December 2016’s Solstice Gateway: Dec 21st Life Review(s) & Integrating Much More Unity Consciousness.

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December 2016 Updates

I’ve been gone for a few days and not for any other reason other than I’ve had (Light-Work) to do. I’ve had plenty to work on, plenty to consider, plenty to think over, and a bundle of choices that need to be made by me, for myself, with where I am and where I need to go on my path at this specific time. Since Nov 8, 2016 – I knew the shit hit the fan and (TNB – Team Negative Beings) created a timeline where they were once again (Trying) stubbornly to take control. Why? Because they knew that (We) were evolving much more, and that this was a last of the last attempts to try and stop the Ascension process for humanity. Can you believe that? .. well I can. However – there is one problem with that. Nothing and no-body can stop the Ascension Process of humanity. Not the evolution of earth and humanity, not the growth of humanity and earth, and of especially not the integration of our higher selves while physically still being alive on earth.

There is no stop button, no rewind button, no take backs in this thing. I wake up – I do what needs to be done – I speak when I have to – I stay quiet when I don’t need to say anything or when I don’t want to be noticed – and I get through it and do my part. It’s what I’ve done these last 2 1/2 years. I want to stress this because many who are on the Ascension Path seem to think, once Pandora’s box is opened that they can close it. Acceptance my brothers and sisters – start accepting it – and once you start accepting that thing’s will never be the same or go back to being the same old, dark, and miserable way of having to exist on this planet. You can begin to feel the “Peace” but also you can learn to be incarnated “Peace.

December 2016: Has been horrible for myself personally. I have never been so tested like I have been since this Ascension Process started for me. I’ve felt like an absolute wet mop physically on most days. One that’s been over-used, abused, and that’s been left out to dry. I’ve not liked it. However, one reason this year has been so difficult for me was because I’ve needed to be reminded that I don’t need to give into the brain-washed parasitic emotions/recordings/mind altering fears that has been branded into the collective consciousness by society and (TNB – Team Negative Beings) to make me try and feel like I’m some kind of victim. That I’m not good enough. That I need to fall to the ground and crumble to a million pieces – because you yelled at me – because I forgot to play your lower consciousness games. Go eat shit! December 2016 – has reminded me that I’m here to break the systems, not indulge myself within them. One way to break the systems is to not indulge in the demonic recordings, satanic mind control, that (TNB – Team Negative Beings) try to instill in people through religion, the media, school system education, work mindset, materialism mindset and avoid all that nonsense.

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Ahem, “Who the do these etheric, twisted, Demonic, Satanic, Demons think I am anyway? Who do these “Sleepers” who don’t yet know what’s really going on think I am? What I’m gunna cry, I’m gunna sob, I’m gunna hate myself while I lock myself in my bedroom for days. Please, there is no victim here. There never was, and there never will be. I have work to do, and I have no time to give my energy to nonsense as we move into 2017.

December 2016 Life Reviews & Experiencing Energetic Unity

The December 2016 energies have been very intense and it’s been intense because it needs to be right now. This is it folks, this is what I’ve been writing on (DLP – Divine Light Phases) all along these past few months. This is the end of the 9 energies and we’re now fully in the 1 energies. This NEW frequency of 1 will continue to be felt greatly as we enter the (1 – 1 – 1 Portal/Gateway Opening Of The New Cycle.)

On Dec 21st – The solstice energy and the days leading up to it, saw me having to deal with many dark forces, dark attacks against me, and they still haven’t stopped. My mom and I are both here doing specific work and she’s also gotten the exact same kind of dark attacks from dark forces. The latest seems to be one attack against us to try and break us down, through certain family members along with the systems of the world. Which has been a big theme for us both in 2016. Work, insurance, the legal systems – we have all been put through the wringer this year with these stupid ass (TNB – Team Negative Being) non-organically created systems.

One specific thing aside from the multitude of Ascension pains that I’ve felt and received which I currently still do are the life reviews I’ve been receiving from (Me, Myself, Source, My higher self.) Some of these reviews have shown me certain issues/time periods and moments in my life. An honest look at some of the events in my life that have shaped my life, that have taken me back in order for me to re-learn something. I know many have been having flashes of these same Life Reviews come up over the course of these last few months. They’re like having visions, you re-live those moments and then you see what happened as you go over how you felt about that experience in that moment. How you also feel about it now in order to gain some new knowledge about what transpired. As beings we’re multidimensional, but moments in our lives are also multidimensional. They have more than one aspect to them, we feel one way but we also need to see this from how it effects the other person we’re sharing that moment with. Then how it effects the people close to that person, until we see how it effects cities, countries, the world, the universe. This is a big thing and I’ve been doing the necessary work and I’ve seen quite a lot. I’ve also understood quite a lot.

The most important thing that I’ve been experiencing and this is really important, has been a complete upgrade like I’ve never experienced before. This upgrade of energies has been literally the energies of unity which have been pouring deep into me. In my last article (The 12:12 Portal Opening Of The Divine Feminine) was about me integrating the feminine energy that the planet needs very much so, however there was also the masculine being downloaded at the same time. What I learned having experienced the shift on Dec 21st – was that unity was being downloaded at this time as we made alignment with the galactic alignment itself. Energetic unity has been downloaded in all at this time, even those who don’t know it yet. Look closely at the world right now, many are more concerned with unity instead of division. Which is what Light-Workers have been doing all along. This next quote is so important because it’s so true “Light-Workers Unite, We don’t Divide”  Darkness divides. So, as we move forward into 2017 we’ll be seeing who, what, where all the division is coming from and why its coming at us.

I now understand and have learned that unity is what has been the major lesson for all of us in December 2016 and will be into 2017. It has been a big lesson for me in Dec 2016 – because in the last few weeks more of my higher self, source aspect of myself, has been being downloaded into me at this time. The unification of many has happened in 2016. We can’t live in a divided world, we need to all begin evolving, each and every one of us, and start living in unity. For most of us it’s what we’ve been doing, for other’s it’s not yet what they’ve done. All is well and where it needs to be.

Upcoming Events:  The 1-1-1 Portal/Gateway Opening.

16Love & Light16

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