December 2016’s (12:12) Portal: The Divine Feminine Energy Download & The Last Stair-Step Of 2016.

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December 2016 Enhanced Energies 

The month of December 2016 is starting to feel and be just like (November, October, and September 2016) and it’s all starting to feel like i’m experiencing those months combined: all rolled up into one big mammoth month in December 2016 so far. I don’t know what many other awakened and aware beings, who are on their AP (Ascension Process) are experiencing lately. However, i feel/sense that many are struggling in the same ways that I am. We’re all struggling, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, creatively, energetically. This is becoming a big energetic month and i’m lost for words in how to explain just how i’m honestly feeling within my own experience. It’s gotten so senseless and may i add (Dark – Negative – and flat out Stupid.) I can’t even believe how much more darker it seems to have gotten in my area, how much more people are descending instead of Ascending.


It’s a head scratcher. It seems/feels like in December 2016 as we Ascend more, those who aren’t and don’t want to have been Descending even further into 3D realities. So much so it’s becoming unbearable for me to spread light in places that were once easy to spread it in. Which then leaves me fully open to having extremely dark experiences with such people. For which I have. December has been like the beginning of a horror movie, just moments before the killer begins his rampage. I don’t even know what to expect anymore when I walk out the door and thank goodness it’s been snowing because then I don’t go anywhere. One thing that has been exponentially erratic has been the amount of time that I have for my LW (Light-Work) in December 2016. To give you an idea of what I’m dealing with, I’ll share my week with you.

Since Tuesday Dec 5th: I’ve been working non- stop, every morning, at a job, that is so dark not even the portal of light I opened, that has a huge shield around it and that is cloaked hasn’t been able to keep the place clear and light filled. The energies that hits us all, that we get downloaded in, that is pouring down in that place like a stream of clear water slowly falling into a luscious transparent blue great lake isn’t sustaining the negativity and holding it back. Thursday Dec 7th: – I felt broken into a million pieces physically. There was an earthquake in the pacific oceanic region and it tore my body apart that day. Friday Dec 8th: felt even worse, with many TNB (Team Negative Beings) that worked together to derail me, interfere with my day and flat out attack me. It’s the 12:12 Portal Gateway and the massive energies that are coming – and its creating a huge separation of worlds.

So, December 2016 has arrived and it has been causing me grief, has restricted me from being able to do my LW (Light-Work) and from writing on here. This is preventing many other Light workers at the moment. To prevent us at all costs from writing, from integrating, from doing grid work and to work hard at spreading more awareness. This is what the dark does, it tries to restrict light. If you’ve gone through this when work suddenly became an every day thing, or people have come into your life, house, space, area, more than usual. It’s because it’s preventing you from doing your LW (Light-Work) at this time. I’ve dealt with this tactic for years and I’ve always managed to find short cuts along my path. If your not aware that this is happening then I hope reading this helps you start thinking about what is restricting you from doing your mission. What is it? what get’s in the way of it? Think hard and try your best to be aware and find short cut ways to deal with it.

For me i personally could give a flying donkey cart about my job, it’s the system, it’s slavery, it’s back breaking work for the priveledge of getting (fresh water, food, basic shelter) that we should be getting anyways without having to work for it. It’s not freedom.

The 12:12 Portal/Gateway & The Divine Feminine Download 

This is going to be a really long Portal/Gateway download. Before i discuss why. I’d like to talk about the 12:12 Portal all on it’s own. Firstly I’ve been seeing that number sequence straight after the 11:11 portal/Gateway opened and closed. I’ve also seen it at least once a day since and i’ve seen it pretty much every where. It’s common to see these kinds of number sequences, it’s actually the universe way of communicating with you. So if 12:12 is what you have seen, you’ve been shown it repeatedly. The events that are happening today and may i add the importance of tomorrows 12:13 Full Moon will be important too. I’ve never been shown a number frequency so much, it’s not that i’ve been shown it so that i am being reminded that it’s getting closer to happening. No, no, no. It’s something else. I didn’t understand it at first, until i understood it finally.

This 12:12 Portal is different than 2015 (8) 2014 (7) 2013 (6) 2012 (5) 2011 (4) 2010 (3) 2009 (2) 2008 (1) frequency energy. 2016 and the numerological frequency we’ve been existing in has been all about foreclosure. It’s about having thing’s brought up, to be worked on, then putting an ending stamp on those issues. This is also the end of a cycle, but a cycle that used to be all about the very OLD 3D way of existing. This 12:12 is pushing us into something completely different, something we’ve never experienced before. It feels like it for me and i know many Light-Warriors are being thrown into situations that you’ve never dealt with, and don’t necessarily know how, why, or understand how to get out of them. 12:12 is the start of 2017 (1) energies, but fully we’ll be in it on Jan 1st, 2017’s – 1:1:1 – energy frequency portal shift. So from here on out expect the un-walked path, to be walked fully through.

