March 2017 Spring Equinox: – New Light Energy, New Timelines & New Physical Upgrades.

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March 2017: The Physical Upgrades

One of the hardest thing’s about (2017) for me so far from what I’ve experienced and I’m sure when I write about it further in this article: You will understand this aspect of this Ascension Process that I’m speaking about clearly. Why? Because you’ve also experienced this first hand, and you will completely understand what I’m saying (from a higher point of view.) The hardest thing about existing in (2017) has been the way that I feel on a physical level. Yes, in (2017) I’m really finding it a challenge to exist in this tiny little meat suit, and experience Light-Wave after Light-Wave on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to be here, in this time, doing all of this physical integrating work. However, it does take a lot out of (Me, you and all of us.)  This is a subject that needs to be talked about, because it doesn’t get mentioned unless someone has a list of physical symptoms. It’s nice to have those lists, because it resonates with me of course. However no-body ever goes deeper into it and they never go deeper into how they feel physically beyond those lists.

When I first began my journey many years ago now I for the life of me couldn’t find any real deep personal experiences from anyone else, and then I realized that there isn’t anything out there because the majority of people aren’t talking about it. They don’t talk about (Feeling so awful – that when your laying in bed, you find yourself wondering if in that moment if it’s your time to die?) because the physical integration is so heavy that your in and out of consciousness. They never talk about the panic, the anxiety, and the fear (which you have to overcome) in a sort of mind – over – matter way because some new random pain has plagued you and you can’t move. They also never talk about the real possibility that you can’t function normally through life, because the current Light-Wave has called on you to remain in a state where moving is not what your body needs. Being still is what your called on to do, and your body will always do what it’s going to do. The energy will do what it’s going to do, and there is no controlling this process there is only acceptance and getting through it to get through the next big thing. This is the reality, this is what being (Light-Portals for the Light) is all about and while we live in a 3rd dimensional realm. This is what we go through.

This isn’t just a Light-Worker thing: as you know many people “who don’t get it” like to put that label onto all of us, then separate us from other’s. When the reality is this is a “Humanity thing” – ain’t nobody being exempt from feeling these symptoms, feeling these specific ways while we feel these symptoms, because everybody is now growing and evolving. We might not all be – at the same level – but we’re all where we need to be. There is no need “To think divisively” because unity is what I’m working hard for at this time, and so are many you. Because I’ve done this kind of (Light Embodying Work) for most of my life, and even before I raised my frequency beyond the 3D (Third Dimensional) way of being and existing. For me personally these symptoms have gotten heavier since about 2014, it escalated into 2015, in 2016 it reached a completely new level, now that we’re in 2017 it’s off the charts brutal.

So what’s going on Mikey? … is what many of you are asking. Why is it getting more and more painful, on a consistent daily basis? When we entered the 1-1-1 Portal/gateway opening back in January – we entered New Energy that this planet has never experienced so far in it’s entire history. We haven’t ventured yet into this advanced, evolved, way of consciously existing and we are more advanced than we’ve been in a long time as conscious creators. Physically it’s come at a heavy price, and we’ve got the Buddha bodies to prove it. Rest assured we’re exactly where we need to be, the world might be in a Dark Of The Night Soul Process …but that doesn’t mean we’re not evolving or growing  because we are. Never forget that, or how much you’ve grown in all of this.

New 2017 Spring Equinox Energies & The New Light Upgrades

The week leading up to the Spring Equinox date of March 20th, 2017 (today) was a strenuous one, but what I didn’t know was how physically draining it would really be. This has been far beyond anything that I could have ever imagined, the physical pains playing a big role in how tough it’s been. Also the realization that I have soo much built up anger in me – prompted me to have a conversation with my higher self over this and the inner issue(s) that I have. So it’s been a really painfully enlightening time period. So let’s get right into it – with everything that has been going on. With what I (Sense) with what I (Feel) and with what I know is going on for all right now within this current timeline we’re in.

The push towards a higher Stair-Step as forerunners … has been fascinating, wonderful, exciting, and yet at the same time painful and very dangerous. I first started getting hit with these Equinox energies (Equinox Light-Wave) as many might refer to it on Thursday night full force and almost more than a week prior in small doses. My reaction to this whole wave was that it hurt, and I wanted it to stop. It’s still happening now, and many who are on lower levels of their journey will begin to feel it today or in the coming days. All good, and everything is where it’s suppose to be. Everyone will eventually experience the upgrade. However, I’ve learned to embrace it earlier than most because it happens for me before the actual date happens. It really is a wonderful physical integration experience. It started off normally – then by Thursday night I was laying in bed with a fever, whole body aches, runny nose, drained of energy, tired, and numb. Typical flu (Light Frequency Upgrades) … but magnified beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. So I knew we were getting hit with a new form of light energy that we haven’t felt yet before. This has been  so completely new and never have I felt these energies  so strongly in my body before. I actually had a small conversation with my guardian angel, and we were discussing if this was when I would return back to my home dimension. If this was my time to pass on. It went something like this.

