May 2017’s Feminine Download: More Downloads, Greater Balance & Vast Anchoring Of The Feminine Cosmic (Mother) Energy.

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May 2017 & More Cosmic Feminine (Mother) Download

Because It’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything on Divine Light Phases and I’ve had a lot of thing’s happen for me and to me, during the course of May 2017, I’ve not been able to be on here as much as I would have liked to. I’ve wanted to because what happened all May long was so important – and I’ll be discussing why it was so important on here in this article, but sometimes it just pays to live through the moment and have a clear, physical idea of what your experiencing rather than know what’s going on but not having those experiences through situations in every-day life. So to not waste any-more time … May, May, May 2017 – was everything that I could have wanted and much more.

May 2017: Was so important for humanity, for human beings, for Light-workers alike because (it brought on more of the Divine Female/Feminine energy.) As a light-being, Psychic, sensitive being, empath, Warrior, and I could go on and on – I and other’s know why more integration of these feminine energies are so important for us collectively right now. Especially at the beginning of such a brand NEW cycle. Before I get into the downloads, the balancing, the work I’ve found myself doing – and what these downloads and female energies means for humanity, let me just state that for all of May 2017 we have received an abundance of downloads, and these downloads have all been feminine energy downloads. Which didn’t surprise me – as it coincided with the Pleiadian Portal opening, and with the very many Light-Beings from the 5D who reside at/in/around/near the etheric plane(s). It’s been one heck of a month, with many wonderful energy coming into us, into the plane of this earth but we’ve also had many awful events or (False flag) events which has attempted to dominate the consciousness of people and earth, to create fear, and disturb the work that we’re all doing now. This has always been the case with (These etheric negative beings) but thank source for the month of May and all it’s feminine glory.

Balancing The Feminine Energy Downloads in May 2017

yin-yang-energies[1]I know that for many Light-Workers there have been certain experiences and situations that has led many to have an interesting month – with many different situations, issues whether internal or external, whether dealing with self or having to deal with other’s come around and disturb the peace a little bit. On top of that working on making it through Ascension body pain symptoms, and fully knowing what’s going on and all this while watching other’s act like they have no care in the world because they haven’t begun they’re own Ascension process themselves (yet.) The path isn’t suppose to be easy – you have integrated into a place where what you stand for, what your here to do, causes irritation for many that like thing’s the way they are as it is currently. Just be yourself in all of this, and understand your absolutely not ever alone. I go through it, I know other’s who email me who go through it – I work with people who have no clue what’s going on around them. However I do what I have to, and I help them along the way. If it’s been a struggle – and I know for a fact that it has, Ascension is about getting to know your self. Learn to understand you, your issues, how to heal those issues, and learn how to love self in order to love all. Ascension = love – which leads to harmony with everything and everyone.

Sometimes – we don’t immediately harmonize with other’s as quickly as we want. If you’ve dealt with people – and there seems to be an issue – and it’s coming up from their side it’s likely they’ve interacted with you so they can learn something about themselves. I’ve been in this situation all May long – but the person however hasn’t gotten the message yet and he may never and many of them won’t. If your struggling with the World System aspect of the Ascension process which I do a lot, which is bills, working in this stupid system, lack of money, losing ones home, kicked out of ones apartment, living in ones car, struggling to afford food and water. These are issues that deal with learning to “let go” and I hate when I read stuff like that online, like I’m homeless because I need to learn to let go. It sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? … I personally like to look at it as learning how to rely on ones own strength in times where all you may have is yourself. I’ve also been here – when I first awakened – I had a lot of physical pains that prevented me from working for two years. I had horrible back pain, leg pain and I couldn’t even walk to the front door let alone get in the car and go stand at an atrocious job all day long. I lost everything during that time, including aspects of myself, and whatever didn’t agree with my vibration I donated and got rid of it all. Know your strengths, know that you will always be alright. However sometimes its not just about letting go, it’s about what’s really valuable and important to you.

Our path is a challenge, our journey is always unknown, but what we can always grasp is energy. Energy is everything, and to quote Lauryn Hill “Everything is Everything” and we all know that’s true, especially during energetic downloads, energetic shifts, energy downloads, energy integration. Getting to the first important aspect of May 2017 – the energy downloads which have been working on re-balancing the feminine energy we hold within ourselves.  I want everyone to understand (We have been integrating more feminine energy from these energy downloads, and it’s been happening because feminine energy has been needed for many in the collective.) We are now evolving into a fully conscious, evolved, crystalline, balanced, human being with balanced masculine/feminine energy within each of us. This is why we’ve felt so much more love, a connection with our emotions and feelings we hadn’t before, not just women but men as well. All may long we have been integrating and balancing ourselves, so that there is no imbalance.

Left/Right Brain Balance, Higher Self/Lower Self Balance in May 2017

One Ascension Symptom that I have felt tremendously in May 2017: Has been a lot of head re-wiring, Crown Chakra, Left side headaches and pains. I know that many people in the collective have experienced this – because whether anyone likes it or not, your in one way or another experiencing some sort of Ascension symptom whether your aware of it or not. Another aspect of this symptom has a lot to do with what has been going on with these feminine energy download’s in May. The right side of the brain is accessible to anyone, but the left side hasn’t been until recently when people have begun the physical Ascension process. It’s the feminine side, the intuitive side, the psychic side, the side that makes us aware of ourselves, our past lives, our missions, our purpose.

We have seriously been out of balance for centuries – but that’s all changing. We’re becoming more crystalline within, and our DNA is shifting and changing day by day. The downloads we’re integrating has definitely been shifting and opening the left side of our brains much more. I myself have been experiencing this for years, and have had my head pulsate violently a few times as the re-balancing has began. We’ll become more intuitive beings, highly creative, in harmony with ourselves and with other’s. This is what’s happening and will continue to until we become highly advanced human beings like we were always suppose to be. Governed by intuition, emotion and harmony with our surrounding’s.

I’ve also had a weird experience of re-balancing my lower self/with my higher self in May as well. What happens down here in this “Meat suit” also is happening up there with/for/to my higher self. it’s an extension of lower/higher. While my higher self is accessible to me, it’s not fully integrated into me. Actually it’s hard to integrate all of me into me, if anyone can understand that? There is only so little room in this body for all of me, but there is more of my higher self in me than there was years ago. That’s happening for everyone right now, you can access your higher self and we’re integrating aspects of our higher self into our tiny little bodies. However not all of us, our higher self, can fit into our bodies right now in 2017. We’re making progress – but we’re all so much, we’re what seems to be a never ending expansion of light that goes on for miles and miles and that’s a lot of light to fill these small crevices of the human body.

Can you believe you, me, and all of us did all of that and continue to do this work in May 2017? Seriously give yourself a hug, because we’re doing this hard work now. May was feminine and divine – it was lovely, amazing, challenging at times, it molded us into something better and highly evolved, it was fresh, and most importantly it was needed to bring into balance people and the earth.

16Love & Light 16

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3 thoughts on “May 2017’s Feminine Download: More Downloads, Greater Balance & Vast Anchoring Of The Feminine Cosmic (Mother) Energy.

  1. Admin June 1, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    Blessings Mikael… I always look forward to your sharings.


  2. Lynn June 3, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Yes, thank you Mikael … I always look forward to your writing as well. Helpful Insight into the personal and collective experience for many … thanks for you fluid ability to go there


  3. Nicole Pulvermacher June 12, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been going through the same thing. You are not alone. Love, light and blessings to you too.


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