At the beginning of this section i started talking about this Portal/gateway download, and, how i’d explain how and why it was going to be a long download for many of us. Why? Because we’re literally evolving and growing through the downloads and pain we’re feeling. I’ve felt such pains and Accelerated Ascension Symptoms & pains for almost a month now, and i know it’s happening because i’m evolving into more of my higher self. I also know my higher self is being emobdied much more into my physical body at this time. Which is what we’re all going through.

Another thing i want to mention is what this Portal/Gateway is about?  For many it’s about embodying the Feminine divine energy within them. Many people have the masculine energy, but not many have the feminine energy. On this planet for some reason, the feminine seems to always get suppressed, ignored, repressed, or shunned. The world is experiencing a Dark Of The Night energetic release, an energetic phase of cleansing, a time period where everything will feel crazy and extreme. Sort of like right now. This divine Feminine energy is what is being released into us now, for gridding, integrating, so we can have a balance between masculine/feminine. Let’s be honest, the world needs more feminine energy, more intuition, more openess, more love, more peace, and more spiritual knowledge, and less on the more survival instincts we as a humanity seem to carry around within our DNA and human codes. Embrace the divine feminine energy download, that is happening now, as balance is being restored, and a small aspect of ourselves as source is being restored fully into our physical beings now.

Old & New Ascension Symptoms4A11695 (pickup 4A11470)

The manifestation of these energies into this dense, dark, 3D world, is really causing some serious physical effects on me, you, and on all of us. I’ve been feeling some of the old physical symptoms, and some new ones that i’m having to endure while figuring out why it’s being worked on me at this time in order for me to evolve.

{Sleeping, Lucid Dreaming, Clearing memories} – these are easy and usual old symptoms, which has to do with clearing old memories, patterns, codes, frequencies in our body in order to integrate the new codes, energies, frequencies into our body.

{Head, Skull, Face, Jaw, Pains, Aches, Shooting aches} Some of these are usual normal OLD symptoms, but for me some of these are new, and it has me thinking about why these new symptoms are coming up now and what part of me is evolving? Headaches are usually light energies triggering brain thoughts, moods, to a much more spiritual way, understanding what’s going on, re-wiring taking place, de brainwashing as i like to call it. Skull pressure and pains tend to happen when the energies of light are pulsating through you, as well as when some part of your brain is finally waking up and beginning to be used. The knowledge in that part of the brain about Ascension, Ascension topics, subjects are going to be revealed to you soon. Remember in the light, there is complete and full disclosure of everything. Face – and Jaw pain has been happening to me, and it’s very new. If you could look at the picture of the anatomy of the jaw which is right above. You’ll see everything from the bottom, top jaw, to the nerves, these Ascension symptoms are now being worked on and triggered for me. But for many Light-Workers, this has been a familiar and painful symptom, remember though that not everyone feels all the same symptoms at first, we have to each get there. I also want to point out that even if we all feel every single symptom, for many it won’t be triggered in the same moments.

The centre of my cheek, just under my cheekbones have been in tremendous pain. For about a week now. It’s painful when i chew, it’s painful when i make sudden movements with my mouth, even talking can be painful. The jaw, face, mouth, nose, sinus area has a ton of nerves that cross through certain places, connecting them all together, as well as connecting to the brain. Nerves in the body in general play a big role in embodying the light and the energies. The Nerves are how the energies move through our bodies, and because of that, various areas in our bodies where nerves are located, suddenly explode and get activated with light energies. This is a painful process, however, it is a necessary process of light integration, evolution, and we agreed to this in our volunteer contracts before we came down here.

{Hot flashes, Flu Downloads, Chills} I experienced this for almost three weeks straight. Flu downloads, while being sick, and evolving along with it all. One thing that happened to me one night last week, was an intense heat which exploded from within me, and it lasted all night. I was just burning up, had to fan myself, took my sweater off, then still felt like i was over heated.

It’s been a long three weeks going onto a month of accelerated Ascension symptoms for me, for you, for all in the world. As you can probably tell, many are having to once again make that soul choice. Whether they will embody the light while being down here, or if it’s time to leave and return to self, to higher self, to higher source in spirit form. Many people around me are leaving, wonderful people, who i’ve been celebrating, because of how wonderful, creative, unique they were and what they brought to the world. I’m feeling a bit left out, they’re all returning to higher self, higher source, and i feel like i’m trying to hold onto them all as i’m becoming more and more isolated and on my own down here. But that’s what it’s about. Becoming source in ourselves down here, and doing what we’re meant to do,what were destined to do.

