February 2017 Ascension Symptoms: A List Of Ascension Symptoms & The Struggle Of Every-Day Life.

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February 2017: Set`s The Tone For The Year 

smiley-sick024 February 2017: This month has been marvelous for us when it comes to  (Integrating our Higher self into our Lower physical bodie(s), however it’s been very painful for everyone on a physical level. I know this, and you all: who are having this same physical experience, know this to. I feel the need to write this article at this time, and the reason is that we’re experiencing another (Huge Wave) and it’s no longer just the Front-Runners who have been doing this for years, even before I was incarnated and born into this realm. It’s also a huge majority of those who have just awakened to their own Ascension Process who are also experiencing this (Wave of Light integration) on a physical/molecular level as well. Why am I bringing this up now? Well because recently all of last week, I’ve received emails from many people who were just becoming aware of all that Light-Workers know. (The darkness, demons, dark agendas, enlightenment, and of course their own specific missions.) But, they had some doubts. Who doesn’t have doubts – when they first begin this process. The reason why i’m discussing this now, is because it needs to be discussed. We educate those, we welcome those, we love those who come into their own after we have already. We teach them, we remind (by helping them) re-establish what they’re here to do, but that they might not have remembered until now.

I refer to Newly Awakened people as NEWBIES – I’ve become overjoyed over the years, to know that more and more people have had their inner (Christo’s – Christ, Star, Crystal, and whatever other name you personally call it) seed activated. It’s such an important time for humanity right now; and in a way it’s a very special moment in our history as spirit beings embodied as human beings. We’re evolving, slowly (may I state) out of a world that has such a (Dual) nature to it. We’re not here to continue living in, experiencing, existing in a world where duality exists. It’s been part of the earth’s history for so long, and while we’re currently still living in a world of duality. In the future we won’t be; because we’ll be so evolved we’ll go beyond it. But for right now, we’re still living in this dual world. The more people begin their own process of healing themselves – the closer we’ll get to creating this world of unity. Where heaven on earth exists, and where we’re so evolved that we’re in harmony with one another, with our selves, and this world. So do you see why i’m overjoyed that more and more people are beginning this process.

With that said – Another reason i’m writing this article is because, I wish that I had someone tell me what it was I was experiencing. Why it was happening? and realistically what I would expect my life to be. If your reading this; and your fairly new to the Ascension process, to being a light-worker, to understanding why this is happening to you. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. For those of you who have been doing this work for years, and even decades: don’t worry you too will also be fine. This is what’s happening for us right now. February was always going to come in with a huge bang, and it was always going to set the tone for the rest of the year.

February Ascension Symptoms & Dealing With Real Life Situations In Physical Discomfort

The energies in Feb 2017 have been ramped up for a few weeks now, and I know (You, Me, and everybody`s grandma) – has been bothered on a physical level because of it. This has to do with the Continued Unification download that we have been and continue to still feel at this time. It’s been happening since the December 2016 timeline – and will continue for this entire year. We are becoming more unified, and especially united, in ways we never thought we would before. It’s happening now, because it needs to happen now. Understand as well that our codes, are changing. I’ve been downloaded with new information – as i’m certain many of you have as well. I’m being guided to speak about different topics (System busting, Dark forces, Dark agendas, The disharmony of our world) because i’m being downloaded to speak on these subjects. Right now! These changes in (Codes, Blue prints, Missions,) these have involved through my experience many different situations. Such as (Moving residences, ending contracts you agreed upon before you incarnated to leave certain family members behind, to quickly finish up at a job, to end certain toxic relationships.) These are thing’s that are either happening now for you, or will once we’ve been downloaded with new energy, and new missions.

I want to discuss some of my own symptoms. Which I have been experiencing way back since December 2016: when it started getting really amplified in so many wonderful ways. In Feb 2017 these have now tripled: so i’m really at a point now where not much of anything can relieve the physical aches. I want to begin with the tiredness. February has felt very tiring to me, the weeks leading up to the eclipse were exhausting. I’m tired. So, because of this tiredness I have been spending more time with me, myself, and I – because I can’t be surrounded by many different people because I will feel their energies. The biggest thing for me has been to spend as much time resting; sometimes it’s a calling for us Light-Warriors to really just sleep. Interesting enough; we need it. We spend so much time out there, surrounded by oppressive energy, we tend to forget that we can’t act as barriers out there to suppress the darkness. We need a break, we need to retreat and spend time connecting to our inner light again. Another symptom has to do with physical aches. I’ve felt this many times, but it’s starting to get to the point where i’m so achy that parts of my body will go numb for a few seconds. It’s not been frightening, but it has been difficult to be active. It’s hard to feel achy, have no energy, feel run-down, then have to go outside into the world and deal with work, or bill payments, or even just stocking up on food.

