from my very being. The energy which sits at the root chakra is stimulated not because it’s a sexual energy, but because it’s the life force within me. I’m feeling work being done there and my creative ventures are soaring now. You might be feeling this too. Among other symptoms are an increase in waves of sexual ecstasy, urges, cravings for physical love at this time, despite feeling physically impaled. That’s a odd symptom I’ve felt. A lot of people are feeling a ton of stomach pains, your fears are being released from your solar plexus and your sacral chakras. My stomach has been bloated, it’s expanded, I’m hungry at times, other times not so much. But can you believe that even without food, the weight won’t go away and neither will my Buddha belly.

The fear based emotions cannot stay within this new energetic light, we’re in this space to grow and be evolved, so imagine negative energy held in your body as it enters a space of lightness. Do you understand why the majority of us feel the physical pains? Because we have so much dark energy within, living in, our bodies. When the light enters us and clears it away, clears the fear, the force of it impacts us through physical pain. Heart pains, chest pains, and heart burn have been what i’ve been experiencing as my heart chakra expands more, to embody more love, to open myself up more to the love of source/creator. My throat chakra has been giving me grief for three weeks, i’ve been coughing, i’ve felt like my throat has closed up, i struggle to breathe, my nose feels clogged up, lots of sinus issues, sneezing, flu like symptoms. Which is normal. But painful. I’ve struggled to get any kind of sleep, as i’m releasing tons of energy from my throat chakra, and it’s kept me awake at night, i have fits of periodic intense coughing.  It’s not been pleaseant, but i’m doing the work. The work is acknowledging what the problem might be and changing it. I have issues voicing myself, speaking up, and when we hold that in and we don’t speak it, we open the door to let it remain there until it needs to be energetically worked on. Which is my issues and it’s what i’ve been going through.

The third eye chakra, brain re-wiring, sharp millisecond shooting pains that come and go, headaches, information downloads into my third chakra is what’s been going on. It’s been going on for all of you to. I see images, i see tangible mental images of future timelines, they might happen or they might be averted. The crown has been worked on and letting light energy in can be difficult. At times you have to be very still, because as it comes into you, it can feel as if it’s pushing you downward a bit. I find at times that my eyes and face sort of shut down. My eyes immediately close and i have to just relax and accept it into me.

I’ve even been experiencing charley horse on my legs, my left leg in particular are tight, hard, and stretches might be the best remedy for this. So it’s been a long three weeks and it’ll be a long month of December.

You Can’t Take Your Current Energy From Within You Into 2017

Me, you, and everyone in the collective cannot take with us the current energies we have within us into 2017. We just can’t. We are being cleaned, cleared, cleansed and small negative aspects of us are being evacuated, light is being gridded into our bodily systems now so that we are better prepared to enter the new cycle and the new energy in 2017.

So do what you have to do, release what no longer sits well within you, what doesn’t sit well within your way of thinking, what doesn’t sit well within your consciousness.  As you can see, what happens when we don’t willingly do the work: the Ascension Process will smack your butt right on the floor and drag it all over town, until you start doing it. You want to be ignorant of your need to evolve, or take personal responsibility, or own up to your own shit, well everything is fully discolsed in the light. In 5D everything is revealed, everything is known, because no one can hide from the light. Neither can we hide in the dark anymore at this point. So the light will force you to do it one way or another. It will. It’s not going to stop, this Ascension Process won’t stop for anyone, light-waves will come one after another. Which is why free will was given to us all. Continue to struggle within this thing or try your best to deal, take responsibility, to grow and to evolve.

These are our only two options. There is no gray area, no middle space to exist in, no third party choice. We have no other options as we move into 2017 and the ones who aren’t doing the work just seem to get worse and worse. It’s so sad. You’ve seen them out there, the egotistical, greedy, immature, incapable of taking responsibility for themselves, blaming other people, shaming other people, people.

Welcome 12:12 and welcome (1) energies.

16Love & Light.16

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7 thoughts on “December 2016 Energetic Shift: The End Of (The 0 Energies) & A Whole Physical Body Cleansing Before We Transition Into 2017.

  1. Darcie December 5, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    very much appreciate this post! Right on time


  2. Rosie Cranshaw December 8, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    Thank you so much for this artical !
    I have shared your post via Taigarose x


  3. Claire February 23, 2017 / 4:58 am

    Reading your experience, I wonder why the negative energies from World War One are especially dense at the 100-year mark? Does that apply to other global scale events as well? Thanks 🙂


    • mikeymurdock February 23, 2017 / 3:21 pm

      Hey Claire

      The thing about timelines are that they bleed-through.

      Certain time-lines have a way of coming back to be remembered, opened up, thought about, and that is what’s going on now. We are getting rid of more and more of the dark, dense, energy and events from 1917. They’re coming up now for healing and so is everything else from thousands of years ago. The world is in a (Dark of the night soul) cleansing at this point. I did want to say also, if it’s alright with you can I use this comment. As I`d love to explain timelines and bleed-trough’s in an article, and this comment is so important.

      Thank you 🙂


  4. soulsearcher77 April 26, 2017 / 5:13 am

    I have been feeling this new birth from Spring arriving. I feel the cleansing of dark. I also lately have been getting charlie horses in my right leg and feeling this but not sure where the pain is coming from. But maybe now it is this shift of energy causing me to meditate and thed only thing keeping me together is Qi Gong. I am trying to shed light on my past and remove negativity from my life. The world is in darkness and I was afraid that I was the only one that felt this. Thank you for making sense of this strange feeling that I’ve been feeling and I know have an inner psychic sense that something’s going to happen. But I know that I will be safe and I hope that many of us lightworkers will make it through all of the darkness is coming by shining brightly and never letting our hearts grow dim. Blessingsof love and light.


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