16 Happy 12:12 Divine Feminine Portal Light-Workers. 16

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3 thoughts on “December 2016’s (12:12) Portal: The Divine Feminine Energy Download & The Last Stair-Step Of 2016.

  1. Delfina Gasoido December 14, 2016 / 8:47 am

    Dear Mikael,
    Recently I discovered your site, we could say that by “chance”, although we all know that chance does not exist.
    I felt very identified with your post on November 26. I could have signed it, and I would not need to change a single letter. I laughed especially with the emoji …. they are absolutely descriptive of what is happening to us, in my case I felt especially identified with the one of the vomit. Hehehe !!
    But the day 12 I read right now, has surprised me by the synchronicity. I explain.
    I have for years, many, “suffering” what we call the symptoms of ascension. I have felt them on a physical, psychic and energetic level. I’ve had them in all shapes, sizes and colors, so I’m not scared of any of these things anymore.
    But the dawn of Thursday to Friday of the last week I woke up with a pain painful, stabbing and as if they were subjecting me to a sadistic torture, of the left side of my jaw.
    The pain extended to the left ear and down to the throat. It also caused the left eye to water, and a kind of water emitted from the nose (they were not snot). He also saw a flash of white light, of his own pain.
    I’m not a woman who scares me, I’m not hypochondriac, as I said I’ve been through “rare” things. I thought it was one of my teeth, that I might have a cavities or something similar, that left my nerve in the air. So I made an urgent appointment with my dentist.
    At dawn the intense pain had subsided, but I still felt strong discomfort (I still notice them today). My dentist looked at me, he took x-rays and told me everything in my mouth was fine.
    So he sent me to the specialist doctor in maxillofacial, who after looking at me, testing me (he introduced a mini camera through the ear and through the nose to my throat), even made me a scanner in case I had a micro stroke, He determined that everything was fine.
    So when I saw the image that you put in the post on the 12th, I did not need to read what you wrote to understand that something is happening … it’s no accident.
    I have had many of the symptoms (not all) that you describe, but this flash of light with this intense pain, tearing and nasal dripping, never !!!
    These days it has continued to hurt me, but it is somewhat softer, in addition now I feel like “heat” in the left ear and the upper teeth and throat, but it is tolerable. What about the dawn from Thursday to Friday, no. I suppose they will be our “growing pains” … at this rate we will become giants 5 meters high. 😉

    With Love from Spain, We are still in contact:


    (Excuse my English is not very good, but I think you understand what I mean)


  2. Stu December 15, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Hey Mikey. I want to share something that I believe can help some here. I, like you and many of your readers, have been effected by the energies that have been flooding through our lives. Much of it for me has been the surfacing of old negative emotions tied to things I left unfinished. By that I mean, dealing with all sorts of various past experiences that I never really dealt with before. I’m certain most people here can relate and have likely developed methods of clearing these nasty little packages from the past. I embrace them and make them my own and cherish them as opportunities to learn more about myself and others. But this isn’t even what I think will help the most.
    My wife, a wonderful though asleep person, humors me while I pursue my spiritual path. I know she has picked up tidbits of knowledge over the years, but her purpose did not include waking up for what is about to occur. I’m good with that if she is. Anyway, during my meditation practice a couple days ago, I tried something. I focused on my wife’s view of life. I tried to encompass as much as I could feel. I saw life through her eyes. How she sees me, our children, her friends and the current events of the world. I was able to settle into it quite deeply. Then, when I was wrapping up, I pulled my focus back into me. It became overwhelming very quickly. I could suddenly see how far I have come in my pusuit of truth. I was stunned at seeing where I was, what I’ve gone through and who I currently am when comparing to being asleep. I had no real way to measure the growth and expansion I have experienced until having that view from my wife’s eyes. It became all the validation I’ve been seeking. A wave of joy, tears and acceptance caused me to come out of the meditation very quickly at that point. It was amazing.
    I hope there are others who can replicate and experience the freedom this can offer.
    Keep up the great work Mikey.


  3. Laura Chivu December 15, 2016 / 2:48 pm

    Hi Mikey,

    I’ve had some intense days too – after my daily meditations I feel some strong pressures on my center of head and forehead, diziness and the urge to go to toillet because you know, even If this process started in 2013, it continues to surprise and scare me. I had the sensation that I will fall down or I will make a cerebral attack. 😀

    Some people around me tell me that is not normal to feel these symptoms after meditations, but I don’t know I don’t believe this. They even asked me If I remember to give someone permission to use my energy but I don’t remember this.

    I lay in bed and try to be an observer.

    With love from Romania


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