The day before the Feb 10th eclipse: I had to go out to make a phone bill payment, and I tell you it was one of the most excruciating experiences of the year so far. My crown chakra was being download with new light energies on this day, so of course I had the pressure right there on the top of the head. It makes you tired, I looked like I was probably on some kind of drug(s) to (Those in the outside world). Which is usually the case, as some don’t understand the physical process (so they tend to think those of us who do this work) they think we’re on drugs. So I’ve got pressure on my head, my eyes are red, i’m tired, I have no energy, and my body aches. Meanwhile the bill is due the next day – and I feel like flat out crap. So I get my coat on, my boots on, get in the car with mum. As soon as the car pulls out of the drive way – the full extent of the negative, dense, putrid, energy that is roaming around like a swirling tornado hits me at full speed. I felt an oppressive energy come over me, I got extremely fatigued, extremely tired, and that usually happens when i’m out in the world during dense days like this. Then I walked into the bank – couldn’t function – managed to pay the bill some-how. Then tried my best to get back into the car without falling on my ass. This right here, this was a mission. Also it’s a true testament, to what empathic beings have to go through while on this Ascension process. I know if your like me, you’ve had this experience before. This is what we go through – it’s truly horrible when it’s not fun.

Another symptom has been inner vibrations, and my body pulsating in harmony with itself. I’ve felt a lot of these internal vibrating, which tends to affect just my left side and or my left leg. It’s crazy – I’ll be laying in bed at night, and this one part of my body is just vibrating. So I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything about it. I just have to let the energy go where it needs to, do it’s work internally and when it stops I can try to sleep. These symptoms are dating, I swear they’re a couple and they’re together. The vibrating begins – and then the pulsating happens, and it starts from my head down into my toes. The energy moves harmonious with the vibrating, inside my body. Hello awkward. I’ve been dealing with 24/7 ear ringing – since I became aware, and it never stops. This means if you hear these tones, ringing, chimes, bells, these sort of sounds; you are clairaudient. I enjoy these sounds, and its like listening to music sometimes.

More symptoms include lower back pain, I have become hot/cold, I have even felt anxious at times. I have lately found myself entering into these one or two day depressions, which are so extreme, and so intense. Then by the third day I start to feel better, and I start to feel like I usually do. I pull out of it quickly though. My weight seems to fluctuate, and I do still have my little Buddha belly. I’m eating, then i’m not eating. I’m full of excitement, then i’m bored with it all.

Embrace The Upgrades

I say this in almost all of my articles – and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. Embrace your symptoms, embrace your upgrades, embrace your own evolution. It get’s exhausting – but we continue to evolve and move forward. There is no stopping this journey we are on, there is no stopping your ascension process from one night to the next morning. All you can do is relax, unite with yourself, unite with the world, and continue doing what we have always been doing.

Peace – Love – Unity – Harmony – Growth – Change – Light – most of all hope for a better world.

16Love & Light16

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7 thoughts on “February 2017 Ascension Symptoms: A List Of Ascension Symptoms & The Struggle Of Every-Day Life.

  1. OM February 18, 2017 / 4:12 am

    Spot On
    Same Same
    Loved your Truth


  2. Gematria Ankh Amen February 19, 2017 / 1:14 am

    Thankh you very much Mikey. You’re one of the few people actually sharing their personal ascension symptoms. Like you, I’ve been really going through it. and wondering why others aren’t sharing their experiences. Much appreciated.



  3. Susie Trigg February 26, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    I thought i might have depression im up and down like a yoyo , ive got to the point where i feel like giving up on it all , ive no idea where im going or what im doing i sincereley hope these symptoms change soon


    • mikeymurdock February 26, 2017 / 4:20 pm

      Hi Susie

      I know exactly how you feel, and some-times it can be so freaking difficult.



  4. Laurie September 20, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I can’t thank you enough- I’m speechless. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Right here right now. I am so grateful. You are a blessing


    • Michael C Murdock September 26, 2017 / 3:06 pm

      Hello Laurie,

      I am so glad that what I wrote resonates with you, and I’m thrilled that it was what you needed for right now.

      Love & light laurie


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