“Am I going to die tonight?”  I telepathically communicated to the blonde haired masculine energy as he hovered at the foot of my bed. His white light shining brightly, shining from every inch of his form like a energy ball of pure white light. He replied ” It is not your time yet to go.” and then I passed out from the tiredness.

It wasn’t a very long full blown out conversation … so much as it was just me needing to be reassured that this wasn’t my time. I’m sure many of you have felt this NEW ENERGY over the past week or even earlier than that. It’s unbelievable really … and I can sense it all around me, and I feel it in my area. A lightness, and that something brand spanking new has arrived to propel us further along on our Ascension process. I haven’t yet felt anything manifest other than two specific thing’s. The first – The physical integration beyond any other I’ve previously felt. The second – I sensed a new timeline open for all, which has manifested for me as well prior to today’s March 20th, 2017 date.

Some symptoms of what my body is going through includes: 1) Extreme Head-Rewiring (And I do mean all around my head) like small jolts of pain. I haven’t felt this is such a long time, and I almost forgot how badly it hurt. 2) The Eyes Have It All ( My eyes have been so irritated, they were red for a few days and to the point where I was even weeping frequently. This has never happened to me before, so this is a very new symptom. From what I (sensed) the eyes were being upgraded – for those who go through this as well, the eyes are now being upgraded in 2017 to see beyond this 3D world so we see more of 5D world becoming more and more a reality on this planet. 3) The Nose Knows It (The sinus issues were beyond anything, and I’ve got no allergies to absolutely anything) but I’ve never sneezed, blown my nose, cried or wept like this ever before! Why? because it was all being worked on. I noticed a specific pattern with this wave – the face got the brunt of it all. Everything was being upgraded and changed in the face area, I even kept saying to myself “so this must be what it feels like to get knocked in the face by Mike Tyson.” 4) Cramps & The Shits (I’m tired of shitting, and getting cramps because I’m shitting.) Yep, more fear releasing. Not me personally as much as some of the people I know, but I know a lot of people who have been off where I work because they couldn’t stand for a minute straight without running to the toilets.

It’s been a difficult one this time around – but so good because it’s so brand new. New Energy, new upgrades folks … that’s how it goes.

New Timelines & Timeline Changes

I mentioned this earlier in my article and I felt strongly that I needed to put this into this article because it’s really important for me to do so. March 2017: Timeline(s) have been a big thing and they’re a big thing because many have now been opened up, and other’s have been closed for specific reasons. We will all continue to move into this stream (Into these new  directions. while moving away from certain other’s) into the coming months. This has suddenly manifested, and it’s important that we know that it has. I know I’m not the only one that has sensed timeline(s) have opened and manifested. There have been other Ascension Teachers like Lisa Transcendence Brown – Denise Le Fay – And Lisa Renee who have been speaking and writing about these shifting timeline(s). Because I can only tell you about, and write about my own experiences I can’t just willy nilly share theirs with you on this site. I also can’t because a few do have copyright, and asking them at this time would mean I’d have to hold off on publishing this article and I can’t do that. I will say – google them if you have the time, because they have been writing some important information that many need to know at this time.

This new timeline opened up for me ( because I got offered a new job position) that would take me away from the job I was already doing.) Many have also stated they have had these opportunities in the last few weeks. Where it takes them to other places, to do new missions. I don’t mean 3D work where you put food on shelves … I mean where your light is most needed, in which ever area your being called to go too. I am no longer at this new job, because I didn’t care for it (and returned to my previous job) where I await another timeline to open where I can go where I can be of better assistance to humanity. This is how the timeline shifting has manifested for me, and I know many people have felt these timelines manifest.

These old Timeline(s) have now been closed for good, because they were part of the old construct. Some of them have been opened for a very long time, and these new timeline(s) are shifting because they are (directing) us towards energy that is in alignment with us, that is in alignment with source, and that is in alignment with this earth. So there is soo much going on right now, physical upgrades, earth frequency is rising, changing timelines that are closing because they are old and new ones that are opening because they are helping us evolve. Take care of you in this time, love you in this time because it’s starting to get really NEW and really HEAVY.

16Love & Light16

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12 thoughts on “March 2017 Spring Equinox: – New Light Energy, New Timelines & New Physical Upgrades.

  1. Suzanne March 20, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    I can relate to all your physical symptoms. It’s good to read someone describing them so honestly. The nose stuff is weird. Mine gets really dry and aches sometimes. I like your interpretation that the face gets burnt by all incoming light. That makes a lot of sense. I hope you find your right work soon. We seem to be stuck in a holding pattern right now as we release and recharge at the same time. No wonder we are exhausted.


    • mikeymurdock March 20, 2017 / 6:52 pm

      Thanks Suzanne


  2. naomisilverart March 21, 2017 / 12:10 am

    Same here with some weird sinus/face pain I’ve never had before (time to go for energy work for some relief).

    But, to be honest, my symptoms are FAR more tolerable than they were several years ago with some mind-bending migraines, extreme dizziness, exhaustion or inability to function for weeks on end, feeling like I was losing my mind as I tried to adapt to new energies, feeling intensely hyper-sensitive around other people, or purging for 24 hours (total and utter hell puking and receiving information at the same time!). Although I’m always in pain to one degree or another, am still dealing with some emotional stuff, & am constantly trying to cope with the energies, and am seriously sick and tired of the whole process, the symptoms are way more subtle and tolerable (on most days) than they used to be. But I really think this whole process is both extremely individualized yet also very communal at the same time. So it makes sense that we’re having different yet similar experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Spirit Angelfish March 21, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Mikey, you are so on point, this is exactly what I’ve been feeling! I’m shocked I had a day last week and one this week where I literally lost my mind. I mean I disassociated from reality completely. I didn’t know where I was one day! I went around telling everyone “love is all and all is love and love has won”! I literally walked in my neighborhood saying that for several hours. And I literally forgot what I was doing. I bought something from one store and went to another thrift store and left it there! And then last night I got on the wrong bus without realizing it, going somewhere I didn’t intend to, finding my way back and I really didn’t know where I was and this is in the city I was born in! It took me 3 hours to get home from work and most of it was walking! I know it’s really shaky and of course I was crying and shaking the entire time because I was so distraught. I also had two days or so in which I had an all day headache. As others have said, it wasn’t a sinus headache, it wasn’t a migraine, it’s what you described as all around pain. It’s like my brain is trying to stretch to keep up with the incoming light energy and my skull is trying to expand to fit my brain! It’s this type of headache where all you can do is lay in bed all day and drink water. Thank you for this article because it lets me know I’m not alone!


    • MichaelCamara March 21, 2017 / 11:11 pm

      Your welcome Sprit Angelfish –

      I had a similiar experience on the bus as you and i found it enlighteing. I had no clue where i was going, but i felt the need to just let go and see where it would take me. I ended up finding a better way to get me when i take the bus.


  4. Tiffanae Luke March 22, 2017 / 12:52 am

    I’m feeling all the same as you and I also experience things before others do. Its also been taking me hours and days to completed tasks and I’m doing a lot of things at once but not finishing and coming back to it


    • Mikael Cam March 22, 2017 / 10:51 am

      Hey Tiffanae

      know exactly what yo are saying, it’s been hard but keep pushing forward.

      Love& Light


  5. Lynn March 23, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Thank you Mikael … much appreciated. As you say there are lists out there but the experiential day to day and adapting to what can be life challenging deep changing symptoms is another thing. I found your site in a search for the “reality” of these circumstances and check in every so often.

    We are all expanding through all of this and must trust … I try to work with breath, mindfulness and going with it as much as possible.

    On a side note, over the the past couple of months for the first time I have been experiencing “weepy” eyes as well.

    Take care Mikael..


  6. Sherry whiting March 28, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    Spirit led me to your latest youtube video at the exact moment i so, so needed answers to know i wasn’t going crazy and to keep on keeping on. Spiritual friends and family think i need to be hospitalized, I’ve been saying for years now (Because for me its been years with these symptoms) I keep saying its ascension and i will be fine. However i was certainly tested last thurs and friday with red and gray eyes running and looking like they would explode with Pain. Oh thank you for your honesty. I was the only one with intense pains in my body in our group of any that know of ascension and i didn’t see many talking of the extreme symptoms that I am experiencing. Not on any YouTube videos or blogs. Like you say feeling pains at night, feeling like i can’t do this anymore.

    I often feel stuff long before it happens like you as well, I can’t thank you enough for being so brutally honest. Please feel my hugs. thank you, thank you, thank you, i now feel less alone.



  7. Sherry April 23, 2017 / 3:09 pm

    Dear Mikey
    Was scanning for your comments last three weeks as like you I have been still experiencing intense shifts and letting go. On top of all this one of my sisters passed into spirit and to loose one of the nine brothers and sisters was heart wrenching to say the least . She battled cancer 14 mths drs gave her 6 wks … So we treasure the time we had with her ….My mom passed 46 yrs ago with cancer when I was a teen oldest girl in family and our father passed 19 yrs ago..heart …. Such a large family is wonderful however none of them understand the shifts or spirit ….. And I have to golden shield myself from their thoughts of sickness coming at me constantly that I need to go to a doctor that something has to be wrong — then deal with my own thoughts – it certainly is a journey and we signed up for this ??? Lol .

    I am so thankful for your shares as they mirror mine so closely it’s amazing . I look forward to your sharing when you can each post – I often wonder what and why is this so intense for me ? Is there something more I should be doing ? For now I pray that my muscles and joints get moving and the pain is gone so I can live in joy and light and share love from higher frequencies .

    Appreciating your light and love